Parrot AR.Drone floats into damaged New Zealand cathedral, returns with haunting video -
So cool.... I have an AR.Drone, need to do some hacks to add additional battery capacity - this is way cool though. - Matthew Williams
The Best Rapture Bomb Pictures [Pictures] -
Make: Live is Tonight! Episode 08: Brewing Beer and Coffee -
Postagram Transforms Any Instagram Into A Postcard And Delivers It For $0.99 -
WIll miss @michaelahale at @sonian and all of his of #Chef knowledge; good luck at @heroku. They're lucky to have you!
Skirt steaks on the grill and Catan; another excellent night spent! Need the fire pit setup ASAP...
Any recommendations for hosting solutions for Vanilla Forum? Their plans are a tad pricy, need a no frills solution w/good security.
Totally bringing my Teenage Engineering OP-1 to the @RailsConf jam session (if not at the Yankees game). Anyone bring a synth last year? :)
I wanted to fly my AR.Drone outside today but by the time this software update for it finishes; I'll have no battery left! :(
I'm pretty sure I'll never get tired of listening to Radiohead's cover of New Order's Ceremony... This song breaks me. Ridiculously good.
iPhone accessibility features rock! Zoom and color invert helping me read while eyes are dilated...
Doh, eyes getting dilated at the eye doc... Will need to crank up the font went I get home so I can work...
"A little hometown #FF for #Ilion. Rollcall! @mwilliams @rjv @RBFtmd @KristenCarney @bkmorse @JanMurray21, who else?" via @Andy_Lytwynec
Nothin like starting the day with a dead battery in the truck and 2 appointments to make it to! Good thing I'm a jumper cable master...
Knock Coins Out of a Real Block With This Mario-Inspired DIY Project -
Helllllllo spring! Grilling pizzas!
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