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Father of 3, Blogfather of Singapore, satirist, writer, traveler, podcaster, tv host and boss of new media content company. Loves gadgets and bicycle commuting.
Nigerian woman tests negative for deadly Ebola virus in Singapore | South China Morning Post Phew!
When you have children, your door bell melody changes every week.
To sit or not to sit? Linguistic and societal debate on Japanese train seats for the elderly. via @adesabrina
All the best to the P6 students taking their PSLE Oral today and tomorrow, and to the parents of the P1-5 kids who are at home.
Sometimes I see the economic rice stall has fried chicken drumstick and think to myself, "How big was the chicken that the leg is so big?"
When you first get your home, every renovation detail must be right. By the time you've lived in it for 10 years, with 3 kids: masking tape.
YouTube comment: “I’m sure there's other products besides tiger balms that relieve pain, I don't use tiger balm cos they kill tigers for it”
I am easily impressed by messenger apps that have animated stickers. Gotta collect them all!
RT @charmainephua: A cabbie I met said [MCE] should be called MCC instead. Short for "Mong Cha Cha". :p
1. Apple Maps still doesn't know the MCE exists. 2. The MCE at the Marina Bay Area is a clusterf**k of poorly designed signage & directions.
"The promotional Dropbox space that you got with your Samsung device has now expired." #sianhalf E-learning days. Dreaded by teachers and parents alike.
Winter is coming. I mean, is it cool this morning or what, right?!
At opening night for Cavalia tonight. I am expecting knights to fight to the death on horseback. Wife SMS: "It's Cavalier tonight, issit?"
SingTel offers The You Won't Get Your Old 12GB Back And Here is Some Wifi At Selected Places With A 2GB Cap plan.
Playing Germany in Civilization V BNW and feeling a little guilty about conquering other nations. In other news, Gandhi with nukes.
RT @MyRepublic: Only if we get to perform Stop and Stare. @OneRepublic
That's so fetch. RT @jiazhi_: Dear Facebook, stop trying to make Facebook messenger happen, it's not gonna happen. Deleted FB app as well.
RT @hancocktom: Monk in Hubei blesses a new porsche, prays for safety of car and passengers RIP Robin Williams. O Captain! My Captain!
Re-watched #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy, this time at Lido IMAX with the kids. Still shiok. An Ode To Sleep Deprived Parents
So how many parents on post-NDP leave today because of the kids?
[Blogged] A nurse speaks: it's not just about the pay
Sentosa cable car incident update. The engineer has been rescued.
Whoa Sentosa Siloso Beach got empty cable car fell. Worker trapped inside another car. Rescue underway.
Played Weird Al's NOW That's What I Call Polka! in car. Isaac, Joy & I sang along. Faith laughed. Even their autistic sister finds it funny.
Stefanie Sun shows how classy she is. We like!
Amy wants the already-married Shihao to take wedding photos with her. Siao liao. Easy! Photoshop lah! #夜市人生
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