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Scoble, Alex Scoble
The great thing about friendfeed nowadays is that I can make fun of my brother and he never hears about it.
He mostly comes out at night. Mostly. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
DOH! No he doesn't - I was thinking of Louis. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Nice use of an Aliens quote, WoH...+++ - Scoble, Alex Scoble
No, I think my brother sleeps about as much as Louis. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Except when my brother drinks wine or Scotch...then he sleeps more. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Well thanks, he'll find this thread. Way to go. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Oh, except that search is broken. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I could so do that post - Scoble, Alex Scoble
We'll discuss it here: - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
My brother moved to Los Altos but won't use FF so I can't talk to him about all the neighbours he now has. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Making fun of your brother is child's play. - Louis Gray
What if it becomes one of the most popular friendfeed posts? - Richard A.
Google's Social Circle Beta makes it that searching the title of one of your posts would show there immediately. - Zu from AOD
Mark Krynsky
Custom PHP Lifestream Script Built Atop Wordpress Plugin -
Thanks for the write up! - Mark Philpot
You're welcome Mark...good stuff. - Mark Krynsky
Matt Cutts
"Sorry, but Microsoft Silverlight doesn’t work with this web browser."
Sigh. :) - Matt Cutts
Which one? Works in Chrome Windows. - Hayes Haugen
It definitely does not work with Chrome on Ubuntu. - imabonehead
Guess you don't get to check it out. - Hayes Haugen
I'm using Chrome on Ubuntu. - Matt Cutts
Be a man. Get IE8 :) - dannysullivan
Danny, what would I run IE8 on? I don't have any Microsoft OS software any more. :) - Matt Cutts
I find it informative to use my competitor's products. - Hayes Haugen
I keep trying, Hayes, but when AdCenter rolled out, it wouldn't even work on Firefox. - Matt Cutts
The Web wins again. :) - Ray Cromwell
Does this mean you've broken your "stop using Microsoft OS/software" challenge? Or are Microsoft websites excluded? - Tony Ruscoe
who gives a tard about Chrome :) Grow up Cutts! - Jose Fajardo
Silverlight used to work with the Chrome Dev beta. Not sure what changed.... - Roberto Bonini
Tony: Microsoft websites are excluded from my challenge. :) - Matt Cutts
Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Lets be honest, you would make out with any of the people in this picture.
DIBS ON JEWEL STAITE. - Hookuh Tinypants
dibs on sloppy seconds with JS - Morgan
Am I the meat or the bread in that sammich ??? - Morgan
hee hee....of course I'm the meat. - Morgan
Nobody took dibs on Gina? I'm disappointed in you all on the other hand DIBS. Also, Woot! For Morena with hair! - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Cool photo! What kind of lens was that shot with, 21 mm maybe? Oh I like Gina best. Strong legs. - Adrian
the man on the left, not with him. - Gaye Manas
I choose the Serenity spaceship (and Gina) - Isola Virtuale
Just Jewel - RAPatton from iPhone
Nathan Fillion - VALZONE#SCREWED
yes, no, yes, no, yes, yes, no, yes, yes - Just Mrs. V
I won't deny it. Except maybe Book. I love Book, but not like that. - Jandy
*sagenod* - Michael W. May
Any? No. But more than one, and not just the guys, either. o_O - Derrick
I don't know who these people are - except for Ron Glass who is old-school. I watch very little network tv. - jbrotherlove
well, maybe not the old dude with the grey hair - Loc
Ron Glass a.k.a. Silver Lightning - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Sarah thinks Firefly is the greatest TV show ever. Sarah gets an instant subscribe. :) - Jandy
No. - Melly
Nope... :O) - Jeannette Høvring
mmm... yep, pretty much across the board. Firefly rawks!!! - Bette Cooper
That's a pretty unflattering picture. Particularly for Summer. - James Myatt
yes - Comics Forge
actually, I wouldn't even consider it. - Jim #teamFFrank
Jim: ok, so you wouldn't make out with any of them....but how many would you have sex with? - Morgan
yes no yes no yes no no no yes - AJ Batac
Iván Abrego
Large Hadron Collider ready to restart - The Big Picture - -
Large Hadron Collider ready to restart - The Big Picture -
Large Hadron Collider ready to restart - The Big Picture -
