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Paul Buchheit
The Economist names Paul Buchheit its 2011 Computing and Telecommunications Innovation Award winner -
The Economist names Paul Buchheit its 2011 Computing and Telecommunications Innovation Award winner
Congrats! - Joel Kotarski
Wow! Congratulations, Paul! - Spidra Webster
Congrats Paul! - Me
Awesome! - Stephen Mack
Congrats Paul! The Economist is a big deal. - Joe
Wow, nice! - Amit Patel
Congratulations! - Anne Bouey
Woo hoo! - SAM
Awesome. Congratulations. - Tamara J. B.
Extremely well deserved!! - Bo Stern
Congrats! - Barbara R. S.
WOOHOOOOOOO!! Congratulations, that is AWESOME! - sofarsoShawn
Nice. Congratulations Paul! - DJ Stevie Steve
Congratulations, Paul! - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Well deserved. And they were right to mention FriendFeed as a highlight. - Bruce Lewis
Congratulations. Well deserved. - Ashish
congrats! - imabonehead
Wonderful news! Congratulations, Paul! - Harold Cabezas
Congrats! - Eric Borisch
nice !! COng'rats - Peter Dawson
w00t! - Angelo
I think Paul's one of the most innovative peeps. after all his legacy is gmail, adsense and "dont be evil" :)- the very fabric of the Internet ecosystem comprises of at least 2 of the former items that he invented. !! - Peter Dawson
Love the don't be evil! Nice write up. - amelia arapoff
A well-deserved award. Congratulations, Paul! - Frank Jernigan
My man - Josh Haley
congrats! - ebru
Congratulations! - alf
Well deserved! - Peter Reavy
Congratulations, Paul. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Congrats Paul!! - Rachel Lea Fox from iPhone
that's awesome, man. you changed my and many others' life, right here! I personally owe you a lot. - AlpB.
Paul Buchheit
"There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting."
Paul Buchheit
jquery 1.3 breaks the bfcache because it binds the onunload event. This makes the back button slower and more annoying. See for more info on the bfcache. for some discussion (including a reply from John Resig) - Benjamin Golub
So is the bfcache part of the reason that Firefox tends to use so much memory? - Robert Felty
I don't know why Firefox uses so much memory, but the bfcache is a good thing, and people should avoid breaking it. - Paul Buchheit
Odd, the issue trail seems to suggest this was only added to address problems in IE and Firefox 2, but Resig is reluctant to remove it for other browsers due to tidiness issues? Seems like there's a part of the story missing. - Mark Trapp
The point of the bfcache is that the page is left intact so that it can be restored very fast. This practice of doing manual de-allocation on page unload is insane -- it's sadly necessary for IE, but is not something that we should be doing for non-broken browsers. - Paul Buchheit
Here is one way to fix it: $.event.remove(window, "unload"), but I don't know if jquery1.3 is depending on this event. For now, I may just stick with 1.2.1. - Paul Buchheit
Thanks for the fix Paul, we're still using 1.2.6, which appears to have the problem, too. Nobody's complained about it yet, but this is probably going to be a larger issue for us in the near future. - Mark Trapp
Has anyone found a workaround for this yet? E.g. is there a way to use jQuery without breaking bfcache so that browsers can 'remember' form values? - Alex Black
Paul Buchheit
Reddit Co-Founder Dips Back Into Y Combinator With Travel Startup Hipmunk -
Reddit Co-Founder Dips Back Into Y Combinator With Travel Startup Hipmunk
"Hipmunk only displays flights that you’ll actually want to take, and it displays them in a user interface that shows you exactly how much you’ll pay and how long you’ll be traveling. When you see the results (see screenshot for example), you’ll never want to see flight results in any other format. It’s one of those that’s so obvious why didn’t I think of that moments. And all results are on one long page, making sorting and comparing much easier." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
I wonder how it knows which flights I'd actually want to take. - Gabe
It hides (under a button) the ones that are obviously bad because they leave earlier, arrive later, and cost more. Orbitz always shows me these dumb flights with 10 hour layovers. - Paul Buchheit
Any app where I can sort by agony is worth checking out. - Micah
Yeah, sort-by-agony would be a good feature for email too :) - Paul Buchheit
O-Yeeeah. :) - Micah
It would be awesome to be able to sort "by longest layover by city" so I could see if there are any friends or relatives I could visit during a business trip. - Gabe
The UX is remarkable. Little things like Tabs, Permalink (that remembers all my searches) are very useful! And even though these features may seem "small", I believe that a lot of effort must have been invested to get them working so speedily. Just one last comment is that the prices are a little confusing though. - Winston Teo
Ben, wow, how cool is that. - Micah
That *is* cool (that it's built on Tornado). Makes me think about that conversation/debate in Wired today where O'Reilly says that "Openness is where innovation happens." - Laura Norvig
