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Thomas Hawk
What Are Your Photography Goals for 2009? -
"My own long-term goal is to publish at least 1,000,000 photographs before I die." Good long term goal. My husband is a subway photographer and has nearly 18,000 photos of trains only on his website as accumulated over the last few years. I wonder if he'll get even close to 100k! - Tamar Weinberg
Simple, to start up again. I've not had time to do anything since getting my new job in July. :-( - Kol Tregaskes
I'd like to do at least one time lapse, light painting, and stop motion project. Besides the goals of getting the 5dmkII and 100-400L - Andrew Smith
@Tamar, that's a lot of trains. I like the size of that collection! And I don't even have 500 mannequins published yet. - Thomas Hawk
take more pics - dedrick
Ummm I want to figure out how to use a point & click - sofarsoShawn
My only photography goal is to start taking pictures again. I stopped for some reason as I started getting distracted by my other interests. :( - James (@willia4)
I commented on Marc's post as well: - Justin Korn
Just to get better. I hope I'll have more time taking shots too. - Chris Nixon
GET a real camera without my husband freaking out about the price tag!, learn how to use it, post fabulous photos on Flickr! which dump over here - Susan Beebe
Sell my Leica Digilux 3, and just get the most out of my new Leica D-Lux 4 while documenting the first year of my daughter. - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
Take tons of pictures of my kids and go to a photography show of some kind - Shevonne
to finally pursue my lifelong dream of taking up photography lol - Cardeen Risen
I want to break into the pornography industry ~ hear it's a big money maker! - sofarsoShawn
To try and round up some freelance work and get more involved in the local gallery scene...and always looking to refine, re-invent, and learn. - Susan Dennis
Take less pictures, but with higher attention to quality. - David Cook
Considering taking a photography class. I'd love to really learn how to work with film. -
My two photography goals for 2009 are 1) Actually learn the non-auto functions of my camera besides manual focus and "No! Don't Flash at distant things" and 2) Get better at low light and lunar photography. - Daniel Cornwall
To be better than I was a year before, to hopefully have a proper dSLR, and to have made some spending money from my photos. And to have fun. - Grant Bierman
To have a camera I could shoot a gnat from 100 yards with. and to take some classes so that I can use it. Ok, 50 yards... - InPerpetualMotion(Gina k)
take 4x the photos I took in 2008 and publish once a week to flickr - Mark Interrante
To take enough photos in 2009 that I fill all the hard drives of my new Drobo. - Bob Gannon
learn what ISO means - Michael W. May from twhirl
I have a new camera, so first learn how to use it properly. After that, remember to use it regularly and not just grab my iPhone. - Rochelle
I want to shoot more with Thomas Hawk. I also want to edit more of my photos. - Robert Scoble
Get geared up with my 5D, learn some good lighting skills and start taking my food pics to build my portfolio. - Derrick
Build a Macro Studio and take better food photos for blog. Meet with the local photographer photo-walks. Play with my new UV filter. - Heidi Jeffers Thibodeau
Getting a quality camera and developing my skill is one of my retirerment plans; a don't think that will happen in 2009. - Robert Hafer
To meet more photographers in real life and go on adventures with them. - Trey Ratcliff
Get more out of my 5D...sometimes I feel I took better pics w/ my old 350D..take a look - Vincenzo Cosenza
I want to continue to get better with my camera. I've only been shooting really for a little over a year so I'm still learning. I also want to shoot some studio sessions as that is something very new and challenging for me. - C.C. Chapman
Thanks to this thread, I took out my Canon Powershot S1 manual (three years old) and figured out how to 1) Take pictures in sepia, 2) Successfuly work the delay time to take a photo of myself and 3) Use the successive photo feature. I used the last on my cat, but I couldn't get him to move, so not worthwhile to see. I look forward to trying a few different things a month and seeing what happens. Thanks for starting this thread! - Daniel Cornwall
Steve Gillmor
Why the focus on just e-mail (out of curiosity)? Why not the phone number, and what about the 24 hour storage limit for data? Any word on those opening up more with users' permission? - Jesse Stay
I'm still watching, btw - maybe it gets answered later - Jesse Stay
I'm also very curious of their plans to open up the search API - that would be much more interesting than their current roadmap. - Jesse Stay
In regards to permalinks Facebook does have permalinks on fan Pages - Jesse Stay
Re: the newsfeed Robert should really interview someone on Facebook's newsfeed team. That would be a very interesting interview. I don't think the FriendFeed team can answer those questions. - Jesse Stay
Re: the platform I do really want to know Facebook's plans for real-time API integration. Will they adopt PSHB or RSSCloud or a standard of their own to provide real-time updates to the stream? - Jesse Stay
Maybe you should ask Robert to interview the realtime API integration team too. Oh wait. - Steve Gillmor from iPhone
Jesse: I'm not the only member of the Gillmor Gang. In fact, I'm far from its most important member. Or did you mean to post this stuff to me for other parts of building43? - Robert Scoble
Robert, I meant it would be good for building43. But yes, it would be interesting for Gillmor Gang as well. - Jesse Stay
we'll have stream guys on when they have something to say, which judging by the Roadmap announcements, will be sooner than later. - Steve Gillmor
Robert Scoble
Life keeps getting weird: tomorrow night we're meeting with Obama's CTO. What should we ask him?
Chief Technology Officer of the United States, Aneesh Chopra - Robert Scoble
Standardization. - W. Kirk Crawford
do you use friendfeed yet? - Rob Sellen :o)
Does he have a job for me? ;) No, I'll think of something more appropriate in a few - Melanie Reed
He's supposed to be on Buzz Out Loud too. - Kevin Arth
Will we have a broadband (or whatever) plan for rural areas something akin to Rural Electrification? Have fun! - Ayşe E.
"Will we have a broadband (or whatever) plan for rural areas something akin to Rural Electrification? Have fun!" - Ayşe E. Spot on!! Yes, ask this one, Robert! Thanks, Ayşe E! - Melanie Reed
Ask whether the new IT project dashboard will have a material impact reducing project failures and cost overruns. Transparency alone won't do it, since the GAO has been cataloging failures for years. - Michael Krigsman
Is he making sure that obama can tweet from airforce one :) - Ruchit Garg
Rural broadband is a good one. - Luke Kilpatrick
+1 for rural broadand. - Ashish
what are some of his plans in regarding IT within the healtcare system, patient records, devices, communication tools, etc - Shai Goldman
@Melanie :) - Ayşe E.
Melanie: I wonder when AT&T will have 3G in Silicon Valley that works. - Robert Scoble
More APIs for getting at government data. When and can we vote on which? - Aaron Brethorst
Robert: shouldn't that be a question to AT&T's CTO? - Luke Kilpatrick
Ach! Robert, If ye be gettin' the missing talent out of the rurals, ye might get the inventor stuck out here who will make it work for ye. Scots are great engineers of a tradition....and they need the country life as inspiration. ;) - Melanie Reed
Standardize "open" for docs..e.g.USDA FNS reserves right to materials I produce but then collects them as PDF files. Useless to others. - MI Nutrition Network
Where's all the NOW interaction we heard about? Am I missing something? - Tom Guarriello
Ask him how he will stop IT employees moving to other industries (like they do every downturn) and decreasing the talent pool available when the economy recovers - Robert Littlejohn
Why does he not have the White House on With 40 different political parties in over 30 different countries represented it would be a great place to keep in touch with the politically minded. - Thomas Cook
There is no such thing as the CTO of the United States. And all you people asking about trains-run-on-time totalitarian goodies and MITI-style industrial policy should be ashamed of yourselves. - Rob Sterling
Rural Broadband +1 ... Have heard the VA hospital system has one of the best IT, electronic records systems in the country, if true, why reinvent the wheel, just standardize/update? - PXLated
Of course, I have no idea what the CTO of the USA is really in charge of :-) - PXLated
Suggest he should host a virtual and/or regional Federal Gov't Bar Camp and/or Unconference on Social Media with practitioners (as opposed to consultants who are learning SM on the Gov't's dime) who are already attempting to break open the SM space inside Executive Branch. With broad participation from Senior Executive Service, GS-10s through GS-15s along with contractors like me. SM... more... - Dutch Driver
What's the admin's stance on net neutrality? - Eileen Spiegler - Eileen Spiegler
When is the government going to offer a cloud computing platform? - Tal Broda
Ask him why most govt. employees are forced to use IE, only recently upgraded to IE6, and are not allowed to download anything. - Laura Norvig
What are his top three agenda items and what makes these things important and difficult? - Michael Krigsman
Robert - I'd ask about what they are doing to better deal with "21st century government", which requires running websites just as well as Facebook or LinkedIn can. The Cash4Clunkers website crashed, which effectively means a $1B business wasn't put through even basic load testing. More thoughts on my blog: - Patrick Lightbody
Yeah, like Dutch Driver said! - Tom Guarriello
Luke: of course that question is for AT&T's CTO. He has no clue, though (I asked him before the 3G came out and he thought their system was ready. So, I figure I'd just throw that out there. Heheh. Laura: great question. Governments move so freaking slow. - Robert Scoble
Please ask if his administration will push for open Internet. Beg them to bring the web to Americans less fortunate than us anyways they can think of. - Kemp Edmonds from iPhone
Agreed,Laura: good question. - Melanie Reed
Tal, I think they are on their way to doing that. Article just a day ago - Melanie Reed
My Question: what steps will you take to minimize redundancies, streamline efficiencies and avoid conflicts between you as the White House CTO and the CTOs working in/across various government agencies? - Christian
what is being done (budget, projects, staff) to get gov't data on the web and searchable/mashable? if additional legislation is needed for this, what needs to happen there? if no leg, just presidential directives what is needed to get that done? if projects are in the works now, name them, get progress reports, and timelines. if this stuff is stalled somewhere in the congress who do we badger to get things going? - MikeAmundsen
I'd tell him that if he's not capturing this stream he's a real moron. - Tom Guarriello
Tom: the reason I asked people to do this on FriendFeed is so I could easily email it to him, and/or show it to him on my iPhone. - Robert Scoble
Thank you, Robert!! - Melanie Reed
Then you won't need ask what I said ;o) they will be like.. can you sort that out for us! ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
@scobleizer - It would be cool to show this to him... good stuff. - Robert Freeze
Second Question: According to your job description, the Chief Technology Officer will oversee the development of a national, interoperable wireless network for local, state and federal first responders as the 9/11 commission recommended. What are the steps you need to take to realize this critical directive, and how soon do you foresee this being implemented? - Christian
There is a part of me that would want to ask him how difficult it is to be the CTO and promote technology when government workers can't even use firefox - Kim Landwehr
What is his charter, what can he do, what is he working on, what has he achieved so far? - Alan Gray
Robert: I was being facetious! The responses are so rich. Of course YOU would be capturing it; you asked the question, after all. - Tom Guarriello
Ask him when he is going to do his second tweet. He did his first one over 100 days ago. ( I'm going to the Churchill Club event tomorrow to hear him. I hope he has something interesting to say. Some people are saying that he may have been hired for his presentation skills more than anything else. - Michael Leonard
For god sakes, do not ask him about his birth certificate! - Lucas
Have we moved past Lichtenstein or whatever tiny country that we were behind in terms of broadband internet access yet? And how are we getting there? - mrpotter
Ask him why he's not a czar...yet. - Ed Sweeney
Ask him how the Billions of ARRA funding for Smart Grid are going to reduce energy consumption and save the consumer money on their energy bills? Are we going to see a bigger push for real time pricing driven by the Feds? - Tony Vota from iPod
1) Why is the website redesign of costing the tax payers $18 million? - Shaun Hess
Shaun, probably the old 'the bigger the client, the bigger the bill'. - travispuk from iPhone
I second Shaun's question... thou would state it as $9million up front, with up to $18 million total after options (which everyone knows they are going to do...) - Philip Evans
When and how are medical records going to be digitally available in all instances and is this part of the health care initiative with any specific plans for implementation? - Tom Bunzel
Will there be an open standard for Medical records/EHR, similar to clinical trials data like CFR Part 11? - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Ask him why it takes $18 million to create one website. I'll do it for a tenth of that. - Mike Shields
Ask him how far he's willing to go to move the government to digitize its myriad array of forms and move away from printouts for everything. Ask him what he's going to do to standardize the technology options between agencies. Ask him how "buckets of money" methodology is affecting the employees they serve. Ask him if he's willing to offer exit packages to those whose technological... more... - EricaJoy
Robert Scoble
I am sitting with CEO of Sonos and he is debating me about which mobile platform they should support next. What do you think? (After iPhone)
Android all the way - Robert Burgin
I say Android too. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Great minds think alike lol - Robert Burgin
Zune. - Andru Edwards
WebOS and the Palm Pre. - Jonathan Ezor
What Android phone? - Robert Scoble from iPhone
HTC Hero - Robert Burgin
Palm Pre, then port it to the rest via phone gap. - Luke Kilpatrick
WebOS - Rodfather
As a Sonos user, I can assure him that Blackberry comes after iPhone. What other choice is there? - Michael Krigsman
They should hit Windows Mobile, in all honesty. Just from a penetration standpoint. Of course, I have no idea how feasible that is. But they should definitely go with Android over WebOS so they don't tie themselves to ONE device on the market. - Andru Edwards
Android. - Jeff
Michael: blackberry users don't do much other than email. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Andru: Palm will have more devices out with webOS by the end of the year, I predict by the middle of 2010 every carrier will have webOS devices. - Luke Kilpatrick
Symbian Please! - Peter Kelley
No other platform offers the freedom that android does IMHO - Robert Burgin
However, more important than platform, they should allow the desktop application to play synched music with the Sonos system. Sure, there are technical reasons militating against this, but they should figure it out. - Michael Krigsman
Or Java - Peter Kelley
Yes, Robert. An application written for the HTC Dream/T-Mobile G1 should work on the HTC Magic/T-Mobile myTouch 3G. As for the HTC Hero and other non-Google Android forks, applications *should* be able to work, I think. Not completely sure, though; so correct me if I'm wrong. - James Rishabh Mishra
That is not true at all, Robert. I know many, many people who buy BlackBerry as a consumer device nowadays. The iPhone has changed that perception of smartphones. - Andru Edwards
Robert: hmmm....and Blackberry users do not use Sonos systems? - Michael Krigsman
And in case I didn't make it clear enough, I totally want Android support. - James Rishabh Mishra
Anyway, glad we are having the same debate they are having internally. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Luke, I know. But right now, there is just one device, with nothing else announced. It makes more sense to go where the users are. - Andru Edwards
Sonos has a cool controller coming out tonight, by the way. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
I had the Curve and my G1 blows it away just my experience though - Robert Burgin
Android. Given enough time, I think the number of andoid handsets is going to radically outnumber all the others. Jus a hunch. - mikepk from iPhone
We Sonos users do not need whiz bang coolness -- we need solid functionality that works. - Michael Krigsman
How about their own? I'd really like smaller, less expensive remote. Also, *any* level of control with a Logitech Harmony remote would be fantastic. - Kevin Fox
I am putting together all of our assets on the new controller right now. Check out Gear Live in 90 minutes for all the news ;) - Andru Edwards
The iPhone controller is excellent: well-designed and makes use of existing hardware so no additional cost. That's superb. - Michael Krigsman
Palm Pre. New apps are hugely popular now. - Jon Winters
Android...duh - Jeremy Franklin
By the way, the Sonos PR mgr. sent me a Sonos t-shirt after I twitter positively about the product. I liked that a lot. - Michael Krigsman
Public API. Let a thousand apps bloom. - Kevin Fox
Palm Pre. - David Chartier
I think it's great that they went after the iPhone first. No flies on these guys. - RobinDotNet
Holden: That's my point. But just because it makes the most sense, doesn't mean everyone recognizes that! They do. Smart guys. :-) - RobinDotNet
None. Ok, maybe Google Android. - Jose Alvear
I took the plunge and finally joined FF just to tell you to support Android. You know in your heart its the least evil of the platforms. - Neeraj Kumar Agrawal
Get him to cut his hardware costs in half so that his stuff is affordable... - Buzz Bruggeman
I second the Public API. It not only would benefit all the phone platforms, but soooo much more. - Ward Mundy
Robert: If you are still with the Sonos team - Please ask when the new controller will be available in other Markets? Australia? Thanks. - Clifford Kennedy
I third the vote for an API. There are some hacky UPNP Apis but a formal API would open up many new apps- - Tom Wentworth from iPhone
Why only one more platform? Seriously, they should do a few. Android and WebOS to start with. - Cyrus Lendvay
I love my Sonos, but can you please ask him why I should get a new smaller controller for $350 when I could get an iPod Touch that does the same thing and more for less money? - Kevin Fox
Kevin - the new controller is something you can leave in a common, shared area, has much better screen resolution, replaceable battery, etc. - Andru Edwards
Andru: Do I need a resolution better than the iPod Touch in order to control a Sonos? If my iPod Touch only has the Sonos app on it, what's the concern of leaving it in a common area? It's a home, not a dorm after all. Lastly, when would it possibly be better for me to replace a battery than to put the controller back in a charging cradle? - Kevin Fox
Blackberry would reach more users. Android 3rd - LANjackal
Kevin, it's not for eveyone, but it gives you the option. I have an iPod touch, and an iPhone, both with the Sonos controller on them. But what if I don't want you, or any other guest, using my iPhone and possibly seeing my text messages or other alerts that come through on those devices? Obviously, those devices can be rich with personal info, that I don't want shared. If I hand you my... more... - Andru Edwards
I concede some of your points. It's also nice to have an integrated bundle with a single-purpose remote. For my own needs (and I may not be the target demographic) I already have a Sonos system and am considering an additional remote. My point is that buying an iPod Touch to be used exclusively for controlling the Sonos makes more sense for me. It's highly responsive, can easily sit in... more... - Kevin Fox
Yeah, I don't know WHY they price is that high - but it is cheaper than the older one, with more features. Also, the older one is going to be very heavily discounted until it sells out, so there's that. One other benefit, which may or may not be attractive to some, is you pick up the controller, and it is ready immediately. No pressing of the home button, sliding the screen, finding the app, waiting for it to connect to network. - Andru Edwards
