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98% World Series winners won the 1st game. Math on our side.
98%? Really? Wow. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Hummm Baby! - Mrsth from email
Thomas Hawk
finished processing 750 new Toronto photos, barely, over the long weekend. whew!
super like - Mrsth
10. Tell Her She Looks (and Tastes) Great 9. Use Your Ears 8 Touch Her Everywhere (with Oil). 7. Bring the Kitchen into the Bedroom 6.Take Your Time Undressing 5. Take a Shower 4.Create a Mood — Turn the Lights Down 3. Sit Back and Relax 2. Don't Worry So Much — Intercourse Isn't Everything 1. Get Her Pregnant (On Purpose) - RAPatton
This is the most important events following the scientific proof in all human lives. - Ami Iida
i like photo#7. - Mrsth
Mrsth, the photo for number 7 captures it perfectly - RAPatton
Today has been, without exaggeration, one of the worst days of my life. I realize that many people have real problems that would make mine look like Disneyland, but I'm truly hurting. I could really use a fucking hug, but I don't know anyone here!
You know, now that I think about the worst days, they seem to have a lot of features in common. Perhaps it is time for me to learn & stop randomly exploding parts of my life. - Lo from Android
:( I'm sorry to hear this, Lo. HUGS! - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
((((HUGS))))))) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Sorry things seem to be conspiring to bring you down, Lo. Any way we can help? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Thanks Harvey :) It'll pass, shit always does. - Lo from Android
Hang in there, Lo. I feel you. - Derrick from iPhone
(((((Lo))))) - vicster.
*hugs and cookies* - Heather
hugs and free beer from here, I can't drink it anymore - scherbi: bottom dweller
*hugs and chocolate* - Mary B: #TeamMonique
I'm sorry, lo - RAPatton from iPhone
*HUGS* <3<3<3 - Lola Bean (Penguin)
Zen Hugs! - Michael R. Bernstein
(((Lo))) - LB needs a hero!
Sorry you're hurting. - Anne Bouey
Sending love and hugs xoxoxox - Melly
You do know me a little you just don't recognize my (((hugs))) to you from the mystery hugger. - JB
*hugs* - Steven Perez from YouFeed
Keeping you In my thoughts. - Vaughn from YouFeed
{{{air-hugz}}} - chaz2b
((((Lo)))) - Jenny
Chocolate always works for me. Tomorrow is another day - Mrsth
Hugs to you, Lo, albeit virtual ones... - Lisa L. Seifert from Android
Thomas Hawk
Great find! - Mrsth
Moving pictures. Intimate portraits of a daughter/father. Relationship in flux - Matt Penning
Thomas Hawk
today is 14 years married. @mrsth Happy Anniversary and thanks for the memories and putting up with me. Dinner tonight at Wood Tavern.
Congrats! - LB needs a hero!
happy anniversary - MiniMage
Congratulations! - Stephen Mack
Grats! - Heather
congratulations! enjoy :) - Starmama
Congratulations! That is a marvelous achievement. - Josh Haley
And the wine -- how was the wine? - Brian Sullivan
Happy Anniversary! CC @ @mrsth. :-D - Kol Tregaskes
Happy Anniversary!!!!! - Just Mrs. V
A belated happy anniversary! Hope it was a fun celebration! - Anne Bouey
Grateful & worth it. Thanks for making it so & of course for the extraordinary evening. Looking ofrward to many more!! xo - Mrsth
@Brian-As usual, wine was scrumptious & as memorable as the evening. - Mrsth
Coming up to 35 years myself -- don't have a 1996 bottle to celebrate with (nor a 1975) so I might have to settle for newer bottle. ;-) - Brian Sullivan
Happy Anniversary! 32 next month for us - Matt Penning
Found this bottle on our Kitchen Island this morning. Hope it's still good???
Drink it and find out! - Akiva
Being from the cellar of Thomas Hawk, I suspect that savoring it together will be among his designs for our evening.;D - Mrsth
Disclaimer- Iphone photo - Thomas Hawk
Mrsth, a-ha! In that case, that gives me plenty of time to crash your party so I can have a glass, too. - Akiva
Raincheck Akiva. This night has been 14 years in the making & I'm very much looking forward having a rare evening of my husbands undivided attention with exception to his night photo uploading of course. :D - Mrsth
oooppps, that disclaimer above was from me. - Mrsth
Fine. I see how it is! (Raincheck accepted.) - Akiva
Happy Anniversary! - Matt Penning
Then & Now
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Happy Anniversary! - Parth Awasthi
Happy Anniversary! (that white dress is awesome) - RAPatton
All the best to a lovely couple. Happy Anniversary Mrsth and Mrth! - Carlos Ayala
@ Rob- one of his favs james bond dresses-cut well below the end of the frame! Disclaimer- The engagement photo is prior to the 5D days, & the recent shot is iphone. - Mrsth
Happy anniversary! The two of you look even happier in the "Now" photo. :) - Stephen Mack
Happy Anniversary to you both! - Andrew Terry
happy anniversary, :) - chaz2b
Awesome! Happy Anniversary! - Josh Haley
Happy Anniversary guys! :) - Simon Wicks
Happy Anniversary ^__^ - Abhishek
Great looking couple!! :) Cheers!! - Susan Beebe
13 years. :) - Thomas Hawk
Happy Anniversary! - Herb Hernandez
Congrats, you two. - Derrick
Yes Congrats U Lucky LoveBirds!!******** ;)) - Billy Warhol
Congrats you two - Miss you guys, need to come up and give you a ring when I'm in SF. Wishing you two another happy 13 years and then some!! - Look at that baby face in the left shot.. ;-) - Randy Carranza
@Randy- That's what I get for marrying a younger man ;)Our guestroom is always available. - Mrsth
Congratulations to you both! - Kreg Steppe
That's awesome, a real feat these days, and you both look very happy. - Dave Roth
O.k so after we dined at the Ritz on Saturday, we are low keying at home. Since TH is not the champagne type, i only chill a half bottle of what I think is a old bottle guest pawned off on us from one of Christmas party- 1985 Schramsberg Cremant Demi-Sec. We both enjoyed it so much, I decide to google where I can get more. 1st search turns up that the Bush White house served it for the Prime Minister of Hungry in 1990. Good to see they still hold up after all this time. - Mrsth
Happy Anniversary you two! - Shey
Happy Anniversary, Thomas! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Happy Anniversary!!! - Bee
Congratulations, guys - James Myatt
hey thanks all. - Thomas Hawk
Happy anniversary! You all look so happy, Very cool. :D - ChiliMac
Happy anniversary! You guys look fantastic... Thanks for sharing. - Mitchell Tsai
Happy Anniversary :) - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Happy Anniversary to You! - Absentee
Celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity. The order varies for any given year. - imran
Thomas Hawk
Who is Edward Przydzial and Did He Issue a DMCA Takedown Notice over the Joker/Obama Image to Flickr? -
Who is Edward Przydzial and Did He Issue a DMCA Takedown Notice over the Joker/Obama Image to Flickr?
sheesh, this story is getting crazier and crazier. - Thomas Hawk
indeed - sean percival
Wow. This is taking more or a soap opera turn lately. - ChiliMac
Here's an easy little test. Create a LiveJournal post today. Tomorrow edit the post from today by adding another image to the bottom of the post. Wow I have just rewritten history! - travispuk from iPhone
yeah, the fact that he posted it to live journal in October is kind of meaningless given that you can edit an entry after the fact. - Thomas Hawk
Very interesting! Nice detective work Thomas. - Jeff P. Henderson
So looking through Edward's photo stream on Flickr, I see photos that were more than likely not shot by him. For instance or The second even says it's an AP photo in the description. All are listed with all rights reserved Copyright. Doesn't this violate Flickr's TOS? - Jeff P. Henderson
Here is his Wikipedia page: - Jeff P. Henderson
such an interesting developing the detective work! - dafire
Not sure why, but I find the idea of a Heavy Metal Republican a bit funny. :) - travispuk
hardly topical anymore... - sofarsoShawn
interesting.. traces back to Photobucket page for user detroit_01 AND here is the EXIF data showing the image was created December 25th 2008 Jeffrey's Exif viewer - David Sanger
Just posted this update to my blog: Update: I received a reply back this morning from Przydzial to my Facebook message asking him if he filed the DMCA takedown notice against Firas and if he is claiming ownership to the Obama image. Here is his reply back to me: "i do not own the image. time magazine photographer does... i am the "creator" of said image not firas whatever. i posted them... more... - Mrsth
2nd update. I think I'm done with this one for a while. Update #2: I just received back a second reply facebook mail to my reasking Edward the question as to whether or not he filed this DMCA takedown notice and this is what he replied:"i'm finding you have already posted a blog about me, made your assumptions and printed all type of trash that has been deemed harassment. the links to... more... - Mrsth
Your first comment on this post TH is definitely ringing true. BTW did you know you were posting as your better half ;) - travispuk
opps, I always forget to log her out and log myself back in when I'm working from home. - Thomas Hawk
Well, so either Edward or Firas is lying. Based on all of the information I have read, it is not clear who is the actual author of the image. I wonder if we will ever find out? - Jeff P. Henderson
Mini Hawk @ Candyland 60th bday party
I saw some photo's on Laughing Squid, looked like it was fun there today! - Simon Wicks
It was fun entertainment for minihawks to scooter, cartwheel & roll sideways in the middle of the street. Of course their fave was the free candy, cake & boardgames. - Mrsth
For the upcoming warm Santa Ana winds weather, we vote they turn the street into an enormous slip-n-slide!! - Mrsth
I thought it was a big slide when i first saw the pictures, I've never heard of the Candyland game before. - Simon Wicks
Scott Beale
Video: Lombard Street In San Francisco Turned Into Life-Size Version of Candyland Game -
Video: Lombard Street In San Francisco Turned Into Life-Size Version of Candyland Game
The mini Hawks enjoyed rolling sideways, scootering & cartwheeling down the street after eating all the junk! So far no one has thrown up but the last lunch with dad before school starts was spoiled by then :D - Mrsth
Chutes & Ladders FTW! - Steve Lynch from twhirl
Evan Williams - Checking the twitters with the boy - Checking the twitters with the boy