A small but brilliant touch: a help file "tip" displayed while a request is processing. For software in general, I almost never want a random tip screen on application open, but having it in place of "Please wait..." makes a lot of sense. - Micah
Southwest is still way cheaper for the two flights I just booked (like 20% cheaper). And I like swa's UI for playing with dates a lot too. - Michael Leggett
And while I agree that this display is way better... I *hate* how pricing is displayed. I'm always confused what the price means. It says $378 under price. Is it $378 per leg or for the entire flight? Is it per person or for both people? I'd go so far as to say it is a bug that the final button says "Buy on Orbitz ($378)" and then Orbitz tells me it is in fact $756 b/c the $378 figure was per person (but never explained as such). - Michael Leggett
Michael: I agree. I never understood why you always have to tell it how many passengers on the search screen, but the the prices are per-passenger. - Gabe
April Buchheit
Camilla's little brother (who was also a preemie) just turned 2! Let's see how many $20 donations we can collect for UCSF Children's Hospital:
Paul Buchheit
Thanks! - Paul Buchheit
What if you have billions? Any advice? - Louis Gray
1 billion=1000 millions - Ashish
Louis, we need to start talking about more than an Advisory position if you have billions ;-) - Jesse Stay
jet skis and I use hundred dollar bills to light cigars - sofarsoShawn
Jesse, if the twins have their own individual maids, I'd investigate further. - John E. Bredehoft
to avoid all the difficulties that sometimes plague those with assets, I am willing to shoulder part of the burden and absorb any excess assets that could tip the balance away from happiness - RAPatton
That's what I'm thinking, RAP. I'm ready to trade my current set of problems for some new ones... like... having too much money. - Yolanda
Overall very good. I take issue with this bit, though: "Many people with jobs have a fantasy about all the amazing things they would do if they didn't need to work. In reality, if they had the drive and commitment to do actually do those things, they wouldn't let a job get in the way." Some people are able to make things happen despite all odds but most people can't. And that doesn't... more... - Spidra Webster
Also, it would be nice to have money to hire a full time nurse for my Mom. - Yolanda
Heh. Yolanda, I had just taken out a couple lines about what could keep someone so busy, stressed, poor and tired that they couldn't do "amazing things" while employed - taking care of severely ill/disabled parents/children/relatives was on that list. :) - Spidra Webster
I would seriously probably buy a farm in some place really pretty and grow corn and vegetables and other stuff (maybe I'd buy a cow or two). I'd then run a tech business out of my house, probably using other people's investment while I invest in the farm and other resources (leaving plenty aside to decide what else to do with). - Jesse Stay
WoW is worse than crack? I'll have to try it! - Gabe
Jesse, a tech business from a farm on pretty land? Good luck getting bandwidth. - Skyler Call
Skyler, I will have millions - I'm sure I can figure something out :-) - Jesse Stay
Spidra, of course there are people in super-hard circumstance and the statement is overly broad. The point is just that actually doing stuff is much harder than dreaming about it is. - Paul Buchheit
Gabe, read the links. The crack addicts has a job and family. The WoW addict had nothing and played 24/7 :) - Paul Buchheit
So if I have millions of dollars, I can play WoW 24/7 instead of having to put up with a job and family? I don't see the downside... - Gabe
Last paragraph is so well written. - Sachin Sebastian
Great post, Paul - Chieze Okoye
Well done. - Micah
Nice post. That kind of money would give time to invent and implement the next big thing without having to worry if there is time to do all the unit tests with >100% code-coverage! ;) - Jemm
Forget the farm - I'd get one of these: ;-) - Jesse Stay
Great informative and level headed post Paul. Thanks for sharing. - Mark Krynsky
I think there are two groups of millionaires: Those that made their millions through mostly hard work, and those that made their millions through mostly luck or circumstance (inheritance, modest stock options that exploded due to a bubble). I suspect the first group has a much easier time managing their money and lives than the second group. - Stephen Mack
Great post. I'd travel - Benjamin Golub from iPhone
"Explore the opportunity. Do something remarkable. Go for a walk in the park. Appreciate the trees." - Steve C, Team Marina
"If you've been institutionalized your entire life (school, work, etc), it can be very difficult to adjust to life on 'the outside'." - lolz - Ken Morley
Stephen, it's possible for some in the second category to be aware of the fact and wish to live humbly or at least, "go slowly" as Paul suggests. - Ruchira S. Datta
Talk about an article that does NOT apply to me, lol ... - LANjackal
A sudden surge of wealth can be a curse instead of a boon. Thanks for sharing your tips Paul. - Shakeel Mahate
Paul Buchheit
What's the point of even having a reality if you can't laugh at it?
