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Father of 3, Blogfather of Singapore, satirist, writer, traveler, podcaster, tv host and boss of new media content company. Loves gadgets and bicycle commuting.
Which new spicy McD burger gives the most burn below?
Autumn is coming to Singapore. @ The Concourse
Saw some cute cute #Kpop girl photos in my feed. Is this how you do it?
Mom at Lor Ah Soo market: "Aiyah buy from any other coffee stall will do lah. Their queue so long." Me: "Never. Only #Dazongcafe will do."
Channel 8 morning cartoons showing some Chinese-dubbed anime & cuts to commercial at an odd place. Must be some inappropriate anime nudity.
Naise dubstep here: FIREBIRD 2
Naise dubstep here: FIREBIRD 2
Play The #Gravity movie you didn’t see at the cinema. The #Gravity movie you didn’t see at the cinema.
[Blogged] The renamed National Gallery Singapore and its new logo #NationalGallerySG Once I started, I couldn’t stop. The hills are alive with the sound of Uzis, bitches.
I couldn't resist playing with the new #NationalGallerySG "logo".
Robot Heart: Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead, a cover by @iamkawehi Coolness!
Robot Heart: Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead, a cover by @iamkawehi Coolness!
This is the new logo for the National Gallery. I guess the space in between is for the bus to park.
Me: “This is the 41-storey roller ride from the US.“ Mom: “Five Knots ah?” Me: “Six Flags lah. You mix up with Knotts Berry Farm.”
8.15am. Jam along Lor Ah Soo towards Upp Paya Lebar because a Sembcorp garbage truck in an accident with a car near the junction.
Hey Universal Studios Singapore! Since you’re replacing the BSG ride, maybe do this, from Six Flags? 41-storey drop!
Aloe Blacc has two lesser known siblings, Aloe Vera and Aloe Star How Google responds to U.S. search warrants.
May I say how awesome our ICA is at issuing passports? Went down at my time slot, press queue number, got called before I even sat down.
It so hot that @gweezilla and I feel like walking around shirtless. #SignsOfUnclehood
RT @Techinasia: In Singapore, your private data is being sold without your permission – at 1 cent apiece
My Sony Bravia TVs just updated their internet content and now I have a Netflix and Hulu app in my TVs! Hooray! The Ten Commandments of @mrbrown for the movie #Noah (Facebook link)
#Noah review: A) Inspired by the Bible, my backside. B) It’s an ok adventure. C) It is draggy in some parts. D) Crowe still can’t sing.
Why do people think it is acceptable or safe to let their kids run and play in a coffee shop where hot food and drinks are being carried?
RT @JuddLegum: I had a Millennial install the emoji keyboard on my phone today, which will allow me to relate better to America's youth 👌💾 🍉 😬 😻 💯 ✔️
SMRT gets new buses. How about new better drivers?
But headphones better for ears. RT @SGVekNZ: I’m a fan of ear phones. Don’t want head phones to mess up my hair LOL :p #Vain #Much
This morning my feed is filled with “TPE towards SLE jam“.
RT @exjon: To cover all the bases, I am outraged by every tweet made today.
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