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Who would have thought that blogs vs. microblogs would be one of the fiercest media wars of 2009? It's enough to make you long for a good old fashioned Google-newspaper fight. - Svartling from Bookmarklet
Hanna Wiszniewska
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Demetrios the Traveller
Airplane Graveyard - Top 10 Google Earth Finds -
Airplane Graveyard - Top 10 Google Earth Finds
"The Davis-Monthan Air Force Base outside of Tuscon, Ariz., is where old planes go to die. More than 4,000 military aircraft are parked on the base, from B-52s to stealth bombers, where they are salvaged for parts and broken down for scrap. It's one of the most popular satellite pictures online, making guided tours of the area are a hot ticket." - Demetrios the Traveller from Bookmarklet
Robert Scoble
Facebook? Up 10%. Twitter? Up 16%. FriendFeed? Flat -
My analysis of where FriendFeed has gone wrong. Keep in mind that FriendFeed is growing faster than many blogs are, and is outpacing TechMeme, for instance. - Robert Scoble
FF needs Shaq. - mtlb
Someone said they can't believe FriendFeed isn't gaining momentum. It is, but not at the same rate Facebook and Twitter are. - Robert Scoble
I don't think FriendFeed can compete with Facebook. I don't think it should, they're different tools. - Glenn Slaven
friendfeed is not so easy for most people to "use" or view, I think twitter is the easiest, facebook is good for people who like it.. I 'use" friendfeed to post things that go to twitter and facebook but I do not come here a lot to read posts. After reading a page of posts and comments I have had enough, it is like reading 15+ blogs with comments, a little too bulky? - David Gross
8-10% of ALL techmeme posts are from TechCrunch why such a high rate? - Benjamin Taylor
Why compare? I like FF for what it is. I don't want it to be in the same convo as Twitter and FB. It has nicely defined user base, a distinct design and functionality and has 2 great uses: conversation and self-aggregation - Dave Ferrick
"The search industry has a dirty secret: 99% of people don’t click on advanced search, yet FriendFeed requires you to click on that button to use it in any useful way." You're right, but I find it interesting that FriendFeed's advanced search is the only advanced search I use. Maybe FriendFeed is a tool for the more advanced social networkers? Maybe it's not for everyone. - Kevin Gamble
FF needs SMS before it gets Shaq - Jesse Stay
In terms of FriendFeed it's a fantastic tool for setting up a "lifestream" feed to your blog. really simple way to own your social media without plugins - Benjamin Taylor
Robert, FriendFeed will catch 2010 - Benjamin Taylor
Compete can't measure everything. For example, they think had 320 visits last month. - Bruce Lewis
They can just make a really good FriendFeed client. What we are doing right now is the hidden power of FriendFeed. Allowing people to continue the conversation beyond the original post. - Dave Mora
I find this a hilarious slap in the face for you Scoble, but honestly, FriendFeed does not have the simplicity of Twitter to be quite honest, and I have a much higher chance of using Twitter with a third party app than this. Still, it's all about if you're friends or people you want to watch are on here, and for me, they aren't, - Chris Lindhartsen
Seconding alex's question. I would use a FF iPhone app in a heartbeat - Tristan Walker from iPhone
I mainly use friendfeed to post to it for people who like to read (bookmarklet and other stuff) and so friendfeed can post to twitter and facebook. I would like if it posted to myspace too :o) - David Gross
Dave has a great point, it's FF provides a deeper layer of the conversation - Benjamin Taylor
Robert, the list is backwards... it should be API, Mobile, monetization, etc.. - Alberto Saavedra
They need SMS before an iPhone app - most of the nation still does not have internet on their cell phone - Jesse Stay
Alberto: it's 4 a.m. here in London and the list is in no particular order, just straight off the top of my head. - Robert Scoble
friendfeed is NOT mobile unless you are on an iphone.. - David Gross
FF tripped these past two months because of a lack of iphone apps, lack of a good SUL, lack of a good intro for new members, lack of comments happening for new members. While FF has moved forward on some fronts - they still need better integration into blogs then we'll see a better uptake. - LPH™ and his dog P™
John, exactly! The only thing I truly use this for is the occasional conversation bit and tying to my Twitter account. - Chris Lindhartsen
SMS can't be the answer right away, particularly when the major value add for FF is in the threaded conversation. - Tristan Walker from iPhone
David, even on an iphone, FF trips - LPH™ and his dog P™
Tristan - FriendFeed will never go to the masses if they don't have SMS support - Jesse Stay
even if we forget the thought of monetization - my idea about creating a whitelabel ff to replace forums would drastically increase the usage and the understanding of the service - - ff has to get out from under the early adopter rock - without going down the exact same path as twitter - my suggestion does exactly that. - Allen Stern
@LPH o rly? so it is not so easy to make it mobile.. - David Gross
John, as effective as Twitter. Most remote people can't access it via the internet, but they can via SMS. Twitter is making SMS work - FriendFeed can as well. - Jesse Stay
I agree Jesse, but what does that product look like? How does one keep up with the 'conversation' and stay relevant - Tristan Walker from iPhone
Tristan, the same way they're doing the IM link above - Jesse Stay
i disagree with the sms talk - all it would do is help the current users use it more - that's worthless for ff now - sorry jesse don't hate me :) - Allen Stern
sms would not work, even email does not work and I get that on my phone.. there is too much of it.. - David Gross
Allen, I think it would get new users. Many users use Twitter mostly through SMS - it's what made Twitter appealing for me. It's why I used Twitter in South Dakota and Minnesota and Wyoming and not FriendFeed. - Jesse Stay
I like what Posterous is doing in terms of post methods - Benjamin Taylor
It's just not inviting. A fraction too complicated. I signed up but really haven't used it since but I'm active on twitter because it's simple and I can do it with 1% of my brain. FF doesn't give me that and yet I know why it is technically a 'better' more advanced system than Twitter - philhenley
I have to clean up my gmail before I go mobile because on my phone this conversation will be multiple messages even though in gmail it is one conversation lol - David Gross
jesse - as robert noted - most people using twitter have no reason to be on ff - my sister is one of them - she has no need to aggregate a bunch of services - so sms won't "move" or "add" new users from twitter. my discussion board idea would. - Allen Stern
The current FriendFeed audience is anti-SMS though. You guys will never be for it, but mark my words - the audience FriendFeed does want that will bring in the masses will come when they enable SMS - Jesse Stay
David - the iphone apps are not quite good enough and the mobile interface on the iphone is worthless if the subscriptions are too high. - LPH™ and his dog P™
Allen, FriendFeed needs a simpler layer, and I think SMS is part of that. People don't have to use the whole thing, or even know it exists. They need a simple way to post statuses from anywhere they belong. So long as we're comparing them to Twitter, they have to do what Twitter does. Otherwise, why are we comparing them to Twitter at all? - Jesse Stay
allen, I am on twitter and I love FF, I read blogs in google reader and any blog I share is posted to twitter through ff, I can favorite a youtube video from their mobile site and it is also posted on twitter through ff - David Gross
Jesse I'm a big big fan of SMS..I use it for Twitter all the time...but I could not imagine using SMS for a conversation like this. Sms does the job when it comes to status updates and notifications. No brainer - Tristan Walker from iPhone
In terms of the gains at twitter and Facebook, flat isn't bad. Although a few percentage points would have been nice. - Michael Fidler
and actually, just making those links on the right anything but bog standard would really help FF look less like a beta product. It always feels to me like it's half finished - philhenley
Tommy, that's what preferences and options are for - Jesse Stay
Friendfeed missed the 'boom' that Iran and MJ brought to twitter and FB. The only rason I can think of it, it was easier for people to join convos about those topics in twitter and fb than 'find' them in friendfeed. FF is still growing so nothing to be worried about. it will grow in its own pace as it has been doing. - Freddie Benjamin