Reality is dependant on perspective. - Philip Scothern
joshua schachter
RT @stlhood: Pruno: "flavor is not the primary objective"
"In an effort to eradicate pruno, some wardens have gone as far as banning all fresh fruit from prison cafeterias. But even this is not always enough; there are pruno varieties made almost entirely from sauerkraut and orange juice." - Private Sanjeev
Never heard it called Pruno before; we just called it hooch. - Chris Lamprecht
Bret Taylor
Early 1900s in Colour - photos by Albert Kahn -
Early 1900s in Colour - photos by Albert Kahn
Early 1900s in Colour - photos by Albert Kahn
Really amazing photos - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
ahh bret fenerbahçe şampiyon olamadı sen bize bunları gösteriyorsun.. - Aynebilim Aşevi
That's cool! I don't understand why they all have copyright notices on them, though. Does French copyright law really allow hundred-year-old photos to still be protected? - Gabe
Jason Calacanis
Open Message to Mark Zuckerberg from Jason Calacanis -
Open Message to Mark Zuckerberg from Jason Calacanis
7-Year-Old Takes Car On Joyride -
7-Year-Old Takes Car On Joyride
octopus steals my video camera and swims off with it (while it's Recording) -
octopus steals my video camera and swims off with it (while it's Recording)
Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al -
Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al
Jim Norris
v = mask & ~(len << -4 >> -1);
You said it! - Paul Buchheit
I never realized the java bit-shift operators worked with negative numbers... - Jim Norris
Paul Buchheit
Psychedelic explorers, academics and medical professionals gather in San Jose to discuss 'Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century.' -
Psychedelic explorers, academics and medical professionals gather in San Jose to discuss 'Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century.'
Psychedelic explorers, academics and medical professionals gather in San Jose to discuss 'Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century.'
"Before he made his millions, Gilmore was a journeyman programmer who had moved to Silicon Valley from the East Coast in 1978. He says he grew up believing in absolute truth, and that the world was just a puzzle to be solved through logic and reason. Then he started experimenting with drugs. "My experiences with psychedelics convinced me that there was more mystery in the world than that," he says, "and that our perceptions are not as closely matched to reality as we believe." He says he was stunned by the realization that "having a small amount of a particular chemical in your bloodstream can change your perceptions of the world. "It sort of taught me that our relationship to reality is a little bit fuzzy. It's mediated through our senses and through our expectations. That knowledge has helped me puzzle my way through a bunch of situations in both programming and business, sort of not taking the obvious at face value but looking around the corner to see, well, how does it look from that angle?"" - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
Joe Hewitt
Criticizing things you can not change is worth it if you can influence the next generation to do better.
April Buchheit
Crazy guy escapes after being tasered by cops -
Crazy guy escapes after being tasered by cops
be my guest - Chris Heath
feel better now caroline? - Chris Heath
+15 for "DON'T TASE ME BRO!!" - Mark Davidson
We are evolving - Jesse Stay
jeff bridges alike - 大白猫
I love this video! - Mark Davidson from BuddyFeed
Paul Buchheit
"Apple was supposed to become a wonderful consumer products company. This was a lunatic plan. High tech could not be designed and sold as a consumer product." - John Sculley's 1987 autobiography
Via page 332 of "Return to the Little Kingdom", which describes this passage as a "very accurate assessment about the gulf between his capabilities and the Founder he displaced". - Paul Buchheit
Wow, amazing quote. :) - Meryn Stol
First-ever marriage between man and videogame character in Japan: Nintendo DS "Love Plus" -
First-ever marriage between man and videogame character in Japan: Nintendo DS "Love Plus"
Paul Buchheit
Don’t! The secret of self-control. -
The secret of self-control.
