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Robert Scoble
You can say anything you want to UCLA MBA class who are studying sports marketing and other things. Say it on FriendFeed in real time:
You're on the screen, so behave! :-) - Robert Scoble
Read Seth Godin, but don't worship him. - James Watters
Good luck for your future and try to create a lot of new jobs.. - Amit Nangare
Marketing is a process of embedding your ideas in the larger meta memory of the world, it takes steps and time. - James Watters as scoble says....but dont do what scoble does - patrick
USC MBA program is waaaay better. :) - Vinny
Should I know who/what UCLA MBA is...? (I'm from the UK so don't shout at me if it's a very well known American institute :) ) - Roy Herrod
Everybody shake hands with the person to your right! - Will Thompson
Cricket is the future - play it, market it - read Netherland to see why it's a true American sport - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Don't forget to keep learning - find your teachers all over the world (Robert is one of the best)! - Karen Jackie
Greetings from Cairo, Egypt...we don't have what you guys are studying over there "sucks!" hope y'all are having a great day! - Ahmed
Please explore, debunk, improve upon these concepts: and The future is counting on YOU. - michael silverton
EVERYONE IN THE CLASSROOM GET NAKED!!!!!!!!!"come on just like Robert once did - Jadito
Give Scoble a hug. (That behaved enough? :D ) - Jonathan Hardesty from Android
Wow, so many "thoughtful" comments. Um, NOT. Anyway, here's my question to this class: What's the next step in terms of creating a community around the local sports team? Take the Washington Nationals for example. How do you tackle that marketing problem? - Emilie Cole
yo - Kushagra
Hello Hello! Hey no talking, thats right you in the back. - Manuel Arroyo
I am sure many of the you would be amazed to see these many updates in real time. This is Scobleizer effect :) - Saurabh Sahni
Getting your MBA is like getting handed the keys to the car and not knowing how to drive. In a field like sports marketing where there is little precedent to be studied, you will do most of your learning out in the work place. Good luck, and if all else fails, just talk about Brett Favre some more. - Will Thompson
All the very best for your future endeavours! Get into some serious entrepreneurship & kick some a$$ :) - Sandeep Swaminathan
We like your kind here where I work. MBA students = Fresh braiiiiiiiiiins... - Hookuh Tinypants
How many of you are on Friendfeed, Twitter, and that facebook thingy? - Aaman (Clone of FF)
I'm a UCLA alum, back from the days when we rode a horse/buggy to get to games at Pauley Pavilion. My claim to fame: Jogged around the track with John Wooden. - Irene Koehler
Hi class! Take good notes and listen to Alex. - Mark Layton
Please remember me when you get bored doing all that hard work out on the golf courses and feel free to fill the void by sending me event tickets in the Midwest, kthxbye. - thestaticfrost
Sports - Ryan Erisman
check out - Josh Brooks
Hi Students. Does it bother you that Robert Scoble has once again completely neglected his wife and kids to be with you today? - jasonte3a
Thank you, this was really great. I think we got a few people to join us on FriendFeed, cool students, too. - Robert Scoble
jasonte3a: I am blocking you, but before I do, you should know that my son is with me here in Los Angeles and listened to the presentation today. - Robert Scoble
This was pretty cool! What was the general reaction of the class to FriendFeed? - Hookuh Tinypants
OK, I now know not to follow Vinny or Peter;) Greetings Irene & Grant, go Bruins! Friendfeed rocks! - Rick Bucich
start praying.... - Bob DeMarco
Very strong. Most of the class is on Twitter and tons signed up during the class. I hope they say hi! - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Come over here into FriendFeed land! - wiredgnome
Good luck in the future :-) - wiredgnome
Stop staring and start interacting - Jim Goldstein
Robert Scoble
There's one thing NO ONE is talking about in terms of #twittergate (the role of the SUL in pressure on @techcrunch). Will discuss here:
TechCrunch is on Twitter's Suggested User List. They have been gifted about 880,000 followers by being on that list, AKA "SUL". That's worth a lot of money. - Robert Scoble
SUL? - iconic88
SUL? Sulfuric acid? - Richard
So what are you saying? That they shouldn't leak the docs because they got a lot of followers from Twitter? - Dare Obasanjo
That they leaked the docs to become more popular on twitter? - Tyler Hurst
the point most people are missing is that TechCrunch states they have spoken with Twitter. I am sure Twitter execs know what's coming and are prepared - Kevin
Wouldn't you think the <800k SUL-generated followers would have made @arrington LESS likely to publish the docs? - Tom Guarriello
Dare: I bet that Twitter is threatening Mike with getting kicked off. - Robert Scoble
Here is a link to a post of a dozen screenshots of Twitters admin panels "There are 187 featured SUL Uusers" - Mark
Tom: it's gotta be one consideration Mike is considering. - Robert Scoble
Techcrunch did mention in one of their posts that Twitter is generating a lot of traffic for them. So the SUL does work for them. And it works for twitter as they stop TC from posting the documents - Sidharth Dassani
Sure, Robert. But he's pushed it this far despite the SUL factor. - Tom Guarriello
SUL = Suggested User List - Manuel Arroyo
I bet that twitter prefers this to leak on techcrunch where Mike can spin some stories for them than to see the zip file with the docs appearing on a torrent site ! - Eschnou
wikileaks maybe? - Mark
So twitter kicks arrington off. does he publish the docs? does that help him? - Tyler Hurst
If Twitter kicks him off get ready for a big time firestorm! (Just mistyped: "firestory"!) - Tom Guarriello
Tom: Mike is a journalist. He also says that someone else will publish them, so might as well tell everyone that these things are knocking around in public. - Robert Scoble
Even without the suggested users list, TechCrunch must be weighing the cost of enmity with the most popular startup in the Valley right now. Don't they write like 3 Twitter stories a day? What happens if Twitter stops talking to them and takes all their press communications to Mashable (who are already beginning to kick TechCrunch's butt with their social media savviness? - Dare Obasanjo
Robert - Arrington is NOT a journalist. Journalists check sources. Process journalism is NOT real journalism. He's a writer. - Tyler Hurst
How did Arrington not check his sources? He confirmed they are real docs - Kevin
Yes, read all his rationale. Seems sincere in trying to separate juiciest from items he considers newsworthy. BTW, I do believe he is a journalist. - Tom Guarriello
Which would they kick? Him with ~8K followers? Not TC with ~1million followers. - Mike Shea
Kevin - not just this article. did you see his article on how the free google apps was gone when it was just a page layout change? - Tyler Hurst
Tyler: I've been in the hotel room watching as Arrington checked his sources on a story. You're wrong on that one. - Robert Scoble
Mike: almost all of TechCrunch's followers were gifted to him by TechCrunch (same with Mashable, by the way). Before the Suggested Users List came along both had fewer followers than me, Leo Laporte, and a couple of others. Being on the SUL is worth lots of money (I believe it's worth millions, if you stay on it for a few years). - Robert Scoble
Tom - these are stolen documents. What does his rationale matter at this point? - Tyler Hurst
Dare: yes, I'm sure Mike is considering all the consequences. Also, if these documents really do exist someone will publish them. When I quit Microsoft I told 15 people and I didn't even know the guy who leaked my story. - Robert Scoble
For the record, so far, I have not been given the Twitter documents. - Robert Scoble
Scoble - so why doesn't Twitter just publish them? Get ahead of any new site? - Tyler Hurst
Tyler: journalists have printed stolen stuff that's newsworthy in the past. - Robert Scoble
Tyler: I don't know, but I bet that Twitter does not want these released. - Robert Scoble
Tyler - So were the Pentagon Papers. - Tom Guarriello
Tyler: I wonder, if I did have them, and I talked with @ev, would he offer to put me on the SUL in return for not publishing the documents? - Robert Scoble
Scoble - are they newsworthy because they're stolen or newsworthy because they're juicy? What good does this do? - Tyler Hurst
Scoble - now that's a damn good question about SUL. - Tyler Hurst
No journalist should have accepted to be on the SUL and at least at this moment ask that they be taken off. - Stephen Pickering
Dare, to answer your original question, the SUL is a gift worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe even millions. Jason Calacanis has already set the price at $250,000. So, the SUL is, in effect, a bribe that can be used to keep journalists/bloggers/twitterers in line. If you had a gift in your hand worth hundreds of thousands of dollars you would think twice before turning that gift away. I know I would. - Robert Scoble
Robert: I'd say no to that, @ev knows that those docs are out there now anyway. If you were the only with them (hypothetically speaking), then he might have. But he'd probably equate it to extortion. Would you really want that? - Mike Shea
I think twitter could just delete the techcrunch account if it wants to make a point. SUL removal wouldn't do much as they already have a lot of followers from it. - Darren Stuart
Stephen: that is a very difficult ethical position to arrive at, especially if your competitors are also on the SUL (Mashable is on the SUL right now). - Robert Scoble
Darren: wrong. If you remove yourself from the SUL you immediately start losing followers and start falling behind your competitors. - Robert Scoble
Scoble - so you're saying that blackmail is okay as long as it benefits you? - Tyler Hurst
Darren: in the race for advertising and PR and all that being at the top of the follower list gets you all sorts of goodies. for instance displays people in order of the number of the followers. - Robert Scoble
How did the valuation for getting on the SUL end up being done? Is there a dollar value per follower based on link click throughs + ad clickthroughs? - Dare Obasanjo
No one in the TC office yet, according to CrunchCam. Probably all sleeping. Boy today is going to be a busy day for them. - Mark
Tyler: no. I'm not saying that. I'm hoping that if I am in any of these positions that I would take the high road. But living on the high road is very difficult. - Robert Scoble
Dare: I used to help run a magazine with 100,000 subscribers that made millions in revenue every year. - Robert Scoble
Scoble - That's the answer I'd expect from you. Journalists ALWAYS take the high road. - Tyler Hurst
Dare: you could use a CPM (advertising fee per 1000 viewers) of $5 and come up with some sort of valuation. - Robert Scoble
You can't objectively report on a company who is paying you directly and for that matter its impossible to also be a journalist and the owner of the news organization. In the past there's always suppossed to have been a firewall between content and the business side. But that's out the window. Notice all the puff pieces about bing on the NYtimes. Hmmmm, I wonder if that could be all the advertising dollars? Hmmmmmm - Stephen Pickering
Tyler: journalists don't always take the high road. There are several New York Times journalists on the SUL if I remember right. - Robert Scoble
