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Female Celebrities Attacked In Disgusting Violation Of Privacy - iCloud Hacked -
Female Celebrities Attacked In Disgusting Violation Of Privacy - iCloud Hacked
mungojelly on /r/CasualConversationLojban? -
".i'e .i mi nelci lo velsku poi vrici .i da'i mi pilno .i sarcu naje zdile .i mi stidi ru'e nelci me'e zoi .putcid. /r/jbosnu .putcid." - mungojelly
"Saudi Arabia Is Beheading It's Citizens At A Rate Of One A Day This Month" -
"Saudi Arabia Is Beheading It's Citizens At A Rate Of One A Day This Month"
i guess no one notices this
mungojelly on Regulations in society -
"Whatever. I think it is. I certainly don't think that how we're going to convince people not to smoke pot is some sort of irreconcilable problem with allowing things to happen. You try to convince people pot's bad, I'll try to convince them it's good, they can make up their own mind." - mungojelly
mungojelly on Breath meditation -
"One technique I practice is to allow the breath sounds to turn into the syllables "hamsa" in honor of Sarasvati's mount, a bar-headed goose who's said to be able to drink just the milk from a mixture of milk and water (that is, to discern the ultimate truth even within the confusions of perception). Certainly not the simplest but it works for me. :)" - mungojelly
mungojelly on Fat man meditating in search of advice -
"Hi, I'm a fat man too. Two of my favorite divine personages are Ganesha and Varahi and they're both chubby so if you search for images of them you'll see that they're in positions that work well for fat people. I especially like the one where you sit on a chair with one foot tucked in by the other thigh and the other on the floor (or better yet on another cushion)." - mungojelly
mungojelly on Fat man meditating in search of advice -
"Gooooooooooooo slooooooooooooooooooooow, slower the better pretty much, if you're wondering whether you're going slow enough go slower. :D Anywhere works as long as you're not bothered by people staring at you wondering why you're walking so slowly. ;)" - mungojelly
mungojelly on Being present makes me anxious? -
"Lots of stuff like that happens, sure. It's hard to say exactly what happened to you as it's not about the meditation exactly. The meditation unblocked a way you were blocking your sensations. You could be anxious because it's weird, or maybe because the reason you blocked out these sensations in the first place is that they feel overwhelming to you somehow. You'll probably get used to them soon enough if you just don't make a big deal about them. Often these are sensations that were blocked out in your childhood because they were overwhelming to a child, but from an adult perspective you can realize they're not actually so scary. If you do keep feeling uncomfortable, it is actually possible that ten minutes is too strong a dose for you right now. Rather than quitting entirely if you keep feeling overwhelmed you could try reducing your sessions to five minutes or three." - mungojelly
mungojelly on Question about Meditation and Chakras. -
"Stop fucking with your chakras. If you're feeling weird sensations around any of them, that's probably not them being "open" that's them being blocked in ways that shove energy out around them in random patterns. Chakras are a subtle matter that you're unlikely to even be able to find competent human training in, and they're certainly not something internet quizzes have any accurate relation to. You need to change not just your tactics but also your goals. Turn away from those sorts of power. Give yourself to something greater." - mungojelly
mungojelly on Done with nothing. -
"It might or might not help to know that the states you're describing are also described in scripture, for instance I believe what you're describing here is what's known in Buddhism as the samadhi states or arupa jhanas called the "base of nothingness" and the "base of neither-perception-nor-non-perception." According to Buddhist scripture the Buddha had a similar experience as you did with those states, first believing (as some confused gurus falsely taught him) that they represented ultimate liberation but then realizing upon careful examination that they're actually painful and conditioned. They're still useful because they give us new perspectives, but they don't really solve our problem. No experience can solve it, no feeling can heal it. What finally ends it isn't anything extra you add to yourself, it's a cessation. You realize not that there's something new you have to make or do, but rather that there's something you've done all along, done every single moment, that if you..." - mungojelly
mungojelly on I have been rejecting meditation as an useless practice as I would just rely on it to reach enlightenment -
"Getting into a good posture, not feeling as attached to your thoughts, and then focusing is both the beginning and the end. Anything else you add could be just a distraction. Have you tried that? What do you feel when you try it? Do any obstacles come up that you need us to help you with? Are you able to sit with that stillness for just a few minutes? If you're able to sit for at least a little while every day, then don't assume you need to add anything to that practice or make it more complicated, just let it settle into being a very simple steady thing. It's like you've taken a few swings with an axe, and made a small gash in the side of the tree. Nothing much seems to be happening, but that doesn't mean you've done anything wrong. You don't need to figure out some other place to chop next, stay there. You don't need to go get a fancier axe or decorate your axe better, just keep chopping. Have some patience, and eventually stay clear when your first tree falls. ;)" - mungojelly
mungojelly on Loss of Self? /Advice? -
"How are you doing as far as social support? Do you have a sangha you trust, or at least a healthy network of people you can talk to about how you feel?" - mungojelly
mungojelly on Does facing in a particular direction while meditating matter? -
