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Michael Specht

Michael Specht

A guy into HR, Technology, Recruiting, and everything new, also available for hire ;-)
Brisbane is keeping temps low for me so I don't feel too far from home :), tomorrow I get a tour of a meat processing plant...
I'm at JBS Swift (Riverview, QLD)
Warm 14c here (@ Oaks Casino Towers)
I'm at Qantas Terminal (Brisbane Airport, QLD)
I'm at Qantas Club (Melbourne Airport, Victoria)
Live now @specht_ben on Byte Into It on RRR here in Melbourne talking about #govhack
Less than 30min till the kid is on Byte Into It on RRR here in Melbourne talking about #govhack
.@stevepell views that hierarchy is still needed & more focused on managing complexity vs respect #hrtctalk
Here we go @stevepell @SB_Recruitment are talking #hrtctalk
Tome to kick off #hrtc in Melbourne
Time for #HRTC (@ The Fair Trader)
Over the weekend @specht_ben was at #govhack in Melbourne here is their project vote if you like it
Over the last couple of days my son has been at #govhack here in Melbs here is their project vote if you like it
RT @specht_ben: #govhack ec2 reboot count end of day 1
RT @kanethoughts: I have no idea what the dev guys are talking about, but the best thing about #GovHack is putting together people with different specialties.
RT @bubbiting: Big shout out to all the #govhack organizers. You guys rock! Very well done, and so looking forward to the results :)
RT @piawaugh: Small suggestion to #govhack'ers to backup as you go. I remember a team once had to rebuild from scratch when they lost their code :/
Helping the teenager get ready to attend #govhack melbourne this weekend, using some of his IT skillz for good :D
Time to catch up with @HRHedgehog - for real @twofacedHRlady
Time for lunch (@ The Fair Trader)
Social media tiff - popcorn time
It is really interesting to watch the number of people creating content now on LinkedIn - will it continue
Growth at @NavigoHR & @NavigoResearch now means we never have meeting rooms, on the plus side business is up :)
The issue with no interwebs is trying to watch real tv. OMG it is bad. Might go another 5 yrs without watching it
The end of move day has almost all necessities working - fridge, bed, bathrooms, partial kitchen. Missing interwebs
So now there are boxes in a new house
So after last nights fun without power in the new place this morning we have no power in the old with removal dudes arriving in 35mins!!
Insomnia you are back, I am not sure I approve
So now our planned move of some wardrobes is in a mess, not to mention needing a plumber to fix the gas
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