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"The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) says it expects to restart the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) by this weekend after more than a year of repairs. The 27 km (17 mi) particle accelerator was launched last year, but suffered a failure from a faulty electrical connection, damaging 53 of the smasher's 9,300 superconducting magnets. Repairs are now completed, and the plan is to begin injecting protons into the LHC this weekend, on the path to search for particles such as predicted-yet-unobserved Higgs Boson. Collected below are some photographs of the repairs, and of the LHC and some of its experiments in various stages of construction." - Iván Abrego from Bookmarklet
Özer (Wrzl) Dölekoğlu
alexia tsotsis
What the Google homepage looked like on Sept 11, 2001
What the Google homepage looked like on Sept 11, 2001
Mark Krynsky
MG Siegler
Facebook Open Sources FriendFeed’s Real-Time Tech -
Facebook Open Sources FriendFeed’s Real-Time Tech
hope SFers appreciate my graphic - MG Siegler from Bookmarklet
Only if we can get sausages from next door... - Mark Philpot
Ah, the Toronado, scenes of roommate interviews. It was a good vetting process. - anna sauce
exactly mark, exactly. - MG Siegler
so many beers so little time - adolfo foronda
I miss the Toranado - it's been years. But my liver thanks me for staying away, I'm sure. - Laura Norvig
Top notch establishment! - beersage
Mark Krynsky
VideoPress — Quick and easy HD video sharing from WordPress -
Only problem is you have to host the videos on even if you host your own blog. I was hoping this would be a better (and more integrated version) than Flowplayer - Mark Philpot
Ah, yea that's a bit of a bummer. I've been using JW Flash player. Thanks for letting me know about Flow Player...Delicious bookmark showing up in my stream in 3...2...1 - Mark Krynsky
I couldn't get FlowPlayer to play actual mp4 files (so I converted them to flv), but that maybe something specific to me (it advertises it supports whatever flash does). I would really love a robust plugin that "Just Works" (tm). I was really hoping videopress was it. - Mark Philpot
Bret Taylor
Congrats to the Lite team - is so fast and simple. Amazing work!
Wow, looks and feels more like FriendFeed. - Mike Doeff
I already gave my feedback to the Lite team. "Just make it even more like FriendFeed." - Justin Whittaker
+1 Justin. It's already a pretty good step forward, though. I'm actually using it now without wanting to blow my brains out. Sounds like faint praise, but honestly that's a huge step forward :) - Joel Webber
Very cool. - Brian Johns
Mark Krynsky
Facebook should default to the new lite version for all users and release the current site under
....have i told you i think your pictures are amazing! :D - Simply Teeeya
except these aren't mine. almost every picture of them is taken by different photographer. these are Flickr-favorites:) - Neya
ok well then i think the flickr pictures are amazing :) - Simply Teeeya
If you wanna see my pics they can be found here: and the self portrait project here: - Neya
Jesse Stay
Recently my cousin's head was run over by a car. This is what's left of her helmet. My cousin completely survived because of this helmet. Please think of this before riding a bike without a helmet next time!
bike helmet.jpg
I've ridden only once without a helmet in as long as I can remember. Felt vulnerable! - Adam Loving from StumbleRead
It's true. They work. - Andrew Feinberg
wow... that's amazing. how old is your cousin jesse? - dave mcclure
dave, my cousin's 30, just 1 year younger than me - Jesse Stay from twhirl
You can read her story, in her own words here. I'm inspired: - Jesse Stay from twhirl
This happened to a friend of mine at the beginning of the month. He didn't do so good in the accident, but the helmet obviously saved his life. Thankfully is on his way home tomorrow: - Steve Lacey
I used to ride my bike without the helmet even though it is mandatory in Chennai, India. But after reading this I am not even going to the next street in my bike without helmet. - Sudar
I never wear a helmet. When hearing things like this, I always think of this article. In the Netherlands no one wears a helmet. It seems safe to me. - Peter Stuifzand
I was hit while riding to work in summer 2006 & did not want anyone to touch my helmet at all costs. If my brain was scrambled, I did not want anyone to touch my egg:) I highly recommend a helmet especially if you think you will not need one! Mine was almost the same color too & manufacturer, but there is no conspiracy there:) - Roney Smith