WebOS: any professional Web developer working today can start developing for it right now, without learning anything they don't already know: HTML, CSS, Javascript. - .LAG liked that
Here are some images of the new Sonos Controller 200: - Andru Edwards
Zune HD? Xbox 360? - Mike Nayyar
I've had 5 Sonos units for the last 5 years, very very was actually the "THING" that made my change jump from a HTC Windows Phone to an iphone, it was the deciding factor. They were nice enough to offer to replace the controller after my pup got a hold of it: - Jacob Shea
CrackBerry obviously - Daniel W. Crompton
Android - Leonardo Saraceni from twhirl
I say the Xperian T3 phone is the next big Android release. - Amani
Android. - mjc
Android - prasanna gautam
So what was the verdict? How's that webOS app coming along? :-) - Steve Lemke
Android! (w/ HTC sense) - Clemens Orthacker
Android! - Jeff Watson
I would suggest Android, however choose which mobile OS has the largest market share. - Wayne M
Android. One good open source project deserves another! Since this post originated, a pretty good, independent Android app for Sonos has appeared in the Android Market: Andronos. - Ward Mundy
Android Please! - Jeremy Cave
Phones with an Android operating system outsold iPhones in the first half of the year. There is other software that can take care of the different phone specifications. Andronos is quite good though. - Jeremy Cave
Robert Scoble
Mobs will now be a fact of life. Here are the two choices we all must make online: -
Mobs will now be a fact of life. Here are the two choices we all must make online:
Hurt. Or help. A mob that is helping is a good thing. I am donating $100 to #blamedrewscancer. That is good. What about if 1,000 did that? But some just want to hurt. They call names. Say people have zero value, or worse. I am sorry I have been part of mobs that do that. It is easy to become part of a cheering mob against other people. Too easy maybe, but I would rather have free speech than not. Go ahead and say I have zero value or that I, or my friends, are douchebags or should be dead. I will defend your right to say that. But we all do have a choice: are we hurting or helping other people? I do find that lately I haven't been on the right side of that choice. How about you? - Robert Scoble
I'm gonna call you a name right now Robert. Cool. - Tyler Gillies from email
So it sums down to with great power comes great responsibility. - Usman Bashir
It's easy to be in a mob doing good, just think of the actions of the mob from someone not in it. Trouble is, it's easier to be in a mob doing bad because it is easier not to think. - ɹןʇnqן
Drew: what is the best use of the $100? #blamedrewscancer - Robert Scoble
We used to call these Groundswells - why the "mob" mentality all of the sudden? - Jesse Stay
I like the concept but I think you should choose a different name for a group doing positive work. Mob has negative connotations and dilutes the good message. - Martha
Jesse: words that have fewer characters are better for Twitter. - Robert Scoble
Robert, I think the word "mob" brings more traffic :-) - Jesse Stay
Very good point, Jesse. Hit 'em with the sensational headline! - Martha
Jesse: yes. Pageviews rule our language. - Robert Scoble
I'm donating $25/mo to the American Cancer Society on behalf of #blamedrewscancer btw - I think it's a simple, cheap cause to participate in. (and so many of us are affected!) - Jesse Stay
I called out some people who do mostly hurt other people online. - Robert Scoble
I wonder if they will join the helpful movement? - Robert Scoble
Hey Robert - (not for my benefit), you should see if Rackspace can offer a discount per month on those that set up monthly payments to American Cancer Society on behalf of #blamedrewscancer. Might be a great way to evangelize your brand and help out a good cause at the same time. - Jesse Stay
@dahowlett's comment is ridiculous - so I have to stick to Twitter to not be beaten up by the much larger mob? What is this - mob wars? The Twitter mob vs. the FriendFeed mob? Silly us - we're in the wrong mob! - Jesse Stay
Jesse: dahowlett earlier said I have zero value. Really hurtful. - Robert Scoble
Social networking is about building communities. A mob is just a community without responsible leadership. Keeping a community from becoming a mob requires leadership. Without that, anything can happen. - Jack&Cleo
mobs have always been a fact of life - through thousands of years of history. using mob mentality to do good is interesting; and beneficial. but is it a good idea? here's another idea. don't just try to use mobs for good, try to leave mobs that are bad. starve out mob mentality. mobs don't start as a group - they start as an individual. someone who usually understands mobs; how they... more... - MikeAmundsen
has all this come from the fact that Arringtons feelings were hurt the other week when everyone bashed him on FF and loved up to Leo ? - Mark
I would rather not make this thread about Arrington. There are others who say FriendFeed isn't a helpful community. - Robert Scoble
Please define 'mob.' Do you mean a violent, riotous leaderless group? "the mob overturned cars and smashed storefronts" Or a massive celebration of an exciting event? "the streets were filled with mobs of joyous supporters chanting 'Yes, we did!' as the final election results poured in" - Andrew Feinberg
Ah, well Loren and Dennis answered on twitter - Mark
Robert: you have extreme value. every single friendfeed post you make goes straight to my email inbox - Tyler Gillies
"How am I serving the other person" is another way to phrase it ;) - Nicholas Orr
Andrew: mobs online can be both helpful and hurtful, yes. - Robert Scoble
I think twitterers get carrried away with all the "good" they are doing the planet with a $100 here or there. What is needed is CIVIC involvement. Electing people to SERVE that are not beholden or totally in the pocket of BigPharm, BigAg, Insurance companies and banks. Then--just maybe--if it is not too late, we will build a civil and engaged democracy where money is going into... more... - Meryl Steinberg
I saw another FF post earlier today from someone complaining of negative comments. I say screw them. Don't let the "mob" of negativity affect your own good work. If someone is complaining about you, there usually are other issue underneath that truly have nothing to do with you. You know you do good and that you have value. Leave the "mob" behind and the "group" of do-gooders will follow your call. - Martha
Mark: yup. They are building their brands on top of being hurtful. Me? I am going the other way. Funny dahowlett just keeps running his mouth about things he knows nothing about. - Robert Scoble
Quite frankly I'm getting tired of all the hurt. Maybe it's hypocritical of me to say so being that I'm part of the "Washington Establishment Journalism" scene. But then again I'm going to be evicted in a few months anyway because I can't find a paying outlet for positive, fair discussion or examination of things that people should find important. Maybe I should be in the hurt business...because pulling punches isn't paying right now (any exceptions?) - Andrew Feinberg
Still going to blog about this Robert? - Mark
Mark: yup I am working on that. - Robert Scoble
I am slowly learning to comment on FF, and not worry about the 'troll' or mob who will shoot down my comment. FF is a helpful community. I like it here. - Mike Nencetti
mike: gtfo. just kidding ;) - Tyler Gillies
I guess I'm missing something here. There seems to be an argument going around that FriendFeed breeds mobs because it's too good at bringing people together and getting them engaged - i.e. it's a very effective communications platform and the solution to the problems that stem from it is to move back to a less effective communications platform. - Edward Coffey
edward: yep pretty much - Tyler Gillies
Best way to control or destroy a mob is to cut off it's head. - Stuart Tracte
Just getting caught up and saw this rucus - tyergillies...That's what it's about - Wow - PXLated
Perhaps part of FriendFeed's power is that people -- for the most part -- aren't anonymous. It's hard to even hide behind a handle. And so contributors have an interest in building a reputation. The fastest way to build a reputation is to throw bombs. - Andrew Feinberg
@Andrew if you want the reputation of being a firestarter, then yes, you're correct. I prefer to take the high road. - Stuart Tracte
the fastest way to earn a block is by throwing bombs - Tyler Gillies
Interesting one of the definitions of mob is the mass of common people or populace (edited for sp) - Kim Landwehr
tylergillies: Glad I've got that more-or-less right. Now, call me crazy, but if just giving people a good way to communicate makes them form into a mob, then I think the problem lies with the people, not the platform. - Edward Coffey
edward: reminds me of the tower of babel - Tyler Gillies
The word mob has a negative connotation. How about the word bloc? There are plenty of likeminded people joining together for a positive, common cause. - Stuart Tracte
I think FriendFeed is probably the best example to date of a platform that gets out of the way and lets a huge number of people communicate in a very direct and immediate manner with friends and strangers alike. My impression is that a lot of people struggle with that initially, and fail to understand that the basic consideration that you give to a real solid meat-person you're talking... more... - Edward Coffey
I mean obviously people, especially newbies, fail to understand that in all kinds of online fora, but FriendFeed allows a huge number of people to fail in a very direct, immediate and personal way, all at once. - Edward Coffey
Arrington called me a cult leader now. Hah! - Robert Scoble
robert: look who's talking - Tyler Gillies
There are trolls on any forum, I've learned. I've seen them on Facebook, on Twitter, here on FF. And before that, I saw them in class, I've heard them on the radio, etc. Bottom line: there will always be trolls. The key is how you deal with them (or not deal with them.) - Curt Mercadante
If I lead a cult it is one where very few listen to me. Oh, can you pass the Koolaide? - Robert Scoble
define "very few" - Tyler Gillies
Tyler: out of 97,000 how many take any action? Not many. - Robert Scoble
it helps scoble to thank you on providing me the inspiration on who i wanted to be in my real life your presence helps scoble - @runb@laj!
Nah: to have a cult you have to have followers who will drink the Kool Aide. I am far far from that. - Robert Scoble
You actually meet some of the criteria for a cult leader:p one of the most important is to be "charasmatic"!! - Mark
but robert isnt kool aide what the riddle is? - @runb@laj!
I gotta read Mikes tweets, this is hilarious. - Mark
RT Arrington "FF is actually getting scary. And scoble is sounding like a cult leader." - Welcome to the FriendFeed - donations accepted. - Mark
do you guys take blood? ;) - Tyler Gillies
mark that is the plan - @runb@laj!
What a day. Time will tell if FF will descend into an open mob which society will rise up against. Time will tell if Arrington ever comes back to FF (his site is supposed to cover the hottest start-ups after all). And time will tell if Robert writes that blog post he promised tomorrow. - Mark
Robert et al: Why must there be only bad connotations with the term 'mob'? Why is it assumed that if there is a mob they can only wreak havoc? I think largely because those sorts of mobs are the ones we get to see evidence of via media.Why don't we create a different sort of mob. One that provides value and doesn't tear down others? That is how you started this thread, right? - Sheryl
Sheryl: right. - Robert Scoble
mob n. # a disorderly crowd of people # syndicate: a loose affiliation of gangsters in charge of organized criminal activities # throng: press tightly together or cram; "The crowd packed the auditorium" # gang: an association of criminals; "police tried to break up the gang"; "a pack of thieves" - xero
@Sheryl: i think @Robert is saying just what you suggest. my question to him and to you is this: "Is mob mentality, no matter the motives or outcomes, a good thing?" is that what we want to build, promote, and use to get things done? - MikeAmundsen
The most powerful tool against trolls, and those who like to stir the pot (thereby inciting mobs), is silence. it will drive them crazy. goodnight everyone. great conversation. Thanks Robert! you rock. - Mike Nencetti
It is extremely rare that mob mentality produces something useful. Generally, the actions of the mob are that of whoever speaks first or loudest, not the one that makes the most sense. - xero
@xero: good point. i'd also point out that one of the key advantages of mob mentality is an anonymity that helps mask critical thinking and provide an absolution for any terrible outcomes from the action of the mob. i understand that @Robert and @Sheryl are not trying to create this kind of situation; that the word "mob" has been overloaded into something positive. but it's not clear to me that many of the aspects of mobs are being considered here. - MikeAmundsen
I provided the definition of mob earlier, there are NO positive connotations to it. If they want to call it a mob, they're going to get mobbed. ;) - xero
Mobs have always been a fact of life. They are an artifact of human social behavior, and the online world is no different at its root. Whether you walk to the city square to join the mob, or join it online, you make a choice. The digital world facilitates mob creation around different topics more rapidly, allows for mobs not constrained by geography, and supports anonymity where... more... - Ryan McCormack
Years ago I had an amazing professor of American history who gave a lecture "The importance of Mob Violence in Early American History." It was chock-full of interesting examples of wise and clever mob actions, from torching excess tobacco in Virginia colony the year of a surplus to the careful disassembly, transport, and rebuilding of a hospital that townsfolk believed had been built too close to a settlement for comfort. Mobs can be constructive, but are also indicative of a power or process vacuum. - Richard W. DeVaul
@scoble as far as i'm concerned, your followers (myself included) are not a mob. We are a group of people looking to broaden our knowledge and interact with one another in a reasonable fashion. Those who disagree may call us a mob, but they are deeply mistaken. - Stuart Tracte
@Richard: interesting perspective. i wonder if, by today's lexicon, these actions against the established authority might be considered asymmetric warfare or even acts of terrorism. - MikeAmundsen
I've never seen any of these threads started by Scoble turn ugly. Look at this one. It seems like a pretty intelligent discussion, and I've read and participated in a lot of threads on FF - Stephen Pickering
@Stephen: another good point. for the most part, i find FF an excellent place to carry on conversations. - MikeAmundsen
online - maybe mobs (good or bad) will rule, but offline ? Under 30's seem to be able to 'mob up' quite effectively via SMS, but most activism (which may be illegal in the place where its occurring) requires face-to-face to establish bona-fides. - martin english
xero: thanks for the reminder of the definition. I would like to remind, however, that words and their definitions can change over time. Many words in the English language have evolved their meanings. Slang is a good example. Think of 'Bad' and 'Dope' But there are so many others. They are case specific, occasionally, but there are other instances as well. We have the power to change... more... - Sheryl
friendfeed is a good place for conversations? oh.. i wonder if they designed it that way - Tyler Gillies
like the picture -
Mobs, hysterias, and bubbles have been around forever. As Ryan (and others) noted, it's part of human nature. "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" is a great 19th century book on the subject: (obviously) pre-Depression, dot-com bubble, etc., but includes the South Sea bubble, the tulip bubble, witch mania, and lots of other fun historical examples. Good for perspective. - Ken Kennedy
A great quote from the author of "Extraordinary Popular Delusions...", Charles Mackay: "Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one." - Ken Kennedy
Robert Scoble
The photographer who took this iconic image of the protests in Iran hasn't been heard from since Wednesday. Amir, Amir, where are you? More: -
The photographer who took this iconic image of the protests in Iran hasn't been heard from since Wednesday. Amir, Amir, where are you? More:
His friendfeed is here: Donald Wilson says he's now missing: - Robert Scoble
is he missing or is he just hiding out? - geoff hines
Iran is arresting scores of journalists and bloggers. This image deserves the Pulitzer Prize and still is the iconic image of the protests. - Robert Scoble
Geoff: since he openly identified himself on friendfeed I imagine he's missing. - Robert Scoble
Geoff: but I hope he's just hiding out. - Robert Scoble
Wow. that photo i epic. It deserves mass recognition for sure! - Adam Jackson
Adam: it's the cover of Life Magazine this week. I've seen thousands of images and it still is the iconic image of the protests for me. - Robert Scoble
His website, , was banned in Iran on Saturday but he still showed up here on FriendFeed after that. Anyone with information about Amir please post here. - Robert Scoble
I've said the same ever since I first saw it. Women are the key to the moral case of the greens. Incredibly brave women - Richard Drake
they won't let anyone capture photos or record videos but people are so brave to do this again.I don't know about this photographer ! I hope he'll be ok - Viva Vida
This was recently posted on the about section of of his website "Hello freedom fighters I got an email from one of his loved ones, Amir and some friends did not return last night and were arrested. I have spoken with the Iranian television station people and we ARE going to get the word out today on their tv station about his disappearance. Please stay strong. ian Ian said this on 21 June, 2009 at 7:38 pm | Reply " - Jon Dillon
Jon: I was afraid of that. People ask how I can put up with critics. This is how. No one has ever threatened me with jail or death for what I do. I hope one day to meet Amir. He is a hero in my eyes. - Robert Scoble
His YouTube account shows last sign in 54 minutes ago. - Byron McCollum
Byron: it's clear that other people are helping him get news out. My son and other family members have my passwords so they can take over my accounts after my death. - Robert Scoble
Robert, thanks so much for popularizing this story. I agree that this photo is the equivalent of the Tiannemen photo. This is no longer, or even ever was, about an election, stolen, rigged, unfair or otherwise. This is about a people no longer will to allowing their theocratic dictatorial masters to control and suppress them. This is about a people wanting to express their natural... more... - Zachary Adam Cohen
WTF!!! In Ukraine Orange Revolution was peaceful. The rest of the world is with Iran now. - obolonskyi
He's real HERO. We have to support him. - Danijel Šivinjski
@Robert The courage of Amir and his fellow compatriots is incredible. Lets hope he is safe. Our staff (AFP) are shut in their bureau unable to move and its thanks to people like Amir that the world is aware of whats going on - Jon Dillon
Misha: the regime in Iran is brutal. Jon: one of my favorite quotes from when I was a photojournalism student is Robert Capa's "If your pictures aren't good enough, you're not close enough." Amir got close enough. It should be noted that Capa died when he got too close to a mine. Amir, it seems, got too close too. Journalists who put their lives in danger to bring us the news are heroes. If you ever are in Washington DC, go and visit the Newseum. You'll see just how many have died to bring us the news. - Robert Scoble
LIFE posted this under one of his photos on their site ( A NOTE TO OUR READERS: We are saddened to report that the Iranian photojournalist, whose pictures appear in this gallery, is missing. He has not been in contact with us; this morning we received the following email from one of his relatives. We will update this space when we have more details. THE EMAIL: Hi im... more... - Anita Hunt
Anita: there are dozens of journalists and bloggers in jail. Amir took the iconic image of the protests and now is the iconic leader of those who are in jail. I hope I am able to shake his hand someday. He is a hero to me. It is why I carry my camera almost everywhere. Today I will write Amir on my Canon 5D. I hope I have 1/1000th as much courage as he did making this image. I will probably come up short of even that low bar. - Robert Scoble
Thinking good thoughts for Amir. - Ayşe E.
