Daisy Rock: Guitars for girls - LATimes - http://www.thisisbrandx.com/2010...
"Daisy Rock offices are many female guitarists' Candyland. Bubble gum-colored walls are flanked with glittery electric guitars -- some of which have the appearance of shattered rock candy -- and acoustic guitars whose rainbow of colors resemble a bag of jelly beans. What's more: The brains behind this eye-popping collection of strings is a heavy metal rocker aiming to revolutionize the way guitars for girls are designed and how women are perceived in the music industry. Tish Ciravolo started Van Nuys-based Daisy Rock in 2000, but the personal inspiration for the business came long before that. Things were different when Tish was on stage in the '80s with her girl group, Lypstik. "There were times when the sound guys wouldn't check for us because we were women," she says. "There was just no support for us. You'd always hear people say, 'Well, they're pretty good for chicks.' " " - RAPatton
"But to make her sketch a reality, she had to determine exactly what a girl's guitar was. She and her husband, president of Schecter Guitars Michael Ciravolo, conceptualized an entirely different design based on the anatomy of a female. They devised the "slim neck profile," whose smaller dimension allows for the musician's hand to wrap around the guitar neck more easily, making it less strenuous to push down the strings. The instruments are also lighter weight and more comfortable to wear. The guitar body is ergonomically designed to prevent what Ciravolo comically calls the "boob scoop," which she says many girls complain about when playing a standard acoustic guitar. " - RAPatton
"Her persistence paid off; now the guitars are in over 400 stores internationally and in the hands of some of the most successful female guitarists, including Avril Lavigne, the Bangles and Miley Cyrus. There are plenty of guys that come to Daisy Rocks for the ultra-glam guitars too, but that's not the point in Ciravolo's eyes. She wants to see as many girl guitar players as guys: "50/50," she says. To help make that a reality, Daisy Rock has partnered with several charities that are geared toward music education for women including the Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls. She estimates that in the past 10 years their work with the charity has helped 150,000 girls that otherwise wouldn't have had access to learn to play. " - RAPatton