Scoble - I wouldn't say the NYT is a leader in journalistic ethics anymore, either. - Tyler Hurst
Wise words from @arrington "News is stuff someone doesn’t want you to write. The rest is advertising." - Mark
Stephen: exactly. Money does cause news organizations to carefully consider their coverage, even those who say it doesn't and that have a "Chinese firewall" between editorial and advertising. - Robert Scoble
No one is in this tight economy its all about $$$$$$$$$$$$ - Stephen Pickering
Mark - BS. he publishes rumors too. - Tyler Hurst
Stephen: if I had the documents I'd have to consider its impact on my employer, Rackspace. That's why I disclose all my conflicts of interest. - Robert Scoble
Scoble - do you believe Arrington's claim that he just received these documents? - Tyler Hurst
Robert: Trick is to take the employer out of the equation. What would you do if you were on your own? - Mike Shea
Robert: good points, are techcrunch going to publish the stories is the question now? I think twitter is at a point now where it does not matter if techcrunch start a war with them if they were to just ban all techcrunch and employee accounts. - Darren Stuart
There's no better publicity than bad publicity. Just remember that. Remember the whole Ashton and CNN thing? That turned out to be backed by twitter and created HUGE publicity for them. Something doesn't smell right. Not saying all bad publicity is good for both parties, but in a situation like this, it's plausible that both Ev/twitter and Mike/TC are just laughing their asses off as the publicity pulls in more page views - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ
Mike is not a journalist. He is a self-confessed showboater. - Mark Littlewood
Mike - so much for the honesty, transparency and authenticity we hoped social media and such would provide. A new ruling class has just replaced the old one. - Tyler Hurst
Tyler: yes, I do believe Arrington. - Robert Scoble
Does twitter go after the hacker? - Tyler Hurst
Tyler, especially with the whole mob thing and FF. Something is up here. Of course, I could be completely off my rocker and it's all just one big coincidence and Mike really is that much of a pompous ass. - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ
The twit poll on the issue from TC showed an overwhelming stance from the community that posting the information is unethical. It might be better for TC to let someone else (Mashable) post the information, resulting in removal from a SUL and gaining both ethical rapport with the community and an edge over competition. This is one story that would be rough to break, why is that only TC has the information so far? That is the more alarming concern. - thestaticfrost
Mark: Mashable won't publish these either. They have benefited from the SUL a lot more than Arrington has. - Robert Scoble
Robert, interesting POV, I would still personally stand down on the issue. - thestaticfrost
ethics a side I think its a case of - if SUL pageviews > estimated story pageviews then do not publish - Darren Stuart
Mark: on the SUL? Yeah, but the SUL is interesting and won't stop being interesting just because I stop writing about it. There are rafts of new journalistic text books being written because of it. - Robert Scoble
The more I think about this...the more it seems plausible that twitter has been doing stuff behind closed doors to generate publicity. Who's heard of twitter going after ANY hacker? Why is it only TC that this email was sent to? If a hacker REALLY had this info, wouldn't they do something a bit less obvious? Like I dunno...sell the stuff? Which brings up another much did TC pay for this info? I guess if TC continues to be on the SUL we'll know the answer. - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ
Mike: what would I do if I were on my own? I'm biased toward publishing, but I need to know the facts first before I really could say one way or the other. - Robert Scoble
To put it in reverse, maybe if you got the documents you could give them back to Twitter in exchange for getting on the SUL. :) - Louis Gray
Mike: it's possible that the hacker works for TechCrunch or has a business relationship with TechCrunch. Mike has built a good network of people who offer him news before anyone else. The thing is now Mike has access to internal info at Twitter that will be hard to avoid in interviews with Twitter. - Robert Scoble
Mike/Robert: If a less reputable blogger/company had this information, it would already have been posted and this conversation would be moving another direction. The pageviews would trump any SUL. - thestaticfrost
mark - what a crappy way to make a name for yourself. publishing stolen documents to serve the public good is one thing, publishing as a smear campaign is wrong. - Tyler Hurst
Mark: I don't believe that's true. Remember, TechCrunch only had about 50,000 followers on Twitter before being added to the SUL. I seriously doubt one story would get them more than 100,000, even if it was the most interesting, sexy story around. - Robert Scoble
Tyler, it would be an awful way to make a name for yourself, I agree but that is not the issue. - thestaticfrost
Louis: word gets around when you extort companies. It's not a good thing and almost always comes back on you eventually as the people involved move to other companies and spread the news around. - Robert Scoble
Louis: if I had the documents I wouldn't use them as extortion for that reason. I know one guy who extorted a company and I'll always remember that. - Robert Scoble
Tyler, if TechCrunch was doing it as a smear campaign they would publish a lot more of the documents and have started off with something other that a softball. - Matthew McCowan
Arrington is getting it both ways here. He writes about it to say they're not going to post the most juicy stuff but he still gets most of the benefits of posting everything. A lot of people are talking about it. He's a master hypeologist. - Justin Whittaker
Matthew - that was in reference to a small blogger grabbing the documents and throwing them all out there. - Tyler Hurst
Justin: that is accurate about Arrington. - Robert Scoble
Tyler, oh gotcha - sorry - Matthew McCowan
Matthew - no, techcrunch is doing it for the page views, of course. - Tyler Hurst
Robert, interesting tie of numbers into the SUL growth of TC. Perhaps there is an exorbitant value of the SUL, this story would just be pennies in comparison. I see no feasible monetary gain available for TC to violate this ethical issue. - thestaticfrost
Patrick: even if you aren't on the SUL most of your followers aren't listening. :-) - Robert Scoble
I'm sick of being monetized into the services I use.. It's almost enough to make me stop it all altogether. - John Blanton
John - stuff has to get paid for. - Tyler Hurst
Says John as he drinks a $4 latte from Starbucks. - Robert Scoble
"I'm sick of being monetized into the services I use." - Then turn off the TV and radio, don't buy any newspapers or magazines, or look at any ad-supported web sites. It's the way of the world. - John Craft
Stupid posh coffee. Normal coffee, with milk, please. - Mark
Patrick: Arrington tells me that being on the SUL has brought them audience and, therefore, money. - Robert Scoble
I don't have a problem with Techcrunch releasing the articles they are, however don't say they are doing in for public interest. They are doing it for Techcrunch interest, nothing wrong with that, but lets be honest. - Kim Landwehr
Right now the man with all the answers is fast asleep in his bed, dreaming of world domination - Mark
Kim - yep. - Tyler Hurst
Matthew: pat of the "Mission" of a business is never to shoot yourself in the foot. - thestaticfrost
Robert: This is what happened when the lovely Veronica Belmont finally responded to my questions regarding the number of 'bots' following those on the SUL : - Jim Connolly
I'd like to see an estimate of the ROI of being on the SUL. Different for everyone, but it can be modeled. Would bring an interesting new perspective into the discussion. - Peter Kim
Matthew - the only debate of SUL value would be total worth, not if it has a worth. - Tyler Hurst
If I could offer you hundreds of thousands of extra hits on your website a year, for FREE, would you accept? - Mark
Mark: there is no such thing as a free lunch. - Robert Scoble
Nothing is ever free. - thestaticfrost
hehe - Mark
What if Twitter is using their influence at TechCrunch, to manage the delivery of this 'story?' Better that, than someone publish the story, with a negative spin. - Jim Connolly
Matthew: how do you know it's not? Mike has already said he's talking with Twitter and he hasn't published the information. So, he gets best of both worlds. Gets credit for having the info, and now has inside access that no one else has. The SUL might never have even come up (I doubt it has, actually) but now we're wondering what kind of deal they made. - Robert Scoble
here is a link to a story that deals with Arringtons "wise words" - Marco
Matthew: yes, which leads me to think that he made a deal with Twitter. - Robert Scoble
TC has not let the cat out yet, no reason to believe that it will. They made it past the first hour of having the information which is most crucial to it being fully released. - thestaticfrost
Good point Jim. That TC story was actually Incredibly measured. Not like arrington at all. Hmmmmm.... - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
Matthew: I'm not judging, just bringing up the potential conflicts of interest to discuss them. I don't see anyone judging here yet. - Robert Scoble
Robert: In your experience, would Michael Arrington NORMALLY be this careful about drip feeding a story, so as NOT to offend the person / company featured in the story? - Jim Connolly
Jim: Twitter is the story of the year. So, yes, he's being more careful here than he otherwise would. And, if these documents were stolen, he's also a lawyer and is being careful to make sure he stays on the legal side of the line. I would be very careful with this story too. I have a different conflict of interest, though, which is that I'm an employee of Rackspace and would have to consider the impact of such a story on my company. - Robert Scoble
Let's be clear if Techcrunch has the information, so does someone else. The information is going to get out. Techcrunch maybe releasing the story slowly to maintain the interest. My guess is they are getting a lot more hits with this story then they would normally - Kim Landwehr
Matthew: I like to pretend I live in a dream world sometimes too, but I don't. I doubt we'll hear what was actually said back and forth in an off-the-record conversation. If i were Ev the first thing I would have said is "this is an off the record conversation, right?" And then if Arrington repeated it he would lose status too, because sources wouldn't trust him to talk openly. - Robert Scoble
Kim: if other people have the story they will publish it all at once. So doing a slow rollout would actually be stupid. I bet no one else has the story, yet. - Robert Scoble
I don't see them on the twitter SUL - Orli Yakuel
Orli: see who? - Robert Scoble
Orli: if you are already following TechCrunch and Mashable they won't appear on the SUL, you've gotta check with an account that isn't following them. - Robert Scoble
oh, silly me. I remember that list before BTW, it's just got HUGE. who's checking there anyway? - Orli Yakuel
Orli: most new users of Twitter get shown the list and get the option to follow everyone on it. - Robert Scoble
It looks like some of the same information is being released on a French Web site per bizjournal - Kim Landwehr