jesse - come to nyc - we will go to times square and ask how many people use sms or want to signup for ff to handle their sms and aggregate all their social services - you can even wear your social median shirt! - Allen Stern
Tommy, and frankly, the power of Twitter SMS aren't the status updates I receive - it's the ability to post SMS updates - Jesse Stay
My bad Robert, thought the numbers were priority. Jesse, unfortunately FriendFeed currently is perceived as a web app while twitter is kind of device agnostic - Alberto Saavedra
I think Twitter and FriendFeed should just join forces and create a super social site: Fritter! - Shawn Hickman
Allen, only if you come to South Dakota and Wyoming and Minnesota with me to ask the same questions - Jesse Stay
Comment Control.. Cleaner interface (I never liked the redesign) ... and Media coverage :) - Tim Hoeck
Alberto, and that is unfortunate - it's why, so long as we're comparing it to Twitter, it will never have the numbers Twitter has - Jesse Stay
Tommy, the problem is Twitter still gets that traffic - Jesse Stay
as I watch this thread I wonder.. why can't I "pop-out" a thread and watch it, like a chat room.. hard to follow a conversation.. - Tim Hoeck
tim - if you click on the time, you get a dedicated page - but i agree with you - a "control center" would be nice - Allen Stern
how about a mobile website before you make iphone app? is it so hard to make Like and Comment links that work in Opera Mobile or IE Mobile? - David Gross
It was SMS that enabled me to be the first report on the GreenPeace protest at Mount Rushmore - there was no internet there. It is those interesting Tweets that make Twitter interesting and appealing. It's the information, real-time content, and capability to post anywhere, any time that makes Twitter appealing. I can't necessarily do that everywhere with FriendFeed. It will never compete with Twitter in that regard. - Jesse Stay
Information is flowing away and not stocked. This is the main problem. Solution is in applications as you said. Friendfeed should create a great developer community to spread their APIs. They need an another funding for developer contests. Or just one acquiring may solve this motivation problem of developers, like Twitter's Summize sourcing. - Erhan Erdoğan
sms wont get new users. - Allen Stern
Allen, prove it - Jesse Stay
I like Allen's white label idea. - Michael Fidler
ahh.. thanks Allen.. guess that is one of those "usability" things :) - Tim Hoeck
I would not use ff in sms.. too many messages to go through, I would be way behind on my reading, it would be worse than my email.. - David Gross
thanks michael - i truly believe that it would open ff past the geekcore that it sits with now - sadly none of ff management has ever replied or commented on any of my ideas for them - Allen Stern
tim - i only learned that last week - i agree why there isnt a button is beyond me - Allen Stern
(Just got done reading the article and I can come right to the sidebar to comment on it. I love that.) I'm glad the growth is slow. Maybe the FriendFeed team isn't, but I love hanging out here and I don't think it would be the same if it was being hyped up as much as other services. - Mitch
And now - we can see the next challenge faced by FF. The majority of FF entries have a short life - the flip of the page - unless others see the thread and "like" or comment. If the entry is missed then there is no power to the entry (and no immediate gratification for the person). Next, there are multiple entries of the same topics. On Twitter, this is partially solved by retweets - but "top" FFeeders don't really re-share other people's entries - thus "killing off the young." - LPH™ and his dog P™
Keep in mind my comments are only in regards to FriendFeed being able to "compete" with Twitter. Otherwise Twitter is not competition. FriendFeed needs to figure out who they are and who they are competing with. I have no clue based on what you guys are saying. - Jesse Stay
There are other uses for FF we for example are using it as CRM with the secret mail it work perfectly ,as well I recommended some time ago to let other sites when they register their users to make an automatic parallel user here in FF ,for example a newspaper that has his social activity can make all his users FF users ,its a small API but an important one - Johni Fisher
Twitter is popular because, honestly, most people only want to hear themselves speak, and don't care that much about what everyone else thinks. However, there will always be those of us who like reading what other people think. - Curt
agree jesse - i dont think they know who they are yet either - i'd like to see them move AWAY from twitter comparisons as it's just not a battle worth fighting at this time. it's time for ff to get some marketing staff - Allen Stern
exactly curt - it's about people thinking they are a celeb. - Allen Stern
I do not know how many people actually have the time for all this anyway, I been watching this conversation for a bit but it is past bedtime.. good night everybody :o) - David Gross
take the experience out of the browser. i think a robust desktop app would gain FF a few more super dorky users, but wouldn't help them grow at the rate facebook and twitter are. - Jim Halligan @jim
Jesse: Friendfeed will compete with Google Wave or Google Search. Not Twitter or Facebook. - Erhan Erdoğan
Allen, agreed as well - so long as they want to be Twitter they need SMS. If they don't want to be Twitter they need to distinguish exactly what they are. No one knows right now. - Jesse Stay
Twitter has won their territory, FriendFeed needs to NOT be twitter, and find their "zone". - Tim Hoeck
Basically friendfeed has built an incredible communications platform that can be utilized in many different environments. The corporate market holds huge potential. White labeling friendfeed just makes sense. - Michael Fidler
And now another challenge to FF is shown in these comments. People start talking to each other - and when not noticed they either keep trying to "join" the conversation or just remove themselves from the conversation. Finally, someone who just discovers this is NOT going to be interested in reading everyone's comments - thus lowering a person's interest. - LPH™ and his dog P™
Erhan which one - those are two entirely different products right now. - Jesse Stay
Does FF have any recmmendation systems? With conversations like this I'd imagine that to be a killer opportunity - Tristan Walker from iPhone
If they want to be search, search needs to be front and center, like Google - Jesse Stay
i have to go to sleep im sorry but i still don't think sms will change that graph that thomas hawk posted. and not to harp on my idea but if they did start with the forum idea - think about how massive their real-time search index would be.... ponder that one - too many companies forget how much more is out there... it makes me very frustrated - ok be well everyone - Allen Stern
If they want to be like Google Wave, the private messaging has to be front and center, and they need to be more open - Jesse Stay
"real time" overload this thread is a prime example - Benjamin Taylor
It's just like a chat room - Benjamin Taylor
I just read Scobleizer's blog post. What's this about Facebook cloning FriendFeed? Did Facebook enhance "Like" to where I see non-friends' items on Facebook that my friends Like? Does Facebook have "Hide other items like this one" now? Last I saw, Facebook only had flimsy imitations of FriendFeed's functionality. - Bruce Lewis
except, the UI is not like a chat room... hard to follow. - Tim Hoeck
LPH, exactly right about the size. You can't have a conversation with a zillion people at once. Smaller groups are more effective, and that's why Facebook is popular, you control who you talk to... - Curt
Jesse: This data will be valuable than Google's crawled index. They must use this value. But I ve no idea which one they choose. - Erhan Erdoğan
Allen there are so many more people that can post content to FriendFeed (vs the other Social Networks in the graph) once they open up SMS. Much more content will go directly to FriendFeed, and not their "competition" (if that graph is really who they're trying to compete with - I don't think it is) - Jesse Stay
Content *can* already go from SMS to FF... through Twitter.. I don't see the point. - Tim Hoeck
LPH, Curt: isn't that exactly what Google Wave will do? Have the ability to branch off? - Jim Halligan @jim
Benjamin: It's really hard to find the "comment" link when talking like in mIRC. : ) What is the problem. A "comment" link in the last comment's right may be useful. - Erhan Erdoğan
