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Fear, the African refugees and the cost of maintaining Israel as a Jewish state -
Neta Golan was shocked, but not surprised, by the images of a Tel Aviv mob attacking African immigrants. As an Israeli, she was familiar with fear and anger being directed towards non-Jews in Israel and the occupied territories. She says this fear is the result of a never-ending demographic war seen as essential for maintaining Israel as a Jewish state.
I don't see the point of supporting immigration into Palestine when Palestinians are still being pushed out. Is it somehow better to replace native Palestinians with Africans instead of with Jews? I wonder how Palestinians would feel if Israeli Jews turned Israel into a propositional nation where anyone from anywhere can come and have the same or superior rights as a Palestinian? I don't see the great morality in forcing immigration and multiculturalism on those who want neither, any more than I would see the morality in ethnically and culturally cleansing an established and popularly accepted multiethnic society and forcing multiculturalists to live against their own wishes. - Todd
The main thing I notice: many Israelis and pro-Israel activists are promoting aggressive and xenophobic ethnic nationalist policies for themselves that would be disastrous for Diaspora Jews if practiced by all other ethnic groups in the world. At some point they are going to have to provide an account of what political values they really believe in. If it's all about ethnic self-interest and nothing but ethnic self-interest, there is going to be a major problem. - Sean McBride
"If it's all about ethnic self-interest and nothing but ethnic self-interest, there is going to be a major problem. - Sean McBride" It is and it's already a problem. - American
I don't think it's only Israel supporters among Jews who are tribal or play tribal politics. I don't even believe that all anti-Israel Jews are against Zionism or Jewish tribalism. Some simply believe that Zion is wherever they happen to be, and play tribal politics accordingly. - Todd
It should be relatively easy, using various social science methods, to measure the relative ethnocentrism (ethnic tribalism) of ethnic groups in America, Europe and all around the world. - Sean McBride
For instance: {sort; ethnic groups by number of ethnocentric op-ed articles in the New York Times+Wall Street Journal+Washington Post from 2000 through 2011} - Sean McBride
Ethnocentric: articles which mention one's ethnic identity, issues, problems, conflicts, enemies, etc. This is a no-brainer. - Sean McBride
One can be intensely ethnocentric without necessarily being an ethnic nationalist. - Sean McBride
I agree, Sean, and one can also be an ethnic nationalist without being particularly ethnocentric. I would guess that most majority populations fall into the category of non-threatening ethnic nationalists to some degree, and I see nothing wrong with that. The thing I notice is that it isn't only pro-Israel Jews in America who project their ethnocentrism. Majority Jews in Israel and minority Jews in America can't have the same goals and tactics. That doesn't mean that the two groups don't work together on some issues, or that one group is a threat and the other isn't. Minorities can willingly and successfully threaten majority interests just as well as the reverse. - Todd
Todd -- you wrote: "Minorities can willingly and successfully threaten majority interests just as well as the reverse." Without a doubt. There is nothing innately privileged or sacred about minorities and their behavior. They can often behave very destructively from the standpoint of majority values and interests. - Sean McBride
I wish more people were as honest as you are on this issue, Sean, but that's not the case. - Todd
Minority political movements sometimes turn into bullying rackets -- many people would rather not provoke their wrath. It's easier just to feign agreement and compliance. - Sean McBride
"Minority political movements sometimes turn into bullying rackets...Sean" Absolutely, what we are seeing in the US zionist is a Cult that operates like a "Mafia". Combine cultism with a organized racket and you've got the worse of the worse. - American
I'd be interested to know if anyone really sees a 'cure' for our zionist problem in the US....I don't see one..every day I am more convinced that this zionist grip on the US is going to have to keep playing out until it blows up in some way. - American
I say this as a joke, American, but if I take Robert Reich's advice for social justice, I would conclude that affirmative action against all Jews that limits Jews to less than 2% of the pie across the board would do the trick. Goose and gander. In all honesty, I don't see an easy or attractive solution. The Zionists are crazy and will not stop what they are doing, and the U.S. is too divided and corrupt to enforce law and order on any level, especially at the top. - Todd
American -- I think that is how it is going to go -- apocalyptic blowup. Messianic Likud Zionism has become a juggernaut that can't be moderated or restrained by normal rational political methods -- there are few intelligent politicians with backbone on the American scene who understand the issues in play. Pro-Israel militants may well succeed in taking the United States down with them. This is *our* nation we're talking about -- and we are powerless to affect the course of events. Rather a bitter pill to swallow. - Sean McBride
I think they will take us every way. So far it's been death by a thousand zionist cuts in the US,.. not just financially but US reputation abroad, government attitude toward war and terror, corruption, as in buying foreign allegiance from our politicians, it's impossible to name a single agency within the US that hasn't been affected by the zionist control....whether it's Homeland Security, the Treasury Dept or the pentagon. It has affected so many things even domestically, created so many inequities, like Jews being able to get tax breaks for contributions to Israel that other Americans can't get for their charities....90% of Homeland security funds going to Jewish schools and buildings..The US has been hollowed out completely. "If American Knew" is right....if they had the faintest idea of the true extent of all this Jews would be facing an 'existential threat' right here in the USA. - American
Once any group acquires dominating control of the mainstream media, the financial system and the Congress, it is virtually unstoppable -- it can easily crush any opposition or dissent. Mere presidents are matters of little consequence. - Sean McBride
Two word solution for congress and the zios...Swat Team. - American
The lobby has acquired control of the police state apparatus required to crush political opposition by force, if necessary. You realize that, right? - Sean McBride
I suspect that you are at least partially right about Jewish power, Sean. I don't know if there is complete control, but their grip on power is enough to be scary, knowing how paranoid and vicious they are. I don't think you should underestimate the potential savagery of a group that believes that it is always backed into a corner. - Todd
The lobby has acquired control of the police state apparatus required to crush political opposition by force, if necessary. You realize that, right? - Sean McBride" Yea I do..but I also know there is no person or group that can't be gotten if their opponent is willing to operate outside the law and usual moral constraints. The fact that any crazy can and has assassinated US Presidents, the most protected individual in the nation, should tell us something about what trained professionals could do to any target if any ever choose to get rid of some people. Mossad does it all the time. In the US it would be even easier because the powers that be don't expect it...they have a false sense of security because it happens so rarely in the US and has always been a lone amatuer crazy, not a professionally carried out 'rub out'. LOL. - American
If one can't win a political contest strictly through legal means, one can't probably win the contest. And those players who are quickest to choose illegal means usually lose the contest. - Sean McBride
I don't imagine that many political contests in the U.S. are strictly legal, but I see your point. Jewish power didn't come to be through strictly legal, ethical or peaceful means, and I don't think it will be broken by playing straight or nice. I would guess that knowing which laws can be skirted is as important as playing by the book. And crafting laws helps-- stroke of the pen, law of the land..... - Todd
Something to keep in mind always, however: a great deal of Jewish power is the product of hard work and visionary risk-taking in productive fields that have benefited us all. Sergey Brin and Larry Page became billionaires because they created great tools which most of us use every day. - Sean McBride
Sean, I have no problem with people getting credit for their hard work, genius or sacrifice. That's the way the world should work. At the same time, I understand that it takes more than brains and money to be a good citizen. I think it's a pretty easy argument to win if I claim that a wealthy and intelligent person can cause more harm and be a worse citizen than the average person who has average resources. - Todd
Extremely wealthy and powerful people are capable of inflicting much more damage on society than most people -- that much goes without saying. They possess the resources to wreak massive havoc if they so choose. - Sean McBride
I agree. And I think our current problems could get much worse if we don't pay attention. - Todd