Bicyclists/motorcyclists that don't wear helmets are better called future organ donors - Brian Sullivan
Thanks for sharing. I ride often at traffic time between cars. always wear my helmet...itsg good to know that It does work :) - jonathan from twhirl
that's incredible... - Jamie Allen from twhirl
Wow, glad to hear your friend is doing well after that. I agree, helmets save lives. Regardless, I've many intentional close-calls by drivers who don't want to share the road. Unfortunately, this is the common attitude where I live (southern US). - pete
we wear helmets for everything: mtb, snowboarding, wakeboarding, skateboarding & even surfing - skulls are fragile why not put a protective layer around it (i also try real hard to not ride on streets - a high percentage of drivers are oblivious to bike riders)... - mike "glemak" dunn
I always ride in my helmet and stay to bike lanes as much as possible. Nice to know the safety tools work. Now, if I can just avoid that NYPD cop with a penchant for knocking people off their bikes. Hopefully, he won't transfer to LAPD. - Jason Toney
Peter Stuifzand, my cousin would be dead if she did not wear her helmet. That article is BS. Wear your helmet! - Jesse Stay from twhirl
Point blank. You are a moron if you ride without a helmet. Sorry, but that's true and you're just going to play into Darwinian theory should you continue to ride without one. Any 'real' cyclist (e.g - you've been hit by a car - and yes, I have been) will tell you this without reservation. Helmets work without a doubt. - AJ Kohn
I survived a nasty motorcycle crash in my youth and would also be dead without that helmet - which cracked in 2 like an egg (that would have been my head, as the nurse aptly put it!). - Susan Beebe
A friend who's a cop refers to motorcycles as donorcycles whenever she sees someone riding without a helmet. I figure that applies for bicycles, too. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
I was on the way to work Monday morning while it was raining, when the third car in front of me spun out of control and flipped twice into a ditch. When I pulled over to help her out she was just fine. She only had a scratch on her left shoulder from the broken window and was not hurt anywhere else. THE REASON: She was wearing her seat belt. It's nice to hear that these devices are actually helping us! - David Cook
Wow! I wear mine! Didn't for years - I was lucky I guess. Thanks for posting that! - matthew hunt
OMG... Jesse, do you have a link other than here on FF? I have friends whose kids refuse to wear theirs, and seeing this may help. - Cyndy
Cyndy why not just link here - - Brian Sullivan
Dutch don't wear helmets and they don't get killed by cars - Peter Stuifzand
Actually they do get killed by cars. But culturally they are not inclined to wear helmets. - Brian Sullivan
Cyndy, with this being dug out of the grave, I just noticed your question. That particular picture is from my cousin's blog here: You can read the full story here: Search for "run over by car" and you can read about her entire ordeal. - Jesse Stay
My brother would not be alive today if he did not wear his helmet while riding his motorcycle; please wear a helmet! - Sandra
man - Shey
If it's nice enough to ride, I probably won't be bothering with the human-powered bike any longer. I always wear a helmet on my gas-powered bike. - MiniMage
As long as we won't have mountains, we Dutch will not wear those things. Otherwise we won't be able to recognise the tourists on bikes. - Ton Zijp
Thanks for sharing - I had a mishap with a car, wasn't wearing a helmet at the time, was lucky. If they don't see you, it doesn't matter either way. Wear the helmet! - Rick Bucich
This isn't as extreme as this but when I fell off my bike onto a sidewalk and broke my arm, I thought I was fine for a while. Later, my dad noticed that the whole front of my helmet was all scratched up and the visor in front was torn off! I realized that if I wasn't wearing my helmet on the 2 minute trip down the road, I probably wouldn't be typing this comment right now! Not that I'd be dead but I would have suffered some head damage, limiting my ability to do most things. - Kevin Lyons
Helmets for cyclists are mandatory in Australia. Still gives me the shudders when I'm travelling and see bareheaded bicyclists on the roads. - Kate Foy
Franc, a rememberer
Jeff Atwood
insane movie award leftovers. seriously. insane.
insane movie award leftovers. seriously. insane.
