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A biologist's guide to de novo genome assembly using next-generation sequence data: A test with fungal genomes -
Species taxonomy of birds: Which null hypothesis? -
Genomic Repeat Abundances Contain Phylogenetic Signal -
The Effects of Inference Method, Population Sampling and Gene Sampling on Species Tree Inferences: an Empirical Study in Slender Salamanders (Plethodontidae: Batrachoseps) -
Phylogeny, paleontology, and primates: do incomplete fossils bias the tree of life? -
Ten Thousand Birds: Ornithology Since Darwin -
Bayesian Analysis Using a Simple Likelihood Model Outperforms Parsimony for Estimation of Phylogeny from Discrete Morphological Data -
A1 - Schmitt, M. (Greifswald, Germany). 2013. From Taxonomy to Systematics – Life and Work of Willi Hennig. PB - Brill , Leiden, Boston, 208, pp. 96.- €uro/132.- US$. ISBN: 9789004219281. -
Conservation paleobiogeography: the past, present and future of species distributions -
A research program for Evolutionary Morphology -
Semantics in Support of Biodiversity Knowledge Discovery: An Introduction to the Biological Collections Ontology and Related Ontologies -
DNA metabarcoding and the cytochrome c oxidase subunit I marker: not a perfect match -
Phylogenetic endemism in terrestrial mammals -
Are ecologists conducting research at the optimal scale? -
Discovering and developing primary biodiversity data from social networking sites: A novel approach -
Paraphyletic groups as natural units of biological classification -
Aphyly: A Systematic Designation for a Taxonomic Problem -
Taxamatch, an Algorithm for Near ('Fuzzy') Matching of Scientific Names in Taxonomic Databases -
External morphology explains the success of biological invasions -
Improving Wikipedia: educational opportunity and professional responsibility -
Mistaking geography for biology: inferring processes from species distributions -
From barcoding single individuals to metabarcoding biological communities: towards an integrative approach to the study of global biodiversity -
Building-Up of a DNA Barcode Library for True Bugs (Insecta: Hemiptera: Heteroptera) of Germany Reveals Taxonomic Uncertainties and Surprises -
All creatures : naturalists, collectors and biodiversity, 1850-1950 -
Spaces of classification : [contributions to the workshop "Spaces of Classification", Berlin, 12 - 14 December 2002] -
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