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Jeremiah Owyang
Im going to go here soon - Jeremiah Owyang from Bookmarklet
I want to drive here now. I'm obsessed with trampolines. - Felicia
This place is in Santa Clara, and we're going go soon - Jeremiah Owyang
i always wanted a trampoline as a kid. give me a redbull and let me at it :) - Morgan
fantastic superb game - Alagarsamy Asokan
St Augustine – General notes | Walter Reeves: The Georgia Gardener -
fall - Morgan
How to Design a Mobile Responsive Website -
How-to: Using responsive web design - Morgan
What to watch for in mobile web apps -
What to watch for in mobile apps. - Morgan
Admitting the obvious -
Do people hate Tebow because of his faith? - Morgan
The Full Walter Isaacson/Steve Jobs Interview From 60 Minutes -
The full Walter Isaacson 60 Minutes interview. Excited to watch this. - Morgan
DARPA wants vampire satellites to harvest parts from dead sats prior to decommissioning -
(To start) // DARPA wants satellites to harvest parts from aging ones. - Morgan
Hao Chen
Find Friendfeeders Across The Web - v0.1 -
This tool finds all the sites that your Friendfeed friends use and allows you to filter the results by service. - Hao Chen from Bookmarklet
Please test, and let me know if it works. Suggestions gladly welcome. - Hao Chen
Wow. - Rahsheen
Hao, this is awesome! Remember how people were saying in the FF Feedback room, how they'd like services to be linked, but not important the feeds? THIS is the temp. solution. WOW. Are you going to implement a way to filter individually? - Mona Nomura
It doesn't actually do that, Mona. If your account is in Friendfeed, it goes into your feed. Hao Chen is merely making it easier to get the URLs from FriendFeed. - Mark Trapp
Looks great. I guess I'll have to look into Social Graph API a bit deeper. It's so much faster than FF API for network data. - Benedikt Koehler
Oops, I meant UN-LINK services so it'll stop pulling into their feed BUT still enable their friends to link to their respective accounts. Thank you for catching that, Mark. - Mona Nomura
Great job Hao - Zee.
It should be possible to use the Social Graph API to find services that are not imported into Friendfeed as well as friends' services not on FF. It's a bit tricky because it requires a lot of separate requests. Right now, it's only using the SG API to find your subscriptions across the services you import on FF. - Hao Chen
Thanks, just don't look at the source code. LOL - Hao Chen
Hao, this is awesome, this is going to save me so much time! Thanks! - Shey
You're welcome. This is me though: - Hao Chen
Very cool. However, my tiny brain is not grokking " Remove Connections Already Subscribed To". Please to explain. - Laura Norvig
Laura, it's not very accurate, but it's supposed to remove links to people's accounts on the other networks you already subscribe to. For example, if I already subscribe to Bob on Twitter, it might remove the link to Bob's Twitter page in the big list. - Hao Chen
very kool Hao....Im finding my fellow FF on other services! - (jeff)isageek
Hao, this is very cool; I just used it to great success friending users. - Pete D
Hao, since I am the lone step child, any idea why it would not work for me. I typed in my ID, nothing happens, no spinning wheel indicating it is thinking. Just looks at my sad face....LOL. - R. Ferguson
Hoa - This is great. Can you add - Russellreno
this is so awesome Hao - great job!!!!!!!! look out for random add notifications from me :) - Morgan
Aww..Ruth. What browser + ver + OS are you using? Is JavaScript turned on? Try this link? - Hao Chen
Export to CSV please. :0) - Adam Helweh
wait visita is my OE, my browser is IE. i tried your link still did not work...bummer. - R. Ferguson
I love this Hao. - ChaCha Fance
*spoiler* I never debugged on IE! *spoiler* Sorry, Arne, and thanks for catching that. - Hao Chen
I'm going to have to play with this later...but since Hao is involved, I'm sure it rocks! - Justin Korn from fftogo
Works fine on Safari 3.1.2, FYI. - Mark Trapp
Just fixed for IE! Ruth, please try again? - Hao Chen
Being able to sort the URL data output by either person or service instead of only by person would be nifty. - Laura Norvig
Laura, like grouping all twitter links together for example? - Hao Chen
it worked Hao!!!! - R. Ferguson
How does that work?I type in some user name in it,nothing happen... - Steve Chou
Steve, what browser are you using? Any JavaScript errors? - Hao Chen
Glad to hear you guys are finding uses for it. @Russell Right now, the list of services it displays is the list of services being imported by people's FF accounts, and since isn't a supported service yet, I can't add that in easily. I'll think about how to use the Social Graph API more effectively to do those things though. - Hao Chen
This is just excellent, not wholly accurate like you say but brilliant. Now all I need is to add more contacts on FF ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
very cool Hao - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Another great tool Hao :) - sergiooo
Never seems to work for my own username. - Andrew Trinh
Thanks, guys. :) Andrew, ah, looks like Social Graph doesn't see your FF subscriptions for some reason. http://socialgraph-resources.g... I'll re-code this using the Friendfeed API to get your subscriptions later. - Hao Chen
Very cool Hao! I like seeing which less-common services people actually use. My list (and top 25 services) is Does your system count me twice for YouTube because I have 2 YouTubes? (seems like it might, from the Blog counts). - Mitchell Tsai
It's not working for me either when I input my username. - Steve Lowe
Ditto steplow. Looks like it should be awesome but sadly it's drawing a blank for my username. :( - David Young
Great job, Hao - Zulkarnain K.
