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Kingsley Joseph
Social Design Patterns for Reputation Systems: An Interview with Yahoo’s Bryce Glass (Part II) -
Kingsley Joseph
Social Design Patterns for Reputation Systems: An Interview with Yahoo’s Bryce Glass (Part I) -
Louis Gray
Kevin Fox of Gmail & FriendFeed on User Experience Design -
Kevin Fox of Gmail & FriendFeed on User Experience Design
Kevin Fox of Gmail & FriendFeed on User Experience Design
A great, extremely detailed article Q&A with Kevin. Stop what you're doing and read this now. I don't want to see any comments for another 15 minutes until you've read this unless you can prove previous comprehension from having already seen it. - Louis Gray
"A site that visibly promotes how many ’friends’ you have turns friends into commodities, creating an economy where you are motivated to make as many friends as you can. " There goes all my feature requests for a more robust stats section of the site. - Mark Trapp
Mark, I have that very quote in my clipboard, but I admit, I was going to say it's one of my favourite things about FF. :) - felix
All right, after reading it fully, I never realized Kevin Fox was like the Jonathan Ive of Google Apps. What a loss for Google. I enjoyed the rationale behind why labels exist: never thought of it like that. Most people explain it as "It's better than folders. Now be quiet!" - Mark Trapp
Love the old Google logos! Sounds like FriendFeed has a very promising UI guy on the team. Yay... The "You said earlier you found 6 types of users for Gmail. What were those? .... No comment. ;-)" is remnants of a less-open philosophy though. - Mitchell Tsai
Sprague, but it could definitely be applied to things like Twitter, where people subscribe to thousands of others in hopes that they get a reciprocal follower count bump, and let's not forget about Jason Calacanis vying for top spot on twitter follower activity. The ability to get into follower competitions is facilitated by seemingly benign statistics about follower counts. - Mark Trapp
@Kevin: Great interview, though the pic above looks like a promo for "Kevin Fox's Chiller Theatre Macabre 3000" :-) - Chris Reed
Mark: When looking at Jason Calacanis's stats this morning, I was surprised to find that almost 45-50% of his readers are age 3-17, VERY different from Robert Scoble and Leo Laporte's age demographics. Is that because of how Jason went about gathering followers? Through the MySpace and Facebook communities maybe? - Mitchell Tsai
I like the flat hierarchy of titles @ friendfeed, I'm a UI Designer, so of course I look up to kevin's work. Any user experience person should be as flexible and willing to contribute more than interaction sketches. I super like, super karma, super kudos this entry if friendfeed had those UI elements :) - karl dotter
This is madness!! Folks you can't be serious! I'm sure it's a big joke or something... :) - directeur
Greg, it's using the FF bookmarklet. When you use it, you can click on a picture to add it to your post. - Vince DeGeorge
Awesome article. I'm really enjoying reading about user interface design, even though I've never really done it. Very inspiring stuff here. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Mitchell: Was it 3-17, or 13-17? If it's the former, that's awesome. And I would agree with that hypothesis: when Calacanis is active on Twitter, he's constantly demanding people react to whatever he's doing, either via comments or follows or whatever. I do know a few months ago he had a goal to get higher than Scoble in followers on Twitter, as well. - Mark Trapp
Three cheers for Kevin. :-) - Jason Wehmhoener
Mark: 3-17 (but 12-17 was about 90% of the whole 3-17). See Calacanis chart stored here or the live one here - Mitchell Tsai
How does it even know that? You can't legally track someone's data if they under 13 to begin with. - Mark Trapp
Not only am I a happy user of all of the products mentioned in this article, as a UI designer I often find myself referring to these products in design discussions with my teams. - Jason Wehmhoener
Mark: No clue... Maybe Quantcast does some estimating based on subsampling to fix the raw data? (e.g. conduct in-person interviews on a random subsample of the population) - Mitchell Tsai
Seriously, you're doing all this for a thesis? a PhD? WHY? I mean... Are you "sciencizing" and "theorizing" socialmedia? All this is so ephemerous, so humanly erronous and lying, It doesn't deserve nobody's time and efforts... - directeur
directeur, maybe this isn't the community for you. - Mark Trapp
Mark: Let me very friendly don't agree :) Because in THIS community you have to study these things to be admitted? (no trolls, nothing, just a notice) - directeur
@directeur what is it exactly that you're talking about? - Shey
reading this was, read, *lightbulb*, read, read, *lightbulb*, *lightbulb*, read, *lightbulb*.... - Iain Baker
@Shey: I was wondering on the life in a socialmedia context, I find it so exagerated to study things like Scoble/Dupont/Smith followers and such... I asked if it's for a thesis... because if not, I'm really wondering how come I feel the only one to think that it's exagerated and somehow strange behavior... - directeur
What, exactly, is exaggerated or strange about it? - Mark Trapp
Mark: saying "Calacanis chart" for example, I find it exagerated... I wonder about the need to study this... You are free to do whatever you want!! I'm just wondering, I wanted some exaplanations, I really needed to know why would someone like me or you spend time on studying a so vague and IMHo useless thing as the "Calacanis chart"... I may be wrong, so please correct me if i'm wrong - directeur
directeur, you jumped into the middle of a conversation between a few of us about a specific part of the story: calling what we're doing strange, exaggerated, stupid, silly, or any other abusive term isn't constructive. Think of this like real life: how would you feel if someone interrupted a conversation you were having with someone to tell you that what you're talking about is stupid and wrong and exaggerated? - Mark Trapp
Hey look! It's an interview with Kevin Fox! ;-) - Jason Wehmhoener
Mark: My bad, sorry, I though that the discussions here were open to everyone. and indeed they are, but it's still my fault, why the heck have I the need to share my own opinions? Sorry. - directeur
Thanks for the feedback everyone! Directeur: Mark said it very well: The discussions are open and you're free to say what you like, but so are other people. If you come in and harshly criticize others, you have to accept the reality that others will harshly criticize you back. It's just like the real world. - Kevin Fox
Kevin, I was wondering, like any "mediterranean" usually do, maybe it's my english, but I never meant to be harsh... anyway.. Sorry again! - directeur
directeur: No worries. I appreciate your comments, and love that we're getting such diverse international usage! - Kevin Fox
I'm so impressed that Bret set up and configured everything before your first day. That says a lot. - Ginger Makela Riker
I like the concept of everyone having the same title. Excellent read. I have learned something. - Mathew A. Koeneker
@Ginger That says Bret has no need for a Field Tech person to me. ;) - EricaJoy
I like the photo. Kevin's got the classic visionary staring-into-the-distance pose but at the same time he has this critical are-you-sure-this-is-right expression. It's the heroic UI reviewer. - ⓞnor
I call that look "Magnum" - Kevin Fox
Oh! Oh! Now do "Blue Steel" - April Buchheit
If you roll over the thumbnail above, it changes to me doing "Blue Steel". - Kevin Fox
oooh... when do we get to see Le Tigre and Ferrari? - Ross Miller
So cute to see April's picture pop up over her name. :-) - Mitchell Tsai
83 likes on this article (so far). Kevin, you're quite the popular fellow. - Louis Gray
Awesome article. Had it in one of my browser tabs all day, finally got around to reading it. Kevin - you designin' fool! You've had a hand in some really great projects. - Hutch Carpenter
Amit Agarwal
Ego Surf Your Name on the Internet with Addictomatic -
Thanks Amit. - Mitchell Tsai
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