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Mickey Schafer

Mickey Schafer

a lapsed linguist currently teaching undergrads scientific prose (at Univ. of Florida)
tee hee hee -- actual acronym used in paper: "spiritual hypnosis-assisted therapy (SHAT)"
About « JournalFeeds - -- "Collecting the feeds of all the journals you’re interested in can be confusing and frustrating. JournalFeeds tracks the feeds and allows you to sort, search, and discuss the latest articles in medicine, health, law, science, humanities, and social sciences."
Creating Shareable Decision Support Services: An Interdisciplinary Challenge -
The Science of Word Recognition - from Colin Purrington's excellent site on poster presentations (
Coffee Party | Wake Up and Stand Up -
Facebook To Share Users' Home Addresses, Phone Numbers With External Sites -
Oh for crying out loud -- if a student is going to write a master's thesis depending on survey data, then teach them HOW to write a freaking survey. 6 open ended questions, all on undefined communication skills, five of which included conjoined phrases (how do you use X and Y to accomplish A and B?).
In any one of my classes, my students would have had to revise that survey before using for a 2 week class project, let alone something at the grad level. - Mickey Schafer
For the writers among you -- may be fun side job + interesting rhetorical assignments for writing teachers! Jobs -
The 2010 International Congress on Computer Applications and Computational Science (CACS 2010) -
not sure how I got on their email list, but they asked me to send the announcement out to interested parties:-) - Mickey Schafer
Pilot Episode What is Social Media 2/24/2011 - ErwinandYusufShow | Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio -
Post Hoc Post Doc -- funny comic student sent me (aah, to be an undergraduate premed and find this all so amusing!)
Nevada Discovery Museum - Job Opportunities -
Editing in an age of troubled writing.aspx (application/pdf Object) - -- very nice statement on what editors do/think!
"As I once observed in an explication of the dirty mechanics of copy editing (the building’s maintenance workers have wryly noted to me the drifts of eraser crumbs beneath my desk), the editor serves as “a hidden bridge between the reader’s interests (to understand) and the author’s (to be understood).” 2 Another task is to inject, where appropriate, some life into writing that may be dead on arrival and thus unlikely to animate the reader. The point of it all is not to impose unreasonably on authors but rather, working from our foundation of many years of experience with literally thousands of papers, to help them convey their ideas transparently and their facts accurately." - Mickey Schafer
Needed new glasses, so went whole hog: progressive lenses, progressive sunglasses, and PC glasses. Can't decide if the main pair are retro chic or teacher geek, but I really like the PC glasses -- light weight, single vision, ultra non-glare -- if you wear bifocals or progressives, and spend lots of time on the computer, check this option out.
you found me. - -- I listened to the interview with her yesterday on Science Friday -- very cool. She's totally committed to the idea that gaming has uses beyond entertainment. The way she used gaming to coach herself out of mild traumatic brain injury is pretty amazing.
For Chrome Users -- a developer who's putting all his resources into his coding -- AdBlock - Google Chrome extension gallery -
Making the Text-to-Mom Connection - -
interesting article on range of organizations coming together in providing evidence-based information to pregnant women and new mothers. - Mickey Schafer from Bookmarklet
ICMJE: Obligation to Publish Negative Studies -
"Editors should seriously consider for publication any carefully done study of an important question, relevant to their readers, whether the results for the primary or any additional outcome are statistically significant. Failure to submit or publish findings because of lack of statistical significance is an important cause of publication bias. " - Mickey Schafer
ah, the terrors of flipping letters -- transposed two letters in a URI and got the "Lindsay Lohan Nude Pictures" page -- shudder!!
Carter Sans - Font News - -- such a pretty font -- I had no idea there was so much $$ to be made creating fonts!
That is about as nice a sans as I've ever seen... although Matthew C. came VERY close to using his name with a relatively early desktop-publishing typeface, Charter (a serif that held up well under difficult conditions). - Walt Crawford
Kickstart Linotype | I love typography, the typography and fonts blog - -- I haven't seen this blog. How geeky is it to like fonts:-)?!
BiomedExperts - -- "BiomedExperts - the first literature-based scientific social network - brings the right researchers together and allows them to collaborate online. Collexis provides the BiomedExperts social network free of charge to researchers worldwide in an effort to increase collaborative biomedical...
Once again, playing with my likelihood of promotion -- a message I am sending out to students this morning regarding an assignment that requires real work:
"As I read through the Annotated Bib entries, it has become clear that many of you are only reading the abstract – your quotes even come from the abstracts! There are several problems with this, the primary one being that no practicing scientist ever relies on the abstract for anything other than filtering. Abstracts are notoriously inaccurate and often conclude with inflated results b/c they are a kind of “advertising”. This is why I stressed the importance of actually reading the article, usually in 2 phases: 1) a quick read to get the gist of the whole; 2) a deeper read to understand the information. You may occasionally come across publications that reference abstracts, though; however, the point is that the researchers state the information came solely from the abstract, signaling its murky reliability." - Mickey Schafer
"Of course, having just read the abstract will also make writing the review paper for class much more difficult, but I’m figuring that you already know that, and are simply very confident of your writing ability. Still, if you are planning on cheating for the rest of your entries, please do so in a manner where I can’t catch you! At the very least, include at least 2 pieces of... more... - Mickey Schafer
Pixel Qi Tablet Availability, DIY Screen Success and other updates | What’s Happening at Pixel Qi – Mary Lou Jepsen’s Blog -
Pixel Qi is a screen that will allows the user to "switch" b/w an LCD screen and an "e-ink" screen, meaning that users can read in bright light, save battery life, but still watch video -- a couple DIYers commented they could install it even though not techies; video demo here: - Mickey Schafer
The Answer Sheet - Do tests really help students learn -- or was a new study misreported? -- Kohn -
Can Text Messages Really Help Kids Spell? - ABC News -
Apparently it does -- go research!! - Mickey Schafer
BioMed Central | Full text | Development of AMSTAR: a measurement tool to assess the methodological quality of systematic reviews -
why won't students change the subject lines of new messages when they hit "reply" of an old msg?
Honest answer, I suspect: Because it's not at all obvious--e.g., in Gmail, you'd have to know to click a little link to even have the opportunity to do so. - Walt Crawford
from Steffi Suhr's blog. - Mickey Schafer
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