For anyone not getting results for their username, I'll post a fix soon, and let you know. - Hao Chen
@Mitchell Yes, it does count twice. - Hao Chen
Wonderful tool for improving connections. Thank you. - Keith - @tsudo
still works. - Hao Chen
I love this. - Laura Norvig
thanks. - Ali Oz
Just remembered about this, unfortunate it's not hosted there anymore, I'll look for any any mirror/archive unless you can provide the code? - Zu from AOD
34 Hot Tips on Increasing Facebook Followers From AMA Boot Camp Marketers -
WTF w/#5 - that reads to me as "spam people with unsolicited emails to get them to join your Facebook page." Seriously? That's a "Hot Tip?" - Morgan
Done With Silly Game Shows, IBM's Watson Finds A Job [NewEnterprise] -
Big data is extremely exciting. - Morgan
Facebook Changes News Feed Settings, Some Users Only Shown Close Friends by Default -
So kill off the organic brand mentions/impressions shortly after announcing sponsored stories. Clever. - Morgan
How Much Does A Facebook Fan Cost? $1.07 - Digits - WSJ -
The lesson, Kistner said, is that the companies that have a head start now, with double-digit millions of fans, are going to end up spending much less money than others. “There is a competitive advantage to starting now,” he said. - Morgan
How Much Does A Facebook Fan Cost? $1.07 - Digits - WSJ -
The lesson, Kistner said, is that the companies that have a head start now, with double-digit millions of fans, are going to end up spending much less money than others. “There is a competitive advantage to starting now,” he said. - Morgan
How Much Does A Facebook Fan Cost? $1.07 - Digits - WSJ -
The lesson, Kistner said, is that the companies that have a head start now, with double-digit millions of fans, are going to end up spending much less money than others. “There is a competitive advantage to starting now,” he said. - Morgan
Where Are Social Media Marketers Seeing the Most Success? - eMarketer -
If a company has used social media, it has most likely also seen success, the study found. Eighty-five percent of companies viewed Facebook as successful, a significant jump from 54% in 2009. Yet Facebook hasn’t matched message or bulletin boards, with 93% reporting it was a successful tactic. foursquare also saw a significant increase in usefulness; it wasn’t even measured in 2009, yet in 2010, 75% of companies reported it was a successful tactic. - Morgan
'1984': As Good as It Gets -
The brief for “1984” was simple: Steve Jobs said, “I want to stop the world in its tracks.” - Morgan
Facebook Ads Get Half the Clicks of Network Banners | ClickZ -
Facebook's average click-through rate was 0.051 percent in 2010, down from 0.063 percent the year before. So for two straight years, the platform has come in below the industry standard of 0.1 percent for banner click-throughs. Cost per click was $0.27 (2009) and $0.49 (2010) for those years, according to Webtrends. - Morgan
6 Newfangled Social Media Tools Worth Discovering -
Love Hello Bar! - Morgan
Why is Quora Censoring our Questions and Answers? -
1 - They're not. 2 - This person's response should've been a comment, not an answer. The answer itself was not helpful to the conversation. 3 - I fail to see how this is censorship. - Morgan
Andy Named One of 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders -
Well deserved - congrats Andy! - Morgan
Did Google Miss the Next Big Thing by Chasing Social Media? | P Morgan Brown -
Facebook announced a new messaging platform today that combines all of your communications into one inbox and uses your social graph to prioritize and validate inbound messages. Email, IM, SMS and social messages in one place. It’s a unified approach to communication and focuses on the relationship between people, rather than between messages as its foundation. And I can’t help but wonder, Why didn’t Google do this first? And, did Google’s obsession with “catching” Facebook and Twitter leave a blind spot to this new way to bring efficiencies to digital communication? - Morgan
These aren't games, like the industry thinks of games, these are something a little less, these are Barely Games. And these, are what I wanted to talk about. Partly because they're just interesting, partly because these things, and especially pretending, don't seem to find their way much into the discussion about games. I listen to a lot of chat about games and hear lots about story and play, but very rarely hear about pretending, when, of course, pretending is central to the whole business. That's how video game reviews should start - "In this game you are pretending..." - Morgan