Thanks for keeping us posting and praying for all of the brave souls who took the risks to show the world... - Tracy Benham
Someone using Amir's account just liked a couple of items: is one. Hopefully this is good news. - John Craft
"If your pictures aren't good enough, you're not close enough." What a great saying. We need to support people like this who are willing to risk everything for the greater good. - Robert Wilkins
Amir is missing, Please pray for my best Friend Amir :(( - Havang
Havang you know Amir? I hope he turns out OK. Please keep safe. - Robert Scoble
Yes I know him, he is one of my best friends, it's been a few days that we have no news of him - Havang
Currently no way to have no communication with him. - Havang
New tweet from @LIFE 'No further word from our Iranian photojournalist. His family says he was arrested. We hope for better news soon' - Anita Hunt
OMG, I'm in tears not only for Amir and others who are going through their own holocausts but the beautiful words on this thread! You people are amazing! FF is amazing for giving us this platform. - Myrna
@Havang: we'll pray for Amir and for the other missing / arrested people, we will not let you alone - Chiara
Yes Chiara, its true Havang. You're not alone! - Myrna
According to this article there are now 33 Iranian journalists and bloggers in jail - I am sure there must be many more. God Bless them and Keep them Safe from Harm. - Kay Designer
If you want to show solidarity, there are detailed instructions for setting up a proxy for the protestors at - Steve Lynch from twhirl
havang or ian - can anybody confirm about amir being in prison? - tenili
tenili: his family talked to Life Magazine and confirmed that he is in prison. - Robert Scoble
rob: thx for the info! i am gonna make sure that the news spreads! he will not be forgotten - tenili
++Ireneusz "All are unable to arrest. There is always someone who will do film or photos and publish it on the Internet." - as long as there are people like Amir and Ireneusz to keep reporting and keep taking photos and keep believing, the message will be heard and change will come! Keep strong everyone in jail and everyone still striving to report on what is going on. - Rachel Lea Fox
Dear friend, I am Williams Dize, nice looking and Gentle guy with a passion of life and happiness of friendship, There are so many things that people does not know about friends, Because they have not find the real friends. True Friends lays on both partners, Life is Precious when you are with the right one, heaven is really when you have the time to share with others, Persionalities... more... - william
He is being held in the notorious Evin Prison in Tehran since his arrest on Saturday. His family received a phone call from him yesterday and they are hopeful of his safe return soon. God only knows what they are doing to him in that hell-hole. Pray for him. - Beth K
HIs family is asking to keep his name out of the press for now, because the authorities may not know who he is, in terms of his photos and blog. He may have been picked up for having a camera at the demonstration. - Beth K
i really hope he can return home really soon! please let us know! - Ivana from email
More on Evin prison, where he is being held here: - Beth K
I will be sure to post updates here when we get them - Beth K
Beth, what is the facebook url? Name of group so I can search. Last url didn't work. - Myrna
sorry...they have made the group private and I am not an admin so I cant invite you. That is why I deleted the url. I will post here with any updates I get. - Beth K
report on missing blogger and photographer, Amir. NO new information to report... - Beth K
it is confirmed by Amir's family that he is home with them now. Just released from Prison. We do not know how he is doing other than he is happy to be home. I will update here as I get more information. - Beth K
I hope that he is well ... and that he will soon be back here on FF - Johni Fisher
I hear he has been released. - April Russo
Robert Scoble
Why friendfeed is better for Iranian students than Twitter and why I love it so much @zbowling see here:
Friendfeed is better for Iranian students because you can have private groups that the state can't see into. - Robert Scoble
The search here is much better, especially if you have groups of people who you are following. - Robert Scoble
Because of features like "likes" news is easier to spread to your friends. - Robert Scoble
yeah, FF search is the best I've seen for anything real time. - Tony
Technically friendfeed is way ahead of other networks. You are seeing the news in real time here, for instance. - Robert Scoble
Friend management is MUCH better here. On Twitter you can only have one list of friends. Here? Infinite. - Robert Scoble
Why is FriendFeed better than Facebook? Infinite numbers of friends, which makes it better for organizing protests and such. - Robert Scoble
Should we be pinging CNN to get on Friendfeed too, Robert? @DonLemonCNN & others are still hitting refresh on their web browsers. - Alex Howard
Direct messaging is 1000x better here than on Twitter or Facebook. - Robert Scoble
Alex: CNN is clueless. - Robert Scoble
Hah. Well, sure. But we can help them. And by doing so, help us all, no? - Alex Howard
FF just needs Oprah and Ashton to join... everyone I know who isn't a TechCrunch junkie is just hearing about Twitter (over and over again these days), and has no idea that FF exists. - Ryan Mickle
I like being able to get instant emails from friends- "imaginary friends" is the best hidden feature in FriendFeed - joebrooks
Alex: I tried last weekend and at the Twitter conference with CNN, but they don't ask for help. They think they are so cool because they read Tweets on air. - Robert Scoble
joebrooks: yeah, FriendFeed's IM and email integration is so much better than Twitter. - Robert Scoble
If the state is able to intercept the communications, they need not see into the rooms as they already have the http post data. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
(but that's not to say that the majority of what is above is incorrect) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Rob: the state is, although many of the students are using proxy servers that encrypt all communications. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Sorry to hear that -- not that you tried -- but that they didn't listen. So much potential to meld the real-time Web with the cable news networks. Caught myself getting upset with the CNN anchors today. No attribution of Tweets or the YouTube videos they are showing. - Alex Howard
Rob: the only way you can use Twitter and friendfeed in Iran right now is through proxy servers. - Robert Scoble
I'm aware of that, but the data is not encrypted before the proxy, only after - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Also, here when we have a conversation with tons of Tweets like this one you can bundle up the whole bunch and link people to the entire conversation. That's impossible to do on Twitter. - Robert Scoble
Scoble: one might argue that the fact twitter is open has helped them quite a bit - BryanSchuetz
Bryan: yes, Twitter is getting more than its fair share of mentions because Twitter is simple, open, and public. - Robert Scoble
if it's all private you can't get the mob involved - BryanSchuetz
but once the mob is involved keeping it going in a good direction becomes difficult - BryanSchuetz
Bryan: I told 15 people I was quitting Microsoft and within three days had tens of millions of media mentions. You'd be surprised how fast things move from small groups to big mobs. - Robert Scoble
using "mob" intentionally here as well. Lots of missteps going on from all the people on twitter trying to help but unwittingly making things worse - BryanSchuetz
Friendfeed seems more resilient against disinformation - there is a great deal of disinformation and warnings against it on twitter right now - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Robert, great points on why Friendfeed would be of use to Iranian students. Given that they're limited to short bursts of transmission or tunneling in on the Web to upload video, I wonder whether students in-country would really be better served. - Alex Howard
While I agree with your technical sentiments, let's remember that this is about the people of Iran. I am more than willing to use as many channels as necessary to provide aid. Yes to Twitter, to Friendfeed, to Facebook. Heck, let's even include Orkut for that matter. But the most important channel of communications is between ourselves and our God. May God's will be made known to all... more... - Lorin Olsen
You can't expect CNN to be this far ahead of the curve. Even though I agree that they would benefit immensely from using services like FF, they are just getting started with this. At least they are trying new things. I think that the "old media" are waking up just in time. It will be interesting to see what television will look like a few years from now. - Wim Mulder
guruvan, perhaps Friendfeed seems more "resilient" because the userbase is at least an order of magnitude smaller? - William Anderson
I think event news will continue to look more like what CNN is doing, sifting through the online media for real people telling truth and giving perspective from on the ground in hotspots - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
guruvan you mean they will actually ...whats the word for it... report? - BryanSchuetz
Lorin: you are very close to getting blocked for trying to take the conversation back to some sort of religious argument. - Robert Scoble
William: perhaps, but there is also more leadership here on FriendFeed, and it's not quite such a mob in the first place. the more organized discussions lead people to gravitate toward each other, and natural leaders come forth - I've just over the last hour spent some time looking therough a few feeds, and translating as fast as I can, and seen exactly this - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
William: Twitter was ALWAYS down when it had far fewer people on it than friendfeed has today. Friendfeed is done by five superstars from Google. The technology here is so much better than Twitter's it isn't even funny. - Robert Scoble
You all should watch the Public Feed here and see how much Farsi is being used: - Robert Scoble
In Twitter's defense, they're holding up under the current pressure pretty well. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Rob: true. Twitter has gotten 1000x better recently. They've also been hiring many of SIlicon Valley's biggest tech stars too. - Robert Scoble
scoble I just want that translator bot from the google wave demo in here for that public stream - BryanSchuetz
Can twitter access through third party software like seesmic desktop if it is blocked? - Nyan Min
Yes Farsi is good here Robert !!! - Myrna
Bryan: I mean that the people will report, and the news organizations will try to determine the truth by corroborating stories, and centralizing information, and then distribute more easily digested chunks of the reports - something like twitter is very difficult for average people to digest for news. I have several search streams running and it's very difficult to kepp up - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Robert: I wasn't referring to technical resiliency. - William Anderson
Nyan: not sure, possibly. In China my blog is blocked but I could see my blog on Google Reader. - Robert Scoble
Nyan: It's likely that access through many clients is broken, but it is also likely that the governement does not know of every client. Clients that are unknown, or use transport other than port 80 http are more likely to work from Iran. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Guruvan: I hope so. CNN simply reading tweets on the air is not how I think MSM should be using tools like that. They are tools that can help them find the story, they seem to be making the tools the story, which is doubly irritating because we all understand the tools better than they do. - BryanSchuetz
In the absence of other verifiable news, you might as well read tweets on the air. Especially if you have some kind of backend tweet processing that is filtering things like the more RTed phrases, links etc etc. (not that they are doing that, I don't really know, but I do doubt it....they should maybe hire me to build it) ;) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
@scobleizer The only question I'd have for you on this -- I validate your points -- is in timing. Why advocate for FF now, when Twitter is clearly allowing Iranians to get info out? The tech is great, on any number of levels, but I'm a wee bit surprised to see the push for it pop up. Do you feel that strongly? I know you're personally invested in getting good information and protecting people, given your family, so I view your motives as fairly unimpeachable. - Alex Howard
Alex: I've been advocating FF consistently no matter what the news is for more than a year now. Has nothing to do with now. And Twitter is blocked in Iran, just like FriendFeed. FriendFeed is a better place for students and protesters to organize. Why? Private rooms. Real TIme. And all the other reasons I give above. - Robert Scoble
More clients need to be developed that include FriendFeed to make it more readily available in time of crisis and during information blockades - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
the key in this conversation is not which method is best for us , but what is most useful to those inside Iran. Friendfeed seems to be a much more cohesive way to communicate not as much noise, and the noise can be easily filtered - Kim Landwehr
Yes Kim, I agree what can we do for Iranians here with FF. - Myrna
Alex, Robert is just setting everything up for the next revelution so we can get better information quicker. - Jason Remnant
Lets be honest, it will take more than a nifty social networking/micro blogging site to get the vote. - Kevin J Hatton
Kevin: that's true, but small things can make huge changes in culture. Remember the one woman who refused to sit at the back of the bus? - Robert Scoble
Jason: Exactly. Each one needs to be carried out better. Most importantly, each time we learn faster/better ways to deal with governments clamping down on communications. The internet is designed (inherently) as a tool of Freedom. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
@Robert Scoble I would have to agree with your point. - Kevin J Hatton
Greg: that's true. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Aren't all discussions based upon spiritual premises? Ethics and politics are both derived from the deep-seated stirrings of our spirits. But I appreciate your point. I'll try not to preach. But that's hard for me as I am an evangelist by my very nature. BTW, so are you! Nevertheless, the point I was trying to make is that we should be glad for every channel, including Twitter.... more... - Lorin Olsen
Lorin: we're talking about friendfeed here and I used to be a fundamentalist Christian and don't appreciate efforts to bring religious evangelism into conversations here for a whole lot of reasons. Iran is run by religious people, remember. - Robert Scoble
Rob Nelson: Also, is operational. - Nick in Manila
Nick: Operational in Iran? Brett's post of their drop in traffic from Iran would suggest that both http and https are blocked, and the only thing getting through from Iran is proxies (and those are being blocked at a pretty good clip too) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Rob - You're right. You had commended on Iran being able to snoop http: protocol of FF. I was just pointing out FF also uses https. They can't snoop it, but they can indeed block it. - Nick in Manila
Running something like FF or Twitter servers internally would let CNN and friends organize information and interoperate better. Sounds like a growth opportunity for FF. - Ernie Oporto
Quick how-to setup a proxy if you have the means: (mac instructions on previous page) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
And Nick: /you/ can't snoop https, but most any government can. It is not very difficult. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
It is easy to follow comments/likes. It is more valuable with previews to images. And if a part of your audience is using Twitter, you can sync it to FF. - Burcu Dogan
Robert Scoble
I am in tons of private groups in friendfeed that CNN can't see. That's where real news sharing is happening with Iranians. Not public.
News = information to be shared & discussed when possible - Christopher Young
Robert Scoble
This photo should win a Pulitzer Prize. I never expected to see photos like this one come out of Iran. Amazing: -
This photo should win a Pulitzer Prize. I never expected to see photos like this one come out of Iran. Amazing: is the site that seems to have originated this photo. - Robert Scoble
I wish I knew who shot the photo. Anyone know? - Robert Scoble
Absolut!! - Ronald
No country is one dimensional. That's why I'm so mad at the local media. - Mo Kargas
Robert: don't think we should unveil them, otherwise they'll be arrested ;) - Nir Ben Yona
Absolutely incredible - Michael Krigsman
It is pretty remarkable. It was so good when I saw it last night on Twitter I was afraid it might be a fake. - Jeff Namnum
I'm afraid to think what happened to this brave woman. - Orli Yakuel
Jill: thank you. Here's his Facebook profile: and his photo page: Incredible photo, best one to capture the event yet. - Robert Scoble
I saw so many of this kind of photo with my own eyes yesterday,I was there when they beat us,our people, to death just for yelling out where's our vote?!! - TaaTaa from fftogo
Front picture of this women: - Orli Yakuel
Alex: the photographer is brave too. Wow, what close work. - Robert Scoble
Iran "tankwoman" - K.D.