just give us a good old fashion frame so we can scroll :) - Tim Hoeck
What brought people to Twitter were the "tornado" and "earthquake" and "fire" posts. It made Twitter interesting and brought even more people to Twitter. The iPhone wasn't out then - how do you think people were posting those emergency Tweets at that time (and even now)? The media caught that and before we knew it even Oprah was talking about it. SMS is the root of what has made Twitter successful, even if the majority of users don't use it all the time. The "interesting" Tweets all come from SMS. - Jesse Stay
Perhaps every Friendfeed fan should take it upon themselves to introduce one new person to it. #Mentor - David Damore
age sex location? - Erhan Erdoğan
nooooooo.... - Tim Hoeck
23 m istanbul :D HAHA good nights! ; ) - Erhan Erdoğan
Bruce I think that FaceBook has other bug as well ,when you send a request to B a friend with someone even with out his approval you are getting at your wall his posts or part of them for sure - Johni Fisher
this is what i mean by taking the experience out of the browser. at least for me, chrome cannot handle this thread right now. - Jim Halligan @jim
Not being supported by developers is a big downside for friendfeed, The problem is there is little room for a ff client to add value like they do for twitter. - Alistair (alpinefolk)
Twitter growth = bots, spammers. - Mo Kargas
Facebook is confusing to me.. too much going on in their UI. Twitter is ridiculous to carry on a conversation. FF is for me. Just clean up the UI, and make things easier to manage. And word to the wise.. when I start getting "Which character from HBO's True Blood are you?" requests, I'm outta here! - Tim Hoeck
What's really interesting is that these 3 products are entirely different products that I think should be competing on entirely different turfs. The blogosphere for some reason wants them all to compete. - Jesse Stay
Forums, IRC, and Newsgroups all co-existed (and still do).. what's the difference? They all have their niche. - Tim Hoeck
I am learning about Friendfeed now, but feel Twitter has elements of Google, linkedin and real time convos, that Friendfeed does not make as easy or intuitive. But friendfeed offers full convo tracking. To me, it seems like merger mania on the horizon. Question: Who buys who? - Alan W Silberberg
FriendFeed vs. Google Wave? - Jim Halligan @jim
like Robert said in his blog, friendfeed is newer than either fb or twitter and is in similar place as when they were same age.. to me it seems like friendfeed can be like twitter when nobody comments or the page is full of tweets or it can look more like facebook when people post pictures and stories and leave comments.. It is like a mesh of facebook without the nasty apps and twitter... more... - David Gross
Frankly, I'd love to see one company own all three - I think it would make a really valuable product, and I think all 3 would still co-exist - Jesse Stay
Any "popular" alternative to Friedfeed? - People just don't get it. ( I use it ) - FranK
Ff does need a better mobile app. However there is no reason for it to compete with Twitter, they have different uses - Kim Landwehr from iPhone
Jesse, I think that sounds good, all 3 together in harmony.. and I have introduced my twitter and facebook friends to :o) #hive - David Gross
Not 100% off topic since it was mentioned can someone tell me why 8-10% of ALL posts on Techmeme are from TechCrunch? - Benjamin Taylor
Benjamin, others have their theories, but my view: TechCrunch also breaks 8-10% (or more) of all tech news stories. They're simply the first to the stories. - Jesse Stay
Benjamin: TechCrunch covers more tech industry news and gets linked to by more influential bloggers than any other site. Before TechCrunch deleted its account here, it was my #1 most "liked" FriendFeed account, too. - Robert Scoble
FranK: Facebook is the popular alternative to FriendFeed. - Robert Scoble
Robert, I think it's a different tool than FriendFeed. It's more for managing relationships. FriendFeed is more about information and aggregation. - Jesse Stay
Robert, I like it too, it's impressive based on the list of tech blogs/sites - Benjamin Taylor
Yes Jesse, the 3 are entirely different and FF's perceived focus is realtime conversations but the service is not ready to scale (the value) yet, this conversation is an example... everyone should have the ability to create different threads in their own view and aggregate them (personalize) as preferred. But web development is not there yet, what FriendFeed needs is more developers excited. - Alberto Saavedra
Does anyone have an opinion on how FriendFeed might deal with Google Wave as a competitor? I see these two services being very similar, closer than Twitter & FF. Robert, I see how you use FF bring people from Twitter over here to discuss topics. Do you see yourself using Wave in a similar fashion, and what do you think the adoption rate will be like? - Jim Halligan @jim
Jim, I have not even had a chance to see what google wave is all about, just waiting for them to spring it on me.. - David Gross from email
Jim: I'm with David. Don't know enough yet about Wave. When they get it to me we'll check it out quickly. - Robert Scoble
wave might be a good thing, I DO use gmail.. maybe google will buy friendfeed? lol - David Gross from email
Robert, if you ever want to try it I have a test account I can let you play with any time. - Jesse Stay
Wave is more a competition with Gmail than it is FriendFeed, unless there's something they have yet to release or announce that utilizes the Wave protocol - Jesse Stay
Wave is a technology. If it's good, FriendFeed will use it, possibly better than anyone else does. - Bruce Lewis
Thanks. I believe that if they do end up competing, as much as I love FriendFeed- I think they might be in trouble because Google will be able to back the real-time search technology and they may also have a way to monetize the Waves from day one. - Jim Halligan @jim
Bruce: Very good point. - Jim Halligan @jim
Jim, I think Google would be better off just buying FriendFeed and integrating the Google technology with what FriendFeed already has. I think Paul and crew have carefully poised themselves this way. - Jesse Stay
Jesse, do you think the former googlers want to be acquired by Google? Paul B has talked about wanting to structure a company in a new, more sustainable way. Would he be happy back in Google's structure again? - Bruce Lewis
Bruce, I don't know Paul, but I'm willing to bet if the offer was right he wouldn't turn Google down. - Jesse Stay
Another option would be to sell to Microsoft or Yahoo, of course. - Jesse Stay
Jesse: Paul wouldn't sell. Doesn't need to. And if he did the offer would be so wacky and based on the numbers FriendFeed isn't going to get a wacky bid this year. - Robert Scoble
I'm sticking to my guns on this one. I think they'll sell this year or next. - Jesse Stay
Anyways, back to vacation. :-) - Jesse Stay
Jesse, only 5 days to the Boston FriendFeed meetup! - Bruce Lewis
I did see a feature in Google wave which might help here. They have a real-time grammar/spelling correction system, which was included from the start. It was included to to make the platform as comfortable to use as possible hopefully to appeal to a larger audience. Some people type slow or make grammatical mistakes; I'm the king of them. Personally, I would love anything that would help in this area. - Michael Fidler
Bruce, I'm looking forward to it! - Jesse Stay
I don't use FriendFeed as much as I probably should. And where is its RSS feed? - Technogran
Sandra - Check the bottom of the page. - Mitch
Jessie, I could completely see Google buying friendfeed. It seems to me that's been a possible exit stategy from the start. - Michael Fidler
Sounds like a wild prediction Michael, or are there some clues/hints that I'm oblivious to? - Mitch
Mitch, it's total conjecture on my part. It's just a theory, nothing more. I can see it as an exit strategy, but whether it was preconceived is nothing more than speculation. There isn't any bad blood between them that you know of, is there? - Michael Fidler
Curt's comment above: "Twitter is popular because, honestly, most people only want to hear themselves speak..." Good point. Of course there's a degree of that everywhere including FF, but the inherent length limit on a twitter is enough insulation for most users that, when faced with a call to debate, are comfortable with 1) Shooting out a curt, cryptic one-liner or 2) Not responding at all. The rich communication environment on FriendFeed makes not backing up what you bring to the party glaringly obvious. - Micah
