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RT @olivierdumon: In the year E+1: a Mendeley update via @elsevierconnect
RT @CorbinHiar: Former BP employee accused of insider trading during Deepwater Horizon spill agrees to pay SEC over $200,000:
RT @subcide: ADP, worst enterprise system? Can't view payslip because "Your browser doesn't support Frames or Javascript." Latest Chrome. :/
RT @meyercarol: RT @ScholarlyPub: Register Yet? The Early Bird Deadline is April 18th! Register now at #SSPBoston
Male codfish attempt to attract females by grunting for 15 minutes at a time: So THAT'S the secret! via @pourmecoffee
Interesting academic output visualization from @felixdemoya and pals, using #d3js: #altmetrics
RT @CaraSantaMaria: THIS. The highlight of my day. MT @MarkoKrobot: Some dude developed a "New Age Bullshit Generator" code XD
RT @dancohen: The Takedown Project is studying how many takedown notices, and of what kind, libraries are receiving:
"This means articles by younger researchers can share the spotlight with the work of senior authors":
Very happy to see this development from No more "one number to rule them all" #altmetrics
RT @TomLevenson: .@TheINDYpundit BTW. I'm pretty sure you're not using "derp" appropriately. See #strongpriorsexposenakedposteriors
"English has no word for 'the constant, repetitive reiteration of strong priors'". Now we do, and that word is "derp":
RT @SnowHydro: "Stopping pursuit of TT posn has provided me exactly what #tenure was meant to do: complete & total #academic freedom...isn't that ironic"
RT @CopyrightLibn: Key theme of many recent conversations: WHO OWNS a work is often a far less important question to resolve than WHO CAN USE, and for what.
"If you are ever on the receiving end of criticism online, I suggest you not use any of [these] arguments" @DoctorZen
Damn.... @kimmaicutler just wrote the book on the SF housing crisis: Long-form on TC, who'd a thought?
RT @ReaderMeter: .@NSF to explore norms and practices for research software and data citation/attribution ht @quominus #altmetrics
RT @subcide: Does anyone NOT think Google is creating Skynet at this point?
RT @declan: hey! @jambina's doing a reddit AMA!
The Earth is round, organisms evolve, and no one should be forced to give birth to a child: What century is it again?
RT @moorejh: If #GWAS is now about drug targets shouldn't the emphasis be put on biological validation rather than statistical replication? #genomics
RT @Richvn: 82% of NIH papers are now publicly accessible (a year after they are published). @naturenews
RT @stevehit: Topmost cited DOIs on Wikipedia: "shows there is still a lot of growth for #OA citations" #altmetrics via @jasonpriem
RT @Schrokit: This is definitely how engineers think! HT @GinnyFBSmith
RT @HarlanH: "It’s Homeopathy Awareness Week. You can celebrate by having zero concentration and not working." -@edyong209
RT @PeytonsHead: Cockpit. That is all. @USAirways
What @TurboTax Doesn't Want You To Know via @HuffPostBiz (TurboTax lobbying against pre-filled returns.)
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