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Paul Gordon

Paul Gordon

Developer, designer, DJ and all round jolly good bloke.
Think I'm going to put together a C# project for making .NET authentication a bit easier to manage. It's a bloody nightmare!
Make Better Software: The Training Series
"Make Better Software" from Fogcreek - wonder if we can persuade the powers that be to buy us this? Looks great!
RT @macappstorm: MacSlaps, vinyl stickers for your Apple laptop: (via @danbenjamin)
Hope you're not implementing his swearing ethic at the same time though...
Buzz allows you to "follow" people and respond to their comments. Because nothing else let's you do that, right kids?
Is it just me or does Buzz appear to be a (yet another) waste of time?
@adambird Why buy one product when you have to buy two? It's an excellent marketing strategy - make up for the "flaws...
There's nothing like a bit of DJ Sneak of a morning...
@paulwallas Not when sober.
Public transport sucks, I wish my bike was fixed... :(
RT @web20surgery: We're looking for Web 2.0 experts to help Nottingham businesses with their online presence
RT @creativenotts: We're seeking bloggers, marketers & developers to help grow Nottingham's creative sector. Please RT
@philcampbell @prjmellors Candlelight dinner with a homemade pud - always a winner. Don't forget a card though, at least!
@paulwallas Does our web software count?
On the Internet, nobody knows you don't have a bloody Microsoft Certification...
It unnerves me that Netbeans seems to synchronize with your specified external directory (i.e. FTP) as soon as you save a file. Danger!
Think I need a new hobby. Like this:
"Tell No One" on BBC iPlayer - possibly going to be one of my favourite films of all time:
Can't drag myself away from listening to "Ne Le Dis a Personne" -
Watched "Tell No One" on BBC 4 over the weekend - probably the best film I've seen in many years. Now listening to the beautiful soundtrack.
RT @paulwallas: ingredients for a successful creative company
Indeed! Imagine him as a team lead though...
Lessons for Software Developers from Gordon Ramsay
Development meeting. Tears before bedtime, methinks.
RT @bruntonspall: i know i've crossed a line of geekery when even devs at work say they don't understand my tweets
Lessons for Software Developers from Gordon Ramsay:
Thinking about prospects, plans and schemes. With a strong cup of coffee. And a biscuit.
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