"At the time, psychologists assumed that children’s ability to wait depended on how badly they wanted the marshmallow. But it soon became obvious that every child craved the extra treat. What, then, determined self-control? Mischel’s conclusion, based on hundreds of hours of observation, was that the crucial skill was the “strategic allocation of attention.” Instead of getting obsessed with the marshmallow—the “hot stimulus”—the patient children distracted themselves by covering their eyes, pretending to play hide-and-seek underneath the desk, or singing songs from “Sesame Street.” Their desire wasn’t defeated—it was merely forgotten. “If you’re thinking about the marshmallow and how delicious it is, then you’re going to eat it,” Mischel says. “The key is to avoid thinking about it in the first place.” In adults, this skill is often referred to as metacognition, or thinking about thinking, and it’s what allows people to outsmart their shortcomings. (When Odysseus had himself tied to... more... - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
This is an interesting quote because it implies that "will power" is more about mental strategy, not some kind of mental strength for forcing yourself to do something. I have the same strategy with food -- I eat whatever I see, so in order to not eat something I just need to put it out of sight. - Paul Buchheit
effectively "out of sight, out of mind" - alphaxion
This is where the magic of science is: you spend time and resources to prove a proverb. - .i.m.a.r.s.o.r.a.m.a.
"The child who could wait fifteen minutes had an S.A.T. score that was, on average, two hundred and ten points higher than that of the kid who could wait only thirty seconds." - J.D. Deutschendorf
Sometimes I worry my metacognition is slowing me down because I'm spending less time just cogniting. (that oughtta be a word.) But no, in all seriousness, I think something, then realize the thought was there before I subvocalized it, and then I go in a circle several times subvocalizing those same thoughts as I examine the process of thinking. Frustrating! - Andrew C (✔)
Some friends and I refer to this study often, pointing out when we've failed the marshmallow test. Staying up late is my most common mashmallow test failure (sacrificing morning time to enjoy a few more bleary hours NOW), but it's easy to spot this sort of behavior and fun to have a standard vocabulary to highlight its ubiquity. - Seth
Episode on Mischel's marshmallows on RadioLab -- - Alex Haar
As a parent, I consciously used this strategy to distract my children whenever they got in mischief, behaved badly or acted out. As a grandparent, I often send a box of tricks, things like super balls, an "uno" deck, paints, a book, a yoyo or top, for my daughter to use with my grandchildren when they are driving her crazy and need to think about something other than running around screaming. - Phil Boiarski
OK, that makes sense, but let's flip this on its head - How do you instead keep your mind on something and prevent yourself from getting distracted? You can't distract yourself from your distractions. Andrew C, the word you're looking for is cogitating. - Mr. Gunn
Mr Gunn, thanks. Though I think 'cogniting' is a touch funnier. - Andrew C (✔)
Some chimpanzees use this strategy as well, though not all of them. - Björn Brembs
i think bhudda had some theory on this too...:/ - Paul Moss
Today my 4yo daughter was having trouble waiting for a treat, so I told her (and my wife) about reading this article last night. I talked about the ability to distract - and I thought I was doing a pretty good job of explaining it in 4yo terms. When I was done with my paraphrase/lesson, I asked her if she understood. "Uh-huh," she said. Then after a few moments, she asked if we could stop and get some marshmallows on the way home. All I could do is laugh! - Gary Walter (gwalter)
I read a different writeup of this experiment a couple years ago, when our daughter was about 1 year old. Its something that can be taught, and encouraged. She's now very good at distracting herself from something which she knows she shouldn't do or would get into trouble over. She's not easily distracted in general: she can focus quite well on something she wants to do (and is allowed to do). - DGentry
Fed judges order California to devise plan to slash prison population - San Jose Mercury News -
Fed judges order California to devise plan to slash prison population - San Jose Mercury News
"The three-judge panel gave the governor and lawmakers 45 days to present a plan to cut the inmate population from about 150,000 to 110,000 over two years. The judges delivered a stern message about conditions that are so poor in some prisons that they violate inmates' constitutional rights....In general, the 33-prison system is at nearly double its capacity. Even under the judicial order, the system would remain overcrowded, at 137.5 percent of capacity." - bob from Bookmarklet
I wonder if they intentionally chose the verb "slash". - Paul Buchheit
I say they hold a lottery for the prisoners. - Kenton
give them .. give all people, when it is still time - an education, health care, work ... so that this all crap of the biggest prison population in the world, biggest deficits, would never happen again - pb:
Paul: do you think "cut" would be better than "slash"? Or maybe "shiv"? - Gabe
The ACLU has a plan: 1) Replace the Death Penalty with Permanent Imprisonment 2) Close the Youth Prisons 3) Keep the Response to Petty Drug Possession Local 4) Fix the Three Strikes Law. - Ruchira S. Datta
a comment from ------So Arnold cuts $1 Billion from California's Higher Education Systems. The simple fact is 250,000 Students will be denied Community College Access and 40,000 student slots are now removed from the CSU System. And, Arnold wants $1.9 Billion for New State Prisons, and there are no cuts to the California Department of Corrections, where according to... more... - pb:
Tim Dineen
RIP John Hughes- I probably still have The Breakfast Club memorized "It's sorta social - demented and sad, but social!"
