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Michael Koby

Michael Koby

Technology Enthusiast, Programmer, & Blogger
RT @ValaAfshar: #Apple has $164.5 billion in cash. It could buy: Twitter Netflix Tesla Uber Dropbox Pandora Airbnb and still have $41 billion left. $AAPL
New (and final) Anberlin album out today. Guess what I’m going to be listening to. #fb
RT @DynamicWebPaige: "When we hold up a @Raspberry_Pi and say 'this is a computer', the parents are amazed! Kids are, like '…yeah. I know. I have a cell phone.'"
Giving Up the Gun (Aaron Sprinkle Cover) -
Giving Up the Gun (Aaron Sprinkle Cover)
RT @DynamicWebPaige: obviously the solution is queso
RT @Themoleskin: Thought for the day: failing at something is not nearly as bad as being mediocre at something.
Been recording the band’s new songs the past month. It’s amazing how wonderful just 3 chords can sound with the right lyrics and vocals :-D
RT @jbasilio: "It's not impossible - It just hasn't been done yet"
Yeah, whatever.
RT @xzqx: Opportunities are just problems you’re too damn positive about.
Trying to decide of I should stay in or go out after I finish my run. #Decisions #fb
RT @drummerbenmills: @three33music kickstarter is going well. Thanks for the pledges
RT @nerdamage: Why be part of the problem when you can be all of it?
I'm at Fitzgerald's - @fitzlivemusic for thelastplaceyoulook (Houston, TX) w/ 7 others
My problem may be that I fall too hard, too easily. =/
RT @WildcatCyrus: Don't judge people based on the drinks they order at the bar. There's no such thing as a "girl's drink" or a "man's drink".
Apparently the people at the bar are well into their drunken stupor. =/ #WellDuh
Tickets for @SoapboxRevo acquired. #JumpsBar bound.
You are not a man, you a thief, and the thief will never be happy with his prize. NEVER.
Because what team a hoop ball player plays on has such a profound affect on your life.
“@girlnextdoor365: If @SoapboxRevo did a cover of Fat Lip by Sum 41, that would make my life.” — Motion seconded!
Yep, @film_girl’s review of Android Wear confirms I won’t get one, no sense getting a watch I *have* to charge daily.
RT @subdigital: Your guide to Houston: (via @dammitandy)
RT @Pinboard: Personally, I don’t see why Germany winning by a single touchdown was so impressive
RT @ESPNStatsInfo: Just how big were Germany's 7 goals yesterday? Here's the equivalent of scoring 7 WC goals across 4 other sports
RT @DynamicWebPaige: Working Effectively with Legacy Code by Paige Bailey Chapter 1: ALCOHOL
And they say no one scores a goal in football.
RT @SimpsonsQOTD: "We Germans aren't all smiles und sunshine." #WorldCup2014 #BrazilvsGermany
Heads up! @three33music is working on a new CD and YOU can help kickstart it! —
New Vine channel idea, get random people to do jazz hands, vine it, ?, profit!
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