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RT @pourmecoffee: Have a weird day, everybody. "Naked man in blue paint running down Beijing street after losing bet" (China News)
RT @ac_charania: Comet 67P (currently being visited by @ESA_Rosetta) compared to Los Angeles via @Rocky_Sci
Something must have happened on NB101 behind me. In other news my car is really loud....
RT @GreatDismal: Reading nightmare @Harkaway just had, in London, as I fall asleep #globaldreamcontagion
RT @7im: Any body done a study of the effect of violent video games on cops?
RT @ubnt: @motorbikematt Nice idea! Request new features here:
RT @mdrache: I believe this is a taser. Can @ryanjreilly confirm?
RT @ryanjreilly: I believe these are rubber bullets, can anyone confirm? #Fergurson
RT @JayCaruso: I believe these are hand grenades. Can @ryanjreilly or anybody else confirm?
The video from the @MarsRoverArtCar is gonna rock! #fb
RT @brainpicker: Bukowski, born on this day in 1920, debunks the “tortured genius” myth of creativity
There may or may not be video of me doing karaoke to Fugees "Killing me Softly" (@ Candilejas in Burbank, CA)
Potential future collaborations with @NASAMakers? (@ Jet Propulsion Laboratory - @nasa in Pasadena, CA)
Dear Dad of the three kids, including the screaming brat, you left with your pregnant wife. Get a vasectomy. Please.
RT @Gizmodo: RT @WellFactually Owls are weighed wrapped up in blankets like little bird burritos
RT @PopSci: PANDA BABIES! Oh and other cool images from this week (did we mention panda babies?)
A miserable mom. 3 kindergartners, maybe 1's a 1st grader. 1 screams & 1's a moron. And she's pregnant w/ #4. Is the sex THAT great? Srsly?
RT @ForbesTech: Twitter aims to review its abuse policies after Robin Williams' daughter was harrassed:
Massive amounts of productivity. Just massive amounts.... GRRRR
waiting for validation.......
RT @bfeld: dear gmail - why so slow today? what did I do to piss you off?
At the @WyleServices open house for @NASAAmes, coming to an awkward realization.... (@ SETI Institute)
OH: (In reference to "Q-Thrusters" w/respect to Warp drive) "it's a little higher in TRL, potentially." Understatement of the year?
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