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London Escorts Lifes and Difficulities -
just one week remains to write topical melancholy stories about 1050 CHUM (and even that may be a stretch):
'John Stamos answers Ryerson student’s online plea' —the first 19-year-old interested in seeing the Beach Boys since 1965
RT @CTV_Tyrone: Check it out, British comedienne Tracey Ullman joins CTV's Royal Team #CTV #RoyalWedding
some kerfuffle about Dean Del Mastro posting SUNshine Girl on Facebook? — er, they show up in all Sun Media story links:
RT @UnionSt: RT @RolynSays: Amazing @nowtoronto #robford cover redone by
RT @CP24: Not winning: Charlie Sheen's Toronto shows no longer a hot ticket. // old news — promise of Joey Vendetta will rile up demographic
Joey Vendetta 'wildly unfunny' with Sheen, tweeted Richard Roeper, but surely flattered him with a guess of '35ish' age:!...
Joey Vendetta basking in glory of saving Charlie Sheen's tour from oblivion:!...
RT @jessehawken: @mondoville @goldsbie - I would have changed the name of 'Eye Weekly' to 'Skydome' myself #eltoro #thegrid #goldengriddle
'Video: Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff buys coffee at Tim Hortons': don't be so sure —thought steeped tea was his thing
— so, who writes the 'Eye Weekly' obit? some interesting voices, lousy branding & mostly ignored at Torstar HQ: (RRJ '92)
RT @shinangovani: The media event of the saison, complete with Google-artists and Didion imposters: the relaunch bash for Eye, May 14, @ Burroughes Building.
from @thirtykzone — a different P.O.V. than most on the Slut Walk:
RT @boyreporter: @mondoville But how will I find out about all the exciting things happening at 1 Yonge like fire alarms, renovations and bad coffee?
word yesterday of a new 'Toronto Star' social media policy to stop tweeting about internal matters:!... too boring for leak?
cougars adrift as abruptly closed Chick 'N' Deli deleted its Facebook & Twitter — website still up:
RT @glasneronfilm: Charlie Sheen's first live show seems to be going poorly. Wonder if the tour will even make it to Toronto.
Mark Bourrie digging deeper into the problem with the CBC Vote Compass:
RT @1000TimesYes: 85)The Weeknd/House Of Balloons: A reason to learn the difference between "affect" and "effect."#6
relatively successful @fagstein prank on J. Trudeau: recalls confusion over Belinda Stronach domain:
relatively successful @fagstein dprank on J. Trudeau: recalls confusion over Belinda Stronach domain:
'Rob Ford’s media lesson': & what no one cares to comment on is 'NOW' using stunt to compensate for diminished masthead
RT @justinpjtrudeau: Ok everyone, I woke up to this April Fool's (called my office in a panic), and decided to pass it along to all of you. The QRs are
an example of good showbiz biz journalism that is a rarity in this town — Peter Howell piece on the Bell Lightbox:
assertiveness re: 'TSN Radio 1050' is a change from 25 years (!) of corporate mumbling and bumbling about the frequency:
Colin and Justin — two men unafraid to wish Susan Boyle a happy 50th birthday on Twitter:!...
RT @mirverburg: Toronto has changed since I was a kid. Now you can get an ice cream cone at Bloor & Lansdowne instead of just crack.
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