Allen, your whitebox idea deserves more consideration, discussion and air time than it's currently getting. I would love to see forum software replaced or morphed by the power of the FF technology. I think one hesitation (at least for now) may be the worry of siphoning off too many staff resources to deal with the hosting/dev infrastructure + licensing deal issues that go with the territory. Regardless, we need more analysis on this, people! - Micah
TweetMeme up 78% - Nick Halstead
Good post with a lot of interesting observations. The one point I would push back on is the API: friendfeed has by far the best designed API - way better than facebook and twitter. The reason there are less applications on friendfeed is not because of the API but I think because they have not reached their critical mass yet. I personally think that this whole social networking/messaging... more... - Edwin Khodabakchian
Agree,Friendfeed is kind of noisy,many people like me doesn't use that as often as we used to. - Steve Chou
I think a good name could make a difference. Friendfeed, friendfood, friendfodder !!!??? - ThinkEzy
FF is doing just fine... It's a very, very powerful product as it is now. Yea it has many imperfections... So feedback is great, but also give it some time, and it will become better and better (it has been that way thus far), and will rock the world. Also, remember that slower growth may be a blessing for a product, too. - Onur Kabadayi
FriendFeed seems to be an important web application and, in hindsight, may turn out to be the ground breaker in a new class of applications. However, it is horrendously difficult to understand. Even as a reasonably technical user, the presentation of configuration information about what is input, what is output, what is connected to what, etc. is appalling. "My kingdom for a diagram!" - John W Lewis
As a developer that creates a lot of mashups etc, I disagree about the api, the problem with the api is not the api it's a case of what to do with it. The data that comes out of FF is much more complex than fb and twitter. I am working on something which should solve some of your issues and show it off. Lack of hype is also why there are not many apps. - Darren Stuart
Great article, Robert Scoble. Love your ruthless intellectual honesty in identifying some problems with a service you have heavily evangelized. It would be easy to address these issues, but I am beginning to think that FF management has a much different take on the noise problem than many of us (including Tim O'Reilly). - Sean McBride
I agree with Onur Kabadayi.. Robert says it in his post as well. Twitter's growth in the first two years was similar. Plus, given the fact that it is a more complicated tool, it will take some more time for management to get some "First Things to Do Now that you are on FriendFeed" kind of documentation, and for the users to really grasp all that can be done w/ Friendfeed and why it is better (the differentiation). Sean McBride, could you expand on "a much different take" when it comes to noise.? - John Serra
John: FF has a "much different take" on noise: some of us have been complaining quite loudly about the noise issue for over a year now, with no feedback from FF or moves from FF to address the problem. Perhaps this is a matter of individual aesthetics; perhaps Paul, Bret and the FF crew enjoy a large sprawling rambling chaotic canvas and don't see the world through the same eyes as Tim O'Reilly, Mitch Kapor, Tim Bray, etc. Twitter is growing much faster than Friendfeed because of its minimalism and brevity. - Sean McBride
Twitter is being blocked by China Government, evildoing! - Motor Industry
Exactly why I asked Sean.. I like the fact that there is noise, and I like the fact that I get to filter out what I don't want to see.. Yes, we could argue that the ability to filter should be better, or more explicit, but I believe we are still at an early stage of development for this tool.. So, yes, I believe it is only for early adapting power users (sorry for the generalization) at... more... - John Serra
FF does so much more for my work and my engagement with my professional community than twitter or FB have ever been able to. :) Thanks for the interesting post! - Allyson Lister
Friendfeed is a major player in real time search and it never sucks like Twitter( Its always down) - Michael_techie
I still feel like I am not being understood by many on the noise issue. I just clicked on my Peoplebrowsr tab and was able to scan *twenty* new mostly high-value Twitter posts from high-quality news feeds, many of which do not post directly to Friendfeed. I clicked back to my Friendfeed page, and am able to see only *two* primary posts. So: Twitter via Peoplepbrowsr usually offers a 10... more... - Sean McBride
I think FF is missing a huge opportunity to engage the Flickr community -- a large and established group of people and a community where FF could be a natural tool. 1. FF needs to allow you to import all of your Flickr contacts into FF matching up actual accounts where possible and creating an option for imaginary friends for the rest (to be replaced by actual accounts when others... more... - Thomas Hawk
Long-term, I think that FF can also expand in the direction of aggregating real-time sensor data like pachube ( As wireless smart-meters invade our homes, every one of us will have at least a few sensor data streams that can be fed to FF for commenting, analysis, mashing, etc. Making effective real-time search over that data torrent is the only thing that can... more... - Vlado Handziski
I'll second that. Brilliant idea Thomas! - Michael Fidler
Ironically, one of FriendFeed's problems is that its web experience is simply too good. Twitter's sucked (and still does), so it was the third-party developers who jumped in and as you said, are driving Twitter's growth. - Aviv
I'm not going to lie, I don't want more people to join friend feed, they are ready ruined twitter. Well, maybe not ruined, but the value is a bit polluted by the bots and many self interested people - Robert D. Fraser
Aviv, got to disagree with you about FriendFeed's web experience. A discussion like this one, with above a hundred comments, just turns "discussion" into the worst kind of flat-forum experience. It becomes impossible to find who's responding to who, because it isn't threaded (and you can't collapse responses). It's like an unthreaded Slashdot - simply unreadable. - Ian Betteridge
Ian: funny, I read every unreadable comment here. - Robert Scoble
Me too! This kind of thread is totally readable. - Jim Connolly
Ian, I agree with you on that, but other than that issue (seen most frequently at Scoble's threads, of course) you have to agree that the early adopter crowd really adores the slick UI that the FF team got us used to. Among those early adopters are also potential third-party developers who have absolutely no incentive to compete with FF on delivering better UI experience, especially... more... - Aviv
And since you mentioned flat-forum experience - that's another problem FF faces; It evolved into a forum-like experience. A real-time one, but still a forum experience. And we all know mainstream doesn't care much about message boards unless they're troubleshooting some Windows printer driver. I'm guessing that for most "normal" users, keeping up with what goes on on FF is fun for the... more... - Aviv
The deer in the headlights reaction by some as to not getting likes and comments (or to the desired degree) doesn't seem much different than case of dreamers who think moving to Hollywood or Nashville automatically means you'll get noticed. It's an opportunity. - Micah
Micah, that's not the same at all. I think that for some people, myself included, FF is just not as useful as it once was. 6 months ago I'd get some reactions to threads like and Granted I don't have the network that... more... - Aviv
Matthew, I'm not talking about my own management of the FF stream. That I do well. What I find troubling is that so many don't, and as a result entries go unnoticed quite often. IMHO this will be most difficult for new users to comprehend and will be the biggest contributor to them not coming back. - Aviv
Aviv, thanks for clarifying. If your network puts you in a List, problem solved - but you already knew that. So the point you made was a lot of other people aren't leveraging lists and searches. So I'm thinking out loud with you here: what's the remedy? Maybe an algorithm that automatically puts what appears to be your core network into a List, and then flags you that there's unread activity going on in that List. I'm speaking in broad terms, but what do you think? - Micah
