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RT @FakeChrisPyne: Wow I hope they don't find Barry's notes to me. #auspol #nswpol
Sums it up really. One does not simply forget :P #nswpoll #ICAC (via @jamesScullin)
Wow! I need #tinkerbots. #audino powered robotic lego style blocks for kids. Imagine these in a classroom. #edchat
Always think carefully about your #classroom phone policies. This is a great #aprilfools though
Amazed tonight by my 5yo. Tonight she read 80% of #drseus #hoponpop to me with minimal prompts #prouddad :)
RT @googleglass: The cat's out of the bag: we're open to more #GoogleGlass Explorers next Tues 4/15. Read more:
RT @googleglass: The cat's out of the bag: we're open to more #GoogleGlass Explorers next Tues 4/15. Read more:
Hands up if you have sat in #Moodle scoping meetings for clients very similar to this? I have! #friday #humour
I am loving the #badopiniongenerator. Some people got some things very wrong in hindsight
My daughter is extra excited because today the pilots arrived for her #voltron lions.
I soooo want to be a #seagullkeynote at my next event. :P Via @catspyjamasnz
All set ready to deliver my final #moodle training. Mixes feelings.
My little girl has started #soccer today. Still growing up too fast. :) [pic] —
Great! Just in time for the weekend. :( feel like a truck has hit me. The reversed and then tried again #sick
This brings back many memories of hot sweltering summers on trains in my childhood. #memories
I'm sure there is more to this story.Where does student data belong? What does this bode for SaaS solutions? #edchat
For my #librarian friends. What books can do to our heads!
The futures so bright you've got to wear shades! Thanks for all your supportive comments the past 48hrs. @instructure
A few are asking me why the move to @instructure. This image sums up things quite nicely! :) Change is a good thing!
Wife: I need a picture of our cat on the toilet Me: Why do you need that? Wife: Its for my uni assignment Figures! Her degrees in Education
RT @imootonline: @Wendik6 from #iMoot2014 talking about the conference on the freemoodle podcast #Moodle
Just discovered this great collection of #LTI enabled web apps for education. #moodle #canvasLMS #edchat
Thx to @ghenrick for alerting me. No, this is not an #AprilFoolsDay joke. I am really joining @instructure. Excited & sad at the same time.
So long and thanks for all the fish.: This is a post I have not been looking forward to write…
It is with strong and mixed emotions that I announce the end of the @moodleman. Post can be found here: #moodle
So long and thanks for all the fish.
Who says you can’t use #moodle with K-6 students? Great presentation by @tmag11 #edchat
All the tech needed to travel in 1863 has been replaced by one device today. Interesting perspective. #edchat
How much work went into the #moodle Essential theme? Check out this great visualisation by @gjbarnard
Out for a family bike ride. Great day for it. #fanilysunday (@ The Plane Park)
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