Nice picture. Eyes open, full head of hair too! - Louis Gray
handsome boy! - Jenna Bilotta
awwwwwwww tiny baby nose... - Yolanda
He's gorgeous! - Jesse Stay
awww cuddling dad whilst checking out his tweet already! - Joan Lockwood
He's tiny! - anna sauce
V. sweet. How old is he? - Ayşe E.
Nice shot - beautiful boy! - Gary Walter (gwalter)
Congratulations, Dad! - Barb Siddiqui
Ok, that's it, I'm having one. No one try and stop me. :) - Charley M
When is he going to get his own account? - Chris Martin from iPhone
Sweet picture :) - Susan Beebe
ooohh mommy porn. luv it!!! - Mrsth
two pensive guys! Grats @ev & @sara ! - dario
Thomas Hawk
The Dunsmuir Estate’s No Photography Policy Sucks, Oh Yeah and So Does Their Bait and Switch Admission Scam -
The Dunsmuir Estate's Stupid No Photography Policy
It's like Hot Tuna's no audio/taping policy...when are these people gonna get it?...They might be able to stop it for now but eventually the equipment is going to get so good they can't step it... - Tyler Sid
the thing that bums me out is that if you are going to have a no photography policy, you should make that information available both on your website and also at the ticket box office. Seems to me that they'd rather not discourage people from visiting with an unfriendly no photo policy but are more than happy to deny you that once your inside and have shelled out your money. Of course today was supposed to be a free family day too but apparently free means $18 to these folks. - Thomas Hawk
And this bad publicity for them.. is gonna be more than $18 !! on a bettter note... did the kids have a good time? - Rob Sellen :o)
actually the kids didn't really like it inside. They were bored and kept wanting to leave. They had a croquet set up outside though and my oldest son and I Jack played croquet there and he liked that part. They didn't want to stay very long after that though and wanted to get home so we left. - Thomas Hawk
I was pretty bummed inside carrying my camera around and not being able to use it though so some of my negativity might have rubbed off on them. - Thomas Hawk
aw well.. at least you know where to NOT take them next time ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
I can't understand why Dunsmuir would ban photography (unless it's flash photography of fragile objects). I agree with you that the policy should be clearly stated on all publicity (web, answering machine, ticket office, fliers). - Spidra Webster
exactly, Rob, and so will a lot more people now that this report shows up on on the first page Google search results for "Dunsmuir Estate." At least other photographers won't be blindsided by their no photography policy going forward. I hope they change that though. - Thomas Hawk
OUCH ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Spidra, it's typical proprietary BS. They dump you off at the end of the tour in their gift shop. They'd rather you buy their photos than take your own. It's too bad though because it's an interesting old house and I think a good strong set of images profiling their property on say Flickr would be good promotion for them, especially since they rent the house out for weddings and people considering that could get a better idea what the place was like that way. - Thomas Hawk
They will learn the hard way now lol ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Yeah, that was the only reason I could figure. I haven't managed to get to the Dunsmuir in 20 years of living in the Bay Area. Wasn't sure how many postcards & books they had to flog. Still, every time I go to a museum, even major ones, they don't have pictures of the things I liked the most. - Spidra Webster
The good news is that lots of museums are in fact coming around. More and more are opening up their permanent collections and liberalizing their photo policies. You used to not be able to take photos at the SFMOMA, now you can. - Thomas Hawk
Spidra, I agree on that for sure. It means so much more to me to be able to shoot exactly what I see and what I want, and how I see it, than to buy somebody else's postcard in the gift shop. It's a far more meaningful experience and I probably wouldn't even have been put off as much by the bait and switch admission thing if I at least could have gotten that out of it. - Thomas Hawk
So if you have a wedding there, are you not allowed photos of your wedding? - Tristan Seligmann
Tristan, I'm sure you are. I can't imagine they'd prohibit that. But then again, who knows. Maybe they insist on it being their photographer or something and it's another way to extract more money out of people. - Thomas Hawk
You know another interesting thing that I thought was funny about the whole thing was that on the tour they tell you that all the paintings are on loan from the Oakland Museum of California. Of course the Oakland Museum of California is a museum that allows photography. - Thomas Hawk
I hope that this incident persuades them to change their no photo policy. Seems ridiculous to not allow it especially since they could not provide any valid reason for it. I'm also curious to hear their response to you being chared $18 on a 'Free' day. - Jeff P. Henderson
The house looks beautiful from the outside. Seems like if they are strapped for cash, as most non profits are these days, that they would go out of their way to be nice to patrons. If I attended a Free event and really enjoyed the experience, I would consider giving them a donation, buying a membership or at least visiting again on a regular admission day. - Jeff P. Henderson
So if they rent out the house for weddings, do they still have a no photography policy? Seems unlikely and quite arbitrary! (Sorry for the dupe comment, hadn't read Tristan's comment yet before posting.) - Jeff P. Henderson
At least you paying the $18 has been beneficial to everyone else in that you have exposed another silly product of merchandization (is that a word ;)). Looking forward to seeing how this one will pan out. I HATE gift shops at the end of a tour and whilst I am happy to donate to to these types of institutions I would never 'donate' to gift shops as they should not be encouraged. - travispuk from iPhone
+1 Scott - James Myatt
The Dunsmuir Estate has responded to this post and have said that they'll issue a refund as well as that they are considering opening up the property to photography in the future. I updated my blog post on this with their emailed response. - Thomas Hawk
good stuff. ;o) so the kids may get a better day out there next time, without dad being "grumpy" about not being able to use his arm...I mean camera. ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Did they say why they charged for the kids when their invite was free to 11 & under? - Mrsth
they didn't say, they chalked it up to miscommunication with their ticket takers I think. A refund is on it's way in the mail. - Thomas Hawk
Thomas thanks for all you do to promote access to photographers. - Alan Morris from iPhone
Thomas Hawk
Sanford's wife: 'His career is not a concern of mine' - -
Sanford's wife: 'His career is not a concern of mine' -
"(CNN) -- Jenny Sanford said Thursday that her husband Mark Sanford's political career is "not a concern of mine" and that she'd be just fine -- regardless of whether their marriage survives. She would not speculate whether her husband would resign as South Carolina governor. "His career is not a concern of mine," she told reporters as she departed the family's vacation home in Sullivan's Island, South Carolina. "He's going to have to worry about that. I'm worried about my family and the character of my children." She added that she would be fine, with or without her husband." - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
ahhhhh, so *now* it makes sense why she wasn't up there standing with him when he apologized to the world like Spitzer. - Thomas Hawk
She's a force to be reckoned with. I smell a movie of the week. - Kevin Fox
Makes sense to me. Dude's got the money and connections to be a Southern governor, so he's not likely to end up starving or even uncomfortable later in life. She's just accepted that their relationship (and his career) is effectively over and is concentrating on more important things. - Daniel J. Pritchett
it is kind of interesting to see this -- especially after so many of the "stand by your man" press conferences have become something of a cliche. - Thomas Hawk
Her candor is so refreshing, really - most of the spouses in her position have had to "stand by" for at least the first few press conferences, losing their voices and a bit of dignity in the process. - Jennifer Dittrich
I applaud her. All of the "stand by your man" crap, completely undermines the seriousness and sanctity of marriage IMHO. - mikepk
Of course it's easier to throw stones from outside... but still... - mikepk
I'm with Trish on this one... - Mrsth
There's also the fact that, unlike Spitzer or Ensign, he hasn't said the affair is over. If he still may leave his wife for the woman, no way she should be by his side. - Kevin Fox
"A man who does not honor the vows he made regarding the most intimate personal relationship in his life cannot be trusted to honor anything else, including his business commitments." (from an internal memo by a senior executive of a very large company I used to work for) - Victor Panlilio
Thomas Hawk
Michael Jackson's legal woes likely to live on - -
Michael Jackson's legal woes likely to live on -
"His legal legacy seems destined to live on. Jackson's death at age 50 is likely to be the subject of a coroner's investigation. Also to be determined is who raises Jackson's three children, whether he left a will and whether anyone will challenge it. Video Watch how Jackson made and spent his money » Attorney Allred's thoughts were on the pop music icon's children -- Prince Michael I, Paris and Prince Michael II. "I am very concerned about the children he leaves behind," she said. "What will happen to them? If the mother relinquished parental rights, then who's to have custody?" She added that if Jackson left a will, it likely will be challenged in court." - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
I wonder who will end up raising those kids. - Thomas Hawk
The Kids have no bio connection to the Jackson family & will likely go to the bio moms. - Mrsth
Thomas Hawk
Flickr User Posts Comments Critical of Obama on the Official White House Photostream and Has His Comments Along With His Entire Flickrstream Deleted Without Warning -
I was dismayed today to read about the latest alleged case of Flickr Censorship. Censorship (or as they like to call it “moderation”) continues to be a problem on Flickr. The most recent case is that of Flickr User Shepherd Johnson. According to Johnson on the evening of Wednesday June 3rd, he posted comments critical of President Obama on “8 or so” photos on the White House’s official Flickrstream. He said that he posted these comments because he was upset with the language that Obama chose to use in his recent Cairo speech regarding terrorism. Johnson said that two days later his comments had been scrubbed and deleted from the Flickr photos. Johnson shared with me the type of comment that he made and what he shared with me seemed appropriate and polite. On Friday, June 5th, once again Johnson posted more comments on photos in the official White House Flickrstream. This time comments that were critical of the President’s recent decision to try and withhold photographs of detainee... more... - Thomas Hawk
wtf? - Prolific Programmer from IM
Wait, wha....? - Stephen Mack