lol Matthew. Self fulfilling prophecy, right, that's probably it. Or not: I took a look at your feed and it reminds me a lot of Digg. So I'm not at all surprised that you're seeing increased engagement. But in any case, I don't see the increased engagement you're talking about. Your content gets at best 4 Likes. I guess you don't know what I'm talking about really. - Aviv
LOL - Aviv
I'm sure you won't be around much either, as soon as FlickChart implements forums. - Aviv
So excited, my first ever flame war on FF. I guess it just became useful again. Where have you been in the past 2 years Matthew? - Aviv
Move on man. Your feed really does look like Digg, so admit it and let's move on. :) - Aviv
Matthew, come on, are you serious? Can you not tell when someone is being sarcastic? - Aviv
You two knock it off. - Robert Scoble
Matthew, I was just pointing out that your feed probably sees more engagement because Digg-like threads on FF bubble to the top more often than "serious" threads (actually I should say entries, because they rarely get the chance to become threads;) Scoble even says so in his post. I'm sorry if you feel that I attacked you personally, as that was far from my intention. - Aviv
The UI is my biggest gripe. Face it FF is geared towards techie users I don't know if that was the plan. I don't see how FF could bring in regular users unless they have something like Facebook apps. - sarvesh
I don't buy the API argument, it is the best of all the social networks. I developed the FriendDeck client using it, it is very very very clean for an API. As for clients, there is my FriendDeck app, it was way ahead of Tweetdeck for some features (web and desktop client with shared settings) - Paul Kinlan
Seriously, I will lead the development of a Friendfeed client if anyone wants, take my FriendDeck brand and grow it make it better. - Paul Kinlan
Jumping in a little late, but I have to say that I would be a much more active user on FF if the mobile site was functional on my BB. FF2GO just doesn't cut it since I can't change my settings or anything. I'm just not sitting at my desk or in front of a laptop all that often, but I always have my BB on me. - Matt Thompson
Paul, the thing is, there's no need for such a client. Web experience is too good to encourage others to develop alternatives. - Aviv
Aviv: I don't buy that in the slightest, there is a lot of need, multiple columns, sub feed/list filtering, user discovery, verticals (video only feeds, picture columns etc - like amplifeeder as an example), there are lots of things that a good client will do to enhance Friendfeed. - Paul Kinlan
Perhaps, but Twitter was ugly and near useless from day one, so the incentive (and need) for third-party developers was more obvious. It's also hard for a single third-party developer to enhance a service that updates its UI and functionality every other day. While the FF team is definitely doing a great job at that, it's much easier to develop on top of Twitter when you know it takes them 2 months just to charge the color of a link. - Aviv
interesting. I've avoided subscribing to you but maybe that's what I need to fully appreciate FriendFeed (my interest had been waning) :) - Paul Whitaker
@paul Nah, don't subscribe to Scoble (sorry Robert), I did for a while but it leads to information overload. Instead subscribe to a few people who do subscribe to him and you see the best bits as they 'like' and 'comment' on them. That said, this is redundant advice as you saw this post that way anyway I presume... and for me, thats the power of FF. - James Macgill
Aviv: I defiantly agree that friendfeed has an awesome service and it works on many levels better than twitter does and they are very responsive and proactive to change. The biggest thing about a desktop client is a desktop client, you would be suprised how many people's workflow require a desktop app started from the start menu (I don't personally understand it but the demand is massive) - Paul Kinlan
James: I don't mind seeing roberts posts at all, however the best bit of friendfeed for me are lists (i.e, lists of people I really follow etc), my discussions and the Best Of Day. - Paul Kinlan
Amazing to see Facebook items with 100,000 likes and 10,000 comments. Would the FF interface be at all workable with so much activity? It's already hard to find anything beyond the top layer of most popular stuff unless you spend a huge amount of time managing hand-made lists. Not scalable. I might be able to sort 1,000 people into lists by hand, but 100,000. Whoa. I need some help from... more... - Mitchell Tsai
Ahh, nothing like the insiders vs. the masses. I like comparing things to cars... Volvos might be pretty solid cars, yet do people go "OMG I sooooo want a Volvo!"? Fellow geeks, please learn the tradegy of the commons. Just cuz it's good, doesn't mean people want it. - Eric Rice
FF targets the wrong users! For some reason, I just find it hard to believe FF does not target publishers large and small in some ways, newspapers going out of business, it has very advanced feature set, however it wrongly serves the wrong audiences in many ways and should exit to target media companies, bloggers, newspapers, publishers and other groups. It's not built for the gossipy myspace crowd, it is targeted towards the wrong group adaptation in my opinion. - Jonathan Fleming
Good. The fact that everybody isn't using FF is the only reason I still use it, unlike FB and Twitter. Morons haven't taken over yet. - Lo
A mobile app for the iPhone would get me spend more time on FriendFeed - Bob Gannon
There are myriad of ways that Friendfeed can contribute to bottom lines i.e. monetisation. Smarties could be using Friendfeed for serious tribe building which is sales funnel basics, a private group for Brand Monitoring/Listening will reveal opportunities for the savvy, heck one could even use a private group as a continuity product. I could go on but Im sure you get the idea. If people can't see monetary value and other forms of currency in Friendfeed then, it might be worth a deeper look - Deano @ Byron New Media
I guess new users get invited to facebook, come to twitter and but mature users move to friendfeed. - Rohit
Friendfeed is the clear winner, in terms of who (whom!?) I'm interested in engaging with. - Hamilton Wallace
FF has many solid features, but it's not yet at critical mass to make it all work. - Rod
I love FF's features but, and I think this is the biggest problem you've hit on, the interface really needs work, it has no real connection to what your average user plays with online. The themes are pretty useless right now, what really needs to be done is moving some of the elements around. I still think that moving elements to the right of the content was a mistake and the loss of the pop-up window that was real-time in the old interface has really cut down my FF use. - Aram Zucker-Scharff
Here's an important factor some have eluded to. The FF web interface. It's one of the only web interfaces I actually go to. This and feedly are at the top. I use air apps for twitter, yammer and interact through other sites via email (only go there when I get an email.) the web interface (commenting) may need work, but it is a web interface that works. - SolidSmack
I stuck to my guns. The acquirer was wrong in this case, but I was right that FriendFeed would be acquired by someone (see my response to Bruce Lewis above, and where Robert said I was wrong). - Jesse Stay
"Paul wouldn't sell. Doesn't need to. And if he did the offer would be so wacky and based on the numbers FriendFeed isn't going to get a wacky bid this year. - Robert Scoble <--- I wish he had been right. - Rochelle
Michael Masnick
Christian Engstrom Explains The Pirate Party's Position: Freedom To Communicate; Freedom From Privacy Invasion -
ianf ⌘
Stay in a Free Spirit Sphere | (via "5 Fantastic Treehouses" -
Stay in a Free Spirit Sphere | (via "5 Fantastic Treehouses"
Stay in a Free Spirit Sphere | (via "5 Fantastic Treehouses"
Show all
"[…] You may have seen Tom Chudleigh's Free Spirit Spheres before. The orb-shaped treehouses have been featured in Dwell and lots of other recent press. But did you know you can visit Free Spirit Sphere's British Columbia facility and actually stay in one for a few nights? Climb on up and take a look... […]" - Regina Yunghans | December 3, 2008 - ianf ⌘ from Bookmarklet