AJ Batac
Lego Ad Campaign by Blattner Brunner -
Lego Ad Campaign by Blattner Brunner
Lego Ad Campaign by Blattner Brunner
Lego Ad Campaign by Blattner Brunner
COOL! - AJ Batac from Bookmarklet
the power of less... like it very much! - Arne Krueger
<3 - Derrick
Live4Emma (L4S)
absolutely loved the third, seventh and ninth - thequark
thanks thequark! :-) - Live4Emma (L4S)
I like the first. she got the look! David Lynch look! ;-) - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
'm a big fan of ceilings and it never fails to amaze me how drastically they can change the appearance and atmosphere of a space yet at the same time be completely ignored by most of the room's occupants. it's incredible how some people live their lives looking either straight ahead or down at the ground, the only ceiling they ever notice being the one above the be - Amir from Bookmarklet
عجب سقفي داره معبد بهايي ها تو الينوي واقعن زيباس وديدني - Amir
جغل ديدي؟ - Amir
Thanks Amir, the photos are astonishing - Tardid
Phil Essing
Nice. - Mike D.
Thanks! - Phil Essing
It's great!!! - Kazuya Yokoyama from BuddyFeed
Thanks, Kazuya! - Phil Essing
Very nice... something a bit different than the usual carnival photos. - Aaron B. Hockley
Thanks, Aaron. - Phil Essing
Dobromir Hadzhiev
The longest solar eclipse of the century - The Big Picture -
The longest solar eclipse of the century - The Big Picture
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Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
haha - Shevonne
now to attach her to one of her parents. - Jes Tu
Mark Krynsky
Went to the kitchen, saw the box & got super excited. I opened it & now feel so cheated
Went to the kitchen, saw the box & got super excited. I opened it & now feel so cheated
Doh! Hate it when that happens. - Trish Haley from iPhone
Great Pea, then imagine a box labeled delectable croissant's and then opening it to find a krispy kreme donut in there. Feel my pain. - Mark Krynsky
Make do, Krynsky! - Derrick
Really D? Make do? I'll make sure to slap a dollop of guacamole right before you put a delicious toritilla chip in your mouth next time I see you. Expecting one taste whilst having to settle for another is a crime in my book. - Mark Krynsky
omg, youve been robbed, :( - chaz2b
Thomas Hawk
Wonderful project idea Thomas. You do such good work! - Alex Williams
Love it! - Kimber Scott
Another great addition to your $2 project Thomas. One thing though, I think you can take the "recently" out of "Recently I blogged about a new project that I am starting called $2 portraits". - ChiliMac
good point there ChiliMac. Was just thinking about that myself. - Thomas Hawk
Tim was a great guy. Very friendly. I could have just hung out and talked with him for an hour if I hadn't had to get home. Full of humor and a genuine human being. He had a lot of fun with the portrait and would comment to people that I was the paparazi and that he was famous when other people were walking by as I was photographing him. A wonderful person. Nicholas, Tom Stone does some... more... - Thomas Hawk
El Conejo Viejo
Let The Right One In Remake Puts Eli In Leggings - Let the right one in - io9 -
Let The Right One In Remake Puts Eli In Leggings - Let the right one in - io9
"Worried about the adaptation of your favorite Swedish vampire story? Well, there may be some cause for concern — the latest concept art puts the androgynous vampire Eli in tights." - El Conejo Viejo from Bookmarklet
They better not screw this up. I loved the original! Best movie I'd seen in quite a while. I highly recommended rental. - Mark Philpot
I can't look at this and not think TWILIGHT. :( - El Conejo Viejo
Huh? - Mark Philpot
Taking a good idea and increasing the crap factor to the nth degree. - El Conejo Viejo
wholeheartedly agree - Mark Philpot
Remaking a movie that just came out to international acclaim screams a TWLIGHT-scale catastrophe. - El Conejo Viejo from IM
Eli... in tights. ... ::headdesk:: - Absentee
Tim Bray
Oooh, entertaining Ruby/Python smackdown (read the comments):
Thomas Hawk
7 Ways FriendFeed Could Better Engage the Flickr Community -
7 Ways FriendFeed Could Better Engage the Flickr Community
My friend Robert Scoble has a blog post out talking about the reasons why FriendFeed is not seeing the sort of growth that Twitter and Facebook are. Personally I consider FriendFeed to be a vastly superior platform to both Facebook and Twitter, but it is interesting noting that it does not seem to be getting the traction of these other services. That said, I think that there is a huge opportunity for FriendFeed to better engage a very large existing community that is Flickr and to offer power user sort of tools for Flickr’s most active users. I’ve already written in the past about how I think the existing version of FriendFeed represents a superior way for people to browse Flickr than Flickr itself, but I think that FriendFeed could go a lot further and could definitely attract more (and super active) Flickr users if they improved things even more. So this list represents seven ways that I think FriendFeed could build a better way to engage with the Flickr Community. It should be... more... - Thomas Hawk