I won't comment on the acceptability of Flickr's exercising of their right to entirely delete users accounts for any reason they deem sufficient, but I will note that they claim that right pretty clearly in their ToS, even for paid accounts (the pro-rated paid value of the account is forfeited to Flicker as well, by the way). I would recommend anyone who uses Flickr to protect their... more... - Kevin Fox
As owner of my photos, I have the right to delete any untoward or off-topic comments which I do often on my Flickr photos. Always with an explanation of why I deleted the comment. I'm sure the WH or whoever did the same thing. Now with users who come back and repost a similar comment, I block them. My point: I don't care if his comments were deleted. That's a non-issue. But to have Flickr delete his account is overkill. I've complained about a lot of Flickr users and they still have their accounts. - Anika
I think this falls under the category of "Don't like their community? Start your own damn photo sharing site." - Brian Johns
Or defect to Smugmug??? - Roberto Bonini
If you don't feel that Flickr should delete accounts without warning or censor political speech dig this here: - Thomas Hawk
Doesn't Flickr ever listen to this negative press that they get over and over when these things happen? Any "normal" company would be out of business if they treated their customers like this. - Nils Sandin
Apparently, no. They don't. - Roberto Bonini
I totally don't agree with that, not cool at all on Flickr's part. The White House is subject to criticism wherever they put their name and it should not be censored. Probably not the best forum for the criticism but that doesn't mean they should delete his account. - Jim Graham
Please don't be in a hurry to indict Flickr, where there any other reasons that led to the their decision? - Shakeel Mahate
Maybe multiple users got mad about his comments and blocked/flagged his account, which automatically deactivated it? - Roshan Vyas
I certainly gave flickr an opportunity to respond. I emailed both Yahoo PR and Flickr Community Manager Heather Champ on it. The response in my blog post is what their PR firm sent back to me. They had every opportunity to try and explain their position. These comments as well as comments on my blog post are open as well and they are also perfectly welcome to respond there as well. I sent an email back to their PR agency saying that I'd be happy to publish any additional comment from Flickr on this matter. - Thomas Hawk
Kevin's point is a good one. Certainly Flickr is well within their right to delete an account for anything that they'd like. And I think it is too bad that Shepard lost photos here that he did not have backed up. It's a good reminder not to rely on anyone but yourself to back up your photos. It's still not right though and as the most significant and relevant social photo sharing site in the world I think that they owe their users better than this. - Thomas Hawk
Cecily, I feel strongly that free speech should be allowed on Flickr. I also feel strongly that Flickr needs to revisit their policies and procedures and not make account deletions *permanent*. I think we are owed an opportunity to appeal a censorship decision and even Flickr has admitted in the past that they've made mistakes and apologized of other cases of censorship. I'm not going... more... - Thomas Hawk
Flickr has a system in place to mark accounts and users as 18+ adult. Even if they find things that they feel are offensive I think that they can simply mark the account as such and then all default accounts can no longer see that content. It is not right for them to censor users this way. I'd object to the same thing anywhere. Hell, I was bitching at MSFT this weekend for censoring the... more... - Thomas Hawk
Shepherd Johnson just posted in another forum that he spoke with Heather Champ about the matter and says that she told him that his account was deleted for posting a prison detainee photo as well what Flickr perceived as his "spamming" Flickr. Johnson left a voicemail on the matter on Carol Bartz's cell phone. - Thomas Hawk
From Johnson: "She said that was part of the reason and the other part was that she claimed that I was spamming the forum, to which I asked her if she also gave warnings to the people who posted on twenty photographs the same "That's my President Go bama!" type drivel over and over and over again. I also had her define the word "spam", to which she could not. She seemed very careful to... more... - Thomas Hawk
more in this thread here: - Thomas Hawk
ahhh By LORETTA CHAO BEIJING -- Some Chinese Internet users criticized a government plan to require personal computer makers to ship Internet-filtering software with all new pcs, after state-run media publicized details of the initiative. - Chad Spacey
Johnson is also saying that Heather said she didn't know anything about the deleted comments which may mean that it was actually the white house that deleted those, not Flickr. - Thomas Hawk
What Anika said; deleting the comments is not big deal. Deleting the photo stream is infuriating. - RAPatton
How friggin' difficult would it be for Flickr to make banned accounts private for 7 days so banned users at least have the opportunity to retrieve their files first? Hell, if Flickr wants to ban accounts, maybe they should offer a DVD of the banned user's pics (for $5 for free accounts, free for pro accounts). That'd go a long way in making them seem a little less horrible toward their users. - Chris Charabaruk
As I've always maintained, it's the web site owner's right to do what they want with the bits they store, but one has to wonder whether the millions of Flickr photo comments made in the name of Bush-bashing would ever illicit such a response? Flickr obviously has the right to choose sides, but they should be upfront with their reasoning in this case. In other words something like "we... more... - Craig Eddy
did Yahoo not jail those Chinese photographers? - Prolific Programmer from IM
Craig, I think that that is an interesting point to consider. If you do a search for Obama on the flickr blog you come up with 30 different posts (many of them quite flattering including extensive coverage of his innaguration). By contrast a search for Bush only pulls up 2 posts. I'm not saying that Flickr staff shouldn't be able to promote Obama over Bush on the official Flickr blog,... more... - Thomas Hawk
Wait, so they CLEAR all photos after your account is deleted?!? - Prolific Programmer from IM
obviously Flickr feels bad about this at least a little bit, otherwise they wouldn't be offering him a monetary credit back. Still, that doesn't make up for the fact that they permanently deleted his photos along with likely thousands of comments and commentary on his photos. @Prolific Programmer. Yes, they do clear all your photos when they delete your account, permanently and irreversibly. Also all your comments, group postings, other's comments on your photos, etc. - Thomas Hawk
so I wasn't being daft by uploading identical photos to smugmug, zooomr and flickr? - Prolific Programmer from IM
I survived political censorship and all I got was this $25 gift card. - Dave
I wonder if there was something else that could have caused Mr. Johnson to be banned, but isn't being mentioned. Maybe he has previous infractions that pushed his account just far enough over the line? Personally, I want to hear both sides before I make any judgements. - TeraDyne Azurepaw
NO DAMNIT FLICKR IS EVIL! - Prolific Programmer from IM
<j/k> - Prolific Programmer from IM
I think what is starting to trouble me more is that according to Johnson, Flickr was not aware that his comments critical of Obama had been deleted before they deleted his account. This leads me to believe that there is a good possibility that the comments were actually deleted by the White House itself. If the White House is going to engage social media, they need to do it honestly and... more... - Thomas Hawk
TeraDyne, Johnson is now saying that Flickr Community Manager Heather Champ called him on the phone and talked to him for about two hours after he left a voicemail on Carol Bartz's cell phone. He is saying that she told him that the reason why his account was deleted was because he posted a prisoner detainee abuse photo and for "spamming" flickr, without defining what "spamming" flickr... more... - Thomas Hawk
Yes Thomas, the WH involvement would be most disturbing. - Craig Eddy
Thomas: Here is my speculation WRT the White House engaging in social media. You've probably got some hyper-liberal new grad or still in school intern running these accounts. Those types don't like people speaking against anything that has to do with what they believe to be right and haven't learned that its better to just accept or engage those with opposing thoughts, rather than just trying to force them to go away. Thus, the comments get deleted unless they are "on message." - EricaJoy
Thomas, the problem is that Johnson is the one telling both sides, therefore, we aren't really getting both sides. While he might be trustworthy, it's never a good thing to hear both sides from one party. I agree, though, that Flickr should come out with their side, but I'll leave my judgement and opinion up in the air until both parties have given their viewpoints. - TeraDyne Azurepaw
Erica, that would be really sad if it were indeed the case. I'm personally interested in authentic real conversations with regards to social media and always had assumed that the various social media sites maintained by Obama's team were in fact uncensored. I don't know how to get comment on this officially from the white house, but I'm going to try and call them and see if I can at least get a no comment as to whether or not they censor their comments on their flickrstream. - Thomas Hawk
TeraDyne. I totally agree and think it would be good for Flickr to be more forthcoming in this case. Unfortunately for us at this point, it's up to them whether or not they are going to explain any more on this than they already have. - Thomas Hawk
In previous generations/administrations Shepherd Johnson would likely have been deleted, not just his account. Seriously though, Flickr needs to implement a ban rather than delete. - Andrew Smith
@Pat: totally agree, but the moderator (whether Flickr or the WH) needs to be TRANSPARENT about *WHY* there doesn't seem to be any "negative" comments. The reason isn't that no one disagrees, the reason is that we scrubbed them. - Craig Eddy
@AndrewSmith: that's a totally ridiculous assertion, unless you believe in Arkanacide - Craig Eddy
Pat, I'm not saying that Flickr is not allowed to censor. It is their soapbox after all. But flickr is a large public square, even while owned by Yahoo. People invest thousands of hours there and it is a *huge* space for public discourse, similar to our own FF here. Certainly neither FF or Flickr "owe" us a soapbox. But I think that it's respectful given the time and energy that we... more... - Thomas Hawk
Deletion shouldn't be irreversible if Heather's promises 17 months ago, when another account-scrubbing caused some outcry, have any value. See: and - Edward Coffey
Another update from Johnson: "Update #2: More from Johnson: "Heather only mentioned that she deleted the comments concerning the Abu Ghraib photo, when I asked her about the original comment on the Obama Cairo Speech she had no idea what I was talking about. I crafted my dialogue with her to find out exactly what she knew and when she knew it. That means that somebody connected with the Whitehouse, one of Peter Souza's staff or an intern, deleted my comments originally." - Thomas Hawk