Bret Taylor
Official Google Reader Blog: PubSubHubbub support for Reader shared items -
"One place that takes advantage of this pinging is FriendFeed. This means if you have added your shared items to your FriendFeed account, you and your friends will see them there within a few seconds the "Share" link being pressed in Reader (special thanks to FriendFeeder Benjamin Golub for making sure the experience was as smooth as possible)." - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
Ben, you rock as usual - Bret Taylor
PubSubHubbub is awesome. I've noticed that, thanks to FriendFeed and Feedburner supporting PubSubHubbub, entries from my blog show up on FriendFeed faster than I can switch tabs. Google reader support is sweet. - Mark Trapp
I literally checked in and pushed the last fix to make this work about 5 minutes ago :) - Benjamin Golub
I've noticed that in the past ten minutes, cool - M F
Nice work guys! - travispuk from iPhone
Date format - Wikipedia -
Date format - Wikipedia
Red:mm-dd-yyyy Blue:dd-mm-yyyy Yellow:yyyy-mm-dd Green:dd-mm-yyyy & yyyy-mm-dd - Simon
Yellow is the one true format!! - Amit Patel
And don't forget my home and native land, a muddy color because all three conventions are used there. - Kristin of Two Everything
Go RED! - τorƍue
I use YYYY-MM-DD for file naming, so that it sorts automatically for me. For normal communication with other USians, I use MM/DD/YYYY. - Ordinarybug Heather
+1 to yyyy-mm-dd Heather. That's about the only one I can think of any logical argument for. Looks like only east asia has this right. - Joel Webber
i propose we start using yyyy-dd-mm just to mess things up properly ;-) (not really - *votes for yyyy-mm-dd) - immaterial
Go yellow, since it sorts well. :-) - Brian Johns
They forgot a small region in silicon valley where they represent the date in seconds since epoch, formatted as n,nnn,nnn,nnn - Chris Lamprecht
Red is a real anomaly here -- why in god's name do we insist on sorting these things completely weirdly in the US? Month first, seriously? Drives me nuts. - Joel Webber
@Joel - and we still measure length in inches & feet, weight in pounds, etc. It's kind of embarrassing. - Chris Lamprecht
yellow makes most sense....still it would be an "anomaly" on this map - Chris Hofmann
Amit, agree but so used to the blue format of course. - Kol Tregaskes
I've never understood the red format, didn't realise it was US only though. - Kol Tregaskes
Madagascar's date format is Blue:dd-mm-yyyy - Thierry R. Andriamirado
red format follows how many people say the date "July 10, 2009". For day to day communication with people, the blue "10th July, 2009" makes sense because the day will change more freqently than any other. For the best logic and system use, the yellow "2009, July 10th" is the best especially when you look at how we use the rest of the time denominations (23 hours, 22 minutes, 21 seconds ad nausium). - alphaxion
I hate date formats. How many years finding bugs in other people's code where a particular date format is simply assumed? User entered '10/7/2009' so is that 10th of July or 7th of October? Can't rely on regional settings as the number of times that's been set incorrectly or not set at all because it's a remote connection beggars belief. And then there's the code that didn't realise that SQL Server was storing in native US format so every time it was read and rewritten to the database it flipped over. Hate. - Mark H
Paul Buchheit
Real-time search. We have it. It's here. -
Try It's also fun to watch the embedded search on the blog blog post ( You can see people discussing the blog post, from the blog post, in real time! - Paul Buchheit
coooool - zsafwan 
GREAT ! - stanjourdan
Eeee. Awesome. - Mark Trapp from iPhone
Lol, you flipped the switch before the post came out as far as I can tell. I was searching for it and I couldn't see it. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Yowsa. Makes quick easy work out of social media monitoring, don't it? - Ian Wilker
YAY!!! FriendFeed staff rocks, that's all there is to it =) - FFing Enigma
WAAAAAAAAA.. meta real time search.. love the concept of embed a real-time search !! Way to Team FF -- luv u guys !! :)- - Peter Dawson
Do you guys sleep? Honestly, love the constant output and attention you guys pay to user feedback. I know this highly requested and probably not easy to implement. - Frankie Warren
Twitter Killer! - David Schmidt
Thanks so much Paul & Co. Excellent work! - Leo Laporte