I gave up browsing Flickr when I found FriendFeed well over a year ago. I have many, many groups for browsing photography on FriendFeed. In particular my Flickr Photography group: - Kol Tregaskes
Agree about importing your Flickr contacts, been asking for that for eons. Similar request for importing non-FF Twitter friends would be cool too. I've manually added my favourite Flickr photographers, a chore, so an automated feature would be most welcome. - Kol Tregaskes
Freind Feed is great at being Freind Feed and Flickr is great at being Flickr - Kevin J Hatton
Quick tip if you do import your Flickr streams as a custom RSS into FF, use Ivan's Feed-Buster: to get larger thumbnails. - Kol Tregaskes
Kevin I disagree. Both are great services for what they are. But Flickr no longer innovates. They are a static service sort of on autopilot. There's a need for power users to grow beyond what Flickr currently offers and fortunately Flickr has a robust API where these users can flock to things like greasemonkey scripts and FriendFeed to improve their Flickr experience. People like Kol... more... - Thomas Hawk
Agree with point 6 too. That would be cool. Also the ability to separate Flickr user's favourites and their own photos would be most welcome. I like to have a group for each separately. - Kol Tregaskes
I actually wish FF would not import Flickr photos in batches. They wouldn't do that with any other kind of imported media, and I think it makes it difficult to have any sort of engaging discussion around photos on FriendFeed. - Michael Hocter
how would you suggest they import flickr photos instead Michael? - Thomas Hawk
Point 7 sounds interesting. The saved searches are OK but the Best of Day/Week/Month feature would be great for this if it worked on searches. - Kol Tregaskes
One at a time, just like they do any other feed item. I understand why this would be a pain for Flickr favorites and people who post in huge batches at a time, but most of us only post a few photos at a time. - Michael Hocter
I like being able to see the Flickr favorites of other FFers since I find new and interesting Flickr users that way, much more than I do through Flickr itself. I don't mind having them come in batches. A particularly interesting photograph can always be given its own post. - John (bird whisperer)
Michael, I'm OK with that, what annoys me though is when it imports a batch, you go fave more then it reimports them and removes the old import with all the comments and likes. I'd like to fave a batch of pics, force a redresh, then fave some more then force another refresh and have both these come in as separate batches. - Kol Tregaskes
I guess I think showing photos one at a time would be super noisy. For someone like me who imports about 300 photos into Flickr a week this would mean 300 separate entries on FriendFeed. I think that would detract from the overall FF user interface and experience. I think they are doing the batch posting fine now, but it's just that they are doing it backwards and opposite of how flickr shows photos on Flickr. - Thomas Hawk
Michael, use an RSS feed of your stream with he Feed-Buster service, that's exactly what you're after. - Kol Tregaskes
Having Flickr photos come one at a time would be really annoying, at least for me. It would crowd out everything else in my feeds. - John (bird whisperer)
Thomas, like my stream from ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Another feature I'd like: In search, I wish I could separate Flickr uploads from Flickr favorites. I prefer to talk to the people who actually take and upload the photos, but when you search, the majority of photos you see are from Flickr favorites. - Michael Hocter
Kol, your stream rocks! - Thomas Hawk
Michael, agree. I've never been able to separate the two. - Kol Tregaskes
Hehe, thanks Thomas. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Michael I agree with that idea as well. I think maybe the two can be one by default, but give users an option to split them if they want. I'd much rather be able to view the two independently. - Thomas Hawk
There are many ways FF could be improved to help us photo-happy people (and most features would benefit the community in general), such as the ability to search for entries with pictures *only* (on it's way I believe), search by date/time, be able to search by selective imported feeds, e.g. I cannot search for my images only, etc. - Kol Tregaskes
FF could even go further and let you sign into flickr and then you can like and comment and it flows back to flickr - Phill Price
hear hear Phill - Thomas Power
It would be pretty slick if I could hover over a photo on FF and fave it on flickr. I think that would take more than basic API stuff though. - Thomas Hawk
For me, FriendFeed needs to improve for new users. For instances the suggested users list is not the way to go and the lack of introduction to the service's features upon registration is virtually non-existent. When a new user has completed registration it needs a quick and simple Flash anim to demonstrate FF's basic features (an adapted version of one of Ross' videos would be cool),... more... - Kol Tregaskes
