Are there any decent textbooks we can read to get us in good stead for second year? I want to get some reading done.!!!!
Depends what modules you are taking. And there's: - Dr Alan Cann
Just want to get a general idea of what peoples choices are for next year. Feel free to comment below. Thanks
sweet. Ive gone for the biochemistry modules as well as the compulsory physiology two. - Mohamed
Glad to be home... nevertheless.... These 4 weeks have to be put to very good use.... 3/4 modules to be passed so books on the ready and brain set to revision mode...... after a week of rest!
5 weeks! - Rachel Bell
4 for me because im going away on football tour for a week! - Mohamed
Ah right fair enough :) - Rachel Bell
#MyDiary : This week has been an improvement from the previous weeks. Ive been feeling more aware and concious induring 9am lectures. The physiology lectures have been by far the most enjoyable lectures, with great delivery from the lecturer. I also found the Genes in medicine lectures and the physiology practicls also very enhancing. The poster...
quiet weekend= catch up on lectures!
my diary 12/03/11: This week has been very interesting with the start of #BS1006 physiology lectures; showing an overview to what seems to be a great looking module. In #MB1005 the medical approach to genes is also generating more engaging. It is interesting knowing what a library is.... knowing how to use it and what its use it is more...
Thinks its time to step up the work rate.. the next few coming weeks we have Meiosis essay to prepare for, #BS1009 practical booklet to hand in, #MB1005 write up, #BS1009 microbiology essay, and the next #BS1011 assessment! WOW!
i wonder how you are sooo updated with your deadlines....dedication !! - Syeda Maham Batool
im trying to find Dr Heaphys lecture on the #BS1009 essay we have to write??
Im unable to instable the excell add in on my laptop. !!??
Can always use the comps at Uni if you can't get it to work? - Rachel Bell
Mac computer can't. - Sha Tim Wai from iPod
Come to the help session if you are still stuck Sha Tim is right, you can't do it on a Mac, and yes, you can use a university one. - Dr Jo Badge from iPod
scared isn't the word!!!!!!!
Same :-( Good luck! - Rachel Bell
the summer vacation/interships look very interesting! Definately worth an application!
do we need ot know the 20 structures of amino acids?? will we be tested on this? #BS1015
Is well into his hardocre daily revision routine..... quite enjoying it!
We have a long break between the #BS1015 and #CH1070 exam, I think it would be awiser idea to cover and concentrate mostly on the biochemistry material and then after the exam is over, work on the chemistry? Is that a wise thing to do?
I am doing that also. - Sha Tim Wai
This is what I am doing, Im not going to neglect #CH1070 completely because there is so much to learn but I am definitely focussing on #BS1015 first! - Rachel Bell
It's good to make sure you spend equal time on each because both are worth 20 credits. You could divide up the days and then allocate them to each module. Obviously you would allocate all the days after the #BS1015 exam to #CH1070. If you leave it all till then though, and you are ill or something, it could get quite stressful. - Roisin Thomas
as you get closer to the first exam you may want to focus on that, but at this stage you ought to be distributing your time between both - Dr Chris Willmott do we need to know anything about the TATA bdinding protein??????????? #BS1015 do we need to know anything about the TATA bdinding protein??????????? #BS1015
I hope not as I don't recall them being mentioned. If the info is simple enough you might as well know it though. - Max Levin
is there any other mark schemes/past papers for the #BS1015 MODULE???? WOULD BE HELPFULL!!
Nope there isn't :-( - Rachel Bell
Is finding it extremely difficult to motivate for #BS1015/ #CH1070 revision! Any tips>>??
