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Hey @americanexpress, the bartender Francis you hired for #thecenturionlounge at SFO is a keeper.
Science Startups meet at Le Web 2014 |
RT @gnome: Help the GNOME Foundation defend the GNOME trademark against Groupon! Please donate at
RT @Oatmeal: Dear @SenTedCruz, I'm going to explain to you how Net Neutrality ACTUALLY works
This is a cool project from a friend: Artemis: Smart Jewelry for Personal Safety check it out and support if you can
RT @brokep: My body just got re-united with my soul and mind, the parts of me that matters and that never can be held hostage. #freebrokep #brokepfree
Whoa.. RT @libcce: The helical model - our solar system is a vortex: via @YouTube
Whoa.. RT @libcce: The helical model - our solar system is a vortex: via @YouTube
How to prepare for the financial side of open access by @njneilj
WATCH: Over 300,000 Internet users helped shape this video. Check it out at (via @theopenmedia)
RT @WSJ: President Obama asked the FCC today to issue strong rules to protect net neutrality.
RT @NYCLU: BREAKING: NYPD to stop arresting for low-level marijuana charges, will issue tickets instead:
RT @tbiz: on what better day than #Fx10 #chooseindependent #Firefox RT @thinkprogress Obama calls for ban on internet fast lane
The number of researchers is growing faster than the number of papers. Implications for #altmetrics? Science-Metrix -
RT @simonbayly: Justice prevails MT@paulcoxon: Italian scientists who failed to predict L'Aquila earthquake have been acquitted
RT @xor: 77 computer scientists tell the Supreme Court that of fucking course APIs can't be copyrighted are you kidding me
“IF IN DOUBT…TAKE IT!” Behind Closed Doors, Government Officials Make Shocking Comments About Civil Forfeiture -
Obama tells the FCC to implement real net neutrality. And he’s serious. — Tech News and Analysis -
Elsevier invites start-ups to present at LeWeb - Research Information -
RT @SpotOnLondon: Craft the programme for the unconference sessions on Saturday at @SpotOnLondon #solo14
RT @R4LPartnership: Unlocking the benefits of open data - Research Information via @researchinfo
RT @acidflask: The hipster effect: When anticonformists all look the same
RT @nthmost: hearing the Gospel of Aaron from a succession of technopagans in the @internetarchive Great Room.
RT @CaldeFer: There is no justice in following unjust laws #AaronSwarts #InternetActivist
RT @pickover: The difference between freedom and slavery is one thin line. The difference between sleeping and awakening...
RT @deevybee: Putting my money where my mouth is on Open Access. This paper submitted direct to PeerJ; published + reviews
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