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I'm at Pat O'Brien's (New Orleans, LA) w/ 3 others
I'm at Cajun Joe's (New Orleans, LA)
RT @DrupalConNA: The next 2015 North American DrupalCon is......
Just met @eaton at @DrupalConNA — he rocks just as hard in person as online.
“Hell is other people’s markup.” —@eaton, absolutely crushing it on content strategy at @DrupalConNA
RT @overthinkingit: On the @tftpodcast, Ryan and Matt talk about Austin, normal vs. #normcore, and Real Country Music
I’m developing a “one in one out” policy for Twitter. Today, Richard Brody replaces Josh Charles.
.@ShanaMlawski Oh, you KNOW I’m down. TNG: 3, 5, 6, 4, 7, 2, 1
One reason I’m starting to prefer reading the paper online: I’d rather see ads for One Weird Old Trick than this shit
Older people who suddenly get smartphones don’t really know the etiquette. Don’t play loud video of your baby grandkid without headphones!
RT @overthinkingit: On @tftpodcast 108, Matt and Ryan discuss "Unrepentant Geraldines" by @therealToriAmos
RT @ShanaMlawski: Oh, shoot. My copy of Ulysses is falling apart. LUCKY I HAVE THREE COPIES #yeahimcool
Oh, that’s why we design for humans. Because we ARE one. RT @jspitzberg: Be human. Full stop. RT @northswiss: #aeasd Be human with your copy
Support every browser, optimize for none. @adactio at #aeasd
.@adactio at #aeasd — “Progressive enhancement is an ‘if’ with no ‘else.’”
I am going to adopt the disdainful tone @adactio uses when describing websites as “experiences.” He’s right on. #aeasd
I hate to harp, but #AEASD is KILLING IT with the soundtrack. M.I.A., Prince, James Brown, salsa cover of “Sweet Dreams” and now The Meters.
.@globalmoxie Man, my tweet sounded really mean—I didn’t mean it that way! My drumpants-powered emoticon generator is misfiring. ;) #AEASD
Loving the inter-session music at #AEASD
What the hell, Microsoft. This is pretty weak.
Is there like some class where women learn to cross their feet in photos? Or is just the general pressure of ingrained misogyny and stuff?
Four square inches of screen. Eight buttons. I can’t be the only guy who always hits the wrong one.
RT @AnthonyBoyerDDO: Moving a reading from the Hothouse to an alternate space with AC? Yes please. Ending a long day with @mwrather onstage? Twist my arm.
RT @ShanaMlawski: On our Game of Thrones recap, @mwrather, @badamsnavy, @fenzelian, @ryanmsheely and I warg into one another. It's hot.
RT @overthinkingit: In this week's podcast, @fenzelian @goestotwelve and @mwrather reunite to overthink Avril Lavigne's "Hello Kitty"
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