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Mozilla Thunderbird
"TT DeepDark" (inspired from FT DeepDark for Firefox) is a theme that has been created to transform the look of Thunderbird for Windows users. It has been specially designed for Seven, but rendering is relatively accurate on XP and Linux (I can t test it on MAC, but for those who would like to try it anyway on that platform, you can force download and install it). As the FT themes for Firefox, It contains no added functionalities, it's simply a full GUI customization. .: Latest version available here :. .: What to do when facing an issue with TT DeepDark theme ? 1) before reporting it, first try to see if the issue is due to the theme itself. How ? Enable the default theme and check if the issue is still there. If not, enable again the DeepDark theme, but disable all other installed addons to check if the issue can be due to a conflict between addons. 2) If the issue is still there after disabling all other addons and if the default theme doesn t have that issue, try to...