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I would like to pretend that this pencil wasn't used to stir someone's coffee recently...
Burr grinders are pricy, so I'm shoving coffee beans into an old fashion pencil sharpener, one at a time.
It's 2014. How does the software I need not exist with the feature set I want at a price I can afford?
I need to stop buying bar towels just because they come in fun color sets... Or I need to get a liquor license.
TOP 124: What makes a game good? -
TOP 124: What makes a game good?
RT @ftrain: When I am knee-deep in project mess this is what everything I read looks like:
This hack to get around twitters 140 character limit will blow your mind!
It's more convenient for me to wait for #Netflix to ship DVDs than to not watch everything missing from instant streaming.
RT @mknepprath: “Anubis now faces his 5000 year old nemesis Pharaoh in a children’s card game.” Best line of the review. @MrBobDobolina @aaronmievans
RT @attaboy: That useless bell icon that the latest Chrome adds to your menubar on OS X:
Help I Can’t Export From Final Cut X!
At the rate I'm going, people are going to know me as "The Camera Clip Guy" #FCPX
RT @tardycritic: Love children's card games? Check out our review for Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie by @MrBobDobolina & @aaronmievans: #yugioh
Every house needs a design aesthetic. Mine is a mix of Post-hurricane and 5-year-old-boy.
Banana bread, like most pokemon, is not appetizing in its larval state.
If Buzzfeed tried to write a book
I can't tell you how often I wish I had a finger-longer. #futurama
There is a difference between being in a hurry and being a moron. Thank you for demonstrating the difference this morning.
What about... Pillows that spray you in the face with coffee when it's time to get up?
This review is hillarious! Who write it? Oh, I did... #awkward #Catwoman by @MrBobDobolina! 🐱 (via @tardycritic)
It's common knowledge: if you live in CA, you have an ocean view mansion, a private beach, and only party with celebs.
I left Kiwk Trip without buying donuts or cookies. Maybe I can grow up...?
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