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Does anyone know an audio professional that could help me remove background noise from an audio recording?
I talked to my son in a German accent over breakfast this morning just for fun. #dadfun
No matter how many times I try to convince myself Lady Gaga's new song is called G.U.Y. All I hear is G.U.I. #techguyproblems
Anyone know a tech professional who could speak about protecting your online accounts, password management/practices, Heartbleed, etc?
Tuesday Twitter Roundup 04-15-14: Here is this week’s roundup of Twitter highlights posted from my Twitter acc...
Tuesday Twitter Roundup 04-15-14 -
Microsoft Windows 8 Video Tutorial (Preview) -
Microsoft Windows 8 Video Tutorial (Preview)
Change your Gmail theme [TIP OF THE DAY]: Reading your email doesn’t have to be boring. Spruce up your Gmail a...
Change your Gmail theme [TIP OF THE DAY] -
I see the same car every Monday with the Purdue license plate "PU553". Makes me uncomfortable every time I see it.
Could have done without this happening to my windshield.
Have we gone too far with the selfie?: Selfies are everywhere and are part of our mainstream culture now. You’...
Microsoft Windows 8 Video Tutorial (Preview) -
Left: what my wife is taking to work tomorrow. Right: what she left for the boys and me.
Never in my life have I seen as mis-officiated a soccer game as today's 2nd game. It really ruined the game for both teams.
Game 1 in the books. We won 5-1. #javanoncup
Soon. Very soon. @ Holiday Inn Express
Another bonus of watching movies at home. You can fast-forward through the credits to see if there is bonus material at the end.
My son asked me if something was logical and I told him I didn't know but we could ask Supertramp. #oldpersonjokes
Join @Colts & Coburn Place for a fundraiser on 4/25. Special speaker is @SaturdayJeff! #vzwmidwest
Have we gone too far with the selfie? -
Knowing my sons were excited about their Clash of the Clans battle today, I woke them up by singing, "War... what is it good for?" #dadfun
HTC One M8: You had me at SenseTV [REVIEW] -
What's up with calling Microsoft's new update, "Windows 8.1 Update?" What, was Windows 8.2 already taken?
When cell phone etiquette policies backfire: Last week I talked about cell phone etiquette in my blog post and...
The woman at the dry cleaners guessed my last name as Pitt. I just rolled with it and said, "yes, Brad." Pretty sure she didn't buy it.
What's noo with Noobie? -
I just tried to get in someone else's car thinking it was mine. The real owner was walking towards the car when I did it. #smh
In the past 10 days I've been to Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, W. Palm Beach & Jupiter (FL), Baltimore and Chicago. I'm wrecked. Zzzzzzzzzzz...
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