"On Jun 13th 2009 Chris DiBona of Google made a remarkable claim on the WhatWG mailing list: "If [youtube] were to switch to theora and maintain even a semblance of the current youtube quality it would take up most available bandwidth across the Internet." Unfortunately, open video formats have been subjected to FUD so frequently that people are willing to believe bold claims like these without demanding substantiation. In this comparison I will demonstrate that this claim was unfair and unreasonable. Using a simple test case I show that Theora is competitive and even superior to some of the files that Google is distributing today on YouTube. Theora isn't the most efficient video codec available right now. But it is by no means bad, and it is substantially better than many other widely used options. By conventional criteria Theora is competitive. It also has the substantial advantage of being unencumbered, reasonable in computational complexity, and entirely open source. People are... more... - arnaldostream from Bookmarklet
via @wikihowl: "U.S. Government Reaches Out to the Social Web for Collaboration, But Are Users Reaching Back?" - ReadWriteWeb -
Tom Ewing
Slung together a few thoughts on Jackson and the kingdom of pop
Nir Ben Yona
Test - adding PDF file to Friendfeed
n10.pdf 105 KB
Works ! - Nir Ben Yona
Joey Mornin
Yochai Benkler: open video is one of the most promising areas of participatory culture. #openvideo
Repost: There should be a language filtering system on FF, my non-Turkish followers doesn't like when I write in my native lang, I lost many followers like Louis Gray and Robert Scroble. (via
I agree. - Kevin J Hatton
maybe creating two groups for yourself, for different language posts, would be a sort of workaround? if FF could auto-translate, that might also be an acceptable compromise - Mike Chelen
for me, an acceptable fix would be the one described in comments #2 and #3 in the original post. (please check out the link, people) - Kemal
I totally agree. - Abhishek
I'm hoping that we can get a translation button that keeps us still in FF. I'm sure others would want the option to filter out languages but I would love to be able to read more of what a person writes- no matter what language. - metalerik
I have two categories of followers, those that can understand my native language and those that can read only English. It will be great if there is a filter that can hide from them (by their choice) the non-English ones. - Saxtus
This is not a filter but may help in the meantime the translation "button" I described above has been created by @micahwittman - metalerik
Kemal, if you use my script, the user can edit the Configuration section (near the top of the script) and set it like this: var languageCodeFrom = 'tr'; ... var languageCodeTo = 'en'; - this will allow translations from Turkish to English. - Micah
You lost me as a follower? Hm. I rarely unfollow anyone - sorry if I did that. - Louis Gray
Good idea. One of the most interesting problems/challenges in online architectures IMHO - how to deal technically and socially with cross-language barriers. Most US/English-developed services don't focus too much on this problem, but that is a mistake. Coming from a country with just 5 mio. inhabitants, most people here are at least dual-languaged. Still some refrain from taking part in... more... - Morten Blaabjerg
@micahwittman it's not about translations, please see the originating post - Kemal
Raymond M. Kristiansen
damned light outside disturbs my sleep. well, time to finish that novel while I wait for sleep again
Have you seen "Insomnia" with Al Pacino? - Morten Blaabjerg
Hanna Wiszniewska
What's the best group for discussion of films on FriendFeed? (via
The general search on FriendFeed is splendid. Unfortunately, there is no options of advanced search there (in the search field of Find public groups). A bit a pity... (the question was originally posted by Morten Blaabjerg) - Hanna Wiszniewska
There are advanced search options available by clicking on the 'Advanced search' link to the right of the Search button. Also, for movies, I'm subscribed to the Movie Reviews group: You can also search specifically for rooms by clicking on 'Browse/edit groups' in the 'Groups' module on the right side, then click 'search for a group'. Here are the results for 'movie': - Kevin Fox
Thank you, Kevin for the reply and for therecommendation :) . As for the advanced search options - there is no advanced search options in the search field of "Find public groups". Here's the link to a screen shot, perhaps explaining better what I was refering to: (And yes, I can find the link to advanced search in general search field). - Hanna Wiszniewska
Oops! Thanks for the clarification, Hanna. By the way, better integrating the groups search (and people search) functions into the general search UI is definitely high on my list. - Kevin Fox
Kevin, this was my fault - I formulated incorrectly my thought in the first comment, sorry! It would be fantastic if FF would have even better integration of group and people search in general search. One way or another, it's the best available social application (and the only one I'm actively using) :) - Hanna Wiszniewska
Ms Hanna, yourself, you are that famous filmmaker, am I correct? ... and, groups discovery, to me, is a standing issue at FF ...... by the way, are you using, and liking, keyboard shortcuts? - pb:
Dear Petr, I'm definitely not famous and the closest I've gotten into film making was during short 4 years when I worked - as a journalist - for the Polish public television... I am using keyboard shortcuts and I like them very much :) - Hanna Wiszniewska
oki :] ...your name just sounds familiar .. maybe from times of Solidarity ? :] ..... just to make sure - FF keyboard shortcuts ..... dzenkuje bardzo :] - pb:
Petr, the available keyboard shortcuts are listed AFAIK here: (under "What keyboard shortcuts are available?" question). There are not many of them and I hope that there will be more in the next release of FF but still - they are useful. Ależ nie ma za co :) ;) - Hanna Wiszniewska
no vlasne takzie pani vie vsetcko! :] to dobrze :] ..... dzien dobry, i vsietcko :] ..... :] ... - pb:
Robert Scoble
@salmansqadeer for the 1,000th time. I have no financial ties to FriendFeed. It is just my favorite service and has been for more than a year
Are people seriously not getting this? LOL. - Kol Tregaskes
So Robert, how much stock do you have in friendfeed? :D - Chris Saad
Chris: I wish I had stock. - Robert Scoble
You know a kick @** service when you use it and you want to promote it so others get a chance to try it during the sink or swim period of new technology adoption. - David Damore
Johnny: let's enjoy it before the late adopters and celebrities show up. I still look back on 2007 on Twitter with great fondness. - Robert Scoble
Why do people get confused with one who's just loving being socialize and share information. Money, Money, Money! - Mohammad Abdurraafay
Robert - How do you feel the ecosystem of FF will handle mass adoption in comparison to Twitter. I feel the filtering tools are good enough on here that it won't be an issue - although, conversations will be much harder to have with tons of people on this service. - Mike Bracco
I think FF needs to adjust the commenting system in order to handle many more participants. - Mike Bracco
Mike: FriendFeed has already handled adoption 1000x better than Twitter. Remember, Twitter started going down "Fail Whaling" when I had 2,000 followers. For the past few months I've been getting 1,000 new followers a week and it's keeping up very well. - Robert Scoble
Robert - I was referring more to the utility/value of FF. I am worried that conversations (which is why I love FF) will be suffer if you have a lot more people on the service. I will be interested to see how FF evolves and if it's able to keep conversations as intimate and valuable as they are now. Imagine trying to engage in a conversation with dozens of new comments every second. - Mike Bracco
Mike: I think that our usage of FriendFeed will morph. Already I'm doing a few things: building more lists of friends and building more filters. I'm also starting to build private rooms. Those all will keep the masses from destroying my usage of it. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Gotcha - the evolution you describe seems to sound a lot like the functionality that will be a part of Google Wave. - Mike Bracco
Robert, what's your room building strategy? - Micah
Robert: Apropos of your comment - "let's enjoy it before the late adopters and celebrities show up" A little part of me kicks myself every time I mention FF to folks who haven't heard of it. And I really don't want to hear it coming out of Steven Colbert's mouth, maybe ever . . . - Mary B: #TeamMonique
I manage friends and conversation on FF using lists, rooms, filters and email notifications. Fftogo is better than standard client in most cases, but could be empowered. I'd like a client (mobile and not) such FriendDeck similar to the new FriendDeck - Roberto from fftogo
"here is a video we found on Youtube"- CNN The world doesn't need CNN to go on Youtube for them!
