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Michael Koby

Michael Koby

Technology Enthusiast, Programmer, & Blogger
RT @SeanCafferky: "Have the courage to start over."
RT @codenameduchess: Who’s looking to recruit for bar trivia? Not everyone just HAPPENS to know the world’s longest reigning monarch! #Adulyadej
RT @SeanCafferky: Ha! @mkoby be owning it, y'all! @three33music sure puts on a show!
RT @SeanCafferky: Holy sh... @mkoby just jumped on stage!
RT @JJStarflyer: What's Heartbleed? This.
Plus side to iPhone: iMessage. Allows me to message some of my friends from my computer, which I’m much better at typing on. :-D
RT @1Password: Heartbleed is breaking my pixelated heart into bits. We’re offering a 50% discount across all platforms, to make recovery a little easier.
RT @xomelissamac: There's no cryin in baseball..
Man, I’m so glad I’m seeing @three33music tomorrow. Much needed stress relief.
Sometimes before it gets better the darkness gets bigger. The person that you take a bullet for is behind the trigger.
RT @Sassafrantz: Anyone looking to hire a life coach? I'm available and possibly day drinking.
Someone in the office has the Harry Potter theme as a ringtone. I think @WildcatCyrus should have this. (would go with the earrings)
Recording industry turns music into a commodity by mass producing crap, then gets angry and upset when people treat it as a commodity.
RT @jglovier: OH: "Be the pull request you wish to see in the world." – @BenBalter
Been back on an iPhone for two days now and the thing I miss the most is SwiftKey keyboard I had on Android.
Went to the gym over lunch. I may need to make that a habit. The post workout high is nice. And it means avoiding gym rush hour in evenings
Three hospital gift shops were out of phone chargers. Had to walk to the nearest CVS to get one.
Burn everything you love, then burn the ashes.
RT @houopendev: We. Are. LIVE! Back in action on Twitter, after a bit of a hiatus.
RT @BatmaningAround: You should vote fo @SoapboxRevo to be to be at warped
.@WildcatCyrus I could see it from my office window. Got this picture (it’s zoomed it, hence the blurriness).
RT @blondecalamity: ...on a scale of one to "Adobe installer update", how needy are you?
Stopping just south of Dallas for the night. Everyone is just plain tired. #fb
Pushmonkey - Thing - Steamboat, Austin, TX - 2003-01-24 -
Pushmonkey - Thing - Steamboat, Austin, TX - 2003-01-24
Pushmonkey - Sorry - Steamboat, Austin, TX - 2003-01-24 -
Pushmonkey - Sorry - Steamboat, Austin, TX - 2003-01-24
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