Sorry if this is a repeat, I haven't managed to read every single comment... @techcrunch didn't even publish these docs first; why are they taking all the heat? This was the first place I saw it - - Kenton
um. - Orli Yakuel
Kenton: Because Arrington himself said he would publish them. Arrington is a joke and far from a true journalist. - John Fox
John: I disagree with you about Arrington. But so far nothing is that interesting in what the French site has published. So I'm wondering what the big deal is? Maybe Arrington knows that there's no real news value in what was gained, so he is making lemonade out of lemons? The real story here is that Google's security measures were overcome, so this is a cautionary tale about putting private info into the cloud. - Robert Scoble
I totally agree about your cloud comment Robert. This should be a lesson to everyone who's jumping on the bandwagon without thinking about the risks. - Kenton
Here's another post from Business Insider. Now that the docs have been published, everyone can link ethically, even though the info was stolen. Ahh, I love the journalism business sometimes. - Robert Scoble
Robert: I don't see where the educational part of the content is that he's going to publish. What will be gained except corporate secrets and Twitter's dirty laundry? If this was a major corporation, he'd an injunction would be in effect right now. Yes, shame on Twitter for putting that kind of information in the cloud without adequate security, but then again, Arrington doesn't need to take advantage of the situation for notariety alone. That's a poor ethical standard. - John Fox
John: Arrington gets the best of both worlds. He gets credit for thinking through the publishing of this info, while other people do the dirty work. See Why didn't Arrington just publish? Well, the SUL is one potential reason. Are there others? Did @ev give him an exclusive? Or some other reason not to publish? We'll never know. - Robert Scoble
I think by the time Arrington wakes up (lazy bastard) he will have been Scooped by other websites - Mark
Robert: I don't doubt that Arrington walked a fine line, thinking through the publishing of the info. I don't fault him for that. As a tech writer myself, I know there are certain things that will get you sued in a heartbeat. However, I don't see what Arrington has to gain from this other than notariety and to get TC's name out there even more. This is a tainted story from the start.... more... - John Fox
Ok question, are we mad at Techcrunch ie Arrington, because he published only part of the information or that he publish the information at all or that he said he would publish it and didn't? - Kim Landwehr
I'm not saying it's okay to publish ill-gotten confidential material but people would be less tempted to do so if Twitter were more transparent and less secretive. For a social network, they have a real 1.0 social media philosophy. Even Facebook reveals information about their userbase and growth. But Twitter is like a black box as the #fixreplies disaster revealed. And since that hashtag dropped off the Trending Topics, we've never heard any more about their proposed solution. - Liz
The lack of democracy on the SUL is one of the most disturbing aspects of Twitter. It pushes Twitter towards an echo chamber since new people just follow the same old people. There needs to be some serious rotation. - Trent Hamm
Matthew: yes, Rose runs -- the problem is that most people on the home page and at the top of most lists are on Twitter's SUL. - Robert Scoble
Just logged into twitter and a big red box tells me my account is suspensed for strange activity. Hmm - Mark
But I can still post. Hmm - Mark
I am reading that thousands of twitter accounts have been wrongly suspended due to "human error". Has anyone heard anything? - Mark
he sees to have delisons of Grandure Murdoch gets away with hacking becasue of his power and the willingness of cronys to take the fall and the plod to turn a blind eye - he still needs to mak the public interest defence which he has not - Maurice Walshe
Twitter's response: - Liz
Judging by Liz's link, looks like Twitter chose to play cards in public and Twitter just won. Talking about "The underware drawer" analogy flat out says the documents are gossip and not a story. This makes TechCrunch look like a gossip rag. Twitter also focused on their users and their security- the Ace of Spades. Bravo. - E-Advocate Network
I was wrongly suspended along with 9 others months ago. It was a terrible experience. - DaveDelaney.ME
my question for mr. scoble is, if the same documents landed in your inbox would you have done the same thing? - Tobias Lewsadder
Just curious about something. Earlier I tried following Techcrunch on Twitter and found I was blocked, supposedly "at the request of the user." Since I don't remember saying a bad word about Techcrunch or Michael (as Robert can attest from discussions in the past couple of months, I've usually defended Arrington on a few things), I'm wondering if the block was TechCrunch's doing or Twitter's. - George Hall (Australia)
Robert Scoble
Where's Qik or Kyte for new iPhone now that iPhone does video (and is very good, by the way)? Let us know here:
Personally, I'm hoping for an app that allows uploading to Vimeo. But the realtime stuff would be cool too :) - Brett Kelly
Hmm, good question. - Manuel Arroyo from PeopleBrowsr
I would assume tied up in some sort of Apple and AT&T approval situation concerned around whether just Wifi or Wifi/3G should be allowed to be used. :) - Tyler Brownfield
I'm sure they're furiously working on it... Qik's instant streaming video is a killer app, and I'm sure they're eager to take advantage of the better quality and performance of the 3GS - Nathan Chase
@Brett: I'm waiting for Vimeo too. Love those guys. - Cesar Torres
As far as I can tell from the docs, there's no API access to the video stream, just movie clips recorded in the Camera app. This means either these guys are using private APIs or some other method. - Hunter Hillegas
Android can upload to YouTube and Picassa for pictures. - James Hague
How does RedLaser work if you can't get raw stream access? Pre 3.0, the camera data was off limits I thought. - Richard Goodwin
I don't know how RedLaser works - hopefully we get more info. You can get videos but after they are recorded... It may be that RedLaser is using an undocumented/private API and got through the approval process... - Hunter Hillegas
From the screenshots, it looks like RedLaser may just instantiate the camera picker controller, take a shot and use that. That's fully supported (always has been for photos, now extended to video). - Hunter Hillegas
The description says "no need to take a photo" for 12 digit bar codes, but you still have to for 13 digits. Suggests to me they are getting at a stream pre-processing and thus lower quality. - Richard Goodwin
Qik is following up on the developments of the iphone. We are looking into making Qik work on the latest iphone. If we have any updates, our Qik users will be the first to know. - Meng Kiat
Robert Scoble
I am sitting next to @garyvee come and ask him a question here:
Wine Library TV owner/host. - Robert Scoble
Favorite wine from canada? - Billy Fung
I am trying to get him to use friendfeed more - Robert Scoble
What's his honest fucking opinion about friendfeed? :) - Christopher Galtenberg
Hows it feel to be the first internet celeb to cross over :) - Chris Saad
Best wine under $15? - Ross Miller
What's his favorite wine gadget? - Sean O'Brien
how staged was that fallon bit last night? funny none the less - Brian Page
I don't have any questions... but thank him for keeping it real showing us all that you can make a living out of our passions. - Evan Travers
Is he going to be on net@night with Amber and Leo? They mentioned the possibility in a recent Podcast. - Ken Morley
Why does a SM expert feel the need to write books, wouldn't an e-book have been more 3.0? - Karen Arena
Will there be an audio-book version of CRUSH IT! read by the author? - Jeff Betts
Can I be on Obsessed? :P - Andru Edwards
@garyvee ? <lie>never heard of 'em</lie> ... <snark>he kills peoples DNA or something? "Execute your DNA" or something like that?</snark> - michael silverton
how much will he cry when the Jets are bad again this year? - Ryan Barnett
shooting a show at an Italian rest. in San Diego tonight, would like to bring a nice red w/ me as a gift for the chef. any suggestions? - michael sean wright
here is a link to the Conan clip from last night - Manuel Arroyo
Andru: I was just filmed on Obsessed. - Robert Scoble
What's his favorite beer? - Michael Nelson
Do you keep a wine journal? If so, what do you use - an online tool, desktop app, or a regular ol' pad and paper? - Alexander Mimran
Why is the sky blue? - Michael Turro
Did he have fun interviewing the Nadeau's the other day on WLTV? - Dana Fosburgh
Hey guys I am here, ready to answer some Q's - garyvaynerchuk
Dude! - Dana Fosburgh
Oh, and who's his publicist? - Karen Arena
What's his favorite beer? - Michael Nelson- Love Lambic - garyvaynerchuk
Did he have fun interviewing the Nadeau's the other day on WLTV? - Dana Fosburgh - I did so much, really nice men! - garyvaynerchuk
What does he think of FF? - Dana Fosburgh
Will there be an audio-book version of CRUSH IT! read by the author? - Jeff Betts -Yes there will be a Audio play and guess who may do it ;) - garyvaynerchuk
Why did you change your feed to partial feed? I hate it. - Ralph Whitbeck
Hows it feel to be the first internet celeb to cross over :) - Chris Saad - garyvaynerchuk
Your asking Scoble right? LOL :) - garyvaynerchuk
Dana: he hasn't used it much. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Oh man - It's not enough I get his PR people emailing me, now he's on FriendFeed too. - Jim Connolly
Robert: Make him a believer right now! Ha! - Dana Fosburgh
how staged was that fallon bit last night? funny none the less - Brian Page Full pledge improv...we didnt even talk before it! - garyvaynerchuk
Will you turn Crush It into a lecture series? (podcast/book tour) - Jason
how much will he cry when the Jets are bad again this year? - Ryan Barnett- An enormous amount! - garyvaynerchuk
Joba Chamberlin - bullpen or starter? - Michael Turro
Have you seen a ratio of passion to revenue generation ability that works well? When is a niche too small to crush it? - Ryan Barnett
Favorite musician/band? - Justin Travis
I've never liked wine - what would change my mind? - PXLated
Favorite musician/band? - Justin Travis Lionel Ritchie - garyvaynerchuk
I've never liked wine - what would change my mind? - PXLated Probably not but if we tasted a lot of it over 3 weeks I could! - garyvaynerchuk
Joba Chamberlin - bullpen or starter? - Michael Turro Starter - garyvaynerchuk
@garyvee - I knew I liked you. - Michael Turro
lol scoble has not crossed over - he's too unfit to climb over the fence - he's like me - enjoys crashing on the couch in Amsterdam staring at the ceiling :) - Chris Saad
Gary, you are my hero:) - Shawn Hickman
How is Misha? And when will you be ready to talk to me? Have fun with Robert. - Sheryl
You mentioned something about how the NHL missed the boat with Marketing Sid and Ovie. On a much smaller scale, do you think it would be a good idea to maintain buzz during the off season by tweeting the whereabouts of the Stanley Cup all summer? Thoughts? You rock! - Dana Fosburgh
Louis Gray
TweetDeck for iPhone coming soon! -
supposedly tonight at 9pm pt via - Manuel Arroyo
SocialScope took care of the problem for Blackberry users :) Happy to see something coming for iphones too. - Sheryl
Scoble, Alex Scoble
Since The Unit has been canceled, Burn Notice is now the best show on TV...please don't kill it!