Easiest thing is to break it down into manageable sections definitely, I have been doing a section of #BS1015 at a time (e.g. Dr Wells lectures on lipids/membranes) and then rewarding myself with a break of doing something I like. Also, if you actively revise by making your own note cards/posters/however best you learn rather than just reading, it makes it seem a lot more rewarding because you can physically see how much work you are doing! :-) Hope that helps somewhat... - Rachel Bell
agree!! - Sha Tim Wai
thanks. i will begin very soon! - Mohamed
I draw out hard to remember things or mechanisms (#CH1070) until I'm blue in the face, fun and it works. Seems like a waste of time, but its a good way to really concentrate on the details you'd miss by just writing it down. Using different colours are also a good way to keep track of which functions groups are going where or what they are doing. Works for me. - Oliver Charity
Do we have timetabled lectures/tutorials so on during our exam period?
I don't think so mate. I think Dr. Willmott said that we get our new timetables nearer the end of the month. I'm sure we will be told otherwise if something is scheduled. - Arnold Gangaidzo
No..lectures etc start properly from Monday 31st- after the 2 weeks exam was mentioned somewhere earlier on FF - Maryam
Provisional timetable is on Blackboard already on the Biological Sciences School Office section but this is open to change so keep an eye on it. - Lyndsey Wright
in terms of the syllabus, It is clear that all the lecture content can come up in our exams...... however, is there a syllabus of certain things we should know... specific to exam?
Happy with my friendfeed score and having just finished the long overdue #BS1010 assignment, I am happy with the total grade for the module! :)
is blackboard down?? I wanted to do the #BS1010 IT assessment and It will not work!!!!!
Yes. See this link for details: - Faaiza Museji
won't be back on till Monday... but it's scheduled down-time which was well publicised in advance - Dr Chris Willmott
so will we not be penalised for our it assessment not being completed? - Mohamed
The deadline for the assessment is the end of term which was Friday 17 Dec. - Dr Jo Badge from iPod
I thought the same thing and normally I do it on Thursday but because of the exams and packing I haven't had time to do the assessment. - Phylicia Dassardo-Joseph
I thought the deadline was until 7 days AFTER scheduled #BS1010 slot?! THIS was not well publicised - Paul Allen
You are given a timetable of when your deadlines are though. Not having time because of other things that you also know about in advance will not be taken as an excuse. It's your responsibility to check when things are due. Sorry if that sounds harsh but you need to get used to checking these things for yourselves. - Roisin Thomas
yes but it doesnt have to be done until a certain deadline. If i wish to wait until the deadline then i can! Ive been ill all week so no need to be so harsh! - Mohamed
Yes of course you can wait until the deadline if you wish. The deadline was Friday though so blackboard being down is no excuse. - Roisin Thomas
I understand this was completely my misunderstanding I knew blackboard was going to be down I just thought it was going to be on Sunday like it normally is but there nothing I can do now. All I can do is complete the assessment on Monday and hopefully the amount I get penalised is not too bad. - Phylicia Dassardo-Joseph
HMM! This is a good point I didn't even think of until now. I thought that there was a 1 week deadline from the date it was uploaded (last sunday, i think, but i'm not 100% sure). I completely forgot about blackboard going offline. This is obviously our/my fault as we were all warned well in advance of the power outage, but I do think that (if it does say we have 7 days) this should be... more... - Matthew Taylor
But my point is that you shouldn't be assuming all assessments are due in 7 days just because most of them are. There are often odd patterns in timetables at uni. If you are given a timetable you should read it and note when things are due. If you can't get used to doing that you will really struggle later on. I do sympathise. You all clearly thought you still had time left. I just want you to be aware that you won't be let off for not meeting a deadline because you thought it was later. - Roisin Thomas
All module assessments should have been submitted before the end of term. Submit any #BS1010 assessments you are missing as soon as you are able to. - Dr Alan Cann
Sorry I am still a little confused as to what will happen now. If we cannot submit the assessment how will we be penalised? Just to add, I received an email regarding the shutdown, but it said it would be on Sunday 19th December from 8am-5pm, hence why i wanted to do the assessment on Saturday. and this may be a bit of a stupid question but exactly where is this timetable for deadlines so I know for future reference. I remember looking for one when we had our first #BS1010 assessment but not finding it. - Tobi Adewale
All module assessments should have been submitted before the end of term. Submit any #BS1010 assessments you are missing as soon as you are able to. - Dr Alan Cann
I thought the email said Sunday but I couldn't remember. Just have to submit it when blackboard comes back online tomorrow. - Phylicia Dassardo-Joseph
thats all we can do ! - Mohamed
:( I dont want to be penalised, i wasnt aware at all that we were supposed to do it by friday and been trying since yesterday and blackboard wouldnt work :( - Syeda Maham Batool
@ Tobi and Phylicia, the email clearly explained that although the power has to be cut off on Sunday, the Uni will be cutting it off from Saturday through to Monday to prevent sudden power outage, loss of data etc as cutting it off all at once would put a huge strain on the system. - Maryam
Twitter is saying blackboard is gonna be down for a while longer due to delays.. at least 5pm! - Rachel Bell
its still not working :( - Syeda Maham Batool
Finding the notes for the last #BS1010 assessment very helpful! All is left is to complete this, receive a good friendfeed mark and then enjoy the first week of the holidays atleast!
