RT @tardycritic: Big Hero 6 was superb, but nothing beats this animated superhero classic. The Incredibles reviewed by @MrBobDobolina: http://tardycritic.com/the-inc...
Gotta get the snow machine from school, just in case the forecast is wrong. Hate to ACTUALLY need to work on Monday.
Photo Challenge #4 - one of these things is not like the others. @Martenslr https://twitter.com/MrBobDo...
"What would it take for me to get you on a llama today?" - Used llama salesman. @aaronmievans
But seriously, go see Boxtrolls. #boxtrolls
If Big Hero 6 isn't better than The Lego Movie... then it's the second best film of 2014.
Is Friday and you know what that means? That’s right. It’s a party in the USA. #earwormfriday #thisshouldbeathing
Ah yes. Kernel panic o’clock.
Wrote another 4K words today, but it's non-fiction, so, you know... doesn't qualify for #NaNoWriMo
An Interesting Connection of Sleepy Apple Bugs - http://apatheticthursday.net/2014...
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