hey love they way they launched search.. espcially when its close to "Search Marketing Day 2009" !1 - Peter Dawson
Thanks Leo. Jim and Gary did most of the work on this one though. - Paul Buchheit
Track is back! This is a gamechanger. - Mike Doeff from iPhone
Track is back! - Christian Burns from iPhone
Excellent news. - LPH™ and his dog P™ from BuddyFeed
I think I'm going to scream if I hear "track" again - someone please define it for me - Jesse Stay
Wow, great work! - Meryn Stol
I stand in awe of your hackfullness. - Ted Gilchrist
Good work. Much-anticipated. - Louis Gray
@Jesse: It's a dead twitter command "track keyword" sends you realtime updates whenever the word is used. Think of it like realtime google alerts for friendfeed. - Daniel J. Pritchett
I'm pretty sure Gillmor et al kept calling it "track" because that's what Twitter called it back when they had it for a week. - Daniel J. Pritchett
On a related note, live embeddable searches mean that I can hack together my own FF embeds for the pages that don't have them yet, like say "comment:dpritchett" - Daniel J. Pritchett
Daniel, Twitter never had this - this isn't "track" - Jesse Stay
you guys rock. - Karoli
The blogpost said they're working to implement "keyword notifications" Jesse, that will be "track" - Frankie Warren
Twitter's brought back track, it's just no one cares. You can now have updates by keyword on Twitter pushed to you, via XMPP, just like track used to. Gillmor says that's not track. - Jesse Stay
That's why I hate the term "track" - no one knows what it is. The way Paul is explaining it, as real-time search, is a much better way of explaining it. - Jesse Stay
I guess we're still missing the realtime notifications piece that folks want. You can shape the firehose to watch terms in realtime but you can't yet get it pushed outside of FF via email or IM? - Daniel J. Pritchett
Daniel, Twitter has that right now, but Gillmor says that's not track - Jesse Stay
/me prints up a few hundred "That's not track!" t-shirts - Daniel J. Pritchett
Jesse: Oh, i'm with you... Real-Time Search is a better term :) - Frankie Warren
BTW, integrating this into my blog right now - Jesse Stay
Me too Jesse. Making a new static page for that comment:dpritchett search I mentioned - Daniel J. Pritchett
this is definitely cool and all, but what about API? We are falling way behind on feature sets :) - Tim Hoeck
It's like an alternative to watching TV, in a literary sort of way. - Ted Gilchrist
awesome!:) - m.0
kewl! - phil baumann
Yay! This is the killer feature (once it's in the API, of course ;) - Brandon Titus
I'd love to see a blog post about how this is implemented. Real-time search has some interesting problems. - Chris Lamprecht
I take it back - I can't integrate this into my blog until I can filter it to a single list. I really need an embed for "comment:dpritchett list:e20" except lists are still virtual in that no one other than me can see them unless I use the atom export. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Awesomeness! I'm loving this right now. - Anthony K. Valley ©
Wow you guys rock! - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
I am sloooooooooooow. But what/where is the template to make the embeddable widget. please? - Marg Uerite
You're right Jesse - it's not exactly Track but it's getting a lot closer. The old Twitter Track allowed you to set up multiple search terms (e.g. track iphone) and get those delivered to your IM with zero time lag. At any time you could type "track" to see what you're currently tracking and "untrack" to untrack something - e.g. "untrack iphone". There are some third party tools that... more... - Mike Doeff
Paul, is there a way to change the title of the embed? The long search string looks kinda bad. - Jesse Stay
Mike, Twitter offers that today. Gillmor says it's not Track. - Jesse Stay
Marg, after you do a search, click the "Share / embed search" link to get the embed code. - Dan Hsiao
Jesse, are you sure? Can you provide a URL describing this feature? I think you're referring to Twitter Search (and saved searches) which is totally different. - Mike Doeff
Mike, it's in beta and available to developers, but it's back, minus SMS support: - Jesse Stay
Jesse, when / where did Gillmor say that isn't track? I'm pretty sure that Steve just wants the old track brought back, with some filtering capabilities added (the old Track didn't filter out blocked accounts). - Mike Doeff