Robert: your tweet is now the popular here - Johni Fisher
None of this reporting -- None of it -- would be possible without online tools. Robert -- there's the 2010 Web! I seem to remember your earlier question (a few months ago) about the definition of journalism. This is it. It's not up to the "paid journalists" at the NY Times or Chicago Tribune anymore. It's up to you, me, people like @jamesbuck, and the person who took this photo and put it online. - Curt Mercadante
Curt: amen! - Robert Scoble
I'm not really surprised, Iranians are a lot more empowered than people in the West think. It is *not* Saudi Arabia! - Iphigenie
Thanks for getting this out. It's so easy to get lost in tweeting about our silly mundane lives that we forget how important images like this can result in making people aware and helping to make a difference in the world. - mrsha
More live updates about #Iran can be found in here: - Nir Ben Yona
Amazing photo - thanks for finding it & sharing it Robert! - Gurpreet
What happened to her after all? - Christine Yang
I thought the same thing last night. Maybe the Iranians finally are willing to make some change. - Tom Searing
Photo of the year. - Mike Doeff
moment! - reality
چی میشه آخرش - Hamid
Curt, right, after listening to Scoble on a panel about the future of Journalism, and he was the only one "journalizing" it via Kyte, I wrote a post that the future of Journalism is a video camera or in this case a camera. I remember that it was the camera and video camera that stopped Vietnam for instance - Stephen Pickering
And, putting aside for a bit whether or not CNN ignored the story -- we're now getting news that NBC's Tehran office may have been raided and the BBC has been told to "get lost." Under oppressive, censoring regimes like we have in Iran, North Korea and China -- citizen journalists empowered by new communications tools will be the ONLY way we get accurate news from these regions. - Curt Mercadante
Curt Mercadante 100+ - Bora Zivkovic
the detail- the untied shoe lace. wow. - anna sauce
Inspiring. Let's hope the government falls. Because if it doesn't, there will probably be vicious repression. - Bob Morris (polizeros)
روز زن مبارک - hamidreza
I am the photographer of this photo - Amir
It's really a fantastic photo Amir, do you know the woman in the photo? - BryanSchuetz
WOW. How can you say anything else? - Sheryl
I love the fact that people start setting up proxy servers for the people in Iran: - Holger Eilhard
Shocking stuff - Tyson Key
If anyone ever doubted the revolutionary, real-time impact of Social Media, this photo easily dispels those misconceptions.... - John Fenzel
Amir: you have a fan for life. I hope you do win the Pulitzer Prize. I think you got the iconic photo of the election protests. This one should hang in Newseum's Pulitzer Gallery. Can you tell us how you shot it, and give us more details about what was going on in your head as you pressed the shutter button? To everyone else, don't you love friendfeed? - Robert Scoble
Amir: when I took photojournalism at San Jose State University one quote stuck in my mind from all those classes over the years "If your pictures aren't good enough, you're not close enough." That quote was from Robert Capa, here's an article in Time Magazine about it: You have gotten close enough. Congrats, I can't even imagine trying to get this close. I hope all comes out well for your country and you. - Robert Scoble
Amir, what do you shoot with? - EricaJoy
Kol Tregaskes
8 Brilliant Illustrations of the ‘Rule of Thirds’ | Beyond Megapixels -
8 Brilliant Illustrations of the ‘Rule of Thirds’ | Beyond Megapixels
8 Brilliant Illustrations of the ‘Rule of Thirds’ | Beyond Megapixels
Show all
"I was going through some photos on Flickr, looking for some pictures to illustrate a post that I was writing, and I came across these brilliant photographs that put the ‘Rule of Thirds’ smack in your face. Just looking at them you can make out that they could not have looked better if centered." - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet
Kol Tregaskes
25 Electrifying Pictures of Lightning Photography » Digital Picture Zone -
25 Electrifying Pictures of Lightning Photography »  Digital Picture Zone
25 Electrifying Pictures of Lightning Photography »  Digital Picture Zone
Show all
"Lightning photography is both one of the most tricky and one of the most frustrating types of photography. You get only one chance for the particular situation - it is not like portrait photography where you can go back in the studio if the photos didn’t come out well." - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet
The beauty of Lightning is the it never ceases to surprise you no matter how many times you have seen it... - Abhishek
I love the Tower Bridge photo! - Kol Tregaskes
There are very few instances of where you can see the beauty in nature's power. Lightning is probably the best. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
I like the other one... - Abhishek
Robert Scoble
Which person is making biggest contributions to the 2010Web? I'm making a list, see it here:
Here's the list: I need your help in improving it! How did I make this list? I scoured my business cards and my contact list and we brainstormed and came up with this list of 325 people. It's just a starting point. - Robert Scoble
The green lines, by the way, are people who are on friendfeed. That tells me whether they are really exploring the 2010web or not. - Robert Scoble
Got any other people who should be on this list? Let me know here. - Robert Scoble
Over the next few days this list will get dramatically longer and better. - Robert Scoble
*waving* hey Robert. have you met Xiao Fengjin? Founder of Linkool Labs behind the Juice app. and her Twitter -- try not to base opinion to heavily on FriendFeed use. You'll miss out on some cool folks overseas not using it. :) - So Much More Hawaii
Some on this list are journalists/bloggers. Some are very techie/developers. Some are marketers. Some are VCs. Some are entrepreneurs. Some are CEOs. Some are researchers. Some are power users who are pushing the web in interesting ways. I am looking to build a diverse group of people who are pushing the 2010web forward. - Robert Scoble
I don't know exactly who are the folks who are doing it - but the people who are making the great "detect your browser and if a mobile browser, show a well made, fully functional but mobile browser friendly version of the site" (see Gawker's site on an iphone for example) are among those making a big impact on the 2010 web - Shannon Clark
I suspect the people who will are not on the list yet - they are in china, india, or perhaps south africa or denmark and not on the Anglo Saxon radar - Iphigenie
So Much More Hawaii: I agree. I'm off to look through my Twitter and Facebook lists next. Joelle: that's why I'm asking here, so the list gets better. - Robert Scoble
Good point by Shannon - fixing what's there might be a bigger impact, but it will never be recognised as such. - Iphigenie
But everyone on this list will eventually be on friendfeed. Why? Because I'm building a private group to discuss some stuff with them. That'll help us all eventually. - Robert Scoble
*ack* that was me Robert. So Much More Hawaii aka Christine Lu. (i'm in Hawaii this week for Hawaii Tourism Authority) :D -- anyways, previous comment still stands. Go through all the folks you met in China last year. oh and the Poken folks. they're up to cool stuff beyond what they have on the market right now. - Christine Lu
Robert, send you a request to add some people in mobile 2.0 area. - Rudy De Waele
Rudy, names, we want names! Heheh. Thanks. - Robert Scoble
not directly the 2010 web persay, but I think what companies such as Barco are doing at the very highest levels of display technology (their LED screens were used, some 2000 sq. meters of in fact, for the amazing Eurovision set in Moscow) will have a huge impact in years to come on what we all use for our displays. If display resolutions finally start to really rise (on average) that will impact the web considerably - Shannon Clark
I'm mostly familiar with developers, since that's my profession, so I'd add: Damien Katz (developer on CouchDB), Terry Jones (founder of FluidInfo), James Tauber (creator of the Pinax Project), Brian Aker (developer on Drizzle), Mikio Hirabayashi (developer at, John Resig (wrote jQuery), Malcolm Tredinnick (probably the most active Django developer). There are definitely more but that's off the top of my head. - Eric Florenzano
Marco Derksen - (founder of,, Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten (Next Web, Wakoopa), - Erno Hannink
You should put there tarpipe folks... - Marcos Marado
@robert add Lars Hinrichs, founder of XING, the only web 2.0 company to successfully IPO. -- He's likely to be starting something new in 2010. - Jason Goldberg
Wouldn't it make sense to start out with less people then increase until you find your getting interesting, relevant conversations Surely with too many people the conversation would quickly become overwhelming quickly, and maybe less focused - Chris Lloyd
Chris: there's a method to my madness, but, yes, I have a hard constraint that I have to live within. - Robert Scoble
Matt Jones & Matt Biddulph of Dopplr / Felix Petersen - Founder at, now Head of Product Strategy Social Location at Nokia / Christian Sejersen - Mobile Engineering, Mozilla / Raimo van der Klein - SPRXMobile & Layar (watch that name!) / Greg Skibiski - CEO Sense Networks / Ilja Laurs - CEO Getjar / Tommy Ahlers - Founder Zyb - CEO at Wayfinder Systems - now Head of LBS at Vodafone / -> most of them all at conference in Barcelona in June :) - Rudy De Waele
I don't envy your task, but if you get it right it could be very important for future web development. Will anything be published from the group? To aid future web developers? - Chris Lloyd
Robert, maybe Bill Balderaz at Webbed Mkting. About to release an awesome monitoring tool that will push the folks in that space. And maybe Beth Kanter who does wonderful things in the non-profit marketing space. - Gregg Morris
Chris: this list will form the core of Building43 and will discuss the 2010web in a private friendfeed group that will be opened to everyone else on June 11th. - Robert Scoble
And some of the guys at the W3C Mobile Web initiative - Maybe Daniel Appelquist? Also add Mike Rowehl (coded Admob, Mowser, Skyfire, etc...) - Rudy De Waele
there seems to be an overwhelming US bias to the list at the moment - Europe? Asia? - Russell Lack
If you're making it a closed discussion group elite, I urge you to try not to just have all the known incumbents - they're the people that made 2008. Get some new thinkers in there, perhaps people that see the needs and weaknesses, perhaps a few critics, and by all means people from outside the core US/UK/Australia/Canada/France/NL group. Of course it depends what you want to... more... - Iphigenie
Russell: got any names? That's why I put it out here. - Robert Scoble
Bwana McCall - Savvy, all-around blogger and technology - Ciro Villa
That's going to be an interesting list. Has it changed much from your older lists? Some user names both on ff or twitter would be great. I'm going to check to see if I can suggest some. Maybe Michael Fruchter should be included too. - Carlos Lorenzo
If we're including journalists, how about Caroline McCarthy? - Chris Lloyd
Carlos: I'm adding names from Facebook right now. The list is getting longer by the minute. - Robert Scoble
You'll be testing the limits of google's spreadsheet app by Wednesday - Iphigenie
I see other Jasons, but no Calacanis.. - Simon Wicks
Is there any particular reason a) why you're making this list b) why anyone should help and c) why anyone should care? The 2010Web seems more like a Robert Scoble PR campaign than a project with any depth. Where's the substance behind this? Someone please point me in the right direction. - Andrew Eglinton
Andrew: a) I'm building a community of people who are fanatical about the Internet for which is why I'm doing it. b) why should you help? Well, because maybe I've helped you along the way. c) why should anyone care? You shouldn't. Move on. - Robert Scoble
Interesting mobile 2.0 choice, Rudy. I'd say Andrew J Scott, Rummble Founder & CEO, should be on the list (@andrewjscott). - Alex Housley
Robert. Is building43 a non-profit outfit? - Andrew Eglinton
Andrew: no. It's a community sponsored by Rackspace. - Robert Scoble
Robert, this is a great exercise. But why do you assume those making the biggest contributions are the ones who are fanatical about the Internet? - Kevin Werbach
Kevin: because I have to start somewhere. - Robert Scoble
Kevin, plus, fanaticism without contribution seems pretty empty. And keep in mind what my goal is: it's to try to get more businesses and people into the 2010 web. To do that I'm going to showcase people who are changing the world with the Internet. That will get their attention. Then we need to show them how they can do it too. - Robert Scoble
Is there any danger of building43 becoming an A-list ivory tower or is this going to be the tech savvy giving back to the cyber peasants? Just curious (which obliterates point C of my previous interjection)... - Andrew Eglinton
Andrew: yes, there is that danger. But it will be short lived because after June 11th you'll be interacting with them. - Robert Scoble
on a country (Fr) & corp filter level I can mention those 2 guys in France. For the corporations they really use and promote 2010 tools to the highest level of those orgs: @ChristianFaure, @dlafont (Denis Lafont-Trevisan) - both Cap Gemini but I do own 0 stock there. They just really get it and they are on FF. Another one that really gets it / use it = Régis Gaidot @rgaidot. also in Germany/austria @bodenseepeter (not on ff). Alexandra Carmichael: - Harscoat
If you want to stay ahead of the curve, follow tipjoy: - Bruce Lewis
So in other words, you're channeling Barry Goldwater -- extremism in the defense of the Internet is no vice. - Kevin Werbach
Kevin: heheh. I'm just looking for people who are using the Internet to improve lives, improve businesses, or just plain build something cool. Stuff like Epochrates that's helping doctors around the world. Or Zappos. Or Twitter, friendfeed, etc. - Robert Scoble
I think you can add Nicolas Dengler co-founder of cocomment and co-founder of mixin. - Frédéric Sidler
June 11th. I'll be there man. Just make sure you've installed a helipad on top of that building though :) - Andrew Eglinton
The challenge is that most people don't want to change the world. They want something safe and comfortable. I'm with you -- the fanatics are the interesting ones, and life is too short to hang around boring people. Anyway, since I'm listed as an "Obama tech advisor", I'd suggest people from that world -- Beth Noveck, Susan Crawford, Vivek Kundra, Aneesh Chopra, and some others not yet announced. What they are doing is still in alpha, but is incredibly important. - Kevin Werbach
Kevin: are you in DC? I'll be there first week of June and would love to get some interesting interviews about the broadband policy stuff. - Robert Scoble
Robert, DM me and we'll tawk. I'm in DC about once a week, helping out and making trouble. - Kevin Werbach
You've said how you made the list, presented the list. But why are you making the list? (I hate lists btw -- when presented by magazines, newspapers, websites seem like blatant pandering - to both the people on the list and potential consumer) - Brian Sullivan
Brian: a few reasons. For one, I want people who have done something interesting. Having someone like Tony Hsieh or Joe Hewitt or Kevin Werbach or Tim O'Reilly as a founding member of a community will get attention. Having 200 of them will get a lot more. Second, I want to focus my content efforts on these people for the first month. They have more to show about what the 2010web will... more... - Robert Scoble
Robert: so the bottom line is that you are pandering? ;-) - Brian Sullivan
Brian: no, we are making sure we have a good list. - Robert Scoble
There's a method to our madness. The first 100 people you invite to start a community will decide how that community goes for a long time. So we're being very picky about who we start with. - Robert Scoble
towatch - Arvind
In response to your 'method' Robert. I agree, the first wave of people will decide the story of a community - providing they have ownership of it. But building43 is a top-down model, what's to say that the people you invite will want to buy into the ethos of your community? Doesn't community begin with collective impetus, collective need? - Andrew Eglinton
Andrew: Building43 is both going to be top down and bottom up. June 11th you'll see just what we are building (it's not just me working on this) and you'll understand. Hint: it's very friendfeed centric. - Robert Scoble
Well in that case I'm sold. Final question from me, and incidently I appreciate all your responses above,will there be a provision in building43 for artists? - Andrew Eglinton
Andrew: I have designers in mind, but how far off of graphic design and web design do you want to go? - Robert Scoble
Robert: While not being sure exactly where you're going with this, it might make sense to include at least a few (call it a control group) of stodgy old CIOs and/or a person or two from the likes of MSFT, ORCL or others that you would say don't "get" the 2010web (full disclosure I work for MS). Without this I think you risk having some serious groupthink even with the luminaries on your list. Maybe this is planned for later in your efforts but I can't help but think it would be a benefit from the get go. - David Ziembicki
I wish I was doing a big contribution, yet I am sitting here and waiting for it to come. So that I can use it :) - Alpay Erturkmen
David: I have a bunch of Microsoft people on the list. CIOs? I'm gonna go for stodgy old companies later. :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert: Better add David Hyatt (founding member of Safari and WebKit) and Maciej Stachowiak (another lead developer) - Charles Ying
Peter Norvig - Charles Ying
Robert, I see some startup people, but the list looks blogger/journalist heavy. What about those developers who may be the Bret Taylor of tomorrow, like Jesse Stay, Cesare Rocchi (Posty) and others like them. - Rob Diana
Oh I do so use Friendfeed :-) And thanks @ericflo! - Terry Jones
And, BTW, FluidDB is nearly nearly out (as a restricted alpha). End of June, we hope. - Terry Jones
Robert Robert Robert, do you ever sleep? - Myrna
This is all fine and dandy but we've got to have last mile bandwidth. Why isn't there a pure Conduit Communications company out there that doesn't have another agenda? The phone companies have their legacy phone business, the cable companies TV. Fiber to the home is what we need. Not geeks. All those people on that list times a million mean nothing compared to fiber to the home. Why is... more... - Web Nex
Wish this list had a way to breakout who is in Michigan. I would love to connect with these folks. - John Minni
Robert: What about Chris Garrett? Maki (doshdosh)? I was gonna propose Tim Ferriss, then changed my mind, then saw he was already on there. ;) - Shéa Bennett
FYI, Andy Baio is on FriendFeed ( as is Jeremy Zawodny ( And I'm pretty sure Kevin Fox is on here too... ;-) ( - Tony Ruscoe
Mark Silva at Real Branding; an outstanding thought leader on the possibilities of Social Media. - Mark Evans
You should add Allyson Kapin who is the founder of Women Who Tech - Sandra
I've been working on how to automate the routing of data streams (such as Twitter/FF updates) so that the network as a whole will begin doing the work of selecting our content for us, eliminating most of the need for manual following/unfollowing. It seems like these ideas could congeal into a definite algorithm very soon. - Joshua Maurice
@rob thank you very very much! glad to be compared to Bret! - funkyboy
theres a top 50 CEO's that twitter here on business week - this would be a good starting point - although I think most of them are on here already. - Nigel Walsh
may I be part of Building43 please Robert? - Thomas Power
@Thomas - you are moving to the US? or is this the virtual building.. - Nigel Walsh
Thanks for including me bud :) - Chris Saad
I'd add @bitsweat aka Jeremy Kemper, who worked really hard to merge mirb and Rails into a new version of Rails. It took diplomacy to mold two rival coding teams into one, and as well genius level coding skills. It's hard to find someone on your list, Robert, who is both a diplomat and a great coder. - barce
a bit corny, but in line with Time Magazine - isnt it all of us? - Nigel Walsh
okay, one more not on the list: When Marc Andreesen was on the Charlie Rose show, Charlie asked him what the next big thing was. Marc didn't answer. Then Charlie asked him about who was working on the most interesting stuff. Marc's answer: Andrew Chen. Andrew came up with the Freemium model spreadsheet... okay, I'll stop. :-) - barce
More fields on Robert Scoble's spreadsheet would be helpful: Affiliation, Title, Facebook Page, Friendfeed Page, Twitter Page, Email Address. (URLs for the pages.) - Sean McBride
Max Levchin ? is another good guy. Co-founder and former CTO of PayPal. - Guy Vander Heyden