Faving a Flickr photo on FF would be super!! - Kol Tregaskes
JA, exactly. ;-) But that lies the problem, Flickr perhaps wouldn't want that? - Kol Tregaskes
The suggested users list on FF definitely needs to incorporate activity and not just popularity. That's a whole other subject though. - Thomas Hawk
Thomas, yep. Sorry going off in all directions. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
I suspect Flickr could be resistant to some of these ideas. After all, attention on the internet is a zero sum game and making FF that much better for hardcore flickr users could siphon off traffic from them. Still, I bet a bunch of this could be done through the API as it stands now. - Thomas Hawk
I prefer to see at least a medium-sized version of a photo before I fave it, so I doubt I would fave through FF if such an option existed. Agreed with most of Thomas's seven suggestions. - John (bird whisperer)
John, yep, bigger versions of the pics are needed, would that watch in the current batches? - Kol Tregaskes
bigger versions would indeed rock. It would be nice to have a user setting though to either see small thumbnail photos are larger photos. This way the people who are not as interested in the photos as some of us could still choose to see them small. In fact small should probably be the default with a user option to view them larger instead. - Thomas Hawk
I kind of like the thumbnail batches, and being able to choose which to click through. My comment was specifically about faves – it's hard to pick favorites from just thumbnails. - John (bird whisperer)
Another thing I'd like to see changed (or at least be toggleable) is the feature what hides entries under 'more form <service>' on lists. I have lots of photo-related groups in one friends list and having them hidden like this is annoying. Also the hiding of the Flickr photos in the batches is annoying too. Personally I'd like this expanded all the time but a toggle would be nice. I appreciate this might be set-up as it is because of performance. - Kol Tregaskes
Thomas, agree. - Kol Tregaskes
More user options for controlling the display of Flickr photos would be helpful. - John (bird whisperer)
I'm kind of disappointed in Friendfeed. Too much focus on competing with Twitter, and not enough on what was originally the core idea of aggregating services. And sadly they've de-emphasized service integration so much that I wonder if they'll even keep doing it, let alone improve the integration. And Flickr, for that matter, sucks too - Thomas hit the nail on the head above, Flickr has... more... - Eric P
Eric, I think you're right about Flickr. Flickr's mostly been laying people off these days. They laid off designer George Oates, Engineer Rev Dan Catt, and lots of the other original talent there has left, Cal Henderson, Stewart Butterfield, Eric Costello, Kakul Srivastava recently left the helm of the site as well to work on other things at Yahoo. The last innovative thing that they... more... - Thomas Hawk
Thomas, thanks for taking the time to write this up - Bret Taylor
Bret, you're welcome. I think you guys have the best opportunity to drive a lot more Flickr users over here. - Thomas Hawk
Hey TH, as always, great ideas from you about improving FriendFeed. I've always felt it's a great adjunct to Flickr. Personally, my social community isn't here (can't get them to join), so FF isn't as useful for me as I'd like it to be (or as it is for people like you and Scoble, etc). Friendbinder is what I've been using to navigate my Flickr contacts (it auto-pulls them all in, and... more... - Criz
Hey Criz, thanks. I'd obviously love to see more innovation via flickr come through FF and especially directly at flickr. Good to know that you guys are working on more than just new buttons. In terms of hiring, the only hire that I'm aware of Flickr announcing in the last year or so (unless I missed it somewhere) was zycster in the "abuse" "customer care" "censorship" bureau vs. the... more... - Thomas Hawk
Rutger, I suppose, adding video was a feature, unfortunately though I think that it was a feature at odds with the flickr community that many in the community saw as more of a negative than a positive. There was a pretty strong and vocal group opposing adding video on Flickr. I've only ever used video on Flickr once (ironically yesterday). Here again, videos are crippled to 90 seconds... more... - Thomas Hawk
I think FF on the other hand has offered us already fairly substantive improvements to the Flickr experience. Being able to see *all* of your flickr contact's photos vs. only the most recent 1 or 5 is huge. So is letting us see our contacts faves. Ideally though we'd get continued innovation from both Flickr AND outside developers like FF building on the Flickr API to best improve the... more... - Thomas Hawk
Thomas, I am zyrcster, and I am not on abuse :) And I think you'll enjoy what's coming down the pike. I hope so, anyway. - Criz
