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It’s official: The Tesla, Panasonic massive battery factory deal is done -
A big day for Revolv! Smart home hub adds Android and Nest support -
The NFL will track players with RFID for better stats in real time -
Samsung Q2 earnings: a disappointing quarter, but new high-end phones are on the way -
Tapjoy does the math, moves from bare metal to OpenStack cloud -
Volkswagen and Bosch are working on automated park-and-charge systems for electric cars -
Are apps safe? Digital security and the B2C app -
Gigaom Research webinar: OpenStack in the enterprise: challenges & opportunities -
IBM snaps up Crossideas for identity management know-how -
These two startups are cashing in by spotting IT problems before they become disasters -
Facebook’s unveils free, limited web access — such opportunity, but at what cost? -
Shazam makes the jump to the desktop with new OS X app -
Hortonworks CEO Rob Bearden on the latest Hadoop hubbub -
1Password’s planned third-party app login feature makes it the first convenient iPhone password manager -
One tiny new app takes on social networking’s impossible noise overload problem -
Twitter may be considering a Facebook-style feed — but would that help its growth or derail it? -
Startup claims it’s revolutionizing personalization with deep learning -
FCC to Verizon: Your throttling had better be about managing congestion, not cash -
BitTorrent starts testing Bleep, its new P2P messaging platform -
Snapchat reportedly in funding talks that value it at $10 billion, as much as Airbnb and Dropbox -
First Data acquires Gyft, a digital gift card company beloved by bitcoin users -
What to watch for in Tesla’s earnings tomorrow -
Powerful new patent service shows every US invention, and a new view of R&D relationships -
Right to be forgotten can’t work, UK Lords argue -
Square readies a new Reader that will accept chip-based credit cards -
Hangouts now work without Google+ account, Apps users get 15-person video chat -
Your Jawbone can share your location and your fitness app can leak your data -
Iceberg rescues Titanic: Content marketer launches fund for investigative journalism -
Second-generation cloud architecture: breaking the application silo -
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