....C'mon Alex - surely 'Big Bang Theory' is EASILY the best show on TV! - Jim Connolly sitcom will ever be able to beat a good show like Burn Notice. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Gonna have to agree to disagree on this one sir. - Jim Connolly
What about them? :) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Burn Notice best! shut up!! BEST! - Bwana ☠
Alex is right. That show is the best. To him. Saying anything else is futile. Go ahead. Try. (love the show btw) - Josh Haley
Burn Notice is good, but big bang is so funny I think it puts it over the top. However, I would concede that burn notice is the best show of the summer tv season. - Manuel Arroyo
I've never seen it. I've seen the ads, but none of them interest me enough to bother to tune in. I'm happy with Lie to Me and House (assuming the next season isn't so craptastic as the last) - Soup in a TARDIS
Big Bang Theory is even hilarious to non-geeks. - Gail Gardner
I'm sure you meant LOST is the best show on TV...your faux pas if forgiven. - Carlton Hackett
No...Lost is a complete mess. I meant Burn Notice. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Was this the show about the Giant baseball player? - Tony C (Unrated) from fftogo
They cancelled The Unit?!?! That was one of my favorite shows! :( - Beau Liening
LOST a complete mess? Before I retort, I must ask: have you watched every episode of all 5 seasons? Nothing bugs me more than ppl saying LOST is a mess who haven't watched all the episodes and followed the plot closely. So...just asking. - Carlton Hackett
No, I stopped watching after season 3, because it is such a mess. Burn Notice? Way better. The Unit? Way better. - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
I disagree with that, I'm a geek and I find that show to be very do many of my brethren...One guy that I work with totally is Sheldon, knows it and thinks that is totally funny. - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
Davis, no, I don't and no, I didn't...Erkel was a putz, pure and simple...Sheldon is a mildly overemphasized caricature of people that exist - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
It's good but I don't think I would say it is the best. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Well then, no disrespect Alex...but you don't know what you're talking about. LOST fans even agree that Season 3 was the worst...but season 4 picked up the pace A LOT and season 5 was the best yet. I suggest giving it a try...and watching season 4 and 5 before saying the show is a mess. ;-) - Carlton Hackett
I wouldn't say Big Bang Theory is the best show either, but I completely disagree with the claim that its only hilarious to non geeks. For one thing I quite enjoy the show as do a number of my geeky friends. For another is has a massive geek fanbase (and if you weren't at least a bit geeky a lot of the references would pass you by). Sheldon is certainly the most extreme but even his geeky friends know that and a lot of his extremes are due to outside influences. - Soup in a TARDIS
Well Alex you pretty asured that Burn Notice will be cancelled by the mere fact that you asked that it not. - Paul from twhirl
...well there's always Leverage - Bwana ☠
Bruce Campbell FTW - Eric P
Southland is pretty awesome, Luke. - Carlton Hackett
Liking because Southland is absolutely the business. I can't wait for it to come back, especially seeing how they left it. *cries* - Derrick
Yep. Southland's got it goin' on. - Akiva
I guess that I'll have to check burn notice out again - southland looks to OC ish - BEX
Anthony Ha
New version: iPhone 3GS
Stands for "speed" most powerful version of iPhone - Anthony Ha
Launching a messaging applcation, 2.1 times faster, loading SimCity, 2.4 times faster, viewing Excel attachment, 3.6 times faster - Anthony Ha
And that's against an iPhone 3G running 3.0 - Anthony Ha
ustream at 23000 users - olafzanger
SunSpider javaScript benchmark is 3x faster - Anthony Ha
Average of up to 2x faster. - Anthony Ha
yeah BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Tyler Gillies
"iPhone 3G [s]"? Steve really was out of the office the last 6 months. That branding wouldn't have passed his muster. - Kevin Fox
@Christopher Believe it's the same physical design. - Anthony Ha
Brand-new built-in camera - Anthony Ha
i agree with kevin there..... - Roberto Bonini
sweet! - Manuel Arroyo
iPhone has 3.5 times more mobile photo uploads in flickr than anything else. - Anthony Ha
3 megapixel auto-focus camera - Anthony Ha
+1 Kevin - Blake
Pre parity? - Ken Sheppardson
Photo of golden gate bridge looks good. - Anthony Ha
3megapixel? Wow, that means the camera in the iPhone is only two years behind the competition! - Ian Betteridge
Tap on items in a photo to focus on them. - Anthony Ha
Better light sensitivity. - Anthony Ha
this year is 12MP year - olafzanger
Can use this camera in your applications. - Anthony Ha
Camera also captures video. - Anthony Ha
Guess it's not a video camera then? EDIT: hah! They zoomed me! - Stephen Mack
30 frame per second VGA - Anthony Ha
Oh yeah, it also does video. - Kevin Fox
For a point-and-shoot, anything above 3 megapixel is a waste - Daniel Sims
except for digital zoom - olafzanger
RIP Griffin Clarifi - Dan Byler
Video stored right alongside your photos in the Pictures application, can scroll along video with a timeline, edit it with the tap of a finger. - Anthony Ha
Send video in an email ... if my carrier supports it ... CURSE YOU AT&T - Anthony Ha
must have device - olafzanger
I'm loving it already - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Another feature: voice control. - Anthony Ha
front facing camera? - Tyler Gillies
Hold down home button, and voice control interface pops up. Displays the wave form of your voice. - Anthony Ha
"iPhone: kill Flanders!" - alieb
@tyler Same location on the phone, I believe. Is that's what you're asking? - Anthony Ha
Can call people, play music, ask your iPhone what's playing now? - Anthony Ha
"Play more songs like this" to create a genius playlist - Anthony Ha
Built-in digital compass - Anthony Ha
anthony: so you can do video chat - Tyler Gillies
So voice control is 3GS only? - Stephen Mack
@Stephen sounds like it ... all these features are iPhone 3Gs - Anthony Ha
Wish I knew how to punctuate 3GS, 3G [s], naming FAIL - Anthony Ha
Can tap maps to orient them to the direction you're facing. - Anthony Ha
Not to be confused with the Apple 2GS - Ben Vierck
Are they going to hand out 3GSss's - Ken Sheppardson
... scribble live does not load (not found error) oh dear TC - olafzanger
Support for Nike+ devices - Anthony Ha
Hardware encryption - Anthony Ha
... ustream not running the last 10min either - olafzanger
Improved battery life - Anthony Ha
I'm still getting ustream video, olaf - Ken Sheppardson
Up to 9 hours of Internet WiFi surfing, 10 hours of video, up to 5 hours of 2G talk time. - Anthony Ha
@ken, thx, had to reload page - olafzanger
"most environmentally friendly phone we've made yet" - Anthony Ha
Dammit, I wanted to wait a year before buying another phone, but this is going to be hard ... - Anthony Ha
Pricing: $199 - Anthony Ha
That's for 16GB - Anthony Ha
blah wanted cheaper phone - Tyler Gillies
$299 for 32 GB - Anthony Ha
@Tyler wait for it ... - Anthony Ha
any front-facing camera for videoconferencing? - Stephane Groud
Current 3G, 8gig iphone now priced at $99 - Anthony Ha
$99 iPhone pricing starts today. - Anthony Ha
too bad the pre sucks anyway - Tyler Gillies
And you've used one, right Tyler? - Ken Sheppardson
ive seen enough demos - Tyler Gillies
so no video chat? :( - Tyler Gillies
Anthony Ha
More iPhone developer showcase
Last thread was getting kind of long. - Anthony Ha
Next up:ngmoco - Anthony Ha
New game called Star Defense - Anthony Ha
These developer showcase demos are getting boring, too... Bring on real information, Apple. - Christopher A. Wichura
Coming soon: "More iPhone developer showcase 2: Return of The Jobs" :) - Ian Betteridge
Tower defense game - Anthony Ha
@Christopher At least you don't have to transcribe them. - Anthony Ha
those thread ... formerly called Chat - olafzanger
New content and feature packs for StarDefense sold via in-app purchase. - Anthony Ha
If they did Little Big Planet for iPhone I would actually cry. - Ian Betteridge
Star Defense is launching today, 3.0 features aren't available yet of course. - Anthony Ha
Next up: Pasco - Anthony Ha
... so the iPhone 3.0 won't launch today? - olafzanger
Starting to feel like I'm watching movie trailers -- first few were fun, but fatigue is setting in. - Anthony Ha
@olafzanger They're messing with our minds :) - Ian Betteridge
Spark application for exploring different science experiments. - Anthony Ha
So how much do you have to pay to get your app mentioned in an Apple conference? - Daniel Sims
quit f-ing with us apple - Tyler Gillies
I believe the iPhone 3G hardware was announced around 2:35PM last time... are we getting close? - WiseYoda (aka Patrick)
... be differentiative ... and you get your show - olafzanger
Collecting data using the accessory feature. - Anthony Ha
wonder how much tom tom is gonna be - Tyler Gillies
@tyler I hope it is cheaper than an actual Tom Tom - Valley
Am I just bored to death because I'm not a die-hard Apple fan? - Ken Sheppardson