Is swine flu making a comeback? -
This is a very alarming issue. There are many articls stating the comeback of swine flu; The flu has already three potential victims. If the flu comes back, how many of us have immunity from the first spread? Hopefully, it is less deadly than the first spread, especially amongst the young. This relates toour #MB1030 module. - Mohamed
Swine flu cases at city school -
Another article supporting my previous one. - Mohamed
wishes everyone a HUGE GOOD LUCK in the chemistry exam!
GPs to get cancer check go-ahead -
I think this is a very touching article whereby GPs will be granted the ability to diagnose malignancy. There is an argument for this and an argument against. Should the government provide GPs with the power to diagnose caner? there could be a risk! Inaccuracy in diagnosis?What effect will it have on a patient if the GP makes a mistake?? OR It will save alot of time and money for hospitals and also the patients. Patients will find out sooner and could begin treatment quicker? Two arguments, each credible. What do you think? - Mohamed
Finding; presenting #MB1030 PRESENTATION in front of a group of 10 as preparation , very helpful!
Constructive criticism always helps. :) - Munaf khamisa
Im doing the #MB1030 presentation on muscular dystrophy./ The email recieved from Dr Willmott stated that we should not focus on the medicine of our topic; DOES THIS MEAN WE CANNOT TALK ABOUT DIAGNOSIS/TREATMENT? Even briefly? Thanks
I thought it said we cannot talk about the "medicine" aspect of it. Does that imply we cannot talk about diagnosis, prevention or treatement at all? For e.g., my presentation is on Bloom's and Werner's syndromes so does that mean I do not say anything about how these syndromes can be treated? - Syeda Maham Batool
Its a tough one! - Mohamed
I'm looking more into how the processes relate to what we have learnt. Like if a method of treatment involves PCR then talk over some science about PCR in relation to the topic. - Arnold Gangaidzo
Im going to focus on the genetic aspect of my presentation because it is explained very well. Neverhtless, mention of treatment and so on wouldn't harm, I dont think. - Mohamed
There is not just ONE treatment for the syndromes I am doing, so I cannot talk about the genetics of every treatment, I just listed the treatments :s Is that not right ? - Syeda Maham Batool
I think you can list a few treatments, so you are not conecntrating too much on the medicine. A mention should be fine. - Mohamed
This has been difficult for me, as my topic of statins is a drug treatment for high cholesterol. But we were told specifically not to talk about treatments! I've just decided to focus my presentation on the biochemical action of statins, I hope that's right. - Faaiza Museji
My presentation is on the same topic. I think as long as you dont go into too much detail about the diagnosis/treatment, you should be okay. By the way MD has no cure, just therapies that may improve patients condition. - Munaf khamisa
yes. i am aware. But a cure could be on the way in the future. In terms of gene therapy! Promising ! - Mohamed
Look at @Dr Willmott's latest post. - Lyndsey Wright
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