Yay! Have been eagerly awaiting this. :) - Rick Turoczy
Mike, he's said in various comments. Looks like Track to me... Heck, it's even called "track". - Jesse Stay
BTW this is on now (look in the sidebar): - Jesse Stay
for my italian friends: stica... - Alberto D'Ottavi from fftogo
Jesse - you can hide the ugly search bar with a little quick CSS - it's <h1> under an easily identified class. - Daniel J. Pritchett from IM
Daniel, good idea - I'd love to change the title more than that though. - Jesse Stay
just a few minutes work and I have a FriendFeed realtime search embedded in a blog (web 2.0 event) - Jeroen De Miranda
FF guys: we like your style :) --- way to go!! - Harscoat
I think I'm going to cry - Bwana ☠
awesomesauce! - Simon Wicks
This is a really great innovation, congrats friendfeed team! - Garin Kilpatrick
Thanks, Jim and Gary! Lots of hard work for a very cool result! - Anne Bouey
HhhhhUuuuuuGggggEeeee !!! - Harold Cabezas
I want to 'Like' this *twice*! many thanks! - 大白猫
The first step in a storystreaming platform! - Kevin Sablan
Whoa. Wow. And Yes! Fantastic work, FF team. - Micah
Good stuff although should support negative operators such as I should able to search my name in the all posts NOT coming from me. I've tried "from:-username" but it doesn't seem to work. - Ferruh Mavituna
OK, you guys are wicked talented! It's kind of scary, but I love it. So what's next? Just kidding:) - Michael Fidler
Ferruh: you just have it a bit backwards... try -from:username instead :) - Ross Miller
WOOOOOOOOOOW. Friendfeed is really pushing some cool features out :). Friendfeed is the best :) - alfred westerveld
How can we embed FriendFeed search? - Mike Reynolds
Mike - There's a link at the top of the search just beneath the red bar. - Mitch
A box will pop up, take the HTML code from the bottom of that box. - Mitch
Thanks Mitch! - Mike Reynolds
Nice the embedding code can be dynamic.... <iframe src="" frameborder="0" height="600" width="400" style="border:1px solid #aaa"></iframe> - Mike Reynolds
Thanks @Ross it works fine now, love the RSS output. - Ferruh Mavituna
tabbr likes this - tabbr
Woo! So: will this cause a FF server meltdown anytime soon? - Tim Tyler
very good! - standin
Highly addictive--great stuff! I did notice that if you do a search like [google] you'll see dupe stories streaming by quite a bit (e.g. the TechCrunch story about Google Voice shows up over and over right now). Not sure if it's possible to de-dupe based on destination url a little bit more? - Matt Cutts
two months after redesign, we have access to real-time search. good news bc my preferred search engine is friendfeed. ;) - Franc, a rememberer
We are there, in the battle against Twitter - Michael_techie
Best search engine became better :) - Chirag Chamoli
I can't say enough how amazing this is. So, I ordered a bottle of real-time translation to go with this magnificent feast of real-time search :D - Micah
Just to show what is possible now with this feature, I've built SteroidFeed: Go here to see it as well as download the files: Latest version is 1.01. - LPH™ and his dog P™
It's amazing! - Lizunlong
I've been waiting for this since the new UI, excellent, thank you Paul and FF! I'll give this a play later. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Micah, really looking forward to having your scripts work in Chrome. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
This is great. Well done, guys. - James Myatt
Awesome :D - Praveen Vasudev
great!! - Mike Chelen
Kevin Fox
Cultural differences between the US and the UK
The Top Paid App in the Singapore store is Airport Mania: First Flight. - Kishore Balakrishnan
Is there a site that lists "top apps" from various/all countries ? - Kishore Balakrishnan
Classic... - Rob Kramer
That says it all - Darrell Bell
So when are they going to release an app for "Ow! My balls!" - April Buchheit
@April... +100 - Harold from fftogo
Is the UK bestseller just a re-packaging of CIA world factbook? Or is there more to it? - Hiro Asari
You see, we gotta test for moron's the UK teaches them - Ryan Gerritsen
What does "we gotta test for moron's the UK teaches them" mean? - Gabe
Our beer-drinking football-hooligan contingent are still saving up for their iPhones. - Tim Tyler
World Cup Ping Pong here in France, don't know what that means ?! - Benoit Cazenave
"Zoom in / Camera zoom" : the Top Paid App in Switzerland - tomavana
I'd suggest that in *paying* for an app called "The Moron Test" you've already passed it. - thepete