Well, if the comments were removed by the owner of the stream, it sucks but I think all flickr account owners are entitled to removed comments on their photos. It's a bit silly, since the Obama administration pledged openness, so it does against that. I still can't understand why his account was deleted, though. That seems very extreme for what this man did. Shame on you flickr. - Jason Hill
Truly some great photos and history being recorded by them on the White House Stream. As for as the comments go, everyone has the right to say anything they want...on they're own stream. - John D Reasor
Alleged. Sounds like spin. - John Blossom
interesting. I'm glad I didn't do that trick yet. - NoahDavidSimon
There are a couple of questions that come too mind, were his comments the only ones that were deleted from the comment stream. Why can't flickr simply make the offending person flickr account private, then notify them that they are up for account will be deleted and give them 10 days to retrieve their pictures. It can't be that hard, to do some like that. - Kim Landwehr
I have always believed that Flickr needs a 'safe harbour' where an account can be parked while the issue is worked through. - Mel Buckpitt
Just sent the following flickrmail to the official Whitehouse Flickr photostream account. Hopefully they respond: Hi, My name is Thomas Hawk. I am a blogger and Flickr photographer. I'm writing to officially inquire as to whether or not The Official White House photostream censors or removes comments from the images in this stream. Recently a flickr user, Shepherd Johnson, had his... more... - Thomas Hawk
We used to be able to make fun of Bush all we wanted and not have our accounts deleted. Well, this is "change". - Morton Fox
It's horrible that this would happen without ample warning and yet, I pay flickr $25/ year... - Jeremy Kunz
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF? is wrong with Flickr? Don't they have any sense?? wow - Susan Beebe
I've said it before. it is legal. I would be a hypocrite to say otherwise. my arguments with twitter isn't an argument for free speech, but merely that they take the interests of it's users seriously. I may not like Obama as a leader, but that is irrelevant. private property is private property and this is why we have to make sure no private company can monopolize API standards or... more... - NoahDavidSimon
I know that I am showing the wackiness that is I but I really don't care. It isn't censorship by the definition of the word. TOS. The guy was attempting to make a point by threadjacking. Folks on the interwebs used to call that sort of thing out. I might not agree with flickr deleting his stuff but once again the onus was on him to back up his own content. It is not as if there are not plenty of other places that he can post hist material. My 2 cents. - Mathew A. Koeneker
thanks for pointing this out Thomas - NoahDavidSimon
This has nothing to deal with the first amendment. It's their site. It's a customer service issue. Just start a boycott. Post a message: "I am moving to <your favorite gallery site> because Flickr deleted Johnson's account". Once you reach a million people threatening a boycott, they will do something or maybe they don't need users anymore. - Antonio Piccolboni
Antonio, I couldn't imagine living without Flickr. It's such an amazing and unique place. I'd rather try to stay and change it than boycott it. I think they made a bad censorship call here and would like to see them publicly apologize for it to Shepherd. More significantly though I think that they owe us as users not to make account deletions immediately permanent and to provide warning... more... - Mrsth
sorry that last comment was from me, I was accidentally logged into mrsth's account. - Thomas Hawk
Certainly Flickr made a bad call by completely deleting his account, but its their right. But why make critical comments about Obama's speech or policies or whatever on his FLICKR site? Unless his comments were about what he didnt like about the photos, it seems like the wrong forum to me. - Manny
Manny, I can think of few other forums more relevant for talking about releasing the prison detainee abuse photos than on an actual official Govt. photostream. To me it seems like one of the most appropriate places of all. The fact of the matter is that Obama did in fact flip flop on this issue and this was a way that an American could offer his criticism of that fact in a public forum.... more... - Thomas Hawk
And I certainly recognize that Flickr is owned by a private company Yahoo and Yahoo is well within their legal rights to delete this account. As I am within my legal rights to criticize their decision as loudly as I'd like. I just think that as a private company that they owe us more than that. Flickr is a jewel, an incredibly important piece of the cultural landscape. I'd like to see them handle their stewardship of it more responsibly. - Thomas Hawk
Sure, Flickr is privately-owned, but so are airlines. Flickr should not be allowed to get rid of your account any more than an airline is allowed to get rid of your luggage. If some stewardess decides you're being a jerk and kicks you off the plane, the airline isn't allowed to throw away your bags! - Gabe
Amazing to see all the Obama apologists endorse positions they condemned in Bush. I remember people jumping all over me when I noted back during the primary that Obama's super-cool social media campaign apparatus would very soon be a *government* apparatus with formidable censorship power. Looks like that day has arrived. - joneilortiz
wish i could read the actual article, but firefox 3 on the mac crashes every time i try to load the page. - dannysullivan
The details that I've seen on the reproduced image of this post seem to indicate that it was not just comments but reproduction of the controversial photos. Is it censorship? Yes. Is it what the White House wants? Yes. You take it from there. - John Blossom
danny, I'm not sure why that is. I'm able to open the page in firefox 3 on a mac no problem. - Thomas Hawk
John, yes it is my understanding that this user posted an image that is widely available via Google Image Search and other channels of detainee prisoner abuse along with comments objecting to the recent passage of legislation blocking release of additional prison abuse photos. It's my understanding that the image posted was not from his photostream but actually from another user's... more... - Thomas Hawk
Yet everyone still continues to use Flickr for some reason. - Dave Roth
Dave, because it's an amazing community, perhaps the single greatest community, of photographers on the internet today. There is so much that is so good about Flickr and there really is nothing else quite like it anywhere else on the web. That said, Yahoo Management has largely allowed flickr to abuse their users and repeatedly engage in censorship and refuses to allow safeguards to be... more... - Thomas Hawk
How many of you are scared/concerned about the long term consequences of your digital footprint? When you swear outrageously or tweet drunk, are you worried that one day it might come back to haunt you (potential employer sees it or whatever?) And also, how do you feel about businesses using your conversation as part of their business models?
...Friendfeed being the prime example... (I should point out that I'm on a panel about this very topic this week, so I may bring up your thoughts during it...won't mention you by name though! :) ) - Zee.
Presently looking for work and constantly having to carefully choose my wording as to not disparage old employers and screwing myself out of new Jobs. - Brent - Yes I am
I think about this all the time - certainly an issue amongst within IP law (among many other areas). I've had my stuff used in ways I never thought of... thank God I didn't say anything too outrageous! - Gunther Sonnenfeld
Ok, I admit to being slightly worried, in case I get involved in politics. But whatever, I'll have an open philosophy regardless. And if businesses facilitate conversation, they can use what goes across their wires. Glass houses and all... - Christopher Galtenberg
In many ways, its not new. Just because it's digital doesn't mean you shouldn't be aware of what you say or how you behave. Granted, social networking makes things easier to find. - Mark Philpot
I do not hold with companies using my content in their work, be it in an article or an example on their site or brochures, unless they've contacted me and asked permission. As for my "digital footprint" concerns, I've been online for over 20 years. I stopped worrying about that long ago. - Anika
Good question. All my LANjackal profiles are disconnected from my professional identity (no links or mentions from one to the other) for that very reason - LANjackal
but Anika, when Friendfeed uses your review of a particular application in the Apps room - and (in time) places advertising in there. Is joining Friendfeed and commenting enough permission? (I should note, i haven't looked into Friendfeed terms & conditions yet...which probably reference this) - Zee.
I don't swear and I don't get drunk. It's that simple, Zee. :) Just behave yourselves. - Louis Gray
The only thing that concerns me about my online content is posting something I wouldn't want my kids to see, which will probably never happen. I couldn't care less about future employers. If they don't hire me because of something I said online or because I posted a shirtless pic on FF, I probably wouldn't have enjoyed the job anyway. - Rahsheen
Louis is the smartest guy on FF!! :) wise advise for sure! - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
swearing is fucking bad. - Tyler Gillies from email
Getting less scared about what I say online, don't mind to mention my name, but at the same time I'm being more careful too. It might be my age (& that I'm not as hyperactive as I used to be). ;-) - Ton Zijp
What about the literal footprint- the acids and chemicals that are used to make every new gadget, leeches into the soil, fills dumps in Vietnam that kids wade through... etc. - anna sauce
I'm just paranoid about the Internet to begin with, then add the whole digital footprint thingy ... - Brent - Yes I am
Ton, I see nothing wrong in being careful. - Brent - Yes I am
not so worried about myself... more worried about my children and figuring out how to teach them to be politic on-line when they don't want me looking over their shoulders. - Peggy Dolane
I'm old and don't care anymore - Robert Hafer
I know very little about my grandparents. My mother passed away several years ago and my father doesn't like to talk much. I would like nothing more than be able to search the archives of my relatives digital footprints to see how they lived, loved, and laughed. I hope to provide that to my grandchildren and I have no fear of them seeing the good, the bad, and the ugly because it will... more... - Mark Krynsky
wow mark that is very deep. thank you - Tyler Gillies from email
Me neither, Brent, but sometimes you just don't know what careful is. Tourists here in Amsterdam think they can ride a bike instantly & don't see any danger, untill they meet a tram that can't stop for them. In that way I'm talking about my behaviour of getting more careful. - Ton Zijp
There are a few things in the past that I regret posting, but once they go on the Net... Lately, I've been a little cautious in what I put up. - Arlan K.