Next up: Zipcar - Anthony Ha
ha, zipcar, remember, iPhone starts my EV. - olafzanger
Can embed Google Maps into the Zipcar iPhone app, so you can see nearby Zipcar locations. - Anthony Ha
@Ken, there's a noticeable decrease in excitement in the room. - Anthony Ha
games are gonna kill iphone. did anyone buy an iphone because its a good gaming platform? - Tyler Gillies
what is a zip car? - Manuel Arroyo
Apple should cap these demonstrations to 3-4 companies. - Anthony Ha
wonder if Better Place will end up on stage today :-) - olafzanger
Anthony: You think they're setting us up for Jobs to walk out and talk new hardware? - Ken Sheppardson
is jobs speaking today? - Tyler Gillies
@manuel: it is a shared car, one you don't own - olafzanger
Carrie Fischer is coming out in her outfit from Return of the Jedi with new Iphone hardware! - Shannon Burns
jobs IS apple - Tyler Gillies
OK, that was kind of cool: can unlock a car using his iPhone (I have to use a separate fob to unlock my car for CarShare) - Anthony Ha
Line 6/Planet Waves is next. Demonstrating controlling a guitar using your iPhone - Anthony Ha
... our fleet at Swisscom is unlocked by phones since years - olafzanger
i'll care about zipcar when i get an actual car from it ;) - Tyler Gillies
Have they done anything to nip the Pre in the bud yet? - Ken Sheppardson
andy: good point - Tyler Gillies
@Andy Yeah, but that also means there will be lots of news coverage to the effect of "Jobs *not* on stage. - Anthony Ha
anthony: also good point - Tyler Gillies
Use iPhone to select and adjust amps - Anthony Ha
oh lol thought zipcars was a game. shows my ignorance - Tyler Gillies
@olafzanger Haha you should ask MG about that, since it was his idea to start using FriendFeed for Apple events. - Anthony Ha
anthony: good point unless they have no news on a new iphone... In that case, they might as well talk about Jobs ;-) - Stephane Groud
Poor MG... ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
@Anthony :-) next year on wave - olafzanger
If we are getting new Iphone hardware... we are running out of time - WiseYoda (aka Patrick)
Next up: a hack that lets you get a zipcar free if you play the secret riff via line6 app - Dan Byler
Time to start a new thread Anthony, this one's getting long :) - Ian Betteridge
whats wrong with long threads? - Tyler Gillies
thread killers back off ;-) - Dobromir Hadzhiev
god forbid you have to read for 2 minutes - Tyler Gillies
I have to scroll all the way back up to comment. Silly FF, not having a comment button at the bottom of threads! :) - Ian Betteridge
ian: the permalink always has comment button at bottom - Tyler Gillies
its epic how much these demos are failing - Tyler Gillies
iphone 3gs!!!! - Tyler Gillies
Anthony Ha
Argh, sorry if my blogging seems a bit slow, FriendFeed seems to be choking a bit.
Make Scoble work faster - he powers the servers by pedal-power, you know. - Ian Betteridge
hahaha - Manuel Arroyo
Actually its a little known fact that friendfeed comments carry a slight electrical charge. The datacenter containing the ff servers is surrounded by a strong magnetic field, and with the new real-time interface the comments move fast enough to generate a small amount of current each time they pass in and out of the datacenter. So type more comments people, friendfeed needs the juice! - DGentry
Anthony Ha
Forestall: Tether your iPhone to your computer
22 carriers supporting at launch. - Anthony Ha
Awesome! - Ross Miller
Including Windows PCs, which is nice - Ian Betteridge
Notice they didn't say anything about AT&T being one of those 22... - Christopher A. Wichura
I'm guessing AT&T will require an additional $10-20 a month for tethering access. - Kevin Fox
Presumably this will be an extra-cost option for the carrier. - DGentry
ohh yeah, AT&T is going to turn the tethering into a premium service thing for sure. - Manuel Arroyo
Anthony Ha
Scott Forestall takes stage to talk about iPhone
this should be big. - Parth Awasthi
Developers downloaded free SDK more than 1 million times - Anthony Ha
Finally, i've been waiting for this - Manuel Arroyo
More than 50,000 apps in the app store. - Anthony Ha
this is gonna be interesting... - Luca Filigheddu
Already sold more than 40 million iPhones and iPod touches - Anthony Ha
1 billion apps downloaded, yadda yadda. - Anthony Ha
Video of smiling developers ... slightly creepy. - Anthony Ha
I guess since it's a room full of developers, eh? - Ken Sheppardson
@Ken it's better now that the developers at talking. At the beginning, it was just a lot of still, smiling faces. - Anthony Ha
@Anthony nice work—your coverage here is one of the best I'm following - Dan Byler
Random observation: Every featured developer (there are maybe 4-5?) in the video is a white man. - Anthony Ha
@Dan Thanks! I'm slowing down a bit since the video is pretty fluffy ... - Anthony Ha
@Anthony a well-deserved break for your fingers - Dan Byler
They made the video more diverse by featuring people from aorund the world talking about their favorite apps. - Anthony Ha
Anthony: I wonder what the real developer pool demographics look like. Would be interesting to ask Apple. - Ken Sheppardson
...although I doubt they have stats... - Ken Sheppardson
did you notice that they did not talk about extended capabilities of HTML5 when announcing safari 4. Will there be something more about that coming while on iPhone chapter? - olafzanger
Rafe Needleman
Seems quiet around here... Is there any tech news coming today?
Rafe, you know the Apple WWDC starts today. The keynow is less than an hour away. So, everyone is waiting with anticipation. - Dilip Dand
funny, yeah i'm sure something will turn up. - Manuel Arroyo
Robert Scoble
Can you help teach a class in real time? Right now you are on the screen. Can you teach me everything about "leadership?" Help here:
Feel free to point to blogs, videos, or other things. - Robert Scoble
Hello Y'all - Kreg Steppe
Where do you want it, in the comments? - Ton Zijp :) - Stephanie Segel
hell NO.. too much noise !! - Peter Dawson
Don't tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results. -George S. Patton - Ross Miller
HBR : Ten Fatal Flaws That Derail Leaders - David Peacock
or would that be -- dammit :( - Stephanie Segel
Leadership means taking risks, calculated or otherwise, and being willing to either fail or succeed, but to learn in any case. For many, social media's risky--and that's exactly why you may find leaders here. - dontgetcaught
"I'm going to do something I never do; give a direct order." Captain Hawkeye Pierce, M*A*S*H - Dan: Bibrarian
WIKIPEDIA about leadership ---> - @LarsenTweet
desmond tutu on leadership - - Netbooknews
Peter Drucker's books are a good go-to for a start... - Helene
The Art of War (on Google Book Search): - Josette
If you have to say you're a leader, you probably aren't. - Ordinarybug Heather
658.4092 - Dan: Bibrarian
Best leadership quotes: Because saying something is more important than actually doing it ;) - Carlton Prest
A leader is a dealer in hope. Napoleon Bonaparte - Stephanie Segel
VIDEO - Seth Godin Explains Why You Need a Tribe -> - @LarsenTweet
Leadership is practice what you belive in..courage to stand up in hard times.. and the will to make a difference !! .. - Peter Dawson
Leaders know when to sit in the passenger seat and button the lip. Leaders empower others rather then themselves. - Vincent Lowe
Ken: this thread. This is awesome. - Robert Scoble
How long do you plan to run this class for? 10 years? Leadership is not taught, it's learnt. - thomasrdotorg
thomasrdotorg: this thread goes forever. The physical class is for the next 50 minutes, though. - Robert Scoble
Let the students run the class. - Carlton Prest
A leader is someone who allows his people to do what they need to do, stay out of the way, protect them from interference and let them shine. - Steve C, Team Marina
Carlton: you're running the class!!!!! - Robert Scoble
I haven't had this much fun in a class since I skipped history classes in high school.... - Stephanie Segel
Great idea for a thread but the best I could do would be post a reading list... Leadership is such a deep subject... Siddhartha, 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Fierce Conversations... it could go on forever. - SAM
I remember someone from Pixar did a great speech on Leadership for TED not long ago. I can't seem to find the link. - DocileWalnut
Leadership: Don't fake it, people smell fear - Dave Hodson
Listen and take good notes! - Mark Layton
Being a leader is very different from being a manager. - Ordinarybug Heather
Leadership is standing up for what you think is right, and leading the way in that effort - Jesse Stay
open source leadershi p via joi ito :)- - Peter Dawson
A leader does not command respect or demand respect, he earns respect. - Aron Michalski
"Leading Minds" by Howard Gardner: - Fred Yankowski
Compassion. - Kenley Neufeld
I can show it to you - Lee
Larson, anything by Seth Godon is just brilliant - Shawn Hickman
Leadership - when you post a question on friendfeed and hundreds reply in several minutes. For free. :D - Sasha Kovaliov
I am trying to think of a way to tie the Darth Vader Corset featuring boobs into the leadership conversation. - Steve C, Team Marina