Ah, ok, zyrcster. Hopefully it's something good. I thought you were part of the moderation/customer service / abuse/ censorship dept based on the thread in flickr help. I should re-read that thread. Hard to know who's who on the flickr staff when flickr codes the public "about flickr" staff page to purposely hide staff members from me personally. I hope that coding project didn't take much time away from all that innovation going on over there. - Thomas Hawk from iPhone
Rutger, Flickr RSS feeds only contain public, "safe" photos... definitely not all of my contacts' photos - Michael Hocter
Hmm, never knew that, there should be 2 versions of the feed then so we can choose. - Kol Tregaskes
In fact, I can't even get a decent RSS feed of my own photos out of Flickr because many of them are not "safe" - Michael Hocter
Or is there an issue from Flickr's point of perspective having such content go outside it's site? - Kol Tregaskes
Kol, I think it's because they can't authenticate who you are or what your preferences are through RSS - Michael Hocter
I see. They could have a password protection/authenticated feed but FF doesn't support such feeds. - Kol Tregaskes
LOL, Mrsth, that's over censoring stuff! - Kol Tregaskes
that is actually a problem on Flickr's end. They've been censoring your RSS feed now for years. They won't allow any content deemed "adult" to be sent out of Flickr via RSS. It's incredibly stupid in my opinion. I'd love to be able to subscribe to Merkely's nudes (which very much are fine art) for instance and even though I've checked on Flickr that I'm an adult and want adult content... more... - Thomas Hawk
haha, actually Kol that was me. I was accidentally logged in as my wife though, just got home and was using the home computer. - Thomas Hawk
What happened there? Posting from your wife's acount? ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Ah, hehe!! - Kol Tregaskes
Now the thread reads oddly. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Kol, I don't know about you, but I really wish would implement FF's SUP or FF spider those streams more often. I end up having to manually get FF to pull them in after I've favorited a bunch or it takes *forever* for them to finally be pulled into the FF stream. - Mark Philpot
I've not really checked my groups, is there a delay in importing? - Kol Tregaskes
you certainly can easily add a photo as a favourite through the api - all you need is the photo id and the user to have given ff a token by signing in... - Phill Price
Ah, I did have an issue with my watchlist from I notified them and they checked it and it started working. Are you having problems, Mark? - Kol Tregaskes
How recent was this? I've just been in the habit of manually refreshing my feed. Next time I'll try letting FF get it on it's own and see how long it takes. - Mark Philpot
Mark, a few weeks ago. I'd buzz them on their site and let them know you are having problems too. Works fine for me atm but they said they are keeping an eye on it. - Kol Tregaskes
BTW, people on this thread might be interested in this group for most popular entries feed: It seems to import dups a lot, which is a problem but it's not a huge issue. - Kol Tregaskes
So I can now check on FF too. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Thomas, could probably do something similar for your Zooomr too. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
I just added six to my favorites... I'll see how long it takes for them to get imported. -- And a note to any FF developers on this feed -- Please implement a "Comment" link at the bottom of the comments. Especially for long comment streams, it's a pain to have to scroll up to the top to add a new comment. - Mark Philpot
Mark, OK, any issue go to the, they'll help you out. It's their feed after all. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
If you authenticate with the Flickr API you can get at the "unsafe" photos, FYI. But that would require a deeper level of integration that Friendfeed offers today. - Eric P
+1 faving a Flickr photo on FriendFeed - Thierry R. Andriamirado
FF is not seeing the growth other services are seeing because it is not designed for the casual, non-technical user the way flickR, Twitter, and Facebook are. An average person can "walk up" to any of those three services and get them almost immediately. By "get them" I don't mean that they understand deeply/optimally how or why to use them but that they can readily get their heads... more... - Anthony Citrano
Live4Emma (L4S)
El Conejo Viejo
Mom: "When are you going to get married, son?" Me: *snort* "When God makes the personal introduction."
just a my opinion...dont wait on God for this one. - Carlos Ayala
tell her you'll get married when Jessica Alba gets around to proposing. - Morgan
I don't get asked that much anymore. Shocking, I know. - Derrick
Just as well. My reputation usually precedes me. - El Conejo Viejo from Android
Reputation? - Ayşe E.
Yes, I am widely believed to be a bunneh. Also, a dirty old man. - El Conejo Viejo from IM
Can't vouch for the DOM, but the bunneh thing is a fact! And in my experience Teh Laydees like bunnehs. - Ayşe E.
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