"It matters and it doesn't. In Rinzai you face the center of the room, in Soto you face the wall. So in that sense it doesn't matter, as they both do fine. But then again the only school of Zen I know of where you decide yourself each time randomly whether to face the wall is Discordianism. ;)" - mungojelly
mungojelly on Do any of you abstain from work? // How do you retire in your early 20's? -
"What actually helps is taking responsibility for shit. The more you're passively participating in systems, the more you're supporting those systems. You have to build and sustain your own systems. That doesn't usually mean you're able to formally change things. It almost never means that. Formally changing something is revolutionary; if one thing changes everything can change. It usually means that the exact same frame supposedly exists, while really something else happens inside it. So you have to look for what dimensions of flexibility your frame has. There usually are some, even if you're in China. They can't really control everything every way all the time, so they control things in every way that's obvious and then leave it. You can usually get away with changing things in any way that's not obvious. Just be just a little sneaky, in other words, and you can totally get away with changing things." - mungojelly
mungojelly on And then I woke up. -
"Good! You've seen it! It's important that you don't become concentrated around that realization now, if you understand what I mean. Don't grasp the realization as something that builds you up. As you've felt, realizing it doesn't change it. You're not more one with everything than anyone else is, you just happen to have turned your attention to it for a moment. Other people have their attention on it much of the time, but even that doesn't change it at all. There's nothing to accomplish, as you said, but importantly that means that you've accomplished nothing. If you hold on to the sensation that you're very good and solid and important for having realized this, you'll use that to hold yourself away from it. It's nothing at all, there's nothing but this. Let it be." - mungojelly
Watch: Video Clears Man (M. Jeter) and Cops are Charged! -
Watch: Video Clears Man (M. Jeter) and Cops are Charged!
mungojelly on Do any of you abstain from work? // How do you retire in your early 20's? -
"Um you can't get away from work or from benefiting from someone else's work until it's all automated. It's fairly easy to survive by begging if you're in the first world, but it won't be very pleasant or help anything." - mungojelly
mungojelly on Regulations in society -
"Pot is good for you. You're misinformed. That's how you handle most of the regulation in this particular society, is by explaining that it was never necessary at all and that it's time to chill out. There's also some actually dangerous things that we do need to figure out how to regulate, but it's not what hat people wear or what they smoke, geez, lay off." - mungojelly
mungojelly on Can anyone agree on a definitive anarchist canon? -
"I agree, A People's History and An Anarchist FAQ. Nothing else comes to mind that holds a candle to those. I'd also recommend reading Homage to Catalonia, just for fun." - mungojelly
mungojelly on What is the more sorry state of affairs, to be oppressed, or become the oppressor? -
"That's not at all what it's like to be a dictator. Actual dictators have to reconcile various political forces in order to maintain their control. No one in history has actually just had the individual authority to command arbitrary random sudden changes in their society." - mungojelly
mungojelly on A few thoughts and something of a personal rant (please don't flame me) -
"This forum isn't really for basic beginner questions, you should try /r/Anarchy101. In short the answer to your question is: Yes, humans are hard to work with, but putting one of the assholes in charge makes it *worse* not better. The person put in charge is usually just who has the most lust for power and it's just awful and has no redeeming qualities or benefits at all, but even if you take someone nice and capable and force them to make the decisions that's still a senseless, inefficient system. You can't get good pure information about what's happening to the one person making the decision; their information environment becomes distorted; it's worse than having a random person decide. The best decision making systems are where everyone's involved in making the decision together and everyone puts in the information they have and people respond intelligently to one another's needs. That spreads the burden of power and makes the best use of everyone's perspective." - mungojelly
mungojelly on Info request on yoga theory- why we are doing what we are doing. -
"> I mean no disrespect, but I am not looking for references to eastern religion/science, Offense taken! If you have no interest in yoga, I'm sure your own culture has some exercises you could try. There's no need to appropriate just the pleasant parts from someone else's religious practices. This is just like going to a Christianity forum and saying that you want to know the benefits of kneeling and bowing, but please don't mention anything about God or Jesus. Not only are you being disrespectful, but you're also intentionally shutting yourself off from *most* of the information available about what you're supposedly studying." - mungojelly
mungojelly on Any modern anarchist societies? -
"It depends on how you count, of course. I recommend counting the beautiful (if naive) itinerant city known as the Gathering(s) of the Rainbow Family of Living Light." - mungojelly
WTF Is Sexual Jihad & Why Are Women Doing It? -
WTF Is Sexual Jihad & Why Are Women Doing It?
Police break up protest at Vermont Gas president's home -
Police break up protest at Vermont Gas president's home
MSMBS World News Headlies: ISIS, Gaza, Ukraine and more... [RAP NEWS 27] -
MSMBS World News Headlies: ISIS, Gaza, Ukraine and more... [RAP NEWS 27]
Hands On: Amazon Fire Phone's Dynamic Perspective -
Hands On: Amazon Fire Phone's Dynamic Perspective
What Online Dating Is Like For Black Women -
What Online Dating Is Like For Black Women
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