This is real, real time - watching the number of comments from 0 to 41, 42..43 44 45 - Ashu Joshi
Join Toastmasters - Prolific Programmer
Leadership is influence. - SAM
"A successful leader seeks and accepts responsibility and accountability"- - Capn' One Eye - adrift
Leaders ask, listen, then decide...a lot like social media best practices. Maybe the technology's helping us catch up to where we should be. So let me ask: what do *you* think leadership is? - dontgetcaught
Leadership lessons from Ulysses S. Grant - Manuel Arroyo
good leaders listen and realize that good ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. - Sara DelektaGalligan
The picture says a thousand words, but a caption helps: - Carlton Prest
teach people correct principles and let them govern themselves - Jan Dawson
agree with Sara - Manuel Arroyo
Be decisive - Shakeel Mahate
Asking the right question at the right time and listening for the answer. - Aron Michalski
To unleash creativity, sometimes you need to be ready to lead from behind - Sameer
do not be afraid to make decisions - Manuel Arroyo
Building a Dream: The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy: - Ton Zijp
Leadership: doing something no one else does...showing the way. Showing the possibilities. Paying attention. Engaging, reciprocal conversations. - Sheryl
A different way to learn about leadership is to read Memoirs of Hadrian, a novel by French writer Marguerite Yourcenar about the life and death of Roman Emperor Hadrian. - Paul Rodriguez
"The Art and Science of Leadership:" - Carlton Prest
Define a leader with Google Search: Just type this in the search field: define:leader - @LarsenTweet
The Purpose of Pedegogy - - Peter Dawson
Hello class: “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” Ohh, and you should bare in mind - Popularity is not leadership. - Nir Ben Yona
Henry Ford once said "If I asked people what they wanted, they would have said 'A faster horse'." So try something dumb or unexpected at least once in a while. - DocileWalnut
Best book I've read on leadership: - Tim Costantino
Robert, are you putting this up on Kyte? - Manuel Arroyo
A good team makes a good leader. Without a good team leadership is nothing but herding cats. - Dilip Dand
Leadership = Responsibility. - Sasha Kovaliov
Learn from the mistakes of others, what you should not do as a leader - you cannot be partial to some, or have favorites, you cannot intimidate, you cannot lie - Shakeel Mahate
I disagree with the "waffling" comment. A good leader continues to consider new points of view and isn't afraid to say, "I've reconsidered." - Vincent Lowe
"A very generic concept of leadership is that of directly or indirectly influencing others, by means of authority, formal or informal, or by personal attributes, to act in accordance with one's intent or shared purpose" - same ref as my last - Capn' One Eye - adrift
The Manager's Cheat Sheet: 101 Common-Sense Rules for Leaders - Ton Zijp
Leadership: Having the best BS detector in the room. Even if the room is expanding and expanding... like this one... - Mark Zip
"If you're dumb, surround yourself with smart people. If you're smart, surround yourself with smart people who disagree with you." Issac Jaffe on SportsNight - Andy Roth
If you aren't the lead sled dog, the scenery never changes! - Jim Tierney
according to Carol Bartz of Yahoo, it involves "███████ drop-kicking people's █████ to ███████ Mars" - Karim
"A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don't necessarily want to go, but ought to be." -Rosalynn Carter - Leanno Software
oh I 4got to like this thought tapestry.. this is actuall open source cull point.. Scobles is da man !! :)- - Peter Dawson
Sorry, I'm not doing video, didn't have a video compatible ccomputer. - Robert Scoble
Leadership is Michael Arrington whining about the lack of a decent tablet device. Then making his own, and making it look really fantastic. - Carlton Prest
How does a company get Leaders in management positions? and why doesn't it happen more often? - Steve C, Team Marina
Monday Morning Leadership was also a decent book - Manuel Arroyo
@Sasha it's more ... Leadership = seeking out and accepting Responsibility - Capn' One Eye - adrift
To lead you have to fight the urge to run when things are scary. If they're scary, that's exactly what you need to do. You grow by trying new things. Complacency achieves nothing. - Sheryl
Listen voraciously, speak cautiously, invest in others before asking for something in return, don't assume influence - build it, maintain vision, back it with understanding and knowledge, and continually focus on being the best most creative and humble person you can be. Then try to get others to do it all with you. - SAM
Here - real time "leadership" on the net :) - Sasha Kovaliov
at this 2:38am all I can say, what my teacher once told me, take the responsibilities and don't be afraid of them, help people by showing the right way of doing things - Hameedullah Khan
In case we're in a techy mood, Steve Jobs once said that "“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” - Nir Ben Yona
When you scream, tell, me to do something be sure you tell me exactly what to do or you may find you get what you asked for. rough paraphrase of Neil Young (as heard on PBS earlier today) - Angela E. Taylor
@Capn' One-Eye ☠ - agree :) Btw, this is better than! - Sasha Kovaliov
well said @Hameedullah Khan - Capn' One Eye - adrift
@Carlton , wth was that about leadership and Mike A ? thats Total BS !! - Peter Dawson
management can be taught, leadership cannot. - Sherri
Just read 'The Prince' leaders are defined by their victories; even companies its the same; once they win in a major market its hard to move to a new style of victory. - James Watters
@Sherri - leadership can be cultivated. - Capn' One Eye - adrift
If your looking for bullet points the John Wooden Leadership Pyramid is a pretty good place to start: - Bill Rawlinson
@Peter, the man wanted a decent tablet device. Instead of whining about it constantly, he decided to make his own. It's called initiative, and all good leaders have it. - Carlton Prest
@Sasha - agreed! - Capn' One Eye - adrift
Great Leadership doesn't boast. It doesn't need to. It's almost palpable. - Sheryl
@Capn' One-Eye - yes, but only if the seeds are there. - Sherri
Leadership theories in MS-Word format - LPH™ and his dog P™
@Sherri - yes that's true - Capn' One Eye - adrift
hey scoble! thanks for using social media to change the world! - Jason Pollock
I believe Leadership can be learned, by observing a good leader. I think this counts as leadership can be taught to those willing to learn. - Steve C, Team Marina
Are the people at this conference impressed with your social media prowess yet? i hope so! - Jason Pollock
An answer I posted on StackOverflow about leadership in tech - before I had an account - - Capn' One Eye - adrift
Leadership comes from people who have a clear vision of what they want and then they go out and get it. - Jason Pollock
+1 sheryl - mehdi
As a starting point I'd want my class to read and try to appreciate Machiavelli's "The Prince" within the context in which he lived: - Rick Bucich
Leadership comes from the dude with the biggest camera lens. - Jason Pollock
A leader does not have to ask to be followed. A leader is one who people want to follow. - Dilip Dand
@ Rick Bucich; The Prince is just about all you need to understand about leadership - James Watters
hey nobody brought up knowledge at Wharton - series :)- - Peter Dawson
Leadership is a cloudy concept because people confuse the art of being followed, with the art of directing followers well. - James Watters
Lead Follow or get out of the way! - DivemasterDoug
My answer on StackOverflow is the green one ;) - Capn' One Eye - adrift
Woodrow Wilson said: The ear of the leader must ring with the voices of the people. - In other words, in order to lead you must pay attention to those around you. - Sheryl
leadership comes from people who take a chance when everyone else thinks they are crazy.. like the characters of my new feature film.. The Youngest Candidate, - Jason Pollock
best read of middle eastern leadership :)- Dubai Media Deputy CEO Najla Al-Awadhi: Empowering Others through Information - Peter Dawson
The ability to move and direct people to a certain destination. - Michele Lorito-Chase
Leaders don't just post links or quotes - James Watters
oppyss heres the linky for my previous comment - Peter Dawson
Leaders don't need social networks either, James... - Ton Zijp
@ Peter Dawson; don't you think empowerment is slightly separate from leadership? - James Watters
I believe everyone is a leader to some degree... it's not a definition but an innate part of being human and being involved in society. Like a sense of humor... everyone has one, even if you can't detect it from the jokes you're telling. - SAM
@James, no its part of being a leader. empowering others ! - Peter Dawson
This exercise has proven a rare breed of leadership - realizing when those around can add incredible value and letting them take center stage. This is a very tough lesson for most leaders to master, but it's illustrated quite well here! - Tom Parnell
Nicholas, Zuckerberg needs money to be a leader. ;-) - Ton Zijp
Leaders don't waste time being critical of others. It's to their benefit to raise their groups morale, not pull it down. - Sheryl
