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Kavan Modi

Kavan Modi

still learning to use friendfeed
Operational interpretations of quantum discord - http://scientificconfessions.w...
Unification of Entanglement and Discord - http://scientificconfessions.w...
Bibliography in pdf files as meta data - http://scientificconfessions.w...
And there are so many other 21st century things the publishers could be doing too. E.g., how about making it easy to get the supplementary information? (Instead of having to spend another 10 minutes searching for it.) - Steve Koch
Do you know about Mendeley yet? They rely on trying to get this data from PDFs works well sometimes and other times not. But clearly publishers could help out a lot by including standard meta data. - Steve Koch
LOL, thanks Steve, your check's in the mail. ;-) I think it works a lot better for some journals than others, and the lookup gets most of the rest, but it will continue to improve. Kavan, if you do try it and have any comments, they'd love to hear what you have to say. - Mr. Gunn
I recently purchased a program called Papers, My opinion on it is still to be determined but, it catalogs all your papers and downloads the meta data from websites. You can then export to a BibTeX file all the bibliographic info. Sorry, but it only works on Macs and it doesn't help you for papers you want to reference not in the program, just the papers you... more... - Andy Maloney
Yeah, the blog post was looking for a PC version, which is why I mentioned Mendeley. - Mr. Gunn
I was not aware of Mendeley till Mr. Gunn pointed it out. I am using it now but having some stability issues. I've also been using Papers by MekEnTosj till now. Both of these programs are real nice and take us into the 21st century. But I want a universal standard that the all publisher would follow (I dream). This way we wouldn't need programs to go fishing for meta data. This is what... more... - Kavan Modi
A simple example of a not-completely positive map - http://scientificconfessions.w...
The arguments against not completely positive dynamics - http://scientificconfessions.w...
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