'Us' - AJ Kohn
Someone who you don't even know exists yet. - Dean Clark
@yoast for WordPress SEO - Jeroen De Miranda
Robert - I know you have met Sol Lipman and David Beach, founders of - Justin Korn
Robert, btw, John Furrier is on Facebook as well as Friendfeed (you have him listed as FF only). I'm on both - I'll let you decide if I should be on the list or not, though. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
have you investigated @andraz and @gandalfar from Zemanta? I think that understanding text will be a killer application for tracking citations and topics between bloggers - Michele Costabile
thanks for the include robert, btw i'm most definitely on friendfeed ;) - mike "glemak" dunn
Dave Armano (now working with Peter Kim, et al) - Susan Beebe
Mark Zuckerberg is on facebook ;) hehe - add X - Susan Beebe
@eldsjal and @MartinLorentzon from Spotify, and if there is someone out there who have not tried spotify yet, ill strongly recommend you to do just that. This is the way it should be done not just with music but also with video! - Nerkez
It's pretty good, but Andrew Keen belongs on there. Also, so few women on Web 2.0-3.0, eh? Glad you include VWS with Rosedale and Koster. Wagner James Au has not done anything original in 5 years. - Prokofy Neva
Barrett Lyon of BitGravity and who was one of a handful of people who mapped the Internet - Loren Heiny
Maybe Steve Gillmor because at least he is always thinking about this stuff all the time and working it, even though he's always wrong. - Prokofy Neva
Prokofy: Steve Gillmor not being on the list was a major oversight. I always treat my friends the worst. Hmm. - Robert Scoble
What about Dan Cohen, the Digital Historian leading the Zotero project? He's on twitter @dancohen. They're going to be launching a social network for researchers from undergrad to professor that will open up the research process to everyone through their Firefox plugin. - Aram Zucker-Scharff
Paul Todd [ ]. Involved in development of useful apps ( like OneBridge ) for Symbian phones... - Arvind
Damn, need to work harder to make it on this list - Alexander van Elsas
Jeremiah Owyang
Tomorrow, @Oprah crowns @aplusk the "King of Twitter". Two years ago, that was @scobleizer. Move over geeks, the stars are movin in
Makes me want to fwow up - Leo Laporte
I'm glad I'm on FriendFeed, until they take over here too - Jesse Stay wont be long ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
I just checked Oprah's Twitter feed. 0 updates, following 9 people. At least @ev is one of them. - John E. Bredehoft
Just realized that I'm not following any of these 9 people on my current (relatively new) Twitter account. Shaq and Ev, your stats are about to increase. No offense, Ellen. - John E. Bredehoft
Something tells me I already know what this weekend's TWiT is going to be all about. :p - Chris Charabaruk
Jeremiah: that's what happens when you stop blogging. :-) - Robert Scoble
i think it has awhile before stars hit FF. I haven't seen any with one yet. have you? - Rachael Depp
Twitter Bubble - Johnny
Yeah exactly! - Roshni
I think updates are more important than followers and by that there is absolutely no comparison. - travispuk
This morning Oprah wasn't subscribed to anyone. This afternoon it was 4 people, now it's 9. Not that I'm uh, looking at her, uh, ^EOF - Kevin Fox
Like with house prices, the race to a million is fine, until people actually start looking at the numbers and realize'a million followers' isn't actually worth a million users. I sit and await the Great Twitter Crash of 2010... - Johnny
My prediction is that @aplusk will overtake @cnnbrk at around 10pm EST tonight. - Mike Reynolds
So true, I hope twitter is ready for Oprah mania, I wonder how a lot of the new twitter users would react if they had to experience the great fail whale season of 2008 - Wayne Sutton
@Oprah will overtake @plusk & @cnnbrk within days. Will millions of new @Oprah fans dominate the conversations on Twitter? - Steve Levin
So Oprah joins Twitter and promotes it. A whole slew of new people comes and sign up... then what? Without a form of 'education', there is going to be a lot of passive users, or worse for Twitter, a lot of people seeing the novelty in following celebs then once it wears off, never coming back. The success of this relies on the explanation and demonstration of it tomorrow on the show. Let's all pray for no fail whales... - Johnny
Here, and in Twitter, I'm always more interested in content, than people. As for celebs, I generally find them very uninteresting. - Ian May
The celebs are almost all PAINFULLY annoying to follow or read tweets from, but the herds still follow, I don't get it. I guess the herds are... still herds. - Kemp Edmonds from twhirl
Kemp: mmmmmmmmoooooooooooo!!! - Robert Scoble
I use Twitter and FriendFeed for useful information only...if I want to know or hear from celebs I'll watch Entertainment Tonight! - Bonnie Foster
Celebs claiming this is the power of social media. Such obvious nonsense: it's the power of big media. - Michael Krigsman
Jeremiah, I need a shoulder to cry on - Jesse Stay
What makes me sad is that, given Johnny's thoughtful sentiments above, it seems likely that a lot of people will be "meh, this social media stuff is BORING" and then be deterred from checking out more interesting apps like FF in the future. Bummer. - Adam Lasnik
Scoble: No not you too please NOOOOOOOO! - Kemp Edmonds
@aplusk's account now shows 1,963,812 followers. Suddenly up by 1M or so. What gives? - Mike Reynolds
Final moments until @aplusk overtakes @cnnbrk - any minute now - follow live at - Mike Reynolds
We are at least safe here. The celebrities wouldn't move in to FriendFeed! - Seth Greenblatt
Yes, welcome to Asocial Media! - AJ Kohn
whatsa whosa @aplusk? - BEX
The celeb influx on Twitter proves that it's all about who you follow. If you don't follow them, then no problem. Your experience is largely unchanged. - Jared Smith
+1 Jared. - Hutch Carpenter
Scoble is king of FriendFeed. Better kingdom; better king. - Mark Traphagen
Just read the Reuters article that quoted you - John E. Bredehoft
Its a sad day for Twitter. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Paul Buchheit
The new "direct messages" feature on is very popular, so tomorrow we're going to launch a related feature: "passive aggressive messages"
:) - edythe
Hah! - Robert Scoble
Give the users what they demand! - Michael Krigsman
You Rock! - BEX
These guys always know what we want. - Eric - Let Me Know
I thought that was already one of the language options. I mean, my stuff always posts in 'passive aggressive' or upside down. - FFing Enigma
hahahaa!! good one! :) - Susan Beebe
lmao! hehe :) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
So is this a messaging service to let those people who aren't subscribed to you know that you want them to subscribe so you can DM them? - Johnny
Does that mean you are reading these DMs? - coldbrew
Finally! Why did it take you so long to read my mind and see what I want? - Jeanine W.
no really, that's fine. it's a great idea. do whatever you want. don't mind me. - Laura Norvig
I mean, it's your service, not mine. why should I have any say in the matter? - Laura Norvig
I might care about this. I might not. No offense intended. - Martha
+1 Laura heh. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
My wife would argue that's the only way I communicate. Not that she listens, mind you. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
If that's the best you can come up with, I guess that's okay. :) - Stan Scott
twitter beat you to that one. send a message, delete it, it deletes everywhere, even the receipient's stream. recipient deletes, it deletes from sender's stream without permission. passive-aggressive to the max. - Karoli
Robert Scoble
Why Dominos video response at is going to be textbook:
Why Dominos video response at is going to be textbook:
1. They did it in video. THAT is the way to respond. Not text. Video says MUCH MORE than text can. - Robert Scoble
2. They went overboard with the response. They closed down the store and "sanitized it." - Robert Scoble
3. The CEO did it and repeated that nothing is more important that our trust. He demonstrated he understood the issue. - Robert Scoble
4. He thanked influencers for helping Dominos understand the issue and making sure that others knew about it. - Robert Scoble
5. He responded while the issue is still "hot." - Robert Scoble
6. He responded on YouTube, which is where the crisis started, not on their own video platform. - Robert Scoble
7. He communicated that there was "immediate" action including arrest warrants, and people getting fired. - Robert Scoble
He didn't look straight into the camera, however - as pointed out by Steve Garfield. - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
8. He knows that the real problem is that they hired idiots and are "reexamining" all hiring practices. THAT is the best way to make sure you get a good brand. - Robert Scoble
9. He used personal language "it sickens me." Not marketing speak. - Robert Scoble
Interesting mix of being apologetic and totally pissed at the same time. Overall thumbs up from me. - Mike Doeff
10. He is working to "regain our trust." - Robert Scoble
Is there anything else he could have done to answer this crisis? - Robert Scoble
He didn't offer us a coupon to make us feel better. I didn't feel condescended to. - Kevin Fox
Good lead, Robert. Glad to see discussion around the response. - Valeria Maltoni
Now if he could just work on making the pizza not taste so bad. - Dave Roth
Fantastic job, I thought. - Matthew Freeman
I don't mind that he didn't look straight into the camera. That shows he isn't "slick" or "overcoached." - Robert Scoble
Yes, it would have been better if he had looked into the camera, but given that a teleprompter is an expensive item, and rigging a two-way mirror with a magnified view of a printed script is a hassle... I think the minor shortfall can be forgiven. All seven of Robert's points remain absolutely valid. - David Muir
Matthew: Here's the background: - Robert Scoble
Textbook is the best way to go. Swift and done. Now in time, people will forget, crave cheap, fast, and delivered food, and it's over. - Mike Lewis
Very well handled. I agree with you, Robert, this will make its way into textbooks alongside Tylenol's response to the poisoning crisis three decades ago. - Stephen Mack
Matthew: I already posted a link to the background. - Robert Scoble
Or here if you wanna go straight to the source: - Stephen Mack
They just taught a lot of clueless PR people how to handle a crisis like this. Well done. - Inside Alaska
I think theyve been handling this like pros from the getgo. Good job - Rasmus Lauridsen
Pretty slick. Many can learn from it. - littlegingerkid
The woman is also a registered sex offender apparently: - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
so far this year, that's, what, rats in the peanuts, perchlorate in the babby formula, prescription drugs in the drinking water, snot in the pizza... what was safe to ingest again? - Karim
Bravo, Dominos. Nicely done. Speak up or be spoken for. - kevin j higgins
But he's using a teleprompter. He's evil. - tehKenny
tehKenny: I don't think he was. I bet that he was looking at some notes, though. It didn't come across like he was reading. For someone not experienced with a teleprompter you can not use one and not come across like you're reading. - Robert Scoble
Their response was appropriate and in a timely manner which is key now. - Christi
Anyone who has ever used a teleprompter realizes how hard it is to use one and how hard it is to look natural doing it. I bet he had someone off to the side of the camera he was talking to who was holding notes up to remind him what to talk. - Robert Scoble
I wasn't there, obviously, but watching the CEO look off-camera yet speak as if to a person made me think he was looking at a person to stay "real" and "personable" and not canned or offering a performance. - Bloom Seed
It's just pizza - Ari Braginsky
Carmen: "W" had a LOT of media training and a team of people to tell him how to do it. I doubt this CEO has had much media training. - Robert Scoble
rewatching it makes it clear that he's reading notes (his focus starts at top, moves down as recording proceeds). Still, though, comes across as a real person. Not everything needs professional actors, producers, makeup, sets...imperfect may be the new perfect, as far as communicating genuineness. - Bloom Seed
Comes across as very heart-felt, and almost makes me want to order with them (I'm not sure we have them here in this town)! Shouldn't they have added something like "We'll now be installing cams in all our kitchens streaming direct to Ustream, making us the ONLY food delivery you can trust to not mess your food"? :) - Philipp Lenssen
Philipp: well, that would certainly be cool but would be way beyond something they could deliver on in two days. - Robert Scoble
I mean, I'm not a big fan of Dominos, but this helps them establish themselves as giving a crap. Good PR move. - Mike Nayyar
Great video response straight from the company president. As for watching food getting prepared, the Papa John's locations that I've been to are open and you can basically see them making your pie. Not sure if Domino's has stores like that... - Doug
Carmen, it's the "polished" vs "timely" tug of war: - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
solid performance-- came across naturally and believable, blend of professionalism and good ole fashion ass-kicking anger. It was smooth but not overly slick; no suit or tie and shot in store surrounding. Content was solid too, assuring customers everything that could be done was being done. One minor tweak: he doesn't appear to be looking directly at the camera. - mark ivey
I wonder if they thought about making it a response to "that video" on youtube to get the eyeballs needed to make this count.. - Tom Masiero
Ari - it's more than "just pizza" - it's the livelihood of 125k employees. We are focused here on a textbook response, but this is also a clear demonstration of the power of leverage that SM holds: two idiots can do major damage to the brand, the company, and by ultimately to the employees. Hat's off to Mr. Doyle and his advisers. - Bill Sanders
good response for sure, way to go - sean percival
Rewatched it and yes he is reading it. Regardless, I think it was handled pretty appropriately. - Jay Neff
good job. small nit: next time they need to move the teleprompter (or cue cards) either over or under the camera. - MikeAmundsen
Video is good if Good Messenger (which Domino's guy IS) But also put the incident on my radar screen, which hitherto I was unaware of. - JimmyJet
Wasn't aware of the incident but sure feel bad for the independent operator.. - MiaD
The woman in the Wendy's chili fraud case ended up sentenced to 9 years in prison and her husband (who bought the finger off a co-worker who lost it in an industrial accident) got 12 years. - Kevin Fox
I wish that he was looking at the camera instead of a telepromter. Just sayin. - Andrew Baron
Andrew: he's not looking at a teleprompter. I bet someone is holding a notepad with an outline on it for him. - Robert Scoble
I haven't had Domino's in a long time. But, I'm happy to see that they put up this Video response to the malicious destruction of their Brand and business practices. - rob
good job. that was a classy way to 'avoid the noid.' - grant fox
Hey Robert, can I use some of your reasons in a blog post in writing up about the Domino's issue? - Kenneth
Kenneth: yes, feel free! - Robert Scoble
Thanks Robert! - Kenneth
"Everyone else is doing it right." Yeah, right. [What are the odds of that?] - Craig Brownell
I kept hoping he'd actually look into the camera. - James Miao
I agree with James. I was hoping that he would look at the camera like he's talking to his customers. I get that he needs to make sure he says exactly what needs to to said, but the way he kept looking away from the camera made it seem a little "stiff". - Kenneth
like when dirk diggler looked into the camera during his documentary. that was powerful stuff. - grant fox
Kenneth: that's a mistake someone who isn't media trained makes. I actually don't mind that because it makes it less slick. - Robert Scoble
My guess is that they're multiple cameras and he's looking at the expensive one - Bwana ☠
Robert: Really? If corporate heads are on camera, they should NOT look at the camera especially if they're not being interviewed? It looks natural not to look at the camera? You're definitely right...I'm not media trained. :) Looks like he was reading off of a script and didn't notice a camera at him. - Kenneth
Kenneth: the only time you should look at the camera is when you want to speak directly to the viewer. You are right that he should have been speaking directly into the camera. Knowing where to look is part of media training. A good PR team could have helped (IE, one that had worked a lot with video before) but I can't really blame him. I still have trouble figuring this out. When I was on the BBC it was very difficult to look into the camera (it was aplate on the wall). - Robert Scoble
i just have to say, that by him not looking in the camera, or really doing any of this before it seems adds to his character that he's a regular guy, not some PR trained monkey doing a dance for us. - rob
I dunno, I think it's more important that the response seem unrehearsed. I'll bet he did it in one take. - Ken Morley
Well done Robert: not a surprise to see this crew recognizes excellence when they see it. Dominos did virtually everything right on this aspect of its response. having seen a few crises, this example is among the best. blogged it here: - Christian Anderson
Just to let folks know: the teleprompters I am familiar with allow the newscaster or talking head to look directly at the camera AND read the script. The result is like a HUD (heads-up display) for those familiar with video games or jet fighters. - David Muir
Right David, but there are all kinds of "teleprompters" some low tech and some higher tech. the point is he was reading. It was okay, he did a great job in one take. It would have been better if he hadnt read it and looked directly at the camera, but because everything else was so well done, the reading gets a pass - Christian Anderson
Very lucky that they had a CEO that even was willing to talk for YouTube in the moment; let's not now criticize him for his media training, or none will ever have the guts to do it again. - Francine Hardaway
Rich: This is deadly serious for him. He's right to take it seriously and I'm sure he genuinely does. - Michael Krigsman
So the real question is, who feels comfortable enough to order Domino's this weekend? - Chris Bartow
I do Chris, even more-so now than before. This weekend will be the cleanest in the franchise's history :) - Bwana ☠
@Karim: "snot in the pizza... what was safe to ingest again?" Years ago, I ordered a pizza (not from Domino's) and was surprised to see a piece of broken glass in it — and this particular glass shard had part of the pizza company logo on it! When I phoned them about it, they replaced the pizza in record time; of course, they asked for the broken glass back, too, so I couldn't keep the evidence. - Victor Panlilio
Victor *shudder* i think i would have just given up eating pizza after that :-D - Karim
The comments on You Tube are negative I don't agree with them, what is your opinion abut them? (They say Doyle is not sincere) - Maurizio Goetz
Rule #0 - Youtube comments have the value of a single molecule of feces - Bwana ☠
+1 Bwana!! - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
His response was right on and pretty smart for doing it via a video. It's sad but we are at the mercy of people that prepare our food. :-( I kind of feel bad for the kids because what they did shows a complete lack of intelligence. It would be nice if they took responsible and apologized in some sort of public forum. - John McCullough
@John McCullough "we are at the mercy of people that prepare our food" and people who pilot the planes we fly in, treat our municipal drinking water, etc. I daresay we only appreciate them when things go horribly wrong. - Victor Panlilio
@Chris White "The founder of Domino's supports Right to LIfe and Operation Rescue, which IMO, is worse than putting farts on sandwiches" Really? Watch the video at and see if you can stomach the idea that we dispose of unwanted human beings so cavalierly. - Victor Panlilio
Victor, your comment as well as John's above you, reminds me of that line in Fight Club: "We do your laundry, cook your food and serve you dinner. We guard you while you sleep. We drive your ambulances..." - Aaron Kurtz
@Aaron - almost everything we take for granted in "civilized society" depends on the everyday goodwill (and conscientiousness) of anonymous others. I've always thought that we need to become more mindful of the benefits we daily receive from these enablers of our well-being. Count your blessings, etc. - Victor Panlilio
Victor, I couldn't agree more. - Aaron Kurtz
Robert Scoble
RT: @benatlas you cant just wave it off, you have to take a stand. This platform is being intentionally destroyed (HUH?)