Having seen some of the comments and pictures that get posted to my friends' Facebook and Twitter streams, I've become very wary of making drunken tweets and/or wall-posts. If you say or do something embarrassing while you're drunk, it soon gets forgotten; but what you post to a social network, tends to live on. - Andrew Terry
I've been hesitant to post anything about one of my former employers even though I very much want to talk about it. But the employer would be immediately recognized by every most everyone in the U.S. and I've worried that anything I would post about them would come back to haunt me. I don't think I would mind businesses using my conversations. Don't swear & rarely even drink anything so I don't have to worry about that! - Jannifer @wordsforliving
I hear you Jannifer. Frustrating isn't it? - Brent - Yes I am
I agree that if you're being an arse online it gives the impression that you're an arse in real life too. That much is fine, but if a potential employer takes exception at things such as your views on a specific subject (provided they're not of the ignorant and bigoted type) then you're better off not working for them and they have done a favour to you by showing their true colours. A... more... - alphaxion
We're all different people in different circumstances and there's nothing wrong with that. For example, I don't talk to my kids the way I talk to my friends, the way I talk to my co-workers, etc. The problem with the Internet is that it doesn't allow us that parting of our roles, so to speak. So we must adopt a generic self and water down our different parts, or else live with the consequences of exposing private aspects of ourselves to public scrutiny. It's a shame, I think. - Dawn
Since I have already not been hired for a job because of my blog, I am pretty much so to the point where it is all water under the bridge. How a potential employer handles what I have to say is more important. If they wont hire me, odds are highly likely the job would have been a bad fit to begin with. My 2 cents, been there, seen it, still got the best job in the world. - Dan owns
"When you swear outrageously or tweet drunk" - what Nicholas James said. - John Craft
To an extent I'm concerned, using this gave me a good idea of what is out there of me on the net and gave me a little fright. But I think by and large we are in control of what goes online about us, so it's up to us to manage. - Yant
You're always in the global village on the Web. Make sure that you don't find yourself doing nutty things on the street. Your mileage may vary, of course. - John Blossom
Be sure to keep your personal safety in mind when Tweeting. You can give out too much information about your location for instance. See this revealing post: (Twitter user says vacation Tweets led to burglary) - Peggy Dolane
Seems like an appropriate posts for Jauder Ho/ Leather donut - Mrsth
I take Louis Gray's approach, always doing my best to say what I mean clearly so it is not misinterpreted to mean something worse. - James Rishabh Mishra
I began my life online with a pseudonym to help separate it from my real identity. The main purpose was to preserve an independent voice without my current employer being affected by my opinions. However, over recent months, I've decided to intertwine the identities. It comes down to authenticity with me. I don't swear or get drunk either so whether online or in person what you see is what you get. - Keith - @tsudo
Five Features Bing Shouldn't Be Getting Credit For | U.S. | Reuters -
"Features that had long existed in Live Search are suddenly getting noticed and being branded as “new.” Five examples:" - Mrsth from Bookmarklet
I'm liking Bing more on the past two days. It seems like news now shows on the first page results for me. Going to stick with it into next week. The spellchecker isn't as good as Google's though. - Thomas Hawk
Just a few on Twitter do all the tweeting: study | Lifestyle | Reuters -
"A tiny fraction of those who use the fast-growing social network phenomenon Twitter generate nearly all the content, a Harvard study shows." - Mrsth from Bookmarklet
Thomas Hawk
Netflix just sent me an email good for one free month for people who sign up for their service through the promotional email. If you'd like to sign up DM me your email add and I can forward the email to you.
Wow, one free month. They must be hurting for subscribers in this economy because they use to only give away two free weeks. - Wizetux
yeah normally I think the free offer is 2 weeks. I have to say I actually see Netflix as a good value in a bad economy if you can do that instead of cab/satellite. Between the DVDs and especially the watch now on the computer and XBox 360 I think it's much better value. - Thomas Hawk
They keep sending me emails saying new low prices but it the same price they had when I ended the service? - John D Reasor
I kinda wish that Netflix had a referral program, so that for every person that signed up that you sent to them, you could get a free movie or a price reduction...something to incentives getting your friends to join the service. - Wizetux
I'm paying $16.99 per month for 3 DVDs at a time. The 2 DVD at a time is $13.99 and the one DVD is $8.99. Watch Now works with all of the plans. - Thomas Hawk
Wizetux. I think that they have an affiliate program. I actually looked into it at one point I think but never followed through on it. - Thomas Hawk
The only big negative about watch now is that you have to have a crappy Microsoft XBox Live Gold account in order to watch it on the XBox 360. That's super lame. - Thomas Hawk
I think you can get a Netflix box for $100.00 to watch watch now on. - John D Reasor
Yeah you can John. But I don't want another box in my house when I've already got an XBox 360 hooked up to every TV that can play them. I just get screwed over by Microsoft in the process. - Mrsth
Mitchell Tsai
Thomas @thomashawk If you do settle this mess with <name redacted>, perhaps some thought should be given to deleting your entire post so that it will disappear from Google in a few months.
Your thread is in Google's Top 10 for <name redacted>. FriendFeed gets a pretty high GoogleRank, so this thread could be there for a longggg time (e.g. 2-5 years) for all of <name redacted>'s business associates, college/high school friends, etc... See also this thread "Thomas @thomashawk Your FriendFeed post appears the "top 10" when Googling <name redacted> :-)" People have ReTweeted your original post. And if this lasts long enough for to catch a lot of the ReTweets, etc...... Ouch! - Mitchell Tsai
<edited post by Akiva> I'm not trying to suggest anything but perhaps <name redacted> should've thought about this sort of consequence to begin with? - Akiva Moskovitz - Mitchell Tsai
Thomas, I am willing to delete every post in my account with the name <name redacted> and "Leather Donut" associated with this incident...if you consider that for the best. If we delete the records, we should try to delete them before the next pass before they are permanent... - Mitchell Tsai
Akiva: Yeah. That's his stupidity, but hopefully he can learn from it. We all make mistakes & do stupid stuff. We've all been assholes at some time in our lives (at least I think we all have been). Live & learn. Internet --> Your stuff + Other records (phone numbers, comments) --> ReTweets, Talking about you, Blogs --> Google, Twitter -->, e-mail archives, Peoples' private... more... - Mitchell Tsai
Google Search on <name redacted> <search redacted> (Keep in mind that Google alters the results based on previous history. You may have to use a fresh/foreign browser/computer to see what most people see). - Mitchell Tsai
The Internet is forever. - Sparky, lurking
Google Search on <name redacted> <name redacted> Twitter (87-124 results) <name redacted> Thomas's comments are already on,,,,,,, Google's cache. - Mitchell Tsai
Even the short Google quotes contain "...Twitter · Thomas Hawk. <name redacted>, aka <name redacted>, you troll the web for a year anonymously, as <name redacted> trashing me on my blog, ..." and they will be in Google's cache for at least a few months. Probably too late to prevent from catching this quote, unless 7 websites can be scrubbed, but perhaps your post can be X'ed before the entire discussion enters - Mitchell Tsai
I say don't delete anything until jauder ho issues a public apology. - Mrsth
<edited Jeff Henderson's comment> Just curious Mitchell, why are you spending so much time worrying about <name redacted>'s reputation? Is he a friend of yours? As far as I can tell this issue had nothing to do with you, why the obsession with it? - Jeff P. Henderson. Jeff: I like & appreciate all of Thomas Hawk & MrsTH's contributions. His photography tips have helped me a lot in my... more... - Mitchell Tsai
OK cool! I too appreciate Thomas Hawks work and his contributions to the photography community. Nothing wrong with sticking up for a friend. - Jeff P. Henderson
Much appreciated & never to be forgotten. - Mrsth
Building on what Jeff P H said above, why add fuel to the fire with posts like this? Count me as someone who *does* consider your deletion of all of them "for the best". This ridiculous wasted energy strikes me as such an in-appropriate, in-equal reaction. - Anthony Citrano
Well. No action is a choice... (Google & are crawling all the time). I'm going along with whatever Thomas Hawk & Mrsth would like. My personal preference is to leave it all permanent, but Thomas expressed some reservations that it might be too strong a response. - Mitchell Tsai
Thread has been edited at request of <name redacted> (aside from Mrsth's comment). - Mitchell Tsai
Scoble, Alex Scoble
What is it with women that they always gotta be escalating the budget of a wedding?
