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Passionate about Japan, travel and photography; Writing about Japan travel
Japanese traditional design, Kaeribana lotus ornament -
National Treasures of Japan, Toshogu Shrine Yomeimon Gate -
Japanese superstitions, the Number 4 -
Mount Takao, hydrangea and red lanterns -
Simply beautiful Japanese scenes, Taikobashi reflection -
Japanese amusement arcades, Taiko no Tatsujin -
A Japanese street from 150 years ago -
Old Japanese stories, Kitsune and Hoshi no tama -
Osaka, the first modern reconstructed Japanese castle -
Rinku Gate Tower, the third tallest building in Japan -
Old Japanese stories, Goryo, the vengeful ghosts -
National Treasures of Japan, Kamakura Great Buddha -
Japanese traditions, the Shinto Mikoshi -
Simply beautiful Japanese scenes, a small shrine in the woods -
Japanese traditional architecture, Sanju-no-to pagoda in Kyoto -
Japanese modern architecture, Osaka station glass roof -
Old Japanese stories, the Shinto Chinowa -
Kyoto streets preservation, Ponto-cho -
About Japan from... manhole covers, Momotaro -
Aizu, the only Japanese castle with a red roof -
Hiroshima Shukkei-en, the story of a name -
World Heritage sites in Japan, Itsukushima Shrine -
Japanese modern architecture, Chiba Port Tower -
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