Mr. Gunn
The US gov is inviting comment on the Public Access to Science and Technology. I know we have some comments, can we draft a quick letter?
I assume international input is welcome. - Mr. Gunn
Don't have much time to help draft but will try -- and will certainly sign. - Bill Hooker
ditto Bill - Jean-Claude Bradley
Will be happy to contribute and carry work load. Would it be worthwhile to write an 'international' letter that could be forwarded to individual govts (a letter that would be put forward globally, and simultaneously, with signatures from around the world). - Kubke
Can look over drafts and do tinkering if it is useful...or just sign if it isn't - Cameron Neylon
Cool, I'll start something on Etherpad. - Mr. Gunn
question is: should we have 2 letters - one from US residents (whether citizens or whatever) and one from interested international folks? I don't know if they get sorted into different piles or what. - Christina Pikas
I dont see a need for two letters. The signatures could be separated into US scientists and international support. - Kubke
Writing now, noticing via Sigma Xi mailing list that there is a EU petition: - Mr. Gunn is the URL for the document. - Mr. Gunn