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RT @jsnover: Man bites dog story: MSFT open sources .NET! #awesome
RT @OliviaKlose: New on #DataExposed on @ch9: #Hadoop Meets the Cloud - Scenarios for @Azure #HDInsight. With @mwinkle and @SQLScott.
RT @ahmetalpbalkan: First PR of @Docker Client for Windows is here! This marks @Microsoft's first contribution to Docker repository!
RT @larry_franks: Move data between #HDInsight and SQL Server on the same Virtual Network using Sqoop -
RT @satonaoki: 西日本リージョンでHadoop - General Availability: Azure HDInsight in Japan West and US Central
South #StLouis was my home for >25 years. Prayers for everyone in #Ferguson
RT @AntonioFrench: Witness describes how protestors tried to stop the looters last night in #Ferguson -
RT @cnauroth: HDFS-573 all done. libhdfs works on Windows now. I got to resolve a jira filed in 2009, before I had even heard of Hadoop. Fun! #Hadoop
Spotters on the front lawn watching the #blueangels flyover
RT @PabloDoval: Hey! I've just noticed the new #HDInsight icon on the Azure portal! Cute Little elephant :)
RT @etletl: how to start a cluster, run a job and remove the cluster with Azure automation :
Start-AzureStorageBlobCopy is one of my favorite Azure PowerShell cmdlets
Sky on fire here in the pacific nw tonight
RT @larry_franks: Some PowerShell helpers for uploading/downloading/deleting files from #azure #hdinsight storage
RT @merv: on a more serious note, HBase’s march continues. I missed this preview announcement from Microsoft Azure:
Creating an #HDInsight cluster with a read only storage account protected by a Shared Access Signature
RT @KenmoreAir: Well, good morning beautiful. #avgeek
Nice post from @jamiet showing how to use PowerShell HTTP commands to post data to @HBase inside #HDInsight
#HDInsight trick of the day, Groovy UDFs inline for @ApacheHive (note, file path may change and should go away)
Our patterns and practices team (@mspnp) just published a ton of great #hdinsight content:
RT @tjungblut: @ca3mbm @mwinkle here is my headstart: I'll add more stuff tomorrow.
This @delta flight has 11 people on it #flylikearockstar #hurrayfornewroute
RT @OliviaKlose: Just released: New #HDInsight cluster dashboard with a lightweight Hive editor, job listing and much more! #Azure
Prayers MT "@seattletimes: Officials say there's no chance six Rainier climbers are alive. The search... suspended."
RT @neiltyson: Now that @NASA isn’t launching SpaceShuttles, would be cool if @NASCAR allowed drivers to attach unused solid rocket boosters
RT @dsyme: Looks like Avro could work well with an F# type provider:
RT @JonBox: Warner Bros. Games DIR of IT: w/ HDInsight, easily view and analyze gaming data to see how games doing holistically
RT @mrry: I just blogged about how Naiad now runs on YARN and Azure HDInsight. via @bigdataatsvc
Would you like some Avro with your C#? New, updated serialization library available
RT @shawnhernan: Cool security job in Microsoft's DPG, home of SQL Azure, PowerBI, HDInsight, et al! #security #job #securityjobs
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