From the BBC Comedy Blog: Tangerinegate! -
Photographer films his own 'anti-terror' arrest -
I Can't Believe It's Not Beatles: Rockband -
The Office - David Brent -
Is it just me... or is the Ethiopian Wolf, just a massive fox?
It's amazing how much you can get done if you hide somewhere away from your desk and shut email.
Off to see a brand new musical tonight. Written by 3 friends of mine specifically to be suitable for schools to perform. http://www.moononastickthemusi...
Ask your MP to sign "Early Day Motion" for honest labelling of chicken meat (to easily tell standards birds lived in).
BBC - BBC Comedy Blog -
Still no Twitter access from the BBC network. It's been inaccessible for over 24 hours now. FFS.
Michael Arrington taking leave from TechCrunch -
Just been sent an email where one of the other recipients has (not quite 100%) the same name as me!
So, any recommendations for a pretty small, 2Gb+, solid state MP3 player (suitable for running etc) with Windows drag/drop file management?
Massive plums.
Yey! Just took part in the Co-op Bank's ethical policy vote 2008. Who do they lend to? You decide (if you're a customer)
So, the new Star Trek film ( Do we care? Will it be arse?
So, the new Star Trek film ( Do we care? Will it be arse?
Repost: @wearesurvivors: Is it an attack? #was
This Book Will Be Famous ( is a nice idea. "...a cross between Pass the Parcel, Consequences & 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon"
E-mail error ends up on road sign -
Day = Saturday, Time = 16:37, Things achieved so far = 0.
Citizen randomly searched under S.44 of the Terrorism Act -
Guide to the BBC Proms concerts -
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