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Mona Nomura

Mona Nomura

ay kin reed end rite                            名前が2つあります... [もえ]と [もな] です. × 萌えぇぇぇぇ ○ 萠(本名) × AAキャラモナー ○ Mona(英語の名前) . . . 単なる偶然です.
Wow - this is random. Coolio's New Music Video to Premiere on Pornhub ht @jasonskim
I love this post so much - must read, for every entrepreneur, no matter where you live: You Are Not Late
RT @kevin2kelly: You are not late. This is the best time in the whole history of the world to invent something. More:
RT @benjaminjoffe: @vivowang @moskovich every country except china and US has a market size problem... Don't think domestically.
Missing the stimulation from the chaos and messiness of emerging nations. I think I have a problem.
RT @ValaAfshar: The number of Internet firms valued over $1 billion
Seriously worst airport and lounge on the planet. #shithole (@ MIASCOR Business Lounge)
Reconnected with a country I love. Connected with people I will love for a long time. I love you, Philippines. Thank you @davemcclure #goap
RT @JVinnyHall: Philippines tech scene is absolutely amazing. 1st generation of badass startups reminds me of 2009 era Singapore right before the BOOM
RT @jonrussell: "Cheap cities are good for startups" (yes: Asia) MT @Mona: Our startup would probably die if we were in San Francisco
Reading: Our startup would probably die if we were in San Francisco
Must see for every entrepreneur: @khailee's Shit hole State of Mind talk #goap
Must see for every entrepreneur: @khailee's Shit hole State of Mind talk #goap
Then he goes on to say: "So as far as I'm concerned, Japanese society is not hurting for its unwillingness to put women in the front lines."
American guy living in Japan's comment on a 'womenomics' post: "Why women would desire to enter the rat race of capitalism is beyond me" 😳
Example Mindset of What Sexism Breeds -
Love this profile of @kendricklamar in NYT so much: but it's a bit rude @dopeboyshake is mentioned, not linked 😒
In Indonesia, there are 282 billion active mobile subscriptions. Only 14% of those, have mobile Internet.
282 million* subscribers. Jesus.
In Sub-Sahara Africa, 36 out of 47 countries support mobile money. That is a 77% penetration rate: via @kiwanja
Japanese parliament has less females than Saudi Arabia's. And Abe is selling a feminist rhetoric to the world. Hahahha *breathe* HAHAHA
RT @horwitzjosh: Some Uber road bumps in Asia. Just for fun: Chicago: pop = 2.7M; taxis = 7K Taipei: pop = 2.6M; taxis = 30K NYC: 8M; 13K Seoul: 10M; 70K
(Wondering if certain analysts for Silicon Valley VC firms have ever visited an emerging nation. Watching documentaries don't count.)
Thank you, Singapore and Bangkok -
The Rise of Holy Shit Money in Southeast Asia by @JVinnyHall #goap
The lady next to me took her airplane meal home. Shoved the entire tray into her purse. #gangsta
LINE bottled water in Bangkok. Wow!
...kudos for the efforts, but gender KPIs are not going to solve the deeply ingrained cultural factors which causes the inequalities.
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