To the women out there who have acted the opposite of this, my apologies for this generalization. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Rochelle did the opposite. We did whatever we could to keep costs down. - Akiva
Heh, yeah, I'm obviously having this issue with a specific person that I love. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Well I'm not married and in the unlikely event that I am, it will be a small affair. The fewer people looking at me, the better. - Soup in a TARDIS
I rule. - Rochelle
mission creep - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
I would have preferred a simple, sweet ceremony in my backyard, instead we had to impress the 2000 (500 who came) or so relatives of Deepayan's parents. What a waste of money that was. - InPerpetualMotion(Gina k)
OK, Gina...I'll stop complaining now! - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I accept the apology for your generalization. I think the problem is that everyone wants to do what is expected. We had no sit down meal at our wedding. No open bar. sure. we had a lot of guests (250 ish) but I think the whole thing costs us less than 3500$ all told. I shake my head when I hear people paying 10K for a wedding. Starting a new life with more debt isn't the way to go! - Nathalie
You won't like what we are spending...but we aren't going in to debt either. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
But I just got told that programs need to be paid for...yet again something that wasn't in the budget. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
My budget is 100% up from what it was originally. :) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Lots of extra expenses tend to sneak up in weddings. The wedding shows I watch all suggest a massive part of the budget set aside for unexpected costs. - Soup in a TARDIS
It's an important memory & venders always jack up the price when they hear wedding. Learn to just say party when getting band, photograhers, videographers & catering quotes. While Grace Cathedral & flood mansion was 5k each to just walk in the door. I took my $16k flower bid to safeway grocery flower dept who copied it for $650 labor since I provided the flowers from the wholesale market for another $500. Ebay was a great source for gifts, travel tickets & upgrades etc. - Mrsth
We aren't doing video. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Other than what people upload to the internets using their cell phones. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I'm not paying $1500-2000 for something that we'll watch once and then file away to never watch again. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I always wonder if people actually watch home videos later. We never had a video camera growing up so maybe I have a skewed view, but I can't imagine EVER sitting around to watch old tapes - Soup in a TARDIS
my trick to keeping costs down was that i did all the planning myself. my wife had nothing to do with it. - Nathan Rein
And I need to have my budgetary sanity. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Heh, I probably shouldn't vent about this stuff here...Cassie is totally not a bridezilla. I just need a break from wedding stuff for a bit...we're dealing with a very annoying vendor and it's stressing us both out. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
That's a very sweet video Michelle :D - Soup in a TARDIS
Alex, the winning solution is to get used to it - now and forever. Welcome to the club! :) - Mike Reynolds
repeat after me, "yes dear, what ever you say dear." - BEX
When Rachael and I got married, we did not do it on a budget so much, we just sat down and worked out what was really important about the day: "Get our friends, have a show, something to eat, something to drink and a place to dance" and that guided the whole process. Our whole wedding cost what it cost my sister-in-law for her wedding rings. We were the first out of our family/friends... more... - Johnny
* Deleting comment before I get into trouble * :) - Mike Reynolds
When I get married, I'm holding it at the taco truck down the street. You're all invited. Bring liquor. - Derrick
BEX has it right. - Robert Scoble
Derrick... should we bring cups as well or we just gonna swigstyle it? - Johnny
Maybe straws, Johnny. :) joey, tell your man to bring a mix cd. :) - Derrick
Oh thats simple. They are monopolistic. they believe that if you invest heavily in marriage(read platform) then the switching will not be easy. thus in effect creating a lock in. - Abhishek Sharma
If you think the wedding is expensive, just wait until you hit the divorce stage. Now THAT'S expensive....and worth every shiny penny. - Morgan
I agree with mrsth. The vendors will kill you, and try to sell you more than you originally went to them to get. Our wedding was huge (included all 6 daughters in the ceremony who exchanged vows and got rings) with a big reception. And our budget was nearly zip. Ok, it was a bit more than zip, but we were able to pull it all together with the help of our friends. And I think the... more... - Renee from BuddyFeed
Learning-to-Drink-Beer Update: I'm on the fourth bottle of Stella of the six-pack I bought last week, and I'm now to the point where I don't grimace. :) So, progress! Yay! I can now imagine a time in the not-too-distant future when I'll actually like it.
Change your camera setting so it's not flipped. And Stella is good beer. - Anika
Yeah, maybe try one you like first? - Rob H.
Anika, I'll try to figure out how to do that. And because beer is cheaper and more freely available at more places (specifically, outdoor music festivals), and I'm trying to find one I like - but I have six of these, so I'm going to drink them all before I try another one. - Jandy
I think you should start with crap beer like Bud or Michelob. There's no taste, so no offense. That way when you have something like a Duvel or Chimay you'll be all, "Whoa, that's ARTISTRY!" - Anika
Miller Light heh - Rodfather
Flitcraft, see above. It's cheaper and there's more of it. And I'd like more beverage options. - Jandy
The pictured beer happens to be my least favorite. - Brandon
I would rather drink water than crap beer. Yech. Stella is a decent choice, especially since it's usually one of the few level-up from crap beers you might find in a place that doesn't have a lot of beer variety. Heineken is also decent. But I still much prefer other stuff and am spoiled because we go to micro breweries relatively often. I really like Japanese beers like Eichigo and Kirin Ichiban. - Lindsay
beer is forbidden in iran,Sigh - Amir
Beer is magical. - Gabrielle
I find the Ladies like fruitier beers like Shocktop or a good Pale Ale maybe a micro brew like Dead Mans Pale Ale. - John D Reasor
@John - Most fruity beers I've tried are also very hoppy... I don't like the hoppy taste at all. I like my beer smooth and more on the buttery side. - Lindsay
Any Hefeweizen is a good choice for beginners. Some can be expensive but there are cheap/tasty options like Blue Moon or Hoegaarden - Benjamin Golub
I love me good beer, but I avoid anything available at kids baseball games. I suspect the concerts are not better. So I'm with Anika that you need to learn to drink cheap swill if that's the goal. Personally, I like my wine cheap, but can't deal with my my beer that way. - Mark Horne
Hm, interesting question: is beer a learnable skill? - Tom Landini from BuddyFeed
To me beer is a purely social thing, and I kinda hate the taste of it in bottles. Agreed re: hefeweizen or any wheat beer for beginning, and amber is quite nice. - anna sauce
Heve is a good choice fro anyone though I don't care for Blue Moon or Hoegaarden. - Bill Rawlinson
Baard, above, tells you the reason to like beer. Seriously, don't have a bottled or canned introduction to beer! I wish you were in SF and I could take you to La Trappe, this Belgian place near my house that has amazing beer on draft. - anna sauce
after drinking beer all over the world. I have noticed that after the first 6 they all taste the same :D - Tony C (Unrated)
wise words, Earl - anna sauce
+Earl - Rodfather
Had a Stella a couple weeks ago, pretty good taste. - LonelyBob
Blue Moon is good and widely available. The same goes for Yuengling, though the latter is a bit more bitter. - John (bird whisperer)
If you find you don't like Stella Artois, it may be because it's a lager. Try an ale next. They're quite different. Note that Yuengling is also a lager, though it's darker in tone than most lagers. Also avoid buying a six-pack of a hoppy beer until you've tried one and know that's what you like. - Heather
I'd argue that Stella is a huge improvement over Corona or Sapporo. It may be a popular Belgium beer, but I think for a mild beer it has a nice easy flavor. But I agree with a number of others that it may not be a good first beer. A hefeweizen or wheat beer would be a nice choice. And although I know lots of folks think it's a bad idea, for a beginner I would top it off with an orange slice to sweeten it up a bit. - Jen (SquirrelGirl)
Just looking at causes a veteran like me to grimace. That is not a good way to train yourself. Give the left overs to your less descriminating guests & try some of the top shelf German stuff. - Mrsth
We're never going to see that image reversed to the right way, are we? - Mark Horne
Mark, I figured out how to reverse it. But you can't edit pictures on FF once they're posted, and it's not worth creating another post for. - Jandy
Good work! My wife is coming round to Stella lately as well :) - Patrick Jordan
Why on earth would you train yourself to like beer? Maybe if you are going undercover, but otherwise? - Robert W. Anderson
Robert Scoble
Thomas Hawk, are you jealous yet? The bloggers embark on the USS Nimitz. Photos. Tons of them: -
Thomas Hawk, are you jealous yet? The bloggers embark on the USS Nimitz. Photos. Tons of them:
Many more to come. By the way, the Navy wants to do another trip with social media people. My first recommendation to them? Thomas Hawk. He'd do a lot better than I did. Of course he'd have to drag along a 600 mm F4.0 lens (big ass lens) to get closer than I did. More photos coming in a few minutes (and some videos too). - Robert Scoble from Bookmarklet
Sorry for the duplication, I messed up. Heheh. Thanks Louis for the like twice. - Robert Scoble
Ready to enlist? - Andrew Leyden
Robert - How heavy is that huge lens? - Susan Beebe
People laughed when I brought my 600 mm F4.0 lens (I rented it) on board. They aren't laughing anymore. - Robert Scoble
Susan: heavy. And I hauled it up a TON of stairs. - Robert Scoble
I am so jealous you have no idea! - Loic Le Meur
Andrew: I almost went into the Marines for six years as a photographer. - Robert Scoble
Loic: you should go on the next trip. It's unbelieveable. It's like Davos but muliplied by 100x. - Robert Scoble
Wow, it looks really impressive. What about the water? How do you protect it from harmful sea salt water? - Susan Beebe
Loic: there's nothing like being 10 feet from an F-18 being catapulted off. Wait until you see the video. - Robert Scoble
