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Leaving Oracle to start a new chapter in 2 weeks. Can't wait to change the world with Hortonworks. Got some data you want to know what to…
Convinced there is a correlation between @Pontifex joining twitter and shortly after resigning. Shocking # of hate replies to his posts.
If you put MS Office(Excel, Word, PPT, etc) proficiency on your resume you might as well say I have no real technical skills.
RT @matkeep: Conclusions from Facebook's first tests of #MySQL 5.6 "The improvement on this workload is amazing":
Interesting to see MySQL focus on NoSQL functions and the NoSQL movement on SQL functions.
Best MySQL release evvvvvvvvvvar!!!
If anyone needs a new American cycling hero, Greg LeMond won 2 of his 3 Tour de France's after getting shot in the back.
Nice! DBA is #5 best job in America.
If you're head of the CIA and you can't hide an extramarital affair, it means it can't be done. -Chris Rock
RT @MiaFarrow: "race car" spelled backwards spells "race car"
I Voted... and I am hoping whoever wins does so by a large margin so the lawyers don't end up with our tax money.
RT @matkeep: Video: PayPal chief architect presents global fraud detection system built on MySQL Cluster - see 24mins in:
RT @MySQL: #MySQLconnect: Watch the State of the Dolphin keynote online - #MySQL
MySQL State of the dolphin in 2 min.
MySQL State of the dolphin in 2 min.
RT @BorowitzReport: Human behavior is no worse than it's ever been, it's just now we have camera phones.
2 1/2 hours till family vacation, Highlight will be the "call me maybe" video I am planning on making.
RT @mysql_community: MySQL Innovation Day Presentations
RT @larryellison: Oracle's got 100+ enterprise applications live in the #cloud today, SAP's got nothin' but SuccessFactors until 2020
RT @matkeep: New community tool for importing JSON from MongoDB into MySQL: http://karlssonondatabases.blo... Try it out!
I've logged over five hundred miles using @runkeeper! #RK500
RT @mjasay: 600,000 open source projects. 100+ billion lines of code. 10 million person-years of work. Open source, we've come a long way, baby! #osbc
RT @MySQL: Scaling MySQL to 900m Facebook 900m users, and biggest IPO of 2012! Check out these resources:
RT @MySQL_MP: you know #MySQL. you know ways to scale, raise performance & maintain stability. you should share your wisdom here: #in
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