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Aaron Manley Smith

Aaron Manley Smith

I started We've save people thousands of dollars and time when they let us help them buy cars. Want to know more Google me :)
Do you know what Google's "Open Automotive Alliance" is? The OAA is a global alliance of technology and auto...
CAR DORKERY: According to a recent market report, the most influential topics pushing the auto industry are the...
Here's a great find. A 2010 Synergy Green Camaro LT with only 4500 pampered miles. (These are actual pics of...
A rat petting, grooming, and cuddling a rabbit.: via @YouTube
A rat petting, grooming, and cuddling a rabbit.: via @YouTube
Our studio is up and we're making some incredible improvements, thanks to our partnership with Wagner...
Some great deals are on our eBay store... 2012 Audi Q7 TDI 2013 M Sport BMW 328i Coupe 2013 Honda Civic Si 2008...
Most problems with cars, these days, are computer related... Have New Cars Gone Haywire? : DNews -
BIG NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT: Meet Motorphilia's new home. We are now a part of the Gabriel/Jordan Auto Group and...
My dog, Jake, passed away this weekend, at the age of 10. He was a life that mattered and these are my thoughts:
We have BIG NEWS to share about MOTORPHILIA's future and direction tomorrow.
Governor Christie's Administration Bans Tesla's Direct-Sales Model in New Jersey -
» Everything Is Workable: A Zen Approach to Conflict Resolution - Psych Central -
God's Not Dead...#GodsNotDead #GodsNotDeadMovie
It's sad, but true... Out of Gas: Most Americans Can't Afford New Cars -
Diesel versus Hybrid: The battle for eco-friendly supremacy -
If Batman babysat bats...: via @YouTube
If Batman babysat bats...: via @YouTube
Here's an idea of how big our galaxy is...if you didn't think about this... Our earth is 7,918 miles around. The speed of sound is 761 miles per hour (at sea level). Light travels at about 185,000 miles a second. This means that something moving at the speed of light can circle the earth about 23 time a second. In that same second, sound would... -
What is the definition of "wrong"? -
Exploring my new town with Jake. -
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love is the greatest miracle of all.jpg -
love is the greatest miracle of all.jpg
Signs of Unhealthy Boundaries Posted by the Charlotte Police Department's website. -telling all -talking at an intimate level on the first meeting -falling in love with a new acquaintance -falling in love with anyone who reaches out -being overwhelmed by a person; preoccupied -being sexual for partner, not self -going against personal values or... -
And that's why she makes me smile. Sitting in the bank, waiting for a notary...there is a girl who works here, who makes me smile, when I see her's not that she is graceful, but charmingly awkward...she is in high heels...too high for her comfort level, so she is slightly leaning forward and shuffling a a little kid wearing... -
June 17th to June 21st 2010 - Washington DC and the Beetle 150.JPG -
June 17th to June 21st 2010 - Washington DC and the Beetle 150.JPG
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