Are we there yet? Savvy folks might have a search for #IranElection but there has got to be a bunch of people who aren't a) searching Youtube for Iran Election stories, b) aren't on twitter to find out about the Youtube vids, or c) use some real time search to bring them latest news. However if CNN keeps going to Youtube it won't be long. - Deano @ Byron New Media
Is is just me or is CNN starting to usher in the age of their irrelevance? - Devlin Dunsmore
Devlin: yes. - Robert Scoble
I don't think CNN or other news media will become irrelevant. Just take on a different role, maybe that of balanced, sober can only hope. I don't think they're going away, but they have lost their monopoly as an information channel. If they're smart they'll work hard to find ways to effectively integrate with social media, i.e., not just reading off tweets on live television. - Michael Kinney
Radikale Venstre
"Det er mig ubegribeligt, så lille en rolle uddannelse spiller i diskussionen. Det er en katastrofe, at andelen af mennesker, der har en uddannelse, er faldende". Skrevet/sagt af professor i økonomi Christen Sørensen i Information i starten af februar 2009.   VKO's retorik om Danmark som verdensmester i alt muligt har hele tiden stået i grel modsætning til den politik, VKO faktisk har ført. Christen Sørensens bemærkning rammer plet. Alarmklokkerne har i årevis ringet, når man har kunnet konstatere, at relativt færre unge blev uddannet.    På toppen af dette mangeårige VKO-svigt kommer nu den mega-krise, VKO og ligesindede verden over har udløst. Ungdomsarbejdsløsheden eksploderer. Det giver mig kuldegysninger. Det kommer til at koste flere årtier - og en syndflod af menneskelig ulykke - at rydde op efter Fogh's misregimente.
I know the image is humor, but here's an interesting take: By 2084, Google (or its successor ;) would directly feed the internet straight into your brain, so you wouldn't need a search engine - literally knowledge at a thought .... - Rui Pereira
Their time machine must be broken if they believe that Twitter, Digg,, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Google Bookmarks, Facebook, email, Yahoo! Buzz and Mixx will all be there in 2084. Oh, that part of the page isn't the prediction? Ah, now it makes nore sense. ;-) - Lorin Olsen
If I'm still living in a flesh body and haven't been uploaded to FriendFeed/the Cloud by that time I'll be sorely disappointed. Or dead :( :P - LANjackal
Radikale Venstre
Vælgerne er trætte af midten -
Bragt i Information d. 19. Juni 2009 Af Frederik Berling, cand. comm Der er ikke mange, der savner midten i dansk politik ifølge de seneste mange meningsmålinger. Midten i dansk politik er på et historisk lavpunkt. Fra storheds tiden i 70-erne og 80-erne med konstant 20+-plus (og ofte flere) mandater i Folketinget til Det Radikale Venstre, Kristelig Folkeparti og CD, til de seneste års udryddelse af midterpartierne. Er vælgerne blevet trætte af midten Sandheden er nok nærmere, at midten er blevet trætte af vælgerne. På en række områder er Danmark politisk knækket over - enten er man blå eller rød, hård eller svag, får eller buk. På trods af utallige kommentatorers snak om at de store partier racer mod midten og vælgerne, er det snarere midten, der bliver angrebet fra begge sider af det politiske spektrum. For at starte med at sætte rammen er en definition af midten måske på sin plads - mange partier prøver at fremstille sig som midterpartier af vælgertaktiske hensyn - men uden at være...
Personligt er jeg ved at gabe kæben af led hver gang jeg hører nogen tale om "midten". Midten af hvad? Og hvorfor? At definere sig selv som midten af noget andet er en skidt idé - ikke noget der samler eller skaber klarhed om hvad man står for eller hvor man er på vej hen. Hold så op med det. - Morten Blaabjerg
Isha (Marysia)
RT @GuyKawasaki: search engine ..enter a term, eg "alltop" ...{it's brilliant! everyone put in yr own name/domain}
Tim O'Reilly
Doesn't it say something about how far open source has come that the top sponsors at OSCON are Microsoft and Intel:
andy brudtkuhl
Real Time Blogging With FriendFeed -
Real Time Blogging With FriendFeed
Real Time Blogging With FriendFeed
Show all
Real Time Blogging with the FriendFeed Widget - andy brudtkuhl from Bookmarklet
Scoble - you gotta love this ! - andy brudtkuhl
Wow. Awesome. I need to implement this. Good stuff. - Scott Sorheim
"For the last couple weeks I have been live blogging here - but not in the traditional sense of being at an event and blogging about it in real time. I am talking about blogging in real time - writing, discussion, comments, everything. Let’s call it Real-Time Blogging so as not to get confused." - andy brudtkuhl
"Why? Aside from real-time being the craze, live blogging in this manner creates a discussion around a topic rather than just writing something and leaving it for the Google robot and the long tail. I am an avid comment replier - If you comment on this blog you are likely to get a response within an hour, unless its the middle of the night. By blogging in real time I am able to... more... - andy brudtkuhl
Example: This is a comment from the embedded FF post on -> 2 way interaction FTW - andy brudtkuhl
Now I just need a jQuery script that will increase the size of the iFrame in real time :-) - andy brudtkuhl
Andy: yes! - Robert Scoble
@Robert haha that didnt take long :-) - andy brudtkuhl
@Josh -- ahhh nice! I admit I rarely go to the site I just listen to it here! - andy brudtkuhl
i'am in your room friendinggggggg - FullSite
great way to handle conversation! - Arnaud Fischer
This is very meta. And also awesome. - Kevin Fox
Probably the coolest thing I've seen today. - motownmutt
The process is not 100% clear, but I presume it starts on an ordinary blog elsewhere, the link is posted here in Friendfeed, then embedded back on the original blog site? Correct me if I've got it wrong... because I want to learn this one properly. - George Hall (Australia)
Okay, did my first experiment with it here...think I've got it worked out... - George Hall (Australia)
We wanted to resist learning a new tool, but ah....if we must! Shwew... its just a regular article on Friend Feed. - godisprofitable
I'm getting to like it after two practices...very easy except for the going back and forth a couple of times. - George Hall (Australia)
Oooooh....just had a look at the ffundercats page...multiple uses of it too. This has lotsa potential... - George Hall (Australia)
Now a big ffundercats, the friendfeed boxes are not as big as the ones I've done in is that managed? Setting toggle, command? - George Hall (Australia)
In the embed code, you can set the height and width parameters. The default I believe is 200px x 700px - Johnny
Done. Yep, I'm beginning to like this FF technique... - George Hall (Australia)
Wow, this is very cool! - Brett Kelly
That's definitely awesome... The way of "bringing back" my activity here in FF to my blog...Wow! - Zackatoustra
This was one of the features of Google Wave demo that was pretty cool, embedding parts of a live real time web document in a web page. - Boris Gordon from IM
By the time Google launches its Wave, FriendFeed will have all their "futuristic" features already implemented... Go, FriendFeed, Go!!! - Zackatoustra
zack: I hope so! Don't slow down FriendFeed! - Boris Gordon from IM
I like that you can just slam the width= as I see you've noticed :) - Richard Walker
Nice, it will be cool if there will be plugins to convert FF conversations into blog posts with threaded comments to showcase one of the advantages using FF real-time platform - Alberto Saavedra
nice. i like this idea. except for the scrollbar. do you "have" to have that? or can you just have it go down the page? - Tyler Gillies
Very good method, but not for all discussions or blogs. It require a full presence of the admin to avoid states of emergency like flame. I think it could be a good way for discussion in post that are published just for one day or few days - Roberto
Yeah this is good, I just wish there was a way to remove the frame AND for it to update. I know this is a difficult problem to solve. - Kol Tregaskes
Very cool idea. Can't wait for the aforementioned jQuery script. - Dusty Edenfield
@Tyler @kol the scrollbars are there because its an IFrame. The IFrame is set to a specific height and once the content of the IFrame exceeds that height the scrollbar appears. That's why I mentioned the idea of writing a script in jQuery that will auto update the height of the iFrame as new content comes in... - andy brudtkuhl
@George - looks like you are getting the hang of it! It's pretty easy.. If I have images to post I'll use the bookmarklet to post and then embed that.. If not I'll embed the one that is piped into my feed - andy brudtkuhl
this is genius, Andy! For those bloggers who worry that Friendfeed has splintered the conversation again, this is a great way to have a decentralised conversation at their centralised location! - Andrew Terry
Not a big fan of iframes, but this looks pretty awesome! Now, if we could just get a WordPress plguin that does this automatically...(since I'm assuming you are doing this manually for each post). - Justin Korn
Very nice explanation. For Drupal, I simply used an embed and keep the embedded page on the front. See for the example. - LPH™ and his dog P™
This is a great idea, I'll have to try it sometime soon. - Diego Espinoza V.