thepete: passed or failed? - Gabe
that was really great kevin :) - Alp
Is there anything else interesting about the rest of the list? - David Chartier from BuddyFeed
Hilarious! - Vera Hannaford
crushingly depressing. ugh. - daisy
as a dual national US/UK, I can safely say I'm glad to live here. - wannagot from twhirl
World cup ping pong is the top paid app in Italy too. And even top free app. What's the point with that? - ialla
Excellent catch! :) - Özkan Altuner
The engineer in me is irritated by the simple apps make it to the top of the AppStore; the artist in me is delighted :) - Ian
Proud to be an American! LOL - Susan Beebe
Don't need no stinkin' facts... - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
But it's got a red button! - Brian Bufalo
Here Neal, you dropped an "m" and a "t" :) - Richard Walker
well, it's almost a month later but anyway in Canada the top three are currently Sims 3, StoneLoops and StickWars - Richard Akerman
wavesand liked this.... - 拓 | wavesand from email
My cousin dl'ed the Moron Test and tried to get me to take it. I told him he'd already failed because he was a moron for buying it in the first place. He was unamused. I wasn't. - Hookuh Tinypants
Lol Amanda - AJ Batac
To be fair, he's kind of a tool, so it's less a reflection of the app and more a reflection of how much I want to throw him off the nearest high-rise. - Hookuh Tinypants
I notice that the U.S. is no longer a nation of morons -- for the last few days, "The Sims 3" is #1, so we're now a nation of replicants. - Stephen Mack
got this after my first intelligent use of ff filtered search. populist USA likes to feign ignorance and UK likes to superficial awareness - Lane Rapp
Ginger Makela Riker
We have a ton of basil to use before it goes bad. - Ginger Makela Riker from Bookmarklet
Yes. - Derrick
basil? interesting. no mint? interesting. - Cee Bee
Christopher Sacca
When I see a guy at the urinal looking down at his phone, I wonder if he's doing email, Twittering, or taking a pic of his wang.
Or perhaps all of the above. - Paul Buchheit
simultaneously? I thought men weren't good at multi-tasking?!? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
bob - International - Netherlands to close prisons for lack of criminals - - International - Netherlands to close prisons for lack of criminals
"During the 1990s the Netherlands faced a shortage of prison cells, but a decline in crime has since led to overcapacity in the prison system. The country now has capacity for 14,000 prisoners but only 12,000 detainees. Deputy justice minister Nebahat Albayrak announced on Tuesday that eight prisons will be closed, resulting in the loss of 1,200 jobs. Natural redundancy and other measures should prevent any forced lay-offs, the minister said." - bob from Bookmarklet
If you believe that poverty helps breed crime...then how long until those laid-off workers increase the need for prisons? - Ryan Kaisoglus
Ryan: They know it's the only way to get their jobs back. ;-) - Kevin Fox
Paul Buchheit
A Low Impact Woodland Home -
A Low Impact Woodland Home
A Low Impact Woodland Home
Show all
"You are looking at pictures of a house I built for our family in Wales. It was built by myself and my father in law with help from passers by and visiting friends. 4 months after starting we were moved in and cosy. I estimate 1000-1500 man hours and £3000 put in to this point. Not really so much in house buying terms (roughly £60/sq m excluding labour). The house was built with maximum regard for the environment and by reciprocation gives us a unique opportunity to live close to nature. Being your own (have a go) architect is a lot of fun and allows you to create and enjoy something which is part of yourself and the land rather than, at worst, a mass produced box designed for maximum profit and convenience of the construction industry. Building from natural materials does away with producers profits and the cocktail of carcinogenic poisons that fill most modern buildings." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
hobbits! - vijay
Spider city...shudder... - Pete Gilbert
Hobbits is what I was thinking too. Original, kind of. Now for them to enjoy the upkeep. - Richard A.
Oh yes hobbits! - Bee
That was a few years ago. I would love to awesome current pictures of that house, how jasot stood up to the elements? - Christian Burns
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