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Mendeley is looking for a technical writer with experience in APIs. Contact @mendeleyAPI
Creating impact – a game of two halves (good story about how #openaccess + social media work together)
Great article about the sequencing of most of a town: with bonus quote from @wilbanks
RT @edyong209: I scour the internet for good reads (mostly science) so you don't have to. Here's this week's pack
RT @digiphile: By @jamesbessen MT @sfmnemonic The Evidence Is In: Patent Trolls Hurt Innovation - @HarvardBiz
RT @digiphile: Prohibition didn't work for alcohol. Is it high time to legalize & regulate marijuana as well?
RT @nntaleb: To all my muslim friends, عيد فطر سعيد and to the Christians of the Levant who celebrate it and fast during Ramadan in sympathy.
RT @coridrew: zomg YES! Want want want! RT @hyper_linda: Maths playgrounds. Yes please.
Probably won based on officer not bothering to file paperwork, rather than superior argument, but still...
RT @McDawg: Great write-up about @OKFestival #OKFest14 by @LouWoodley "Lovely 2 C U – the importance of in-person events"
Just X'd someone on Tinder because they said "must love fog". I get the pun and all, but... #nope
Crowdfunding to develop healthcare matching technology: (via @alicebonasio)
API now returns links to catalog pages. RT @mendeleyAPI: Linking to the Mendeley web catalog
RT @ChrysanneLowe: @ATG_NewsChannel Reichelt: "think about the value of the social layer...Research is inherently social" … Expand
There is a military helicopter noisily patrolling the sky over Mountain View, likely because @barackobama is visiting. How annoying!
OSTI Conducting Pilots with in Preparation for Launching Public Access Gateway to Scholarly Scientific Publications
RT @hadleywickham: Introducing tidyr: a new #rstats package that makes it easier to tidy your data
RT @invisiblecomma: Slides from my talk about vege-table at csv,conf last week:
The Limits of "Unlimited" | Library Babel Fish @insidehighered -
Beagle, a scientific annotation tool, is looking for Frontend Engineers + Designers -
Coexistence in a Variable Environment -
The American Naturalist (1979). Volume: 114, Issue: 6. Pages: 765-783. Richard Levins et al. Ecological coexistence theory has been limited almost entirely to the problem of the existence and stability of equilibrium solutions for the equations of species abundance. The major results are the following Published using Mendeley: The research tool for desktop & web - Mr. Gunn
Competitive Exclusion -
The American Naturalist (1980). Volume: 115, Issue: 2. Pages: 151-170. Robert A. Armstrong, Richard McGehee et al. Volterra (1928) was apparently the first to use a mathematical model to suggest that the indefinite coexistence of two or more species limited by the same resource is impossible. This theme, which has been expanded by several authors into the statements that n species cannot coexist on fewer than n resources (MacArthur and Levins 1964; Levins 1968) or in fewer than n "niches" (Rescigno and Richardson 1965) or when limited by fewer than n "limiting factors" (Levin 1970), has become known as the "competitive exclusion principle" (Hardin 1960). Published using Mendeley: The bibliography manager for researchers - Mr. Gunn
Community Equilibria and Stability, and an Extension of the Competitive Exclusion Principle -
The American Naturalist (1970). Volume: 104, Issue: 939. Pages: 413-423. Simon A. Levin et al. Beginning with the fundamental work of Volterra (1926), a large amount of the ecological literature has dealt with an elaboration of the con- cept of niche by means of one or another of the various forms of what is known alternatively as the " Gause hypothesis" (Slobodkin 1961a), " Gause 's principle" (Odumn 1959), or even "Gause's axiom" (Slobodkin 1961a), depending on how one feels about it. I shall take a middle course in this paper, referring to it as the "Gause principle" or the "competitive exclu- sion principle" and shall generalize the result to other than purely com- petitive situations, and ones involving an arbitrary number of species. Published using Mendeley: The bibliography manager for researchers - Mr. Gunn
RT @hildabast: #OpenAccess policy (draft): India's Ministry of Science & Technology - mandatory, data & all HT @mrgunn #OA
Fresh blood for UK science as popular minister quits : Nature News & Comment -
Amusing tweet juxtaposition
RT @maitri: Proposing an open, accessible Project Gutenberg for science. cc: @kwinkunks #scifoo
RT @pkedrosky: An investigation of the false discovery rate and the misinterpretation of P values
RT @stevesilberman: Most meta sign you'll see today [via @evolvingcities]
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