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The NYPD will give smartphones to all its officers, and it looks like they’ll run Windows -
Fenced in: That unlocked Apple iPad SIM gets locked when activated on AT&T -
Twitter open sources an anomaly-detection tool -
Nest gobbles up Revolv for the engineers, not the hub -
Don’t toss that old Android: Turn it into a Chromecast receiver! -
This week in bitcoin: Why financial and legal experts are as critical as engineers to bitcoin’s future -
Twitter’s new Fabric offering isn’t just a pitch for developers — the company’s future is at stake -
A conversation with the U.S. Energy Secretary on energy innovation and the Valley’s role -
After divesting server and chip fab units, is IBM still too big to succeed? -
Good news for Europeans: embedding YouTube videos is legal after all -
Google Inbox review: Are you ready for a better way to manage communications? -
Music streamer Deezer gets talkative with Stitcher buy -
Ello makes a bold promise for an ad-free social network, but omits key details -
With Amazon, Google and Microsoft in the mix, can anyone else contend in public cloud? -
Why NFC in the iPad Air 2 is a big deal for small businesses -
Microsoft Lumia is the newest smartphone phone brand -
LG starts making its own processors, reportedly with help from TSMC -
Gigaom Research webinar: DevOps, weaving development and operations together in the enterprise -
Ford cars will soon start scanning the streets for wayward pedestrians -
Solidoodle delays its beginner-oriented 3D printer -
Pyne is an app that makes quizzing strangers bite-sized fun -
Startup uses database tech from the NSA and Facebook to detect fraudsters -
Responding to DVD subscription decline, Netflix closes call center -
How to take mobile gestures to the next level: use pitch, yaw and “the claw” -
Judge says Aereo must shut for good as live TV, but service may survive as a cloud DVR -
Amazon Web Services, back on growth track -
Microsoft makes progress with phone and tablet sales: Surface revenue nears $1B -
Microsoft again cites strong cloud growth in Q3 earnings -
Another big miss for Amazon sends shares sliding almost 10% after hours -
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