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Okay so I've eaten like 3 pieces of cheese cake today. I know I'm an adult, but someone please come take this away from me.
Minnesota weather is so crazy, sometimes the highs are colder than the lows.
Using a zip-tie to stir my coffee this morning. Happy Wednesday.
So... @BigGiantCircles according to iTunes I've listened to your music for 16 days, 2 hour, 25 minutes, and 24 seconds.
I miss frisbee.
RT @macworld: Macworld Lab is testing for an upcoming Thunderbolt story. In this pic, all the devices are connected to 1 Mac Pro:
Postponed perspective? - a student is coming up with names in my office.
Read 20 books so far this year. Feeling good. What's your #dailyhabbit?
This is the future I want to be living in:
RT @denny: Friend just emailed me this. In his words: "I'm not a train expert, but I'm pretty sure this isn't going to work..."
RT @bradleychambers: Why Closing iPhone Apps Makes Your Battery Life Worse
RT @macworld: You may not need to buy the most powerful Mac anymore, but that's okay. A cartoon on Mac Pros and cons by @rstevens.
"You don't need paper to not learn." - @Martenslr
Always begin your diets and exercise routines on April 1. Then you have plausible deniability when you only last one day.
RT @commonfrequency: There is a special layer of hell where all you can do is try to squeegee the air bubbles out of screen protectors.
RT @Ihnatko: UPS just delivered a new Samsung phone for me to test. (Ho ho. But guess what I ordered from Amazon.)
Film Festival Technologies
RT @mknepprath: @MrBobDobolina So I hear Walmart's acquiring Microsoft.
"You can cough on a baby if you want to." - @hotdogsladies @danbenjamin #exceptforthecomics
I feel like Facebook buying Oculus is like Walmart buying Microsoft.
RT @Sevadus: I am very proud of the stance @notch has taken with Minecraft on the OR. His viewpoints here:
RT @BethanyLutheran: A big thank you to all who attended and supported Media Week at Bethany and the 2014 Speechless Film Festival!...
RT @StuntMonkey967: .@BethanyLutheran @SpeechlessFF Awards at @Pub500 in #Mankato. I won best leading male, it left everyone speechless.
RT @SpeechlessFF: Last day of Speechless 2014! Starts at 1 p.m., wrapping up with awards and @Pub500 after-party with...
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