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RT @UNOlker: @motorbikematt @foursquare @swarmapp not a happy customer. And I’ve been with them for…. A long fucking time. No benefit w 2 apps. Annoying
RT @SpaceKate: @astroengine @motorbikematt @foursquare @swarmapp Yeah - I'm confused by it. I don't know what the point is.
RT @astroengine: @motorbikematt @foursquare @swarmapp I'm actually kinda confused. Why have they complicated my checkins?! *headdesk*
Does anyone else think that @foursquare jumped the shark with @swarmapp? About ready to blow them both apps off my phone just Facebook...
RT @CNNOpinion: Don't let the auto industry kill you, op-ed by Shanin Specter #GM #Ford
RT @BillWeirCNN: Weather is not climate, you willfully ignorant fucksticks. MT @foxnation: Climate Doesn’t Cooperate With Al Gore
The last beer in the entire airport. I'll take'em
RT @FastCompany: What Museums Will Look Like After The Apocalypse
RT @Leone_SN: And here are your winners. @NASA's #Mars2020 rover science instruments. Seven of them.
Beginning the 7 hour trek to Fortaleza via @fretcartranspor (@ Jijoca de Jericoacoara)
RT @NikkyMill: @motorbikematt We're back. :) "@ISAS_Academy: The @NASAMakers show students the process of 3-D printing. #ISASacademy
I've seen some dunes in my day...but these are among my fave!
RT @CampusPartyBRA: Olha o Matthew Reyes, da NASA, com toda sua simpatia trocando ideias espaciais com o João Felipe!
RT @wandermatt: @motorbikematt some highlights: 7/12 Carini>Ghost, 7/13 CDT>Light>Tweezer, 7/20 Wedge, 7/27 set II. Several good Hoods, Fuegos, Gins, DWDs.
Há um bolo de chocolate com coco?
Hehe..figures I get up to see Delta-Aquarids and 1st ultra humid foggyish night in Jeri. And now I'm definitely sick, to boot. Bah!
RT @michelejohnson: @mikechen A convo starter that's accessible & demos practicality of #3dprinting to the masses-- earrings. Revolutionary, no; relatable, yes!
RT @CHP_GoldenGate: #Hit&Run driver killed motorcyclist and is still outstanding. Family pleads for witnesses to help. @CHP_Oceanside
Tickets for @Phish tour of California ordered. Now, whatever else can I distract myself with from getting anything else but work done? #FB
RT @phish: An online ticket request period is currently underway at for Phish's 2014 Fall Tour.
I need a hammock in my office. And I need my office to be attached to my house. And I need my house to be near the ocean. Ideally a warm one
RT @musicloverchick: .@jaltucher I already took your advice but GREAT read: 10 Reasons You Have To Quit Your Job In 2014 #kindridspirits
RT @rolandsmartin: It is dumb politics to reject the efforts of @SenRandPaul. If we agree on 2 out of 10 issues, work on those 2 with the GOP!
RT @inhabitat: DIY: How to Make Horchata–A Delicious, Refreshing Summer Drink
RT @mikamckinnon: So, turns out that if you put @TheRealBuzz & @tweetsoutloud on a panel, you hit capacity for the room. #SDCC
RT @netowp: @motorbikematt What's harder - getting there or pronounce Jericoacoara? :)
Now taking bus for 6+ hours to Jericoacoara thanks to @grapealope's advice. If pics & stories online are true, it's gonna be awesome! #fb
RT @RussianSpaceWeb: #Roscosmos says it restored communications with #FotonM4 spacecraft: … US press goes crazy about lizard sex on #Foton
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