Susan: the water is 40 feed beneath the deck. I never even tasted salt. I see more salt in Half Moon Bay. What you have to worry about is hitting lenses when walking up the stairs and jet wash. - Robert Scoble
On the trip was a former F-18 pilot too, so he helped a lot in our understanding. - Robert Scoble
Robert - unfortunately you'll never get to see the F-14 at night, which was always something amazing. If possible, get close to an EA-6B on the Cat, it will rattle your teeth and you'll feel it in your gut (I worked on the flightdeck for 10 years as part of the COD crew). - Vince DeGeorge
Stairwells are steep and narrow. My brother was a Navy Seal on that ship stationed in SD. Very cool rig! He was a medical rescue diver - jumped down out of helicopters to soldiers injured at sea and brought them back up for transport - Susan Beebe
Get Thomas Hawk on there asap! :) - Susan Beebe
Vince: I think we saw one of those, but we saw so many planes land and take off that I lost track. I'm back in the hotel. It was one of those experiences that very few people get to have and it totally changed my life. More on how later. It was a great thing to do just after Memorial Day. - Robert Scoble
Pavan: out of all the experiences I've had, this is the one that sticks in my mind as the most interesting. Both because it was extraordinarily cool, but also because it is a huge responsibility. I was the eyes and ears for a huge number of tax payers, and seeing how their (my) money is being spent is interesting and a large responsibility. - Robert Scoble
I can tell you - working on the flight deck, the excitement was ALWAYS there... I never got used to it. Of course, it's not exactly somewhere you want to feel comfortable. For any who haven't seen it, go here: and watch Carrier. It appears they have the full episodes. Memories... now I'm ready to go back in!!! - Vince DeGeorge
Robert, also remember, that most of that responsibility falls on kids barely out of high school. The military builds character and trains you like no other corporation in the world. A modern day manager with a $3 mil budget? Ha, how about an 18 year old kid that is responsible for a $30 mil dollar aircraft and the lives of those inside? - Vince DeGeorge
Yes I'm jealous. Why was I not invited??? LOL Awesome you got to Robert. Truly fantastic! - Sheryl
Those are some stellar shots you got Robert. - Jason Hansen
This was a PR event put on by the Navy I take it? - David Lloyd
Show the world what a modern service it is now and how they are all up on blogging and stuff for recruitment? :p - David Lloyd
jealous yes, looks great - Kim Landwehr
Vince: the sailors I talked to didn't like the PBS special. They said they only put on disgruntled employees. Mark: yes, they fly VIPs, bloggers, journalists onto the carrier for these embarks so that they can get the word out about what the carrier is like. Pavan: thanks, I'm still uploading. - Robert Scoble
WOW. I can't wait to see the video. - Schneider Mike
Robert, I agree - they didn't exactly put on the best sailors, but it did give VERY GOOD insight to what carrier life is like. You have to see through some of the drama (though, believe me - there IS that drama in the Navy). I don't know, I may have a different skew on things. I wasn't what was called "Boat Chuck" - I was aviation, which is a little different world - even further, I was CODs, making it even more so. - Vince DeGeorge
The video will be up after dinner. I got more than 100 photos up to look at in the meantime. - Robert Scoble
Robert awesome pix. what lenses did u bring? 70-200 IS, wide angle, 600 mm, can u give us a list of what u used? easier than going into "more properties" on Flickr for a ton of photos - Elliott Ng
I had a 16-35 F2.8 L Series, a 70-200 F2.8 L Series, and a 600 mm F4.0 L Series. I also had a 50 F1.4 for the night stuff. - Robert Scoble
check out this thread i just started on friendfeed.. we're up to 150 comments now! - Jason Pollock
Looks like that 600mm came in handy! I'm green with envy. Looks like a great opportunity and everyone had a blast. - Jim Goldstein
Nice Photos Scobleizer! - JimmyJet
Awesome! Sign me up! Love it! Great photos! - Thomas Hawk
Did they let you shoot anywhere you wanted or were some areas off limits? - Thomas Hawk
Thomas: only two things were off limits: the nuclear power plant and the room where they were playing war games. Everything else was OK to shoot. - Robert Scoble
very cool. What a fantastic opportunity to shoot. Loved the photos, faved a bunch of them. - Thomas Hawk
I'm available to cadie - Mrsth
Civil jealousy. Must be so awesome. Your a Navy Lottery winner. - Harry
Harry. This beats a private tour of the White House. My connectivity sucks so can't get the videos up until tonight. - Robert Scoble
Mitchell Tsai
Resources for discovering more about (1) people/businesses/organizatons you like & find fascinating (2) people/businesses who are annoying/threatening you
Thomas Hawk.jpg
Excerpts from my circa-1998 UCLA Computer Science lecture on "How to be an Internet Detective" (updated for 2009): Here are some methods I use when I find creative people I'd like to know about. I also use these methods for (1) finding long-lost friends/classmates (2) researching business people I will see in future meetings (3) looking up women who are interested in me, or that I'm interested in (4) tracking possible threats as a preliminary to court action, police reports, etc... WARNING: Lots of data on the internet is NOT reliable. Please cross-reference & try to confirm through non-internet sources. P.S. I love the picture of Thomas with the camera! :-) Thanks Thomas for all your contributions to the FriendFeed community. I have benefited immensely from all that you have given freely, and people like you are one of the main reasons I'm here on FriendFeed. Thanks everyone for making FriendFeed a cool place to be. - Mitchell Tsai
Hey I think that guy can give you some pointers. - Mrsth
Logical Extremes: Public data accumulates errors. For example, my age shows up as 32 and 42 because my sister & I have the same birthday 10 years apart 11/12/66 & 11/12/76. My brother's Intellius record is scrambled with another "Eric Tsai", so Nancy Tsai is incorrectly listed as a relative. ZoomInfo is really bad, because it incorrectly extracts information from other websites. It... more... - Mitchell Tsai
How did ZoomInfo claim I was a UC Berkeley professor? In a 2001 Dance-Technology archive (I was researching the multimodal interactions between people & technology-enhanced rooms & dance/movement/gstures), ZoomInfo saw the text "UC Berkeley professor Mitchell Tsai " because I responded to an article "RE: A view from Afghanistan-A sobering essay forwarded by a UC Berkeley professor"... more... - Mitchell Tsai
(Step 1) Three major issues (a) Problem: can't find any info, Solution: Use non-Google search engines (b) Problem: finding too many people with same name, Solution: Find a birthday/birthyear, birthtown, college, or current/former employer (c) Problem: Changed names (lots of people interested in Indian culture adopt Buddhist/Indian names), maiden/married names (Some males change names at... more... - Mitchell Tsai
(Step 2) Self-created sources are most useful. I start Googling someone's name "Joan Smythe" to see if they have LinkedIn, Facebook, FriendFeed, Flickr, or ZoomInfo (business) pages. If someone is tech-savvy I look for blogs, personal/business websites. If someone is older/non-tech-savvy, I look for New York Times wedding/death announcements (e.g. grandma died & is survived by XYZ).... more... - Mitchell Tsai
Logical: At least ZoomInfo allows you to fix your information easily. (1) Merging/deleting a whole entry is tough though. I had to call them to delete/merge a 2nd entry (2) Bad info which lives somewhere else on the internet can get back into the ZoomInfo record, even after you update it. --- ZoomInfo is VERY useful when I'm researching business contacts because it collects info from... more... - Mitchell Tsai
(Step 3) If someone has a LinkedIn, FriendFeed, Facebook, Flickr, blog, personal/business website, I go there to read about them, their interests, etc... Photography-sharing sites are a fantastic way to find new photographers. Often interesting people have creative friends, so it's a great way to find new people to follow. Bad sign: No date on university graduation/attendance. Very rarely does anyone do this. - Mitchell Tsai
(Step 4) Pipl is a great recent addition to online detective work. It is a meta-site which tries to search the "deep web" to find Social Network pages, references, Intellius/Zabasearch phone/age/relative records. My main complaint with Pipl is that it randomly uses either Intellius or Zabasearch, rather than using both. Often I have to use Intellius directly because Pipl has chosen Zabasearch. - Mitchell Tsai
(Step 5) Finding ages/towns/relatives - Intellius is my favorite resource. In combination with BirthDatabase (not useful for non-US-born), you can often identify a birthdate, middle name, birthtown. Useful technique: Type in any "relatives" names in Intellius also to create a graph of possible family relations. Also type relatives' names into Google/Pipl. The graph can help figure out errors in the Intellius database (e.g. merging two people incorrectly). - Mitchell Tsai
(Step 6) Finding addresses - Zabasearch is better than Intellius for finding old/current street addresses and old/current phone numbers. The "last recorded" field is helpful for telling apart new & old data (Warning: It may say 2/03 for information from 2001. 2/03 is probably the date ZabaSearch got the data.) - Mitchell Tsai
(Step 7) Use Zillow to look at the street addresses (some businesses are not listed), possibly getting street-level views of the business/residence you will be visiting. Property Taxes for the past 5-10 years are listed. Estimated value. Recent (5-10-15? year) sales history. One of my female friends was scammed by a potential marriage partner who lied about the "property" he owned. She now checks potential suitors to see if they are lying about their property. - Mitchell Tsai
(Step 8) Phone numbers (also useful to see if a cell phone is on your Verizon network - for free calls): Reverse Phone Directory is a meta-phone site Some of the sites identify land-lines and cell phones, with the geographical location. White Pages Carrier Lookup is the easiest way to identify a cell phone's network These sites are also useful for typing a name to find a phone, but 95% of the time I already have a phone number. - Mitchell Tsai
(Step 9) Locating next-door neighbors, roommates, & phone-number-sharers. Often street addresses and old phone numbers are useful for identifying related people. Trying to create a graph of the people who know someone you are trying to research. Do they live next door to a bunch of doctors? Are they roommates with a bunch of musicians? Do they live in a $10 mansion in an exclusive area... more... - Mitchell Tsai
(Step 10) Business website ownership - Network Solutions WHOIS It's a sign of honesty/naivete is someone uses a real name/address/phone at the contact. Bad sign if someone is using an anonymizer source to buy their domain name. - Mitchell Tsai