thanks for the examples and explanation - Karma Martell
@Justin a WP plugin would be fantastic - andy brudtkuhl
Brilliant - Shey
Very nice concept, I'll give it ago on my own blogs. Thanks for sharing! - David
OMG this is AWESOME!!!!! sooo cool. I gotta try this on my blog - Susan Beebe
wouldn't this be more like a real time commenting/discussion? ..because you might as well embed the whole blog, the whole stream - example , instead of just 1 post with rt comments ... or, post a FF group widget , at .... :] - pb:
Andy, yeah I know about that iFrame I tried it on my blog a few months ago. Agree a solution to remove the frame would be perfect. - Kol Tregaskes
Justin, yes please on the WP plugin, hehe. - Kol Tregaskes
Freaking AWESOME! - Jannifer @wordsforliving
great idea - Joe Pestro
Hmm, FriendFeed Wave, anyone? ;) - Tyson Key
when? ..where?? :] /// but, what is this - can't they put in a few keyboard shortcuts? are they not allowed? is it difficult? .... the esteemed FF team?.. thanks - pb:
How do you add the Friendfeed iframe to a self-hosted Wordpress blog? - Opensource Obscure
@Opensource Obscure: paste the embed code into the html part of a post in the wordpress dashboard. -
try putting the height and width to "100%" that might make it autoscale works on my site so far. not eough comments to prove it yet though - Tyler Gillies from email
@tylergillies does that work? - andy brudtkuhl
Very ingenious yet simple tip ! - Jim Braux-Zin
Brilliant Andy. As a couple of people mention a WP plugin that removes the need for iFrame would be killer. - Deano @ Byron New Media
Yea someone get on that plugin!!!! :-) - andy brudtkuhl
This post is so meta it makes my head hurt. - Mike Baker
@Andy, funny - I was wondering and experimenting today wishing Disqus could talk back to FF. Guess I can have the best of both worlds now. - Jason Cronkhite
I've started to blog like this on some of my blogs. - Svartling
Set the width to 100% and change to border=0 and it looks even better. - Svartling
You might want to you the css functionality to remove the share button. Sharing fragments this conversation to other FF posts (which are not embedded here)!! - Chris Myles
You can also use css to remove the title and the images (which already appear in the post above). try adding (&css= - Chris Myles
Raymond M. Kristiansen
slow internet is such an insult to our intelligence
via @wikihowl: "Five Wiki Gardening Tips" - Grow Your Wiki -
Hanna Wiszniewska
HOME (English with subtitles) - please click the link to watch the movie on YouTube. For some unknown reasons, the film is impossible to watch directly on FriendFeed...Sorry for the inconvenience! -
HOME (English with subtitles)
Another mindless case of "Not available in your country due to copyright restrictions"... - Morten Blaabjerg
Hm, I am just watching it now... But, well, from Norway. - Hanna Wiszniewska
Besides - this film is not only worth watching - this is must see! - Hanna Wiszniewska
Will find a torrent for it instead :-) I always come back to bittorrent! Although I find these national licensing blocks take a lot of my enjoyment out of shared stuff on FF and elsewhere. They are a pain and piss me off. The same way I am pissed off for buying a DVD only to be lectured with a text saying someone else "really" owns it for about 2-3 minutes before I can play the thing. It makes me think I shouldn't buy anymore DVD's as they piss me off. Then I come back to bittorrent again... - Morten Blaabjerg
I understand your feelings, Morten. I would not share it if I could see those restrictions but on my side everything works. From the YouTube page of the film: "For this purpose, HOME needs to be free. A patron, the PPR Group, made this possible. EuropaCorp, the distributor, also pledged not to make any profit because Home is a non-profit film. HOME has been made for you : share it! And act for the planet." - Hanna Wiszniewska
Someone should tell YouTube about that ;-) I know it's frustrating as someone who shares a video too - been there myself. It detracts from the usefulness of the service, when you can't rely on the video or song to be available at a later time, or for someone, just because they happen to live in the "wrong" place. - Morten Blaabjerg
I agree it is a must see. Try this link I cannot promise anything it works in the UK. - M F
Much better! This one has no licensing problems! Thanks for posting this, MF! - Morten Blaabjerg from email
Especially odd, since it appears it's exactly the same video (with the same video ID), only in different places. The embedded version above won't even let me click thru to the video's page on YouTube. - Morten Blaabjerg
Downloading now from YouTube via Video DownloadHelper :-) - Morten Blaabjerg
Ansel Adams - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
Ansel Adams - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ansel Adams - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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"Ansel Easton Adams (February 20, 1902 – April 22, 1984) was an American photographer and environmentalist, best known for his black-and-white photographs of the American West and primarily Yosemite National Park. For his images, he developed the zone system, a way to determine proper exposure and adjust the contrast of the final print. The resulting clarity and depth characterized his photographs. Although his large-format view cameras were difficult to use because of their size, weight, setup time, and film cost, their high resolution ensured sharpness in his images." - M F from Bookmarklet
Tu Vuo' Fa l'Americano - The Talented Mr. Ripley (HD) -
Tu Vuo' Fa l'Americano - The Talented Mr. Ripley (HD)
via @wikihowl: "Can $890,000 Make MediaWiki Useful?" - The Latest Technical News -
Marc Falk
YouTube - Tina Dickow Friend In A Bar -
YouTube - Tina Dickow Friend In A Bar
New Album from Tina Dickow/Dico - A Beginning A Detour An Open Ending - Marc Falk
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