General Petraeus at Harvard ROTC comissioning: "“1st, lead by example. If you lean forward in the foxhole, your troopers will too.”" - Charles Fenwick
@Ton; I'm not the leader in this case, scoble is, I'm just in the rank and file - James Watters
Interesting, the student is very silent. Is he listening or has ADD :) - Dilip Dand
Mental toughness. No one can lead without being criticized or without facing discouragement. - Jannifer @wordsforliving
A leader listens - Michele Lorito-Chase
Robert, are the students commenting also btw? - Sasha Kovaliov
@James, most leader empower their team and then get the hell out of way so the team can run the race. they (the leader) are there only to remove the hurdles.. most CEO are chief Hurdle removers !! - Peter Dawson
A truly great Leader can lead with his mouth shut. - Sheryl
people browser is awesome - rich price
I maintain that leadership is just the art of being followed; management is what comes after - James Watters
Scoble, you mind if I sell this thread to Franklin Covey or John Maxwell? - SAM
Nicholas: so Zuckerberg is not a leader yet, one could say. - Ton Zijp
A leader gives credit when contributions are made, understanding that perceptions vary among the collective intelligence. - Michele Lorito-Chase
We are here posting for Scoble because he was one of the first big victors in corporate blogging; case in point; we arent posting for a also ran; being followed stems from victories and conquests always has - James Watters
@Scott, only if you give the $$$ to the SickKids foundation :)- LOL - Peter Dawson
Interesting that so many people are posting "traits" of a leader - only one portion of leadership. - LPH™ and his dog P™
Michele, there were lots of leaders who didn't listen, but they still lead. They should've, but they didn't. - Ton Zijp
@LPH - hey yeah traits are better, after all Hitler was a leader too !! let not forget that .. likewise Pol Pot, Stalin and a host of others.. there is the dark side of leadership too ! - Peter Dawson
Leadership is about being genuine, and enabling others to achieve their full potential with your guidance. It's the capability to deliver and achieve while compelling others to do so as well. - Louis Gray
@ Louis Gray; -1 squishy - James Watters
++1 Louis Gray ! - Peter Dawson
Nicholas: but maybe Zuckerberg is being lead too (not that I totally agree with what I'm saying myself, but I like questions ;-)). - Ton Zijp
A genuine person without a victory will not be followed - James Watters
Peter - yes - I was meaning traits is only one theory about leaders. Followers are just as important - as are circumstances - as are so many other factors. - LPH™ and his dog P™
Ton, you are correct. Bad leadership desires a thread of it's own. - Michele Lorito-Chase
Leadership is optimistic! :) - Sheryl - Thoughts, suggestions, and tips to improve leadership. - Jannifer @wordsforliving post responding to gap between social and business leadership traits - James Watters
The Leadership Challenge from Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner (suggesting leadership is a learned behavior) - LPH™ and his dog P™
@Jeff +10 - James Watters
Jeff: talking about leadership is talking in cliché's? - Ton Zijp
don't be a turd. Bosses are normally turds. Leaders are people that lead first by doing and teach you how to do it the right way without being overbearing or conceded. - Zach Scott
When wolves fight for pack leader they don't fight to the death or great injury; just till the moment they know who would win - James Watters
It's worth noting (if it hasn't been already) that great leadership involves setbacks almost by necessity. It's how those loses are learned from and adapted that differentiate how well individuals move forward. - Rick Bucich
Leadership is not about directing followers, rather it's about influence; acting in a way that others find useful, interesting and engaging. - Marcia Conner
@ Marcia +1 distinguishing between influence and management; thank you! - James Watters
The best leaders I've seen are wise enough to surround themselves with very smart people. Smarter than the leader in many cases. - Kevin C. Tofel
If the students aren't interacting, this is like listening to 300 lecturers at once. - Bruce Lewis
+ Bruce - Todd Hoff
Did I miss someone posting about transactional leadership? People are motivated by reward and punishment. - LPH™ and his dog P™
@ Bruce; yes and since no one can clearly win for best lecture there is no leader - James Watters
Robert: I feel like a guinea pig. What are you teaching the students about this? :) - Sheryl
Nicholas: Yes - McGregor's ideas -- - LPH™ and his dog P™
Sheryl; I believe his hope was more about the human search and link engine than our personal thoughts - James Watters
did i make it to the screen - rich price
I'm spent. l8tr - Capn' One Eye - adrift
In a healthy environment motivation comes from within (not reward/punishment). We need people who think & act, not retrieve & salivate. - Marcia Conner
Don't be afraid to make mistakes... or own up to them. - Steve Lynch from twhirl
[adjusts monocle] ja, ja, but reward & punishment in ein hierarchy is der basis of der Führerprinzip ("leader principle"). a TRUE LEADER demands ABSOLUTE OBEDIENCE from those below him. you Amerikaners are so soft.... [swats riding crop into palm] - Karim
Well, one thing you could teach is that geeks have a short attention span. Over half an hour and we move on.... - Sheryl
glad @marciamarcia pointed me to this. when I've led, I've followed 2 principles: 1) Shunryu Suzuki's principle of control: the best way to control a person is not to try to control, but to watch, and give them lots of space and 2) peer pressure. a person follows me as a leader because the group wants to and the person wants the acceptance of the group - Lou Clark
way 2 go, robert! - Adri Munier
Leading without being in charge: - Michael R. Bernstein
Jeff, do the principles that effect good leadership change when you're doing it from the head of the pack as opposed to within? - SAM
Kouzes & Posner are the best foundation ever. 5 practices - their pentathlon: inspire, challenge, model, encourage, enable. Can't beat 'em. - Dan Mulhern
What is the purpose of the class - why do you want to learn everything about leadership? Is it to improve the participants leadership skills or just to tickle their curiosity? If you really want your class to improve their abilities to lead, you need to put them in a position where they do lead. People learn from what they do. So go ahead and give each participant (or group of participants) a challenge: lead us out of this crisis! - Olavur Ellefsen
Jeff: +1 you make a great point. A person does not have to be a top dog, so to speak, to be a leader. Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. (Statuses too) - Sheryl
WOW. The class was blown away by seeing this happen in real time. THANK YOU!!!! - Robert Scoble
Robert: How many in the class already use FF? - Sheryl
Sheryl: only a couple. - Robert Scoble
are you looking to train a new leader or just come up with metrics for identification, Mr Scoble? - Prolific Programmer from IM
Robert: WOW! That's amazing! We can still teach those young whippersnappers a thing or two! WOOHOO! :) - Sheryl
And was there somebody to film them being blown away? :-) - Ton Zijp
What an amazing accumulation of thoughts and links to pursue. Thanks for mentioning it on Twitter. - Violet Bliss Dietz
Never try to lead people. It doesn't work. Better off building and guiding a team. If you can organize a team that works well together, you'll spend less time trying to hold the team together and more of your energy guiding them and being productive. Treat every team member with respect. If you don't listen to them, they will not listen to you. Keep your ego and temper in check. It... more... - April Russo (FForever!)
Leader listens to everyone but when he/she speaks everyone listens. - Ashish
Leadership & personal development often go together. I'm inspired by @BrianKlemmer & Repetition & Experience are best ways to remember & learn. Leadership is a choice and an ongoing way of life. - Courtney Engle
Leaders who inspire me have the knowledge: "If I can see further than anyone else, it is only because I am standing on the shoulders of giants" Newton, etc. do not pop up in blogs much, but it seems the game changers know exactly who to thank. - E-Advocate Network
Stupid is as stupid does. - sime0n
What Only the CEO Can Do A,G. Lafley - Jorge Barba
“Leaders are visionaries with a poorly developed sense of fear and no concept of the odds against them.” - Jorge Barba
Gary Hamel: How to Tell If You're a Natural Leader - Jorge Barba
I was with a guy for 3 years, he always told me he loved me and that we wouldn't break up because if you love someone you make it work. We could never work out a time when we were both free and just a couple days ago he said we should just be friends. I know he dont me anymore. When we were dating he said to everyone that I was his girlfriend and introduced me, told his friends he... more... - Suzan Perry
Robert Scoble
I'm making a list of hundreds of people. In checking that list on Facebook I learned 10% or so don't put their email address there. Why?
