You've Got A Friend In Me by Randy Newman -
Randy Newman – The Best Of Randy Newman
No More Monkeys by Asheba (Children's) -
Asheba (Children's) – Putumayo Kids Presents: Animal Playground
California Sun by Curious George (Children's) -
Curious George (Children's) – Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey
You Are My Sunshine by Johnny Bregar (Children's) -
Johnny Bregar (Children's) – Stomp Yer Feet!
Love Lost by The Temper Trap -
The Temper Trap – Conditions
The Reign Of Kindo – Nice To Meet You -
Kate Miller-Heidke – The Last Day On Earth -
Jukebox the Ghost – Schizophrenia -
Kate Miller-Heidke – The Last Day On Earth -
Kate Miller-Heidke – The Last Day on Earth -
Re: 4 Sites That Will Make You A Better Blogger -
"WordPress is my favorite of the four because of the level of customization I can get from it. I taught myself some CSS and PHP and can now do just about anything I want on my websites. WordPress is an amazing CMS (content management system) overall and gets better with every update. I consider Blogger, WordPress, Drupal and Joomla to be in a different category than Tumblr, which I love mostly for content aggregation and curation. I've only sampled Posterous, but have heard great things." - Nate
Re: Why I Hire People Who Fail -
"The timing on this post couldn't have been better as I've asked about failure more than a dozen times this week alone in job interviews. If a candidate can't offer an example or hasn't experienced failure, some hiring managers view it as a positive -- what quality, after all, is more important to an organization than risk aversion? I view it as a lack of passion and a commitment to mediocrity." - Nate
Jimmy Eat World – Sweetness -
Anberlin – Stationary Stationery -
The Starting Line – This Ride -
Anberlin – Paperthin Hymn -
Acceptance – Over You -
Philip Glass – Closing -
Clint Mansell – Summer: Summer Overture -
Relient K – I Need You -
As Tall as Lions – You Can't Take It With You -
Paper Rival – Pacing The Cage -
Paper Rival – Pacing The Cage -
John Mayer – The Heart Of Life -
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