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Paul Buchheit
Old video, but so cute. - Paul Buchheit
I need an auto-like script for Camilla and Thomas. - Louis Gray
the squeal at the end is too funny. wonder what april said? - Felicia Yue
Matt Cutts
@bing okay. First web result was from 2008 instead of 2009, even with 2009 in query: . Google nails it.
Google OS
Why Googlers Call Friend Connect “FriendSense” -
Matt Cutts
Paul Buchheit
how to get Linux help -
"For example, I didn't know how to find files by contents and the man pages were way too confusing. What did I do? I knew from experience that if I just asked, I'd be told to read the man pages even though it was too hard for me. Instead, I did what works. Trolling. By stating that Linux sucked because it was so hard to find a file compared to Windows, I got every self-described Linux Guru around the world coming to my aid. They gave me examples after examples of different ways to do it. All this in order to prove to everyone that Linux was better." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
Sanjeev had a similar idea a while back. Instead of asking questions on usenet (which people may ignore or tell you to rtfm), post the wrong answer, and they will eagerly correct it in order to prove their superiority ;) - Paul Buchheit
This is really true, for the first time i installed linux on my computer, i stucked at some point and it made me crazy, and i accidentally found that site which defined the situation i was in :D - Baris Bulut
I think this applies to most any open-source project. I think the difference here is that it is frequently the programmers who are responding, whereas commercial software projects frequently have a help desk, whose job it is to answer questions. Programmers don't want to spend their time telling people how to use their software when they already spent a bunch of time writing up manuals. - Robert Felty
"Free time projects? Programmers? Manuals?" Can they be in the same paragraph? ;) - Jemm
Man pages are a reference manual, not a tutorial, but a minute with Google will answer the question. ( has pretty good results.) There are resources which are neither man pages nor other people. A lot of people seem to be very resistant to doing any kind of self-help; all I can think of to help them are peer to peer networks. - ⓞnor
But also, I am pretty much 100% positive that a politely worded question asking for pointers to how you do this - and explaining that they had tried to look at man pages but become confused, with bonus points for describing where they had been confused - would get good results. The "RTFM dummy" brushoffs tend to happen to quick, vaguely worded, rude questions. - ⓞnor
@e3r: I agree and will add that similar responses to dumb questions are not limited to Linux communities - Starepolsky smok
Jess, Linux is too boring to be gay. Gays have style. ;-) - Sprague D
oh, PhDs just love to go after requests - just like this ;) - A. T.
One can get proper answers to Linux-related questions simply by finding the right community. A strictly moderated community that looks down on the "RTFM noob" class of response ought to be a good place to start. - James Rishabh Mishra
I switched to Ubuntu and can totally relate. What many would-be helpers don't get is that what they think answered the question may as well be written in Greek for as much sense as much of it makes to us non and quasi-geeks. It is not that we won't try self-help - it is that there is too much we don't know for a lot of the documentation to be of any assistance to us. - Gail Gardner
If you think man pages are only reference, you have never typed "man perl". Some of them even have "tutorial" in the name of the man page. - Andy Bakun
Paul Buchheit
Please Google Maps, can't you make an exception for the Google Cache? Half of the time, when I click on the "Cached" link, I get one or two of these alert boxes. At the very least, they should turn off the alert()!
Picture 22.png
Sorry. - Jim Norris
Yeah, isn't a document.write sufficient? - Gabe
Google OS
Restrict Google Images to Clip Art, Line Drawings -
Tweet tweet using Google Friend Connect.
