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RT @ErrataRob: There are more Apple and Android devices than IPv4 addresses. I guess IPv6 came just in time, or they couldn't connect to the Internet.
Lots of apple whatevers at #OSCodefest for sure, but I consistently see lots of ThinkPads, too.
RT @mathewi: New from me: "Twitter CFO says a Facebook-style filtered feed is coming, whether you like it or not"
RT @mia_out: Bring on the scholarly commons! 'The PeerLibrary Community' Site HT @Tracy_Jentzsch
Is Twitter's "favorite" controversy its first step on the road to ruin? via @pandodaily
RT @sarahcuda: More journalists arrested in Ferguson last night. So much for freedom of the press. via @pandodaily
Did you work on an Open Access Policy at your institution? Take the policy creation survey from UF #scholcomm -
How a publisher can destroy public trust in science - Stem Cell Assays -
Scholarly communication, scholarly publishing and university libraries. Plus ca change ? -
Hey @swiftkey, you just autocorrected NASA to NASCAR. #nothelping
That would be an awesome collaboration. - Joe
^ - Marie
I am going for a test drive of my NASACAR on the track. Expect it to hit 17,000 mph. - Joe
China's fight to feed itself is hindered by anti-GM paranoia -
RT @tnr: This is a cop. In America. And he's part of a disturbing new trend of police secrecy.
RT @kaythaney: Thrilled to welcome @abbycabs + @billdoesphysics to the @MozillaScience team. Let's give them a big #openscience welcome, shall we?
RT @DistribEcology: Want to archive tweets from your next scientific meeting in an SQL db? Check out my handy #python tools for just that
RT @rpg7twit: If anyone ever asks you "why twitter?", show them this. RT @LinnaeusCarl: Les presento a Mr. T-Cell #ja140
WikiLeaks' Assange Hopes to Exit London Embassy if UK Lets Him
RT @ktbenner: @nitashatiku black people locking their doors when they see white professionals approaching. Uber and Lyft subvert the dominant paradigm.
RT @djjmorgan: We at @ucpress agree with #nonewlicenses and have signed at (cc. @CameronNeylon, @PLOS)
RT @m_m_campbell: With a little kelp from some friends... Citizen science finds floating forests. Cool: #CitizenScience by @scicurious
RT @jackshafer: Income inequality, perception vs. reality, US vs. Germany (
RT @dupuisj: Oh, yes, @teslascience has a new fundraising program: BUY A BRICK FOR NIK
RT @Neuro_Skeptic: Do scientists trust one another? Should they?
RT @helenarney: SCIENTISTS, MATHEMATICIANS, ENGINEERS, CODERS OF ANY FLAVOUR. My new project = we chat about your work -> I write a song. Want in? (pls RT!)
RT @anildash: An important, cogent breakdown of the facts of Darren Wilson shooting Mike Brown. From @ShaunKing:
RT @parnopaeus: I just supported @ImpactStory! Very happy with their product & love being an early adopter. Check out my profile:
New initiatives offer child-care solutions to traveling scientists | Science Careers -
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