Robert Scoble
RT @A_F: unfollow @aplusk exactly 5 minutes bfor he goes on @oprah tomorrow = biggest PUNK'd of all time
What time will it record? RE Punk aplusk - Christian Burns
Heard a rumor you can't unfollow him... is this true? - Johnny
And unfollow Kutcher simply because - Mo Kargas
LOL - MikeAmundsen
Not following @aplusk but totally in for spreading the punked action! ReTweeted! - Emiel Sondag
You can't unfollow @aplusk 's account right now. I don't know why. - Robert Scoble
Yep, they have it locked somehow, or maybe twitter is just broken - Christian Burns
Of course - you could have been wise and not followed him in the first place! - Suki Fuller
Locked??? That's messed up. - Dennis Jackson
Since there's prizes (eg from EA etc) for his millionth follower, perhaps they asked Twitter to block unfollows temporarily in order to stop people unfollowing then following repeatedly in the hopes of winning? :-) - Craig Bailey
That would make sense Craig. I still don't think it's all that fair. But whatever I suppose. - Dennis Jackson
I agree it wouldn't be fair if that was the case. As an alternative to unfollowing, did I read someone else suggesting we all follow @oprah instead...? Imagine if she had 1M followers first. LOL. - Craig Bailey
That idea is hilarious and I bet you're right, and Oprah would whoop past them in a heartbeat - Trish Ridgway
That would be so awesome... mebbe I should cook up a script for ppl to unsubscribe for just a day :) - Shivanand Velmurugan
Hutch Carpenter - Noting this for blog hit top 10K in Technorati. Even got a little badge. - Noting this for blog hit top 10K in Technorati. Even got a little badge.
Congrats! :) - Mathew A. Koeneker
Thanks Mathew. Just had to record this - ducked under 10k there. - Hutch Carpenter
BOOYA!!!!! - sofarsoShawn
Congrats to you Hutch. - Jody Carbone
Key, of course, was that crazy cisco fatty story. - Hutch Carpenter
Congrats man. You totally deserve it, given the quality you've been belting out - Sameer
And all this on a hosted wordpress subdomain ;) You rock Hutch, keep it up. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Thanks guys. Daniel it's true. You can do well with a hosted domain. - Hutch Carpenter
Congrats to you! - Michael Krigsman
Thanks Michael! - Hutch Carpenter
Congrats! - Laura Norvig
Thanks Laura! - Hutch Carpenter
Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
Everything I ever learned about the win of minimalism I learned from twttr
Robert Scoble
If I deleted my Twitter account would a kitten die? I'm wondering cause more and more of my early adopter friends are moving to other services (I am watching).
Delete it. I showed the way and I have no regrets :-). I think it's the way forward. - Richard A.
Depends on if you can force them onto FriendFeed. Twitter has become a cesspool of spammers and celebrities, which is usually a sign that it's time for people to move on. - Mike Nayyar
other services like ? - Marco
What services are they using. - Sweyn Venderbush
What are the other services that they are switching to? - Jason
what are the other services? FF? other? - nrlaskey
Force them? It's not about forcing anyone to do anything, It's about whether you're still getting anything out of the network you're investing your time into. - Richard A.
No Kittens die. Most people will follow where you lead. - Russellreno
I'm not there yet, Richard. But I do note that Facebook is getting more interesting to the early adopter types I usually hang out with. - Robert Scoble
I'll use my mom's argument: "If all your early adopter friends jumped off a cliff, would _you_ jump off a cliff?" - Nick
Yes, I'd like to know what services too? And don't say FriendFeed :) - Michael Pilla
Why would you kill off that audience? At least keep it up with a pointer saying you can now be found at X. You know that if you delete the account, in 6 months, some blogger will write a story about how Robert Scoble doesn't get social media because he's not on Twitter and then it'll be the top story on TechMeme for at least a week. - Mark Trapp
which other other services are attracting the early-adopter crowd, Robert? Anything cool you can share with us? - Andrew Terry
Sure, no kittens would die. But I continue to find Twitter invaluable and more useful than FriendFeed. However, FaceBook is becoming more useful as a communications and stay-in-touch tool, especially for those with whom I share a relationship of some type. - Michael Krigsman
Nah, not friendfeed, although it's interesting that this comment is getting more engagement here than on Twitter. :-) - Robert Scoble
Facebook for the win. It is more interesting to me also. Amazing how they did that. - Russellreno
What are the other services??? - Jennifer Windrum
Michael: Facebook is the one I'm thinking of. It's coming on very strong with the types of people who made Twitter popular. - Robert Scoble
@Mike, I was thinking the same thing. We are early adopters (ok, some are earlier than me) and we enjoy the close nit friendships created and nurtured through small groups. - Damond Nollan
I think you should keep your Twitter account to follow the evolution of Twitter into FriendFeed, through all kind of bolt-on services like Twitpic and Twerbose ( ). - Meryn Stol
Trapp, because that audience is only interesting if you get it onto a more conversational platform where anyone can make sense of the conversation a month after it happened. Twitter makes that impossible. - Richard A.
this is the classic age old early adopter twitch, if you were a real early adopter you wouldnt be asking and you'd be gone already.. fear not however, where ever you go, the masses will follow - Dan Rockwell
Why delete it? To make a statement? Just abandoning it quietly is a better choice. - Brian Sullivan
Robert; If twitter was alive and well people would be chatting, not retweeting, they would be conversing with more than one tweet per day per person. - Richard A.
I'm liking Facebook much more since it's a direct FriendFeed copy, but it'll need to go asymmetrical to kill Twitter. - Steve Isaacs
I agree that Facebook is becoming more interesting. What I'd like though, is a version of Facebook that doesn't allow any of the really stupid applications. I'm sick of getting poked, hit with a pillow, being served fake beers, etc. - iTad
Dan: I was a big Facebook user right around when the Platform came out. Then I moved to Twitter cause more of the people I liked to talk with were there. Now I notice the flow is headed back to Facebook and I'm not the only one to make that observation. - Robert Scoble
the day Facebook will share outward their status update, then it may kill everything else around.... i don't think it can yet. - Yann Ropars
@Robert: I suspect you've inadvertently validated why projects like Yammer and ESME should do well - 'your early adopter friends' says it all - it's about YOUR community, not everyone's. - Dennis Howlett
No, seriously...what other services? - Adam Gonnerman
I use multiple social networking tools. - Dan Krivolavek from twhirl
Robert: All my real life friends, and all those I trust are on FB, those I don't trust yet are spread to other networks for the moment. - Richard A.
Robert: I get why you want to make the personal statement, but given your new role at Rackspace I'd say you really have to be everywhere. - Ken Sheppardson
and, what's motivating your friends to move? Are other services offering features that Twitter lacks, or is it because they consider Twitter to be too mainstream/overcrowded now? - Andrew Terry
Yann: not yet, but Facebook is moving in that direction. - Robert Scoble
Someone's discovered the Real-time View :) - Richard Walker
Kayce, he wouldn't be moving ;-). He would simply be re-focusing on another service ;-) - Richard A.
Andrew: everyone has a different answer. Most of them say they must be on Facebook because their normal friends are there, but aren't on Twitter. Facebook is growing far faster (in terms of people) than Twitter is. Just passed 200 million users, while Twitter is at about 10 million. - Robert Scoble
i think facebook would be more interesting if they made all profiles public, ala twitter. The openness of twitter is really the win. If facebook can do that then I will consider seriously using it. - akeem adeniji
Richard W, I've been using the realtime view for weeks by now, or for a while anyway, I live in i. When I'm here. - Richard A.
I think that any process of "flow" between platforms isn't necessarily final, So I say : keep it. You may need to go back. - Iain Baker
Still a strong believer in Facebook for personal friends/family, Twitter for public engagement/networking. They work together. - Ian Mikutel
I think microblogging transcends the specific service you happen to be using. The interesting thing about Twitter is that it's a sort of lowest-common-denominator microblogging platform that makes for a good place for all of the various streams to dump into and/or a good starting point to feed into your other services. But focus will gradually shift from the specific service to the microblog stream as a whole. - Grey Drane
Twitter is mainstream now; usually indicates the demise is forthcoming - Tom Allinder
Akeem, there's no way I want my FB profile public. - Richard A.
What specific functions is Facebook enabling/offering now that are you seeing that is attracting the early adopters back & causing you to consider this? Is it much more than the feed & grouping? - Lyn Graft
Ian: that was Facebook of yesterday. Zuckerberg told me Facebook will have a public engagement piece too. This is very important for brands, celebrities, news organizations (which is where Twitter is getting its hype). But Facebook is far more engaging, especially now that they copied friendfeed's features (albeit not as well) and Twitter's river of noise. - Robert Scoble
Judy you're one person I would never follow on twitter in that case. - Richard A.
Scoble, just delete the thing and be done with it! Who cares if you have a place to land... you yourself recently jumped without a net and it turned out okay. Kill it. You'll sleep better at night. And I agree with Tad, fake beers are teh suk! - Jim #teamFFrank
I am not so sure. Twitter is exactly good because it produces some noise. Noise good, since it allows one to be creative in filtering the information out. It gives much more room for chance than e.g. Facebook. If one bunkers into their peer groups, inspiration becomes a very hard thing to get by. - Mark Jacobs
@Richard how am I supposed to find you on facebook and to discuss similar things if we have never met and aren't in the same groups? - akeem adeniji
Jim: I had to check if a kitten would die first. :-) - Robert Scoble
do it maan... its da way forward :) - simran from twhirl
Robert, the difference is facebook is more like a village in outlook, there's a good chance many of your friends know many of your other friends. It's a much nicer and social community. We have a lot more freedom in what we post there. - Richard A.
@Mark - Exactly! - Grey Drane
I foresee Twitter usage reverting back to status updates, and the micro-blog moving to services with better conversation and filtering/grouping capabilities (like FriendFeed). - Daniel Sims
Sounds like a great example of jumping on and off bandwagons as they go by. You can post to Twitter from Facebook and vice versa. With you can post to all the social networks you belong to and spend as much time in whatever platform you want. - Paul
I don't know if this matters to you or not, but I found Robert and others through Twitter. I "thought" I was connected and well read in the technology/web industry, but with Twitter (and now FriendFeed) I was introduced to a whole new world with new players. If you go back to Facebook alone, I'm afraid people like me would miss out on good people like you. Fortunately, I've subscribed to a great many of industry leaders' blogs, so I guess you can go anywhere and I would be fine, but there are others who. - Damond Nollan
I told you twitter managment would kill twitter ;-) :-) happy to see it's turning into a reality slowly. Of course this is only a problem for early adopters. - Richard A.
Paul: I watch engagement, not posting behavior. If you post a Tweet and no one is on Twitter to listen to it, did it really matter? - Robert Scoble
...haven't been fortunate enough to meet you. I say, do what you feel is best, but know you take a lot of folks with you. - Damond Nollan
Richard: I've been doing online communities since 1984. The normal people ALWAYS follow the early adopters. I can't think of an example where that was not the case. Early adopters used to be on Prodigy. We aren't anymore. Neither is anyone else. Same for CompuServe. Usenet. AOL. Etc. Etc. - Robert Scoble
This is how active twitter conversations would have been at one time, Hundreds of tweets on the topic, and you would have followed back many of these people as a result. It would have helped with meeting new people :-) - Richard A.
Next service to fall... Friendfeed? - Jordi Soler
Robert: What's your view on the current best replacement for Twitter? - Michael Krigsman
LOL at Robert. Did you land on a LOLcat? - Jim #teamFFrank
Michael: there isn't yet a good replacement, although Facebook is definitely moving in that direction. - Robert Scoble
ability to tweak friend lists in FB allows de facto asymmetry - just create a "follow" list to see more of, dump all those you wouldn't follow onto a "view less list," drag and drop the more list to the top so FB defaults to it... - Todd Randolph
Curiously, there are 5 million comments here on FF, and I saw only 2 @ reply on Twitter...from @JMaultasch and far, FF wins as a forum where people participate (as opposed to sell). - Eric Matas
Todd, advantage of lists on Facebook is you can sort your friends according to geography and how you know them. Makes seeing the most relevant news easier as a result, doesn't mean you pay any less attention. - Richard A.
Eric: Why do you think I jumped from twitter to here? I came for the community. - Richard A.
Do you have a list of your early adopter friends? - Paul Sanchez
Twitter is morphing into many different business models (at an alarming pace) and the twitter feeds will continue to be the lifeblood in these new startups. - Whip
Why do we need to move on like this was a clubbing scene? I think Twitter has its place in the ecology, so has FriendFeed. I would feel most uncomfortable in relating to people I have not met in person on Facebook mostly. Once we go back there, we may as well call LinkedIn or Xing as the next big thing. - Mark Jacobs
Robert: Keep one thing in mind, all your twitter friends were imported onto Friendfeed the day you did that sync, as a result everyone is still followed, but on a different platform :-) - Richard A.
I just retweeted and searched...was the 3rd to retweet. Thought the cat part would grab more attention... - Eric Matas
Heavens no Scoble. - Roberto Bonini
Robert: Facebook just doesn't have Twitter's ability to easily sift and find interesting new folks in one's particular area of personal interest. That's what I *NEED* and Twitter does it excellently. - Michael Krigsman
No kittens would die if @scobleizer swam away from the fail whale. - Bernie Goldbach
I think your kitten would simply ask for a cheezeburger. While Facebook status is becoming more Twitter like, I've found myself using Twitter much more since the demise of Pownce (deep sigh). In my world though Facebook and Twitter are tools I use to connect with different audiences. FB I use primarily for connecting with real world friends, while Twitter is more about sharing info with Webdev/mktg peers. And I like that Twitter is less cluttered even though we're seeing more new spammy users. - Heidi Cool
Robert, are you sure about that? Do you really know how many times you have mentioned a service on Twitter or Friendfeed or your blg that didn't result in I or others going to that service to find out what it is all about? Adopting an app that you pointed to (e.g. Twhirl). If your measuring engagement by the number of people that respond directly to a post then you and other early adopters are sorely underestimating your reach. - Paul
I think Twitter still has quite a bit of use. FriendFeed never seemed to have pick up that kind of attention (though I wish it did - its great for conversations!) - Colin Charles from twhirl
I think the problem with friendfeed is with its interface... it's a pita - Marco
Paul: I know there's quite a bit of engagement on Twitter, but other services are going up while Twitter isn't growing so quickly. I track these things. - Robert Scoble
You mind sharing a few of the early adopters names :) - Paul Sanchez
Is this comment bait? :) I don't see any benefit to deleating your Twitter. Would you have chosen to delete your radio blog because you were moving on to wordpress? - Christian Burns
Robert, Would you please give some examples of services that might be better? - Andrew Pass
Marc: online communities are a LOT like the clubbing scene and that's exactly why some get more popular and others get less. - Robert Scoble
If early adopters did start jumping off a cliff, I'd be very interested in the cliff. - Eolaí gan Fhéile
Marco, only thing missing from Friendfeed is to see when people have commented to something you've said, then it would be much more useful. - Richard A.
Robert, just wondering: What kind of response do you get on Facebook on questions like these? - Meryn Stol
Meryn: not as strong because I haven't participated in Facebook for more than a year. I should try. - Robert Scoble
Robert, if you move to Facebook I would die, because I'm not in your 5,000. :-( - Jesse Stay
I don't think FB is as interesting as Friendfeed. I really do think Friendfeed is the most interesting community to be part of at the moment. It has the potential to build new onlines communities without the hassle of knowing those people in person. - Richard A.
Like many of the others, I use FB for friends/family. Twitter is where I am getting/sometimes sharing info on tech things that interest me. - Sherri
Hmm I think it would be quite exciting if the "FriendFeed ethos" would get transferred to Facebook. - Meryn Stol
Meryn: keep in mind that up to today Facebook is only for discussing stuff with your friends. For me Facebook is capped at 5,000 friends. Facebook's more public entity, though, AKA "Pages," are being expanded and will get more of an equal billing on the social graph. On friendfeed I have 31,000 followers, and this message went to Twitter where I have 76,000 followers. So, that's a LOT more people than I touch on Facebook. - Robert Scoble
@Chris - Yep! Use Twitter to find the interesting stuff, then follow the tidbit to wherever else it leads in order to discuss it and find the real value in it. - Grey Drane
why not use - very calm there - Wittkewitz News
Meryn: actually that's EXACTLY why Twitter is getting more hype, but why people who aren't celebrities (IE, don't have more than 5,000 followers, which includes most of my "early adopter" friends) are not feeling the Twitter love so much anymore. - Robert Scoble
I'm amused at this conversation because none of you are aknowledging friendfeed as a platform. That's where I came when I deleted my twitter account. I was among the 200 most active users of twitter at the time. - Richard A.