(Step 11) Business credibility & past years sales records - Dun & Bradstreet Better Business Bureau Numerous Consumer Complaint websites (I could use help on this one). - I usually just Google "company name" & "complaint", "scam". Chances are if someone has been cheated for $10,000, they might have a complaint on their own website or somewhere saying... more... - Mitchell Tsai
I have a friend who's just finished a $100,000-$1,000,000 court case against a company slandering him by buying his company name on Google for keyword searches, sending them to a site pretending to be a Consumer Reports-type site which slanders all of its competitors, and recommending some supposedly good products. Even though all the names behind the companies are hidden, the... more... - Mitchell Tsai
Business can be a really sucky environment. There is such major-league slime going on. I've been on the receiving end of Microsoft "Evil Empire"s illegal practices, and I've also worked in Microsoft Research with access to their internal discussion boards where intelligence reports are filed, and read what they wanted to do with companies/universities/etc... Yuck. Unfortunately, it can... more... - Mitchell Tsai
(Step 12+) Perhaps when I have some time. I'll add some more details....but these methods are a start. SEC Filings are good for public people. Research paper archives like are good for researchers. Newspaper stories like marriage/birth/death announcements are great for normal people. Discussion board threads, Twitter archives, UseNet files are good for people who talk on the... more... - Mitchell Tsai
(Step 13) TinEye is a recent picture-matching resource (in alpha). Searching Google for Images can be a good way to find a picture of a person. Often romantic relationships (girlfriends/boyfriends), college reunion newsletters, company quarterly newsletters, and sports league newsletters are good places to find pictures of someone. - Mitchell Tsai
(Step 14)'s WayBack Machine can be a fascinating ride through history. Shady people who run scams often need awhile to figure out their story (unlike people who tell the truth). It can be amazing to read the early version of scammy business websites, and see what fancy additions and modifications they've made to their stories over the years. :-) Hopefully the Internet will be a powerful force for encouraging more truthfulness - less lying & exaggeration. - Mitchell Tsai
Mitchell Tsai
Lucky lady makes craps history in Atlantic City [Press of Atlantic City - 5/25/09] -
Pat DeMauro bought into a craps game for $100 Saturday night and held the dice for four hours and 18 minutes. She threw the dice 154 times before she finally “sevened out,” Borgata officials said Sunday. The previous record for longest craps roll was held by Stanley Fujitake, of Honolulu, at 3 hours and 6 minutes, and it took place May 28, 1989, at the California Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. - Mitchell Tsai from Bookmarklet
Sounds like my kind of fun. I heard Vegas needs some business. Anyone for a Friend feed fest? - Mrsth
Brian Sullivan
Gingrich: Sotomayor ‘racist,’ should withdraw nomination -
Gingrich: Sotomayor ‘racist,’ should withdraw nomination
"I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experience would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life," Sotomayor said in that speech, describing how life experience can inform judicial opinions. On Wednesday, Gingrich tweeted: "Imagine a judicial nominee said 'my experience as a white man makes me better than a latina woman.' new racism is no better than old racism." - Brian Sullivan from Bookmarklet
I wonder if Gingrich realizes the experiences of someone born into the dominant power structure vs someone born outside it _are not the same_. If a white male said his hypothetical *in a female-dominated, largely Latina society*, then that would be something else altogether. - Andrew C (✔)
He does have a point though -- whether it is enough to disqualify her is another issue. - Brian Sullivan
No he doesn't have a point at all. She gave that speech to a group of Latinos in law. It was a targeted speech and actually quite an interesting read: Gingrich has given similar speeches to groups of old, white men. Does that make him racist too? - Anika
Targeted? It was said publicly and published -- does "targeting" make a difference? -- and yes if Gingrich has given similar speeches I would say he could be called racist as well. Racist is racist whether it comes from the oppressing group or the oppressed though admittedly the perception is much more heinous if it comes from the oppressors. I personally don't think it is any grounds for her to resign or not be nominated though. - Brian Sullivan
Did you read the speech? Do you know the focus of the event? That's what I mean by targeted. I've written speeches for women, talking to black businesswomen or Muslimahs and it's targeted. We have different experiences than white male and our decisions are influence by that experience. That's fact. - Anika
I think the issue with what's been coming out of the Republican party recently is that it is obvious they are attacking everything the current administration does, on all fronts, without consideration. Like the boy who cried wolf, it's hard for me to take anything they say seriously because they're being so petulant about everything. I don't believe for a minute that Newt really thinks this woman is racist. It will be interesting to see if this strategy gets them the votes they're after in 2010. - invariant
Whaa...we lost the election and have to walk around the next four years with these hot biscuits in our asses....if we can't fuck you over we'll......just sit here with our biscuits! - ‘-.-’ Tutivillus Grift
Anika - Yes I read the speech -- or at least skimmed it. I consider the fact that it was targeted immaterial to the discussion. Everybody has different experiences dictated by race, age, gender, nationality, cultural upbringing. I am a white male -- from a totally different generation, country and cultural background than you for instance and probably from most of the white males that... more... - Brian Sullivan
My issue with her speech is where she say they'd "...reach a better conclusion...". Sorry, your gender and race does not cause you to have better opinions. Different, maybe. Better, no. - ChiliMac
She didn't say her race helps her reach a better conclusion...she says the richness of her experience, part of which is being a Latina woman, helps her make better conclusions. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Anika: I totally get the idea that her remark was "targeted" and should not be understood as her all-encompassing, definitive view of race, gender, and judicial qualifications. She was playing to a specific audience, not reciting a personal manifesto. Unfortunately, it is SOP to treat public figures that way, with people of all political persuasions leaping on every statement that can be interpreted in a negative way. - Roger Benningfield
Regarding the "better conclusion," she was specifically addressing the history of sex and race discrimination cases and how courts composed entirely of white males sometimes struck down but often upheld discriminatory policies. In that context, the observation that a Latina would be more likely to recognize discrimination than someone who hasn't experienced it is rather banal. - John (bird whisperer)
John: In fairness, she didn't say anything about "someone who hasn't experienced it". She picked out "white men", as if white men never experience discrimination and are never touched by it when it impacts others. As if pale dudes are never fat, blind, poor, or powerless. It doesn't make her a racist, and it's entirely possible she just said it to get some cheap applause from her audience, but as a statement unto itself, it's pretty dumb. - Roger Benningfield "The conservative freakout over Sotomayor's remarks, as opposed to the way Alito's were marketed as a selling point for him as a judge, makes a remarkably salient case for why we still need affirmative action. Two judges made similar points--one was an Italian American man, the... more... - Andrew C (✔)
(cont) "Taylor and Buchanan, while attacking Sotomayor, have inadvertently made the case for a policy they'd like to see eliminated, by proving that all things being equal, a minority woman is held to a different standard than the white man of similar background and experience." - Andrew C (✔)
It's just too ironic to note the racists in government pointing fingers at others and calling them out for being racists. Too rich. So desparate - Marc
How exactly is acknowledging the reality that a woman of color experiences the world differently than a white male "racist?" It's not in the same ballpark; it's not in the same league; hell, it's not even the same sport. But it's typical of the way that conservatives try to de-legitimize the very idea that discrimination still plays a role in the lives of people of color in this country. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
I'm thinking of a song from "Avenue Q," can you guess which one? - moon_shadow70
@ Moonsahdow-What are you trying say, huh? That we all look the same to you? Huh, huh, huh? - Mrsth
Thank you Kate Monster/MrsTH. :-) - moon_shadow70
U.S. - North Korea tensions mount | Video | -
Cut em off already - Mrsth from Bookmarklet
Even though they may be doing it to 'show off', they might be marketing to sell to people worse than them!! - Myrna
US, SKorea militaries gird for NKorean provocation - Yahoo! News -
"Seoul moved a 3,500-ton destroyer into waters near the Koreas' disputed western maritime border while smaller, high-speed vessels were keeping guard at the front line," - Mrsth from Bookmarklet
Who is Sonia Sotomayor? - -
Conservatives argue Sotomayor has a "hard-left record" - Mrsth from Bookmarklet
I heard there's plenty video on Youtube to do more than argue..but I have not researched myself yet. - Mike Lewis
Yep. Self admitted policy maker from the bench - Mrsth
80 percent over turn rate - Mrsth
She's a liberal appeals judge and the Supreme Court is very conservative, so it's not surprising that the Supreme Court would overturn or modify the majority of her decisions that they reviewed. So that doesn't say much about the quality of her judging. Of course, she also wrote hundreds of opinions that the Supremes didn't bother reviewing. - John (bird whisperer)
It's actually 60% not 80% and, had you actually done one iota of research you would have found that her overturn rate is actually BELOW the overturn average of cases brought before the SC since that court typically overturns 75% of cases brought before it. A more accurate reading would be to look at her overturn rate based on ALL her cases not JUST the five that made it all the way to... more... - Jeff Jones
Actually I should not have used the "you" pronoun here as I didn't intend this to be a judgment of the OP rather of the folks making this lame argument. My apologies. - Jeff Jones
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