Because they don't understand their privacy controls can protect them from the wrong people getting it - Jesse Stay
Facebook is AWESOME as a rolodex. But some refuse to put their email address in there. Why? Facebook has made it pretty hard to get your data out of there (I have to manually retype addresses into other systems like Gmail or Outlook) and because you have control of who sees your stuff anyway, it seems pretty lame not to put your contact info in there. - Robert Scoble
Because they are brought up in tradition that displaying your e-mail address on the web is "a bad thing" - Jesse Stay
Probably the same group of people that does not put their picture up on facebook and hence have a book without a face? - Peter Simoons
Jesse: yeah, and these are all early adopters/influencer/entrepreneur types. Even some journalists (how do you guys get story leads, anyway?) - Robert Scoble
Maybe because they think that Facebook's private inbox is enough as a first interaction. - Nir Ben Yona
Danny paranoid about what? - Jesse Stay
Aren't e-mail addresses on Facebook obsfucated in that they are done as images? - Smashing
Peter: nah, most of my friends put their picture in there. - Robert Scoble
I'm surprised you found that many (90% show their email to friends on FB). It's a skew in your sample. But you're right, people shouldn't be concerned about it. - Kevin Werbach
Alx, yes, they're images, and protected by privacy settings - Jesse Stay
Danny so you think people can steal your e-mail by having your e-mail address? - Jesse Stay
Facebook doesn't teach it's users anything. If they taught them just a tiny bit about the privacy settings people would be so much more comfortable. - Shawn Hickman
Danny: my email has been on my blog for years. I don't get much spam. - Robert Scoble
Danny, who is going to get your e-mail address? Only your friends can see it, and it's an image, not text - Jesse Stay
Danny, or, better yet, gmail filters it all out for me. - Robert Scoble
And what Robert said - my e-mail address is up, with a link and plain text on my blog as well. I don't get much spam either. - Jesse Stay
Remember that the group of people who join Facebook is not the same as the people who join, say, FriendFeed. For example, I found one senior citizen in my list of Facebook suggested friends; this is a person who would never join Twitter or FriendFeed, but for some reason had decided to join Facebook. (The person joined Facebook at the urging of a Tea Party organizer; perhaps that puts... more... - John E. Bredehoft
The idea that if you display your e-mail address on your blog you get spam is a complete myth - Jesse Stay
Danny your paranoia sounds pretty unfounded then - Jesse Stay
John: my list only includes tech industry people. So I'm sure the number of people who put emails on Facebook among general population is lower. - Robert Scoble
You understand this Robert. "Hmm email; that is the sort of thing you'd use to send a thank you letter ... to your friend's ... parents" ... Oh and SPAM ! - John W Lewis
Danny must love getting Facebook messages. But because I don't have his email he can't get invited to whatever I'm sending invites out about. ;-) - Robert Scoble
I get more spam on Facebook mail than I do my own e-mail - Jesse Stay
Robert I won't get invites anyway because I can't be your friend on Facebook :-( - Jesse Stay
Jesse: I know where to find you! ;-) - Robert Scoble
Robert, that's why I put my e-mail address on my blog :-) - Jesse Stay
What's the list for Robert? - Smashing
@Scobleizer is really Santa. It's true. - No Name
Robert, if you're giving invites to Google Wave, i'm willing to put my email address on SF Golden Gate Bridge. - Nir Ben Yona
It is likely that people tend to join the first service that their friends suggest to them, and then stick with it until the need to switch becomes obvious. I started on CompuServe !! and then discovered that there was a thing called (Internet) email. - John W Lewis
Grayson I get more of that on Facebook than off :-) - Jesse Stay
Danny, so why not put that on your Facebook profile? - Jesse Stay
Robert: In Feb there was this post on All Facebook I know lots of folk around here spoke about limiting contact info to just close contacts after this - Peter du Toit (S.Africa)
Robert seems to have (inadvertently?) started a mini research project on use cases for the adoption of Internet communication services. - John W Lewis
Peter, I control that, too, but I always want to provide some way for people to contact me - Jesse Stay
Alx Klive: Our Building43 launch event. Unfortunately I only have space for about 150 people, so I'm forced into a bit of elitism. Sigh. - Robert Scoble
Because some of the people I know on facebook are num-nuts - Asgeir
1. Paranoia 2. Spam 3. Ignorance ... Did I miss any other reasons? - Happy
A lot of people that follow you, Robert, are early adopters and technical types and yet still the FB privacy seems a mystery to some. Sound like it needs fixing to me. - Scott Kingery
Jess have to agree not being able to contact someone easily can be rather frustrating - Peter du Toit (S.Africa)
Based on the comments here, unless I am mistaken, everyone is making the same assumption: that these people use email. Although probably much less true of Robert's intended invitees, many Gen Z's (or the iGeneration or whatever) use Facebook, MSN, (Skype?), etc., but not email. - John W Lewis
@Davis Nice one - Asgeir
I think Facebook is considered nowadays like YouTube before. For serious messaging people use Twitter, Skype or PM like the one I use on - Marc Plancke
People fear spam - Louis Gray
People fear what they don't understand - Shawn Hickman
Yeah, I am also 'old school' about privacy, posting e-mail addy, etc. Very out of touch am I :-)! - JimmyJet
<Our Building43 launch event.> Please post video and narrative for the non-150 crowd, tks. - JimmyJet
I for one think it is the spam. I have not seen 1 filter set that effectively clears my spam problem completely and consistently. Even on FB I use a throwaway email that I screen for valid emails from FB. Anything valid gets forwarded to my real mailbox. Complicated, I know, but it has been effective on reducing my spam level from all the websites that I have accounts on. - Manuel Arroyo
*sing* You're making a list? Did you check it twice? Gonna find out who's noisy or nice.. Santa Scoble is coming.. to town. ;) - Daynah
FB profile = family and friends FB Pages = Spaceship Earth and low flying planets. My question is why do you need to put your email on Facebook? And why do you ask Robert? Do you feel strongly that people should? Dean - Deano @ Byron New Media
Byron: If you want to be invited to my fun parties you've gotta make yourself easy to get ahold of! So, yes, I feel strongly that people should put their email addresses on their Facebook profiles. I do, and I put my cell phone there too, and it's led to some great experiences over the years. - Robert Scoble
Until I figure out my spam issues, I really need to think about giving out email addresses in only on my own website and blog. Even with that, I wonder why I am getting so much spam still, :( - polou/indigo_bow
polou: it doesn't matter how public or private you are, you still get about the same amount of spam. I just use Gmail and it does a pretty good job of filtering most of it out. - Robert Scoble
Have had no problems with spam since switching to all Gmail. I didn't originally put email address on FaceBook for privacy reasons but that seems a little ridiculous in retrospect since that's obviously the last thing on my mind by being online in the first place. - Mike Elliott
If you're worried about spam, set up an OtherInbox account. Perhaps my most useful app. I have NOTHING to do with them, but I really swear by their product. - Mark Edwards
I'm afraid of spammers and identity theft. I signed up for Crederity to verify my digital credentials and to stand apart from fake users. - Michael_techie
If I list my email on there, I get spammed with crap I dont want or need. - krystyl
Liked sum of the recommends here, therefore should try some of the new implementations, which I haven't done. I think the phone thing, ah, not there yet. Lets get the handle of email first. - polou/indigo_bow
bc emails are starting to be OUT. Twitter IN. Maybe Wave will be IN too in 201x... - N.G. Gordon - RadarSync
Ozer Wrzl (EN)
Hmm, different. very different - Manuel Arroyo
Robert Scoble
Ahh, now I know why the Google Team wanted me to come to I/O: they handed every attendee an Android phone. Very cool.
must be nice, a G1 or something new? - Antonio Yon
Tell them I'm in the bathroom and grab mine for me ;-) - Andrew Leyden
Got a G1 a couple of months ago, when my T-Mobile nokia went south. The new Android update is available, but your gift phone probably has it installed already. If not, it's a substantial improvement over the previous version. One way to know; if you have video capability, in the Camera App, and a Camcorder Application on the desktop, you have the new Android OS. - Gary Etie
Lucky. I think they'll enjoy it. I know iphones are sexy for some, but my G1 puts out just fine. - phil baumann
Ah heck - I'm going to hafta hit John up for his extra G1. And then put up a legal disclaimer on my site, of course. :) - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
ur a lucky man scoble! - Jason Pollock
u deserve it tho! - Jason Pollock
Phil - If it is a G1 from tmobile, I can assure you that an iPod Touch is a significantly faster mobile Internet device. That's the main reason I got a G1, to compare it to my Touch and my wife's iPhone - Gary Etie
We all wish we could have been there now - I agree - very cool. - Robert Freeze
I was planning to go (new employer had comitted verbally to sending me) but then the new employer ran out of money and laid everyone off. Six weeks in a job was a new record low for me. Sigh. - Michael R. Bernstein
As Colbert would say, I accept your apology, Sir. Now, kindly have it correct, prior to "Uh"ing me again. That was rude. - Gary Etie
Does ff have a mobile interface for the G1 and other non iPhone.iPod Touch devices. The site defaults to www.friendfee/iPhone on the Apple devices. I canlt find a "mobile" link on ff's site. - Gary Etie
yep it's pretty cool. good event so far. - Randy Ksar from twhirl
I might have to rethink my irrational hatred for developer conferences. - DGentry
The G2 is another name for the HTC Magic. The G1 was also marketed as the HTC Dream. Google I/O peeps received the G2 aka the HTC Magic Here is a link to an unboxing of the phone - Manuel Arroyo
Chrisopher - Go to ) do not capitalize the "P", and the mobile version will load in the Android browser. - Gary Etie
"iphones are sexy for some, but my G1 puts out" - I don't think I've seen THAT app in the Market. And wouldn't that be illegal if it's not free? - John Craft
John - i haven't been busted yet. ...We'll see who's reading FF. - phil baumann
I wasn't at I/O so didn't get one. - Robert Scoble
Robert, then u deserve not being there and not getting one ;^) - Gary Etie
Manuel Arroyo
listening to "Livin' on a Prayer - Bon Jovi" -
ohh yes it is! - Manuel Arroyo from
Manuel Arroyo
listening to "It's My Life - Bon Jovi" -
just cuz - Manuel Arroyo from
Manuel Arroyo
listening to "Dead and Gone (Feat. Justin Timberlake) - T.I." -
Manuel Arroyo
listening to "Candela - Buena Vista Social Club" -
Aye Candela, Candela - Manuel Arroyo from
Manuel Arroyo
listening to "Hey Song - ***" -
Way to go Rockets!!!! - Manuel Arroyo from
Manuel Arroyo
listening to "It's The End Of The World As We Know It - REM" -
Not here (in the UK) anyway. :-( - Kol Tregaskes
hmm.. can't seem to type in the box... not working with FFox? - mikepk
Looks like it's still asking for sign ups - mikepk
still get coming soon... - metalerik
not in the netherlands either! What is going on? - DC Crowley
Not working in India as well. :( - Faraz Mullick
not live in Costa Rica - David Alfaro from twhirl
Can't type anything in the box - Richard Jones
fail - mjc
I can't get to it too. Danny, what's up? - Robert Scoble
Not working for me - Steve Levin
Not in New Jersey. - Jack Boyle
not working in TX - Manuel Arroyo
no good from here in NZ either. although i think i just saw ISS go past :-) - Rich Chetwynd
box is still disabled here in the UK across multiple browsers - alphaxion
It is turning out to be the most clicked on website even without working. They really have a winner on their hands. =P - Faraz Mullick
Not in France either... - Jim Braux-Zin
... and nothing in Germany. - Jörn Wöbke
No, its not working from Mumbai, India - Sampad Swain
Shaun, read the comments above. It's not working *anywhere*. It was a false alarm. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Manuel Arroyo
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~ THRILLER ~ Michael Jackson :-) - Manuel Arroyo from
Manuel Arroyo
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magic carpet ride - Manuel Arroyo from
Houston news abc13 ktrk
Chocolate Relief Act on Fridays: Come back May 8 at 9:00AM ET and every Friday through September for a chance to..
Free chocolate? what is not to like - Manuel Arroyo
Manuel Arroyo
listening to "Straight Up - Paula Abdul" -
co worker put this in my head - Manuel Arroyo from
Manuel Arroyo
listening to "bendita la luz - Mana y juan luis guerra" -
pretty - Manuel Arroyo from
Manuel Arroyo
listening to "Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz" -
Feel Good! - Manuel Arroyo from
Manuel Arroyo
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boom boom pow - Manuel Arroyo from
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