End of News Corp.'s acquisition of BSkyB...what a wild ride.
RT @declanm: Does a monkey own the copyright to a photo it takes? Ask the good folks at @techdirt, who got a takedown notice: http://is.gd/3Z8HoP #cnet
RT @Slate: Wi-fi-hacking neighbor from hell sentenced to 18 years: http://bit.ly/puh0qd via @wired
RT @romenesko: Deadspin editor drops acid to re-create no-hitter that Dock Ellis pitched in 1970 while tripping. http://journ.us/ozqwE9
RT @nytimesscience: Letters: Fair and Square (2 Letters) http://nyti.ms/n2ALex
RT @nigelcameron: Abt to start telecon on US innovation/tech policy with Tom Kalil at WH/OSTP and @2020science , @MikeNelson and 100+ others. c-pet.org
Now on Google+ thanks to Larry Irving. If anyone wants to follow me...(just what we all need, right? Another social networking platform)
RT @NTS_SmartGrid: Why adopting smart grid makes sense for India http://bit.ly/n0EPhN
RT @ranajune: This is a picture of a kangaroo in pajamas. Happy Friday! http://www.whosay.com/ranajun...
RT @pkedrosky: The end of mass media: News is just becoming social again http://www.economist.com/node...
RT @CTAM: Do you DVR? By 2016 DVRs could be found in over 50% of households. http://www.broadcastingcable.com/article... #CTAM
News of the World scandal has it all -Murdoch, British tabloids, corruption, mega-billion media merger.
RT @ForbesTech: For The Moment, Visa And MasterCard Reopen Payments To WikiLeaks http://blogs.forbes.com/andygre... via @a_greenberg tip @techmeme
RT @mathewi: RT @Sarahlellison: If the Sun is moving to 7 days a week, closing #NotW is pure symbolism. Smart PR, though. #phonehacking
Holy cow! RT @mashable: News Corp Shuts Down News of the World Amid Scandal - http://mashable.com/2011...
Fallows: journalists care about politics and not policies. Townhall tweets analysis. http://www.theatlantic.com/politic...
RT @aneeshchopra: First official tweet - Now joining @macon44 and @jack at #WHtweetup following #AskObama townhall
RT @BorowitzReport: Based on the success of his Twitter Town Hall, Obama plans to invite everyone in US to join him on LinkedIn.
RT @anoyes: Facebook Blog on today's big announcement: Call your friends right from Facebook: https://blog.facebook.com/blog...
RT @eggerton: NTIA's Strickling takes issue with suggestion there is a lot of spectrum in hands of government agencies that they are using inefficiently.
RT @whitehouse: Obama: ...Going to keep trying on things like smart grid & other infrastructure jobs opportunities where there hasn't been cooperation
RT @stevegarfield: Difference between #AskObama and Facebook news conference. Jack Dorsey introduced himself, Mark Zuckerberg didn't.
RT @rafat: Yes Google+ is useful, if useful is blowing your brains out reading tech people talk about tech & media people talk about media.
RT @belishabeacons: Everyone in #DC & #bethesda : 17yrold Mikey Gura has gone missing in Bethesda. Could you please RT and take a look at http://www.facebook.com/login... ?
RT @romenesko: Fox News "regrets any distress" the false tweets about Obama assassination may have caused. http://www.foxnews.com/politic...
RT @dangillmor: Declaration of Independence, as powerful now as when the founders wrote it http://www.archives.gov/exhibit... /via @AlecJRoss
Visa, MasterCard are instruments of Washington's patronage policy...Assange #FCWiki
I often lambast bloggers because they don't do original work...but it does serve a function as a public square Assange#FCWiki
Five years ago I was a young and naive fool...Julian Assange #FCWiki
Julian Assange says blackmail is keeping WikiLeaks from releasing the Bank of America documents.
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