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Father of 3, Blogfather of Singapore, satirist, writer, traveler, podcaster, tv host and boss of new media content company. Loves gadgets and bicycle commuting.
Shocking news: Hello Kitty is not a cat -
Part one: Packing for a trip to Japan -
Part one: Packing for a trip to Japan
Give us this day our daily bread.
I grow old… I grow old… I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.
Dear bus driver, thank you for jamming brake suddenly for the last minute flagger. I almost langgah my face into the bus window.
So is there a Kick The Bucket Challenge?
Tonight I am Tuesday Night Fever. It's like Saturday Night Fever but without the dancing. And it feels teh suck.
Meet my new buddy, Pocket Axe and his other #DOTA2 friends.
RT @miyagi: This health tip will amaze you! @ Anchorpoint Shopping Centre
"If war is not fair, why call it warfare?" -Axe.
The next sequel that Stallone will be making is rumored to be entitled The Expandables.
Flu and cough bug going around ah. Take care of yourselves.
In my day, rubber bands were used to make the skip ropes for the Zero Point game, not to wear as jewelry. Loom simi loom.
BBC News - Indonesia: Singapore tourists told 'shut up or go home' We need to behave overseas lah.
Finally bit the bullet and ordered me some @tombihn travel bags. Can't wait to get them.
The older you get, the less tolerance you have for shitty airlines.
The main takeaway from PM Lee's National Day Rally speech, I feel, was Fishball Sticks. Very easy to tapao. #ndrsg
How you know it's Monday: The left arm of your progressive reading glasses broke.
What If They Made Comic-Book Movies in the '80s?
Further confirmation I am loudly dressed today, my youngest daughter running up to me at the coffee shop saying, "Hello, Rainbow Papa!"
RT @jamesrbuk: This… this isn't reassuring, @Reuters. On any level.
I think I might be a little loudly dressed today… #ootd
And today in Sumiko Tan's world…
There is no $250 Nike Voucher giveaway on Facebook. It's a scam. Don't click on the phishing links. Details:
RT @thirtyquid: Mum was angsting about her piles of ironing, so I decided to help out... and discovered that she has been IRONING MY PJs all along. #妈妈真伟大
I am the wife's security bolster whenever she watches The Walking Dead.
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