I second what Richard Azia said: "Marco, only thing missing from Friendfeed is to see when people have commented to something you've said, then it would be much more useful." - Rick Bucich
It's kind of funny -- when you said "early adopter friends" I thought you meant a "new" service. You're just going back to Facebbok because they've added some better features and have gotten a bump of mindshare. Then some other service will evolve their features, etc. and people will go back.... What I think is really important is the recognition that Twitter, FF, etc. aren't really... more... - Steve Lynch from twhirl
Steve "bump in mindshare?" Hah! 200 million users is more than a "bump in mindshare." Twitter actually has gotten a bump in mindshare lately. Everytime I turn on the radio or TV I hear about Twitter, it seems. - Robert Scoble
Great debate - Dave Blankenship
Hmm I think it would be a shame if you left FriendFeed. For me it's all about the loose-ties. :) And Twitter, in it's current incarnation (e.g. without a very advanced client, turning it into something similar to FF) just doesn't work if you want to discuss anything but the simplest things. - Meryn Stol
I hear about twitter a lot more but I don't see anyone using it anymore? Are there any signs that people are still reading tweets, rather than just posting? - Richard A.
for an early adopter, a site /technology become's stale within 6-9 months.. the hype and fun is finito.. as such I was active from feb/07 .. I think I was the 300th odd person on twitter and by OCt/08.. I hardly use twitter.. yes early adopters keep moving on.. thats why they are called "early adopters" :)- - Peter Dawson
Mohamed: Heheh. Even if you have thousands of friends you can't publish to the public (ie, Google can't index your facebook stuff). That's one reason why Twitter and friendfeed are more interesting. - Robert Scoble
If a person uses Twitter because they want people to follow and pay them attention, I could care less. Twitter continues to be a useful micro-blogging tool, as long as it is free. If Twitter is fun, I'll use it. If it is just a new way to market shit, and if they start charging for it, I'll be gone. It seems that people are now getting more attention just for leaving Twitter. Good riddance. - John Johnson
So there is no equivalent to this on FaceBook? Because that is one of the most interesting things about Twitter. Following subjects is often more interesting than following people. - Matt Griffith
Let me ask a question back to you. What value would you derive from deleting your Twitter account? - Thomas Hawk
Thomas: well, I would get a lot less auto DM spam. :-) - Robert Scoble
Didn't Leo delete his Twitter account at one point? - Thomas Hawk
Thomas: yeah, he did, then he came back. Hasn't seemed to hurt him, other than he isn't on Twitter's recommended follower list. - Robert Scoble
But why would less DM spam matter? How would deleting the account provide more value than simply leaving it intact and ignoring it? - Thomas Hawk
I triple dog dare ya. - timedalkat from twhirl
Thomas, You can't ignore a twitter account, that's why :-), There's no way you can walk away from a functioning account. Many of us have tried and not quite succeeded more than 8 days. - Richard A.
another thing that friendfeed has not: a decent client - Marco
Thomas, I think he just "left" for awhile and returned when it was clear Jaiku didn't have enough people on it - Richard Walker
I guess my point is why delete the account? Simply ignore it. That way if you decide later on that you want to come back it's still there. You might find that you want it back at some point. At a minimum though you can still direct your FF content there which includes a link back to your conversation here with every tweet. I'd think this would be a good encouragement for people not on FF yet who are on Twitter to find you here. - Thomas Hawk
that and maybe change your bio I'm mostly participating on FF or Facebook or whatever. - Thomas Hawk
personally I find FF far, far, more engaging than Facebook. But maybe that's just me. - Thomas Hawk
Thomas I agree wih you, I like FF for that. - Richard A.
Twitter is becoming mainstream, even in such backwards countries as Ukraine. For a true geek, it is a sure sign to get out of here! However, for me it is still interesting for the dynamics of signal/noise ratio within system. - Pavlo Zahozhenko
Yeah, but to your point, you can't talk to the public and a lot more people will follow you on Twitter that will never friend you on Facebook. I'm speaking generally, here. - Steve Lynch from twhirl
This really is just an intellectual exercise, right? How can you be talking about all this Building43 stuff and promoting "social media" then turn around and talk about disappearing from the "social media" service with more MSM press/attention than any other right now? - Ken Sheppardson
What would YOU gain from deleting it? is it more than you would gain from keeping it? You use Twitter in your own way which is most likely vastly different than anyone else who uses it, but that doesn't matter, it's up to you to decide how to use it and how to gain value out of it. It is a tool. Whether or not you want to delete it should be based on what YOU think in terms of value, not others. - Ivan Lukianchuk
Ken: It's April 1, take that in mind. Yes, it's just an intellectual exercise, although I was dreaming about it last night so at least part of me wants to do it. Building43 is for people fanatical about the Internet, not going to be about any one thing or even just about social media. - Robert Scoble
Robert: April 1 is Wednesday. You going to keep this up for three days? :-O - Ken Sheppardson
Within two months your account will be deleted. There's a chance. If you think about it then it's not just a thought, there's a reason there, somewhere. - Richard A.
Ivan: overall I would probably lose more than I'd gain, but I've learned in life that you must destroy before you can build. When Vegas builds a new casino they tear down the old one first. The trick is to know when the right time is to tear down the old one. :-) - Robert Scoble
Azia, you are using the "royal we" or you are talking about an undefined group... and I personally wouldn't make such over-generalizations even with a :-) - Richard Walker
in this atmosphere of many super-user account, a simple account is useless. - abdellah
Steve: unlimited friends are coming to Facebook "soon." (We already have them on Pages). - Robert Scoble
Besides, Twitter is a lot easier to use and more open... and there's no application spam. I hate app spam. - Steve Lynch from twhirl
Yeah, but there's still a signal-to-noise problem. FB wants to be your social presence on the Web. People don't want an unsuable presence on the Web. They want to see what parties their friends are having and what their high school ex-girlfriend is up to. As a richer social medium, Facebook is much more vulnerable to Dunbar-number-type limitations for the average user. When someone... more... - Steve Lynch from twhirl
Does anyone know the mean or median number of friends for FB users? - Steve Lynch from twhirl
ccheath just said 120. makes sense. - Steve Lynch from twhirl
It's interesting, but as a non-blogging, earlier-than-early-adopter-burnout, FB feels like AOL to me in an uncomfortable way. In spite of that creepy feeling, it seems to be where I get the most engagement for the least amount of effort. Of course, my FB circle is a tight one of 99% friends from over the past 30 yrs. Seems I only glance at Twitter & interact more deliberately on FF. FB is pointing out I seem to have less in common with my friends & I'm less friendly with common-interest acquaintances. - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
Twitter is "mainstream" with 10 million users, but Facebook with 200 million isn't? FB is a mess and whenever I log on I start getting real-time chat requests from people I haven't talked to in 10 years. I find Twitter to be a superior experience so far. - Pete Smith
It's been interesting to watch the evolution of Twitter. Sadly now there is a tremendously large amount of noise covering up the best signal. Even worse, the changes that have occurred to Twitter as a result of the flood of people from the masses has been painful. I much prefer the Twitter of circa June 2008 and just prior when there was more functionality (a la track) and better discussion. In fact I much prefer seeing the fail whale than seeing Britney Spears occupying such a large mind-share there. - Chris Aldrich
+1000 to chris kim a. FB feels like AOL to me - tons of spam, tons of intimate minutia, very little engaging content. I DON'T WANT YOUR PLANTS. It feels like work and doesn't relate to anything outside of itself. FF offers engaging, substantive conversations sprinkled with LOLCats. Twitter offers bite-sized entertainment, and (some) real-time interaction that doesn't have to involve a chat client. I prefer the latter two and consume most of my content there. - Jennifer Dittrich
Facebook is a student community where the students have graduated as a result of which more options are now offered. When are people going to remember that fact? - Richard A.
Where are your friends going instead? - Rae Gross
@Richard_Azia: I've always been clear on that point, which is part of what makes it so disturbing. Finally, my RL friends (now the parents of the original target FB audience) -- but to my horror, they have regressed into Super-Poking, Green-Patching Hippie-Gifters. Look, if you can SuperPoke me, then you can post a "hey how are you?" to my In box or wall. Frankly, I don't find the games of FB particularly engaging as a 21st-Century version of pigtails in inkwells, either. - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
@Steve +1 to app spam on FB. Hate it! - Grey Drane from BuddyFeed
Chris Kim, that's why I ignore all requests. Much easier to ignore them than to reject them. Luckily those I know hardly spend any time doing all those things. - Richard A.
If you deleted your account what would happen to the scobleizer name. Could someone else claim it? Or is once a name used on Twitter it is forever off the table? If you changed your mind later could you get the scobleizer handle back? - Thomas Hawk
Thomas: I don't know. I won't delete it, though. It was mostly a fantasy I was having last night. See, normal people dream of supermodels or getting a cool car. Me? I dream of deleting my Twitter account. :-) - Robert Scoble
@Scobleizer "But I do note that Facebook is getting more interesting to the early adopter types I usually hang out with" I would say "for Internet newbies" LOL Green Houses (Walled Gardens) are usually better for a start - no scary wolfs like in Green Forrest ROFL :D - Lora Lufark
I refuse to believe true early adopters are all-of-a-sudden enamored with Facebook because they copied a few things from Twitter and Friendfeed...then again... - Rahsheen
And here we are, the very reason I continue to hold that FF is my favorite engagement tool. These comment-baiting discussions naturally epitomize the value of eating one's own dog food while also pointing out that there are more dishes at this potluck than the one you bring yourself. - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
Offer your account on eBay and see who bids. Then sell them something else. - Louis Gray
Never delete a well-known account. If you were to delete the Twitter account, then some offshore porn gambling site would grab the @scobleizer name. That having been said, Twitter is seeming to become a "must have" thing, so even if you don't use it, you need to establish a presence there. - John E. Bredehoft
I just don't see the what Twitter gives you when you have FriendFeed. - TranceMist
TranceMist - With all of the recent news coverage of Twitter, a lot of people are on Twitter who haven't yet learned about FriendFeed and they will ask the opposite question that you just asked. - Aaron Hood
If Scoble deleted his twitter account it must be the results of Global Warming - rob from twhirl
Rename it then auction it off. - Ryan Stanley
No, might not die, but but Kitty would be sad: - Sarah Garnsey
I don't see why you'd delete it rather than just not tweet, other than a very visible snub to the Twitter guys, right? - jjprojects
I doubt that Twitter would miss you, though your ego obviously tells you otherwise. - Stan Scott
Seriously? You guys just realized that Facebook is interesting? I've looked up to you... I had no idea I was already ahead. - Jaica Kinsman
Robert - I've made the same conclusion as you re: Facebook gaining popularity fast with early adopters like myself, who by the way are not able to connect with you on facebook due to 5K cap. Don't delete twitter, just move to where you prefer to engage your communities. - Susan Beebe
Facebook is the new AOL. I am using Facebook more often to stay connected with Mom and the family, but I would not replace twitter with it. no way. - Karoli from BuddyFeed
Maybe early adopters are spending time on Facebook to try to figure out its appeal. I think they'll conclude it's just network effects and empty virality, then leave again. - Bruce Lewis
You actually still use both? I thought you'd moved exclusively to FriendFeed... Who cares about Twitter anymore? IT SUCKS! - LarchOye
Experiment: If I say "SEO" or "peanut butter" in this FriendFeed post, let's see how long it takes Jiffy peanut butter company or their "SEO Expert" to subscribe to my FriendFeed to try and sell me something. Ready, set, go! (I like twitter, but it's becoming a drag because the marketing spam is now so damn predictable.) - Melissa Davis
Is there a Mac solution yet for porting our twitter buds (the ones we actually want to follow) into FriendFeed? I was looking but gave up on it for a little while. Anyone know the scoop on that? I'll admit, I'm lazy. I want a script to do it for me. on the Mac. - Melissa Davis
I really hope you don't start to use Facebook instead of Twitter. I don't like Facebook at all.. - Peter
Facebook first movers are migrating to twitter. So there is nothing unnatural in this. People move back and forth all the time. The grass is always greener on the other side etc etc... - Dennis Bjørn Petersen from twhirl
Mindcastier? - Richard A.
Only the Calico ones? - rob
You can install (or ask a coder to develop) a Facebook App that sends your status updates (and shared links, etc.) to Twitter. You have a history with getting your data out of Facebook, but I guess Zuckerberg now knows you better. This is what most brands do: they make the effort to be everywhere, to suit they many followers. Or you can re-use Jaiku recently opened source (+ App Engine) to make the micro-blogging platform or your dreams. - Bertil Hatt
I hardly use Twitter these days. - Jim Connolly
Interesting thread. I can see why Robert is saying Facebook. It has been the place that I gave received the most interaction these past few months. True that, I am just a wee one and most of my FB friends are real world friends. :-) - Mathew A. Koeneker
information overload.... my nose is bleeding,...shutdown imminent 3....2........1....... (no kitten would die, btw) - ilterocktive
Twitter is useful, though FriendFeed appears to be more so. - Calvin Ayre
Robert Scoble
TechCrunch just broke my news: I'm joining Rackspace. More details here:
More details on my blog at - Robert Scoble
On the Gillmor Gang in 30 minutes (at 3 pm Pacific Time) we'll go into even more detail. - Robert Scoble
I have 16 months in the pool :-) - Todd Hoff
Oh nice! Been working with Rackspace for years, great company. - Mark Trapp
Robert, congratulations -- have a fun time and do interesting things! - Michael Krigsman
congrats Robert! I'm sure we'll be working together more in the future then.... - Douglas Gourlay
He didn't want to be scooped again like with Google Voice :) - Richard Walker
Congrats on the new job :) - Michael Forian
Congrats Robert, I love you man! "not in a weird way" - Ahmed
Congrats on the new move. Are you going to be working out of the former Orange Julius stand, former Footlocker, or is there another part of the mall where they will put you? - Andrew Leyden
Congrats Robert ! - Eric Berlin
Congratulations, Mr. Scobleizer! - imabonehead
Techcrunch Crunchbase doesn't even have an entry for Rackspace yet, huh? - Sebastian Keil
Congrats Pal. - Thomas Hawk
sounds exciting! - Tim Jaeger
Yup. All the best. The company I manage is a customer of Rackspace. We just like the way they work. - Chris Nixon
Love it, I have a feeling you won't be forced out of there anytime soon and the will be able to value you much closer to your real worth. - Christian Burns
Awesome!! Cool company, congratulations Robert on the nice job!! :) - Susan Beebe
Great news, and good for Rackspace and you. Congratulations and give your wife and kid a kiss for me when you are back home. :) - Karoli
Techcrunch breaking this news is just going to boost live listening for gillmor gang, it's a win win, - Christian Burns
I presume this does not involve a move to Texas? - Brian Sullivan
Congrats! - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Too bad TechCrunch couldn't wait. Congrats on the Rackspace gig Robert! - Jim Sparrow
Congratulations Robert, I look forward to all the quality content I’m sure building 43 will produce. Will tune into Gillmor Gang to get the full low-down. - Daniel Rowley
We will stay in San Francisco. - Robert Scoble
Congratulations Robert smart move on the creative commons licensing of your new content. So I assume you'll be using friendfeed less now? - Pete Quily
Congratulations Robert. FF serves up breaking news. - Russellreno
And I thought you were going to get your head out of the clouds ;-) Congrats - Ankush Narula
Congrats, expectantly looking forward. - Nir Ben Yona
Congratulations to both of you, Robert and Rocky! - Holger Eilhard
Congrats Robert. FYI - the company that I work for runs an enterprise SaaS application on Rackspace. - Mike Doeff
Congrats, Robert! Watching you from sunny Palm Springs today. - Joe Lima
Thanks everyone. Steve: we're building a studio in California, so we'll stay home. - Robert Scoble
Whoohoo!!! Robert. Watching The Gillmor Gang on TWiT. - Molly Song ;)
I am making a heroic effort to listen to the live stream from the Hilton, where the speed of the network is very random. But congrats! - Francine Hardaway from twhirl
Congrats on Joining Rackspace. Rackspace booth at SXSW-I - JimmyJet
Congrats Robert! With your skills, I knew you weren't going to be out of the job market for long. - John A. Taylor
John, thanks! Actually I wasn't out of a job at all for any time. - Robert Scoble
Ah man you joined the competition – Congratulations on your new venture, I will definitely be following @building43 - Kevin Tunis
Robert thinking back when you ask me at “off the grid” what my company did; how would you have described cloud computing and would you have thought that it would have took off like it did? I know Andrew Field did not get SQL Services online (SQL in a cloud) and a monthly subscription rate for SQL. - Kevin Tunis
Awesome! - Mitchell Tsai
Awesome! I remember when you did the interviews there. Great Company, with an incredible future. Congratulations! - Michael Fidler
Congrats, Robert!!! Please tell Rackspace that their "Fanatical Support" ad campaign scares me. It's just an intimidating concept, like if I call I am going to have to end up issuing a restraining order... - Lindsay
Well done! Best of luck with the new path. - Martha
Hey, I know a Building 43 full of people fanatical about the internet...hmmmm. ;) - EricaJoy
Congrats. It'll be great to see how it develops. - jjprojects
Congratulations Robert on the new joining. And best of luck for the future with Building 43. - Shinil Payamal
good luck! - Stalyn☂
Congrats, sounds like we should all get ready for a ride. - Shane Wolsey
Rackspace rocks. I'm a corporate customer of theirs. They truly are a unique provider... Plus Mosso and the whole cloud strategy is kickin. - Jamie Grove
You're my hero *big hug*, no, I stop at having to kiss you - sofarsoShawn
cloud computing just got an awareness boost :) - Travis Parsons
Congrats Robert! I'm a Mosso customer and I absolutely love it. rackspace is awesome and just got better! excited to see what comes of it! - andy brudtkuhl
congrats - I hope we get a chance to catch up while here at SXSW in Austin - Shannon Clark
Congrats Robert .. When are you going to share some special hosting discount coupons .. Pirillo should not be the only one with coupon codes in his RSS .. - John Clifford
congrats! - simonpure
Congratulations Robert! - Charlie Ramirez
Steve Gillmor
what is the delay between tweets and arrival in FriendFeed?