Are there any plans for third party applications support? And a way to authenticate users, for example if I want only registered members (via friend connect) to be able to view the content of my site? - Moustafa Zaza
Paul Buchheit
Awesome Gmail stickers
Thanks Keith! - Tudor Bosman
I'm trying to decide: Should I put the unicorn sticker on my copy of Twilight, or my Kindle? Oh yeah, Twilight is *on* my Kindle! Done. - Kevin Fox
Are these official from Goog? Or where? :) - Matt Frog
I wish the portrait/landscape orientation logic on my iPhone weren't so dumb though, so that I could take the photo from directly above instead of at an angle without it rotating back to portrait. - Paul Buchheit
The unicorn is the universal release mascot. Every release, we get a new unicorn image here at the CTree. - Ross
Google OS
lonut, where can I get this build? I'm on .31 - vijay
thanks. :} Any new additions besides profiles in this build? - vijay
There's already support for extensions: . I wonder what's the command line flag and where can you find a sample extension. - Ionut
That was fast. I thought it would take them a while before they added extension support. I'm scraping the net to find that flag, will keep you posted when I find it. - vijay
It's --enable-extensions. Duh! - Ionut
what about the actual extension files? - vijay
Google OS
Paul Buchheit
I need something witty to say about our new logo :)
"DOORBUSTER SPECIALS! Enjoy special savings on all Comments and Likes. Today only. All feeds open at 5am. Please, no trampling." Can you do better? - Paul Buchheit
blackfridayfeed - sean percival
wicked! - Shandiz
Thank G-d it's FriendFeed? - Starepolsky smok
How about: "Avoid the lines! Follow all your friends in one place! Instant rebates on all Comments and Likes. While supplies last..." - Wesley Barrow
think that you should be aware that the blackfriday and the turkey thing are american centered only and that most of the users friendfeed is aiming at (I assume) are not american. So it makes it a bit violent (without talking about the bad taste)... - Oaksun
Does any other country have a shopping day like this? I noticed a "schwarzer Freitag" ad here in Switzerland, but I can't help to think that most people will have no idea what it's about. - John Mueller
Black Friday or Yellow One?:) - Igor Poltavskiy
Australia has a similar 'crazy shopping day' on Boxing Day (Dec 26). It's when the after Christmas sales start. In extreme years the bargains on sale have led to riots and stampedes. - Reto Meier from fftogo
"Our customer don't camp outside overnight... They camp in it!" - Johnny
nooo.... I dont really like it... - k00pa
@John Mueller: The UK has their "January Sales" but that supposedly lasts for the entire month. Although in recent years, it's kind of been overshadowed by constant sales all-year round. I guess Boxing Day sales are also popular now. - Tony Ruscoe
no interest for 18 months, sitewide! (the bad kind of interest - plenty of the good kind :P) - bob
What about "Well, Twitter's for sale, why can't we be?" :P - Johnny
Silence might be best. Saying something would compete with the logo's intrinsic wittiness. - Bruce Lewis
Buy Friend, Get Feed Free! (Actually, you get Friend free too... so I guess that doesn't work.) - Tony Ruscoe
Interesting new logo. Well it's Fri on a tag, so for FF today it's not Friday it's Fritag! - Jeremy Campbell from twhirl
I like it! - Luca Filigheddu from twhirl
We need a FriendFeed room just for logo messages. That way we can look back and see all them in history. - Robert Scoble
Fri-EndFeed! For that End of Friday Feeling! - Tyson Key
We also need a way to publish FriendFeed messages to They say the ball's in your court. - Cliff Gerrish
not bad at all..after coming in from working black friday it made me smile - Samuel Lewis from twhirl
Put a limit on posts, comments and likes. While stocks last. - Andrew Trinh
The folks at FriendFeed never tire, they never sleep, they don''t even stop to go shopping on the biggest shopping day of the year. They continue to fill FriendFeed with more and more AWESOME! Thanks guys! - Josh Haley
"I feed, you feed, we all feed at FriendFeed!" - Siddharth Deb
@Tony Ruscoe - You hit the nail on the head about sales over here in the UK. It seems that some companies seemingly have a permanent sale all year round (DFS and "SafeStyle UK" come to mind) given by their advertising... - Tyson Key
Meh - I don't think of black Friday as a holiday or anything worth celebrating. I'm more of a fan of buy nothing day. - Laura Norvig
I like the buy nothing idea! - Susan Beebe
Steve Rubel: They should have just renamed to BestFeed. - Rolf Schewe
Scoble++; a room for special logos would be cool. - dgw from fftogo
Paul Buchheit
Oh, look in the picture of! -
Oh, look in the picture of!
Heh heh, I think I interrupted her thoughts with my tickling Thomas somewhere off camera, "tiiiickle, tickle, tickle, tickle!" - April Buchheit
Google OS
Spice up your inbox with colors and themes -
Spice up your inbox with colors and themes
Google OS
Gmail video lands; What if it was a Gear? -
i really want a delayed-send on gmail!!
if someone else can delete email from *my* inbox, i will set it to forward somewhere where it doesn't ;-) delaying the sending & allowing cancel is fine (& would be good), making email i may have seen(how would you know... it doesn't get marked as read just because it's there) disappear is unacceptable :-( - immaterial
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