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My son asked me if something was logical and I told him I didn't know but we could ask Supertramp. #oldpersonjokes
Join @Colts & Coburn Place for a fundraiser on 4/25. Special speaker is @SaturdayJeff! #vzwmidwest
Have we gone too far with the selfie? -
Knowing my sons were excited about their Clash of the Clans battle today, I woke them up by singing, "War... what is it good for?" #dadfun
HTC One M8: You had me at SenseTV [REVIEW] -
What's up with calling Microsoft's new update, "Windows 8.1 Update?" What, was Windows 8.2 already taken?
When cell phone etiquette policies backfire: Last week I talked about cell phone etiquette in my blog post and...
The woman at the dry cleaners guessed my last name as Pitt. I just rolled with it and said, "yes, Brad." Pretty sure she didn't buy it.
What's noo with Noobie? -
I just tried to get in someone else's car thinking it was mine. The real owner was walking towards the car when I did it. #smh
In the past 10 days I've been to Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, W. Palm Beach & Jupiter (FL), Baltimore and Chicago. I'm wrecked. Zzzzzzzzzzz...
I have no interest in watching tonight's championship game. At least 10 teams would have caught my interest in this game but not these two.
My son needs to collect data for his homework assignment tonight. Will you please help by taking his quick survey?
Stuck on I-65. Parking lot. Ugh.
What can I say? It was a great game and I knew it would come down to the last shot. Thank you for a great season Wisconsin! #finalfour
Hoping the underdog streak continues in the second game. #wisconsin #finalfour
Impressive run by UConn to close the first half. #finalfour
Reason #38 why I miss Wisconsin.
My nephew's confirmation. @ St. Paul the Apostle Parish
I just heard my son say, "The old Tom & Jerry used to be good."
Love this video showing off Indianapolis. Admittedly, I didn't recognize all of the places. Time to go exploring!
Love this video showing off Indianapolis. Admittedly, I didn't recognize all of the places. Time to go exploring!
Homeward bound. @ Palm Beach International Airport (PBI)
Trying a new beer called Monk in the Trunk.
I heard that Upworthy and BuzzFeed were using misleading headlines today just to get people to click them. #aprilfools
Groupon Goods offered me $35,000 for my online product store. Should I accept? #cantdecide #needyourhelp
Sweet! My Google AdSense account is now breaking down my earnings by planet. #notjoking #checkyouraccount
What's noo with Noobie? -
Now I know the book I'm listening to is outdated. The narrator just said, "With the iPhone and its big screen..." #notbig
Double tap to like [TIP OF THE DAY]: When viewing photos in the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android smartp...
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