5 Game-Changing Social Media Marketing Campaigns [Mashable Awards] -
Social media affords brands limitless potential in the realm of creativity. The most creative of the bunch find a way to make something magical or unthinkable happen. Remember when the Old Spice guy’s viral videos were the only thing anyone could talk about? Or what about the controversial Foursquare badge crafted by MTV that encourages young adults to check in at STD clinics? These are not your garden variety social media campaigns. - Morgan
» IDEA 2010 Conference: Day One Johnny Holland – It's all about interaction » Blog Archive -
In the first half of this session, Peter Morville discussed his idea of “intertwingularity.” This term describes integrated technologies as “a place where information blurs the boundaries between products and services to enable multi-channel, cross-platform, trans-media, physico-digital user experiences.” - Morgan
What Everybody Should Know About Facebook Analytics — A Comparison of the Top 4 Services -
To go back to the original point, picking the right analytics tools (or combinations) is a matter of knowing which goals one wants to achieve. Mixpanel is great for event trackink, Google Analytics is great for traffic, KISSMetrics is great for funnels and Kontagent is great for getting visualizations and filtering but specific to Facebook. - Morgan
How to Understand Typography Like a Professional Designer - How-To Geek -
“Typography exists to honor content.” Bringhurst says. And all art is, in part, about the artist. The art of typography says something about the typographer’s personal style. Jannon was a nonconformist Frenchman who designed immaculate typefaces. When you set your body copy in Jannon faces, what are you saying about the content of those words? Are you speaking of the French flair of the author? Of his iconoclasm? Of his suffering and persecution? It is this level of richness, history and craftsmanship knowledgeable designers like Bringhurst use when approaching a design problem. Every face says something, even if it is not obvious. - Morgan
What Is User Experience Design? Overview, Tools And Resources - Smashing Magazine -
But regardless of how much has changed in the production process, a website’s success still hinges on just one thing: how users perceive it. “Does this website give me value? Is it easy to use? Is it pleasant to use?” These are the questions that run through the minds of visitors as they interact with our products, and they form the basis of their decisions on whether to become regular users. User experience design is all about striving to make them answer “Yes” to all of those questions. This guide aims to familiarize you with the professional discipline of UX design in the context of Web-based systems such as websites and applications. - Morgan
The Celtics' Scvngr Slam Dunk: Season Tickets Worth $6,000 | ClickZ -
As the first place prize in a contest dubbed "The Boston Celtics Trek," the season tickets represent a loss leader of around $6,000, according to a team spokesperson. That figure ups the ante considerably compared to other promotions recently seen in this nascent marketing space. A comparable effort came last month when Virgin America caught the industry's attention by offering two-for-one plane tickets to Mexico. The loss-leader was between $365 and $465 per airfare and was redeemed by hundreds if not thousands of participants. What's markedly different about the Celtics' big giveaway is there is no actual sold unit attached to it. - Morgan
A/B testing significance calculator (spreadsheet in Excel) « I love split testing – Visual Website Optimizer Blog -
So, we have come up with a FREE spreadsheet which details how exactly is significance is calculated. You just need to provide number of visitors and conversions for control and variations. The spreadsheet will automatically calculate for you significance, p-value, z-value and other relevant metrics for any kind of split testing (including Adwords). - Morgan
Facebook Says “Likers” Click Links To External Websites 5.4x More -
Websites which have Implemented the Like button or other social plugins have experienced the following traffic increases: ABC News (+190%), Gawker (+200%),  TypePad (+200%), Sporting News (+500%). Facebook also published various statistics about how has been affected by the implementation. “Visitors are reading 92% more articles, spending 85% more time on-site, viewing 86% more videos, and generating 36% more visits.” - Morgan
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