Mr. Gunn
Has anyone played with ? I'm currently training my set of feeds, and haven't quite got to where the recommendations make up for the web-only interface. Friendfeed still beats it.
intriguing, what feeds do you put in there? I'm trying with TOCs of journals. How do you compare FF with feedzero? Didn't know FF had bayesian or other algorithmic filters. - aaron
FF doesn't have bayesian filters. They do use a ranking for their "best of day" feature, but it mostly comes from user activity, so the comparison is between purely algorithmic rank and social filtering. So far, social filtering FTW! - Mr. Gunn
As far as what feeds I'm putting in, I just uploaded my whole OPML file. Took some time to sync, but works pretty well. - Mr. Gunn
Well social filtering is great if it's things people are reading, but with Tocs of journals, doubtful FF can help you filter. - aaron
I'm not using bayesian filters for my "normal" rss blog feeds, think social filtering will work better, but for tocs of journals, where i'm looking for articles in my research area, i dont know any peers in this area, so bayesian filter is the only alternative - aaron
But it can! If my contacts are reading the same journals I am, and feeding in here things they're bookmarked using a bookmarking service, it brings those things to my attention. - Mr. Gunn
Yes, that's my problem, I don't know any contacts working in the same area (besides my supervisor!), a problem facing many starting grad student, so we can't rely on social filters. Also i suppose it's a lazy way to prioritize journals, if you want to at least glance at them if you dont trust your social filters. - aaron
Deepak had some comments on learning to trust your social filters a while back, but yeah, it's hard sometimes. In other news...citeulike has a recommendation feature and Mendeley's great recommendations feature is coming soon. - Mr. Gunn
Here's the question, are these recommendations based solely on social activity? What if you are working in an area that no-one else is (very likely particularly these days where a small percentage of people are only on such networks). Machine learning techniques like bayesian filtering would be very helpful. - aaron
Yes, that's certainly true. I always think of it as Bayesian filtering helps you find the best stuff you already know you like, whereas social search helps you find stuff you didn't know you were looking for, - Mr. Gunn
I haven't, but now I'm going to. Looks interesting. - Bill Hooker
In case you are interested in bayesian filtering, the other alternative is suxtor , which ls less commercial. There's a interesting project going along . - aaron
I think I might have originally seen that from one of your tweets, actually. - Mr. Gunn
Yes. I'm working on a blog post on bayesian filtering of rss feeds actually.. several alternatives - aaron
I keep hearing rumors of a product that will blow services like feedzero away, but haven't seen so much as a screenshot yet. - Mr. Gunn
You can setup your own install, or just use the one hosted by Heriot-Watt University. The people there are pretty interested in feedback. main disadvantage so far, can't import opml! Also feeds needs to be approved by admin. - aaron
No OPML import is a major dealbreaker for me, unfortunately. - Mr. Gunn
There's a beta- invitation only feedscrub/ rss bayesian filter, you can get the invitation code on some site, techcrunch or something. 1 got 5 invites if anyone wants them. the free version does only 5 feeds though, but the premium allows opml import. Also playing with hacks like converting rss feeds to POP/IMAP/NNTP then using POPFILE for bayesian filtering. - aaron
Converting posts to emails and filtering using the more well-developed tools available for spam is a interesting idea, but it's kinda hacky, isn't it? My income of feed items is way larger than emails - wouldn't that make popfile choke? - Mr. Gunn
Yeah it's hacky. I've used Popfile for a couple of years in the past before i switched mostly to gmail, i remember going on holiday and coming back and it could handle hundreds of mails incoming at a time (think the mail server timed out first), but it's possible your rss feeds exceeds that by far. God knows i have thousands of unread articles in google reader. - aaron
Yeah, thousands, at least. There are whole categories of feeds I don't read directly, only filter/search. - Mr. Gunn