congrats to @larsboering for becoming the new director of @WorldPressPhoto
Visiting the Kickstarter office. Really amazing workspace they build. Very inspiring. (at @kickstarter) —
From Machine to Human
My old partner in crime from the Magnum days @dandyvagabond has a new blog going on:
“@blindspotapp: Everyone is trying to figure out how to make sense tons of visual content. What Yahoo is doing:”
“@blindspotapp: Are you a technologist with passion for media. Knight-Mozilla fellowship might be for you:
There's Finally A Modern Typeface For Programmers
Publishing in the shared economy -
Danish Vestas to deliver Wind power for Microsoft Datacenter:
Why Apple Swift will instantly remake programming:
Amazon entered the space og Google Drive, Dropbox etc:
If this works it's the most awesome solution for fixing bike flats I've ever seen
Fascist Symbolism and the Evolution of the Game Ball: 80 Years of World Cup Poster Designs
Great article on Start-ups versus End-ups by @johnmaeda:
Looking to do a feature length documentary. Check out this field guide: #documentary
Congrats to David Kogan on becoming Magnums new director. Maybe he should join Twitter as well..#magnum #onlinemedia
The Comic Sans creator explains how he made the world's most-hated font
“@markbelles: Flipped classrooms approaching mainstream status, says new survey #flippedclassroom #edchat
Tesla removes all patents to honor open source
Long format journalism site byliner seems to be in trouble
Derinde bagved står Løkke og taget ansvar for et nederlag
“@pmarca: Perhaps I'm not a lunatic crank on these topics after all :-).”
The folks at Union Square Ventures are some of the more visionary VCs out there:
RT @medialab: Learning Over Education: @joi, @mizuko, & @mres discuss curiosity, technology, and tools for learning independently
“@medialab: Learning Over Education: @joi, @mizuko, & @mres discuss curiosity and tools for learning independently”
What salaries does startup founders pay themselves:
“@BBCOne: What is a #hashtag? We like to think of it as an inedible, pixelated potato waffle. #Eurovision #random
“@BBCOne: Borat, Richelieu, Tom Selleck, Hercule Poirot - these guys from #France did you proud! #Eurovision #tache”
Dr. Dre is expected to take on senior role at Apple. Pretty damn dope role if u ask me:
“@blindspotapp: We have received the honor of being Edtech of the month!...”
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