Depends, but usually around 20 minutes. - Kevin Gamble
Time for you to record another interview with Bret, Steve. - Ken Sheppardson
Seems to be about 30-45 minutes for me. Real time, not. - Karoli from BuddyFeed
the twitter throttled api is the gating factor - if you use a service like hellotxt to update your status it shows up on friendfeed very quickly (and pushes to twitter and facebook etc...) - mike "glemak" dunn
45 min. to 8 hours. - Anika
This morning mine have been delayed about 1 hour. - Aron Michalski
not only a delay, but then the mass dump. I am *this close* to turning off FF over this. I'm totally annoying my twitter buds over the FF dumps and content gets lost. - John Czwartacki
Agreed John. It seems that FF scans all feeds of a person in succession and then dumps 'em all at once. It's really annoying especially on the realtime view. - Tapio Kulmala
I'm very interested in hearing from FF whether they're subject to Twitter's 20K/hr API call limit, whether they've bypassed it by just hitting Twitter from multiple IPs (each with it's own limit), they've found some other way around it, or whether they're a "trusted partner" with an exception. - Ken Sheppardson
@kshep i doubt that they're a 'trusted partner' since it seems to take so long for the tweets to hit FF... i'm still interested though too - Chris Heath
Good point, Chris. I would think they're certainly doing more than 20K API calls per hour. I suppose they could just be circumventing the intent of the limits using multiple IPs and/or accounts for their calls. - Ken Sheppardson
it used to be instant. Who's fault is it that it's not anymore? Twitter's or FriendFeed? - Thomas Hawk
Thomas: I'm sure you could spin it lots of ways. Maybe it's FriendFeed's fault they're not making Twitter comfortable enough to get "trusted partner" access to the push firehose. ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
If they use gnip, there's 30-60 minutes of latency for now, see discussion at - Ho John Lee
I think Twitter is being threatened by friendfeed. The two most popular users of friendfeed (Leo and me) were left off of the twitter recommended friends list over on Twitter. - Robert Scoble
I definitely agree with you Scoble, FF is threatening twitter. For me, FF is better and I wonder your ideas on this topic. FF or Twitter? Which one? - Ömer Faruk Kurt
Omer: For Roberts thoughts on that, see any of his last, oh, 100 or so FriendFeed items. ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
I think that can be fixed by a small donation, Robert. - Chris Nixon
Omer: Twitter is simpler and more focused on just one data type. friendfeed is harder to get into, but more useful after you do. friendfeed's technology and algorithms are a lot better thought out. I still am seeing fail whales all the time, friendfeed is never down for me. - Robert Scoble
tweets actually arrive faster to frf - Sasha Kovaliov
Bret writes “The XMPP feed we get from Twitter is about 30 minutes behind. Sorry about the lag for Twitter messages this past week. We are working with Twitter to fix this technical issue.”" - Ken Sheppardson
Nuno Miguel Correia
101 Absolutely Breathtaking Infrared Photographs -
Tim O'Reilly
RT @isaac: @ohhdl Dalai Lama on twitter, which could bring more risks to Twitter, being blocked in China #GFW
If China blocks Twitter, it just brings more attention to the problem. - Michael Krigsman
Jennifer Leggio
Mornin' Twitter. It's Wii Fit time!
Steve Gillmor
who's obama? - Steve Gillmor
that guy who took it away from Hillary. - Karoli
After reading this post, it just clicked for me that FriendFeed is very close to being an open FaceBook. It's potential as a platform is huge. - Cliff Gerrish
I agree with you, Cliff, though I do think that there is a complexity barrier to break down for users...I just went through the exercise of setting up a private room with specific people/imaginary friends/custom feeds. Thinking it through was a challenge. - Karoli
once it is thought through, it becomes simple to implement - Steve Gillmor
stevegillmor, yes...simple enough to implement, though I'm still experimenting with it to make sure it's what I'm after...I think I'm missing a few custom feeds that I very much want. - Karoli
real filtering comes next, as Bret discussed on NGL. KTB Twitter - Steve Gillmor
I guess this is a tipping point for me. Twitter is becoming a dead end. I suppose it's finally time for me to learn how to use FriendFeed. Thanks for leading the way Steve. - Ron Schott
This is interesting speculation about motives, however I asked Alex Payne publicly about why they were doing this and his answer which seemed straightforward was that they were having trouble with the scalability of the XMPP libraries that they were using, and the design of XMPP itself, and so were implementing their own solution. As such it would be prudent for them to roll this out in a controlled manner. To me this explains their behavior adequately without the intrigue. - Robin Barooah
no intrigue robin. ALex' FAQ entry is very explicit. Just read it. - Steve Gillmor
rbarooah except that it doesn't square with what others have said about xmpp scaling. it can be scaled. They dumped IM and *invited* others to implement it. They published an API and *invited* developers to develop based on it. And now, they're going to uninvite the world, and make it elite. - Karoli from IM
@Steve - do you mean this: ? - Robin Barooah
it's beginning to look like twitter is the bush/cheney model, unapologetic and exclusive, unable to keep the lightning in the bottle without losing the belief and support of their constituents. They close the valve down to a pinhole size and we wait for them to send the ransom note. They may have the high ground but now rather than being the mansion on the hill, their loyal users are looking for pitchforks and fire. - Aron Michalski from IM
@Karoli - I'm not saying that taking away an API that you've invited people to use is good practice - it seems like a blunder to me. As to xmpp scaling - I really don't think Alex Payne was being deceptive - sure some people may be able make it scale, but Twitter has to get there from where they are now, and perhaps that's not so easy. All I'm really trying to say is that I believe that they have technical reasons for this that are valid from their position. - Robin Barooah
it's not that we are unwilling or unable to consider a premium service, but it's like being asked for your lunch money after you've been knocked down and kicked in the stomach. - Aron Michalski from IM
not sure I would trust Twitter enough to pay them, now. What if I paid for a year's worth of their service so they could slowly scale back what I paid for? - Karoli from IM
so what we feared all along with twitter is coming true, the bill coming due and we're a little upside down on the note. We were willing to pay for the service we fell in love with but now it seems like they want us to live in the guest house, share the bathroom and park in the street. - Aron Michalski from IM
robin whether or not the motives are pure, they have lost my trust for good. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice; shame on me. They appear to be unconcerned with those who actually supply them with content. Since May 2008 i've waited for them to restore track. I've gone through all sorts of workarounds while I waited. They said "trust us" so I did. Not this time. - Karoli from IM
I think if Twitter was acting in good faith, they would have put twitterspy at the top of the list for whitelisting. Bearhug camp anyone? - Christian Burns
the thing that angers me is that this conversation is not going through and I had wished that as these inevitable choke holds clamped down around our collective wind pipe that our open alternative would be the place to defend our position from. My current configuration does not allow me to do this as they kick off 100 yards away, this being more compelling and lasting. Fuck... more... - Aron Michalski from IM
christianburns exactly. Tha - Karoli from IM
sigh. Hit enter too soon. - Karoli from IM
aron identica is no more or less an open play than a commercial venture such as FriendFeed. everybody needs to prove their value proposition and establish a viable contract with enough of the right users to make a difference. - Steve Gillmor
steve right now seems more valuable than twitter, because twitter just walled their garden. Given a choice, FF and will get my $$$ because they haven't violated my trust - Karoli from IM
Nice. I keep asking myself, how long will I keep putting up with this. It's my data, even if I am unimportant in Twitter's grand scheme of things.. - Francine Hardaway
Right. needs a good mobile app - Francine Hardaway
francine, twittelator works quite nicely with on the ipod touch/iphone - Karoli from IM
I agree,; We're all "on-the-tip" here at FF - CLC Radio
so is twitterspy coming back? i needs my gtalk updates.. - Christopher Harris
@chrisharris I'm guessing Dustin is going to have to figure out how to get back on the whitelist and then limit users' use. - Karoli from IM
Wondering what the bandwidth of the "firehose" is. Tweets per day according to is currently about 2.5 million. If the average length is, say, 100 chars, that's 23 Kb/s on the average. There'd probably be a fair amount of overhead on top of that (JSON, whatever). - Joe Knapp
The first time you retract a previously published API, that should be the last time anyone takes you seriously. I remain amazed with all the fuckups and business idiocy that anyone still cares. Once I was converted to believing micromessaging was important to me, it became clear it was too important to let Twitter (TM) handle it. Technically, ethically, common-sensically - the company is a disaster. Killing the value-adding service I Want Sandy gangland style was icing on that cake. - Dave Slusher
Think about the number of social contracts Twitter has broken with its users. They are Lucy and we are all a bunch of Charlie Browns that never learn, trying to kick the goddamn football over and over. I'm fed up and have stopped posting into the service. I teeter on hiding all tweets via FriendFeed. The question I have: why aren't all of you fed up? - Dave Slusher
Francine, I'm archiving your tweets in XML. - Dave Winer
Robert Scoble
20 things about friendfeed
hor d'oeuvres? where? - Michael VanDervort
I'm watching your video right now - sofarsoShawn
Robert, I am unable to watch your video (never been) in with GNU/Linux and Flash 10. Although I have no problems in any other video platform. - Ricardo Galli
It is the first service to bring all our content into one place - paul mooney
Watching your video. Definitely learning a lot. Much to take in. - Marty McPadden
This is a great tuturial Robert, I am learning about all kinds of features I never knew about. Too bad Friendfeed doesn't have a video/visual tutorial like this for all the newcomers (albeit more concise for them). - Brian
Yes - and screencasted, not video of screen. - Hal
Have they ever come up with a good way to sync my twitter follows as imaginary friends without having to add each individually? - Hal
Was it just blurry for me or is it blurry for everyone? I think I could have learned way more from it if I could see what you were was doing. Looked like you were doing some cool stuff. - MarkCarras
awesome job Robert - watching it right now. It's great you're not over the top in describing it's usefulness...rather a sensible overview of it's benefits. - Zee.
That's great info, Robert. Thank you. Lots of stuff I didn't know. - Drew
Thank you for taking the time to put this together. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Love it Robert, thanks, I learned a lot. - Ginger Kenney
Great vid. Really showed off some awesome capabilities. - Joe Brinkman
Chris: my computer is messed up. :-) - Robert Scoble
I love FF and have been using it for a few months (though not exclusively), but I still picked up a few powerful tips that I didn't know or understand before. Thanks, Robert! - Helen Hoefele
Robert did you make this video for Arrington? I hope so, that way he'll start participating more...same goes for Guy Kawasaki too. :) - Susan Beebe
Nah, just trying to explain the features. - Robert Scoble
This friendfeed thing confuses me to no end. Maybe I'm just dense, but I've never been able to figure out how to organize things here so that the cool stuff perks to the top, then there's keeping track of things I like or whatever. I hope your vid is damn good cuz it's downloading now over a dialup line. yup, they still haven't fixed my highspeed yet. :-) Edited to put a smiley after that last statement, hehe. - Eddy Cole
It's a really good introduction to both basic and advanced FriendFeed use. Perhaps more interestingly, helps explain how Robert manages his massive inbound data flow. - Michael Krigsman
Ross the Friendfeed intern did some tutorials a while back, but FF sure failed to keep up with creating new ones as the feature set (and interface) evolved. Ross's videos here: - Mitch
I think that if I knew that I could see all of my twitter activity from within friendfeed, then I would use it in leui of a twitter client - but I don't feel like taking the time to add imaginary friends. - Hal
What we really need is a "Friendfeed Tour" room which is added by default to ever single new account. It could be moderated by the FF crew and include links to a whole bunch of goodies for new friendfeeders. - Mitch
Next installment: 20 ways to being a bigger FriendFeed monster than Robert Scoble? =) - deepikaur
Comprehensive. Needs a screencast treatment instead of pointing vid cam at the screen. - Tom Landini
This should go on the ff homepage - Michael Fidler
2009 is the year I start really drinking the FF Koolaid. I started a week early, technically, but then the good resolutions are the ones worth getting ahead of right away. This video was helpful for understanding how to make the most of the service, Robert. I'll be sharing it with others, especially if I slip into the social media rabbit hole that this service can be for many users. As always, thank you for sharing your experience. - Alex Howard
I find that friendfeed has a lot of passive users. Their activity comes from the aggregation of other media, not from any attention on friendfeed itself. Robert is very active on FF and so gets a lot of immediate conversation going, but many have it set on auto-pilot. I find this is less the case with twitter. Perhaps it will change. - Marcel LeBrun
Robert, I love the down to earth presentation on this. Very approachable method of video, and informative. - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
I've been waiting for this video. Good stuff. - Andrew
Thanks for this - its great to have a practical 'how to' guide. - Graham Hills
Nice! Didn't really get Friendfeed until now. It would be phenomenal if I could manage and write to everyone of my aggregations via friendfeed. Hate to have 3+ Backends for my Blogs etc - Sebastian
Robert, I've been using FriendFeed for a while now. Thanks! This was superb. - Pilgrim Five
"Hide" feature!? I have no "Hide" link under my entries - how did you get one of those?! I want one! I have "Comment", "Like" and "More". - Isha (Marysia)
Thanks for posting. I never knew that Friendfeed could be so useful. I didn't even know there was a like feature till you pointed it out. I just thought it was another one of those lifestreaming aggregators. - Thao Ly
Marysia: "Hide" is only available on entries if you are in the home screen. So click on "Home" and now you should see Hide. - Robert Scoble
"Hide" is available in any list at the top level. For instance, if I create a list called "Tech Bloggers" and add six people to it, "Hide" is visible if I click the Tech Bloggers list on the left side. If I open the reveal triangle and click on one individual's ID, then "Hide" is not available. - Will King
Thankfully this was a tutorial. I still expect Robert to use a computer nearly as fast as Commander Data. - Kevykev
Great video Robert. Really enjoyed checking out all the features on FriendFeed. You seem to have it set up really well. I wondered why you didn't use a screencast recording program so we could watch what you were doing on your screen a bit more easily. I don't want that to sound like a criticism though because I really appreciate the effort you went to, recording the vid. - Paul Richards
I'm bumping this post, because this video is so good. Just sent it to a friend who just signed up to help explain the experience along with the FFundercats Episode 25 podcast. These are great resources. - Eric - Let Me Know
About: TechFuga; - The Ultimate Tech News Aggregator - that combines in just one page all the most popular tech buzz of the moment; updated every 5 minutes
The news gathered from the top 40 news aggregators are sort out by a rank algorithm as top stories, but users can also quickly scan the most popular tech news directly from the top aggregators encapsulated by the dashboard view on techfuga. - TechFuga
We will make sure: - You will not miss any latest popular tech/geek news - You will save time by just visiting one single page with all latest tech buzz - TechFuga
We will be taking the next Fuga (escape) out of the recent comments and feedback and will soon arrive with the latest updates… - TechFuga
Very nice site! - Michael Krigsman
Thanks Michael! We are pleased you like it. We are tweaking a few things and a new search algorithm will be launched very soon, which soon give a far better results then what we can see now in TechFuga…stay tuned…Joao/TechFuga - TechFuga
Fascinating Mix. Will be watching - Charlie Anzman
Awesome site - like Google News on roids! Great work. You will surely become the main source for Tweeters wanting to send out that latest news tidbit. Let us know when you finish your API so we can distribute your solution across our sites. - David Gosse
Just found TechFuga via a mention at Scobleizer. I'm impressed that you're using an FF room to kickstart your community. Give this room a proper avatar! Link to in the room title! - Daniel J. Pritchett
Thanks Daniel: I will do so.. Joao-TechFuga - TechFuga
Phil Windley
Best iPhone picture I ever saw. Surprisingly excellent quality. - Michael Krigsman
Thomas Hawk
One of the questions Geithner was asked today in testimony on the Hill was if he used software to do his taxes and if so which software package. Right after Geithner said that he used "Turbo Tax" to do his tax returns Intuit, the maker of Turbo Tax, hit their low stock price of the day.
coincidence? you be the judge. - Thomas Hawk
from CNBC. - Thomas Hawk
Having used Intuit software for many, many years professionally and personally, I thought his answer was an attempt to blame the software. It's only as good as the user, after all. with the kind of numbers he had, why didn't he hire a professional? - Karoli
CNBC is in my head all day Chris. You and I are connected. - Thomas Hawk
Yeah, no, he wasn't blaming "Turbo Tax." Funny though. - Thomas Hawk
I'm just annoyed at the guy who comes on pitching his "how to buy and sell stuff on eBay advert" about 50 times a day. - Thomas Hawk
the computer professor bugs the hell out of me. - Thomas Hawk
haha, good point Chris. - Thomas Hawk
I'm not convinced this is the right guy for the job, but I talked with a tax professional and they didn't know about this guy's situation either. Apparently the IMF doesn't pay the employers share of the employment tax. He did pay the employees share. Turbo tax wouldn't know this and it's a very specialized tax situation. Though the lack of FICA should have been a clue. - Todd Hoff
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