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RT @keepMIgrowing: Small businesses across Michigan continue to grow! This year, they have created 4,000 new jobs! To learn more visit:
RT @keepMIgrowing: Michigan’s new streamlined & simplified tax code lets small businesses focus on what’s important: growing their business!
RT @keepMIgrowing: Professional, technical, & scientific services have created 72,000 jobs since December 2010! Retweet if you support MI’s small businesses!
Employee handbook basics. Today on Business Next @sbam @mibiznetwork
RT @sbformi: SBAM Barometer survey says 45% of small biz owners had increased sales in the past 6 months. The small biz economy is on the move! @SBAM
RT @keepMIgrowing: The overhauled business tax code has enabled small businesses to thrive! This means more jobs and increased salaries!
RT @keepMIgrowing: .@CherryCapFoods is a thriving small business supplying locally sourced food across Michigan!
Entrepreneurial success lessons from a member of SBAM’s Leadership Council. @sbam @mibiznetwork
RT @keepMIgrowing: MI’s small businesses continue to grow at an astonishing rate! Retweet if you agree this is great news for Michigan!
RT @keepMIgrowing: Since December 2010, the number of unemployed residents has dropped by 33%! Proof that small businesses have big impacts on the economy!
RT @keepMIgrowing: Low taxes for small businesses create an environment for job growth! Retweet if you agree low taxes help build a strong economy!
Top tech tips, today on Business Next. @SBAM @mibiznetwork
Make more money from your business passion. Advice today on Business Next! @sbam @mibiznetwork
Approval of Proposal 1 underscores voter support of entrepreneurs. @sbam @rob_fowler_sbam
RT @StrongSafeMI: Thank you to voters across #Michigan tonight for passing Proposal 1! #YESon1
RT @StrongSafeMI: Polls are open in Michigan from 7 am to 8 pm - get out and vote YES on Proposal 1 today! #YESon1
Lessons from a century of legendary restaurant success. Today on Business Next. @SBAM @mibiznetwork
RT @StrongSafeMI: Superintendents: “YES” on Prop. 1 benefits all Michigan schools #YESon1
RT @StrongSafeMI: #YESon1 Reason #28: Endorsed by MI Association of Counties + Michigan Townships Association
RT @StrongSafeMI: #LoveLansing area leaders gathered today in support of Prop 1. Hear why @andyschor supports a #YESon1 vote Tuesday:
New study says Proposal 1 helps Michigan’s local small businesses, saving $507M in tax and compliance costs @sbam
Top tips for supercharging your entrepreneurial venture. Today on Business Next. @sbam @mibiznetwork
RT @StrongSafeMI: RT if you're voting YES on Proposal 1 August 5! #YESon1
RT @StrongSafeMI: #YESon1 Reason #24: Learn how Prop 1 would modernize our tax system without increasing taxes:
RT @StrongSafeMI: Folks across #Michigan are supporting Prop 1 - take a look at what they're saying: #YESon1
RT @StrongSafeMI: Have you taken a look at the Proposal 1 supporters list lately? #YESon1
RT @StrongSafeMI: See how Proposal 1 would solve two problems at once for #Michigan with no tax increase on anyone #YESon1
Success lessons from a small biz owner in the rapidly-changing photographic industry. Today on Business Next. @SBAM
RT @StrongSafeMI: Reason #15 to vote #YESon1 Aug 5: Passing Prop 1 will make MI more competitive. Learn how:
RT @StrongSafeMI: Newspapers across Michigan support Proposal 1 - read why: #YESon1
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