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Michael Koby

Michael Koby

Technology Enthusiast, Programmer, & Blogger
RT @SeanCafferky: If companies like Chevron, Conoco, and Phillips spent half as much money on renewable energy as the millions spent buying our policymakers…
Nice to know I’m not as “out of sight, out of mind” as I thought.
Ugh. Went to wal-mart for something, forgot it’s back to school time.
That realization that it really is going to get a whole lot worse before I even see some semblance of “better” =/
RT @SimpsonsQOTD: "Don't bother the snakes, leave all the snakes...alone."
When he pulls his feeding tube out he has to become a burrito so we can put it back in. @ Texas…
This boy right here. :-) @ Texas Children's Hospital
View from the room. @ Texas Children's Hospital
It’s a sucky thing to look at what very little is left of your marriage and think “I don’t know if i want this saved anymore.” :-( #fb
This! "The zealous person who promises us a life free from suffering has found his message from a source other th...
.@SeanCafferky Someone has to prove two people with opposing views can have civil discourse :-P
RT @film_girl: And this is most important: Taking medication does not make you inferior or less than. Ever.
“What are you gonna do when nobody wants to fool with you?”
RT @ChrisPelatari: Nanu nanu pimpin.
Birthdays! Also, singing. (@ Jumps Bar And Grill in Houston, TX)
“Out of Gas” is probably the best episode of Firefly. Well done for every aspect.
The authors supporting Hachette and demonizing Amazon are going against their own self interests. Way to go guys!
Seriously, it’s the music industry all over again, except replace “label” with “publisher”.
The authors bitching and moaning could let the publisher go, do their own thing, and probably make more money overall. See music industry.
Amazon (and other stores) gives authors ability to sell directly to customers. Out of Amazon & Hachette, the latter isn’t needed.
I don’t get why authors are mad at Amazon over Hachette. One sells books directly to consumers the other sells books to Amazon. (cont)
Hmm, do I go see the new Ninja Turtles movie or just do the usual drink/karaoke thang? #Decision2014
Wait a minute. It’s tax free weekend this weekend. I’M NOT LEAVING THE HOUSE!
“Sometimes the answer that love gives is the hardest one to take.” — #fb
“They lied when they said that the good die young.”
Trying to figure out how one handles mixed messages. O_o
RT @DynamicWebPaige: If you're going through hell, keep going.
That moment when you wake and realize you slept through not one, but two of your alarms. :-/
RT @jbasilio: @mkoby Are you sure? I've never seen you and Superman in the same place at the same time 😃
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