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Note to Scientists: Ultimately, It's Up to Us to Decide If We Want Supplemental Sections : Mike the Mad Biologist -
What Neil said. - Bill Hooker
What Neil said. - Martin Fenner
Supplementary data: What Neil said - Cameron Neylon
What Neil said - Deepak Singh
But data are essential, not a supplement. If you want a supplement, call the short version that gets printed the 'supplement' and the original, full-length article online the 'article'. - Björn Brembs
I don't want supplemental sections unless it is just a few tables or figures. I want (DOI) links to reputable (and ideallly, specialised) databases. There're so many types of data that are just way too big anyway. Even BMC Research Notes don't really want the full-on data and journals that take proteomics papers (for example) are terrified by the thought of doing the job properly. - Chris from twhirl
Oh hang on I think I got the wrong end of this, sorry... - Chris from twhirl
"Even BMC Research Notes don't really want the full-on data" -- how so? If there's an appropriate repository BMCRN encourages authors to use it (so as to provide the DOI's to proper databases that you are asking for!) but if that's not available my understanding is that they will host whatever you've got. - Bill Hooker