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Impanema for lunch... most of my responses this afternoon are going to begin with "Wait, what?"
Slashdot Science Story | Software Recognizes Sarcastic Tweets -
Happy Mother's Day.
Happy Cinco de Mayo.
Congrats to James Beard award winner Jason Wilson of Crush.
Woah what's going on here? I just saw a cricket highlight (Sri Lanka v New Zealand) make the top 10 plays of the night.
I think it's unacceptable to call something Vegetarian when it was simmered with ham and in chicken broth.
Just downloaded the new Bing app for my iPhone and the first song it played was "F*** You" by Lily Allen. Man, even software is telling me off these days...
Wooden spoon trick - Sleifaratriðið -
Wooden spoon trick - Sleifaratriðið
"At museums, I'm allowed to touch the art."
Internet Explorer 8 Optimized for -
First album I ever bought: "Gang Starr -- Step in the Arena"... RIP Guru.
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Does anyone else think of the Trinidadian flag when they look at the Portland Trailblazer's jerseys? ... or am I alone with my thoughts, again?
Farid, I'd recommend that you stay away from facebook on a champions league day :).
Muneer I posted a similar comment about a month ago. Hope it happens.
Dinner at Rover's plus we talked to Thierry! Amazing, amazing night.
"Are you sure those are eye drops and not hydrochloric acid?"
Facebook Fans Valued at $3.60 Each [STATS] -
Gilbert Arenas was sentenced to 30 days at a halfway house for bringing a gun to work to "show off" and Ben Rothlisberger goes free after raping a girl b/c of insufficient evidence... Come on Mr. Goodell, do the right thing.
Love the scene about the Mess Hall in A Few Good Men.
Watching The Kingdom.
Why You Should NEVER Listen to Your Customers « blog maverick -
Really funny: It's also an effective way to calm a crying baby.
Muneer Really funny: It's also an effective way to calm a crying baby.
Night time activity... Gym? No. Bake a cake? Yes. Oie... This is why I'm still fat.
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