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Michael Koby

Michael Koby

Technology Enthusiast, Programmer, & Blogger
Got my Ello invite, I’m “mkoby” over there too.
Contractor installing a door in my office has “Mahna Mahna” for his ring tone. Pretty sure he officially wins the ring tone contest.
RT @Spacekatgal: Being a leader, making bold decisions, having an impact requires actions that upset people. The double standards were held to exacerbate.
TIL: Even if you suck at something you love doing, do it anyway and screw everyone who makes fun because they don’t have the guts to do it.
RT @SeanCafferky: Unreasonable: Ban all GMOs! Unreasonable: Food corporations need to hide the truth! Reasonable: I want all my food to be clearly labeled.
While I’m not sure if classifying the internet as a utility is the answer to net neutrality, statements like Cruz’s are worrisome.
And Ted Cruz demonstrates why I won’t vote for him.
RT @SittenSpynne: "Internet should be regulated like phone companies [who currently own large monopolies and resist efforts to improve infrastructure]"
That moment you realize that they don’t notice or care that you’re pulling away. 😕
Sometimes, you go out of your way to avoid the thing you want most. =/
RT @codenameduchess: AJTTOTD: Unless you absolutely need to carry around at least three beers in your pocket at all times, do not wear cargo shorts to a bar.
I’d be more excited at Republicans getting complete control of Congress if I believed it would actually change anything. #TwoSides #SameCoin
RT @BrianFargo: For new devs, it's important to complete something. It's easy and fun to start a game but finishing it is the opposite of that.
RT @scott_kerr: Great illustration explaining Minimum Viable Product: Build a slice across, instead of one layer at a time #UX
Ryan White. Remember that name. This guy is good! @ Scout Bar
RE: My profession - Nothing beats working with professionals and those that desire to actually follow the principles you hold dear.
My band’s playing a show next week at @jumpsbar on Thursday. We go on after the game. Come check out our new tunes.
Still trying to figure out how something that seemed and felt so right could end up so wrong. 😕
RT @Fayza: If you’re at home and you’re wearing pants, you’re doing it wrong.
“@ChrisPelatari: Venn diagram” /cc @partywithEureka
The fact that @SwiftOnSecurity is a thing is kind of awesome.
Thought: What if I’m the one “Playing God” by pointing fingers?
RT @tpope: look at me I'm john gruber I make fun of android fragmentation but markdown is best expressed as 20 incompatible implementations
RT @SeanCafferky: If companies like Chevron, Conoco, and Phillips spent half as much money on renewable energy as the millions spent buying our policymakers…
Nice to know I’m not as “out of sight, out of mind” as I thought.
Ugh. Went to wal-mart for something, forgot it’s back to school time.
That realization that it really is going to get a whole lot worse before I even see some semblance of “better” =/
RT @SimpsonsQOTD: "Don't bother the snakes, leave all the snakes...alone."
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