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Formerly an IT consultant. Recent seminary graduate. Read tech articles incessantly.
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Tenori-On Goes Orange [Musical Instruments] -
Study: Internet Users Aren't Isolated (Thank Facebook) -
Nov. 5, 1955: A Flux of Genius -
Someone Stop The Fastest Robot Packager in the World at Once [Robots] -
Android 2.0 Review: Almost Human [Review] -
Precise Picture Of Early Universe Supports 'Dark Matter' Theory -
Storing data in waves: Delay line memory -
Interview: LIGHTS Opens Up About Her Intergalactic Music -
The entwined destinies of mankind and leprosy bacteria -
Apple goes after Windows 7 on Google -
Nothing Makes You Feel Insignificant Like a 648-Megapixel Image of Our Galaxy [Space] -
Duct Tape With Embedded LEDs Opens Up a New World of Half-Assed Possibilities [Lighting] -
Laser-plasma Accelerators Ride On Einstein's Shoulders -
HTC HD2 - Get your questions in - quick! -
Processor built with Transistor-Transistor Logic -
In The Fight Between Facebook And Twitter, Which One's The Mac And Which One's ... - TechCrunch (blog) -
Interesting: How Twitter's Staff Uses Twitter (And Why It Could Cause Problems) -
At first I thought this seemed like nothing, but the farther down I read, the more the article convinced me that something is amiss here. Anyone else think so? - Nate from Bookmarklet
Hands On with Chrome for Mac and Linux - PC Magazine -
Anybody else using Chrome on Mac or Linux? I know it's very feature incomplete, but just wondering whose out there giving it a try. I'm writing this on a Chromium Dev build. - Nate
EFF Web Site Tracks Terms of Service Changes - PC Magazine -
Social Media: The Ashton Kutcher Effect - BusinessWeek -
This seems like a trend that is growing across social media. Facebook is already the place where the real identity is desired. With Facebook Connect and OpenID, among other projects, it seems that verification is a hot topic. Twitter to Launch Verified Accounts - (via
Anybody think this is strangely similar to #Lost? "Ocean Debris Is Not From Air France Flight 447"
Sorry for all the news posts...a momentary friendfeed blunder...
Switched to Chromium Dev builds on my Mac.
Wikipedia 5000 pages, fully printed : Rob Matthews - (via
Wikipedia 5000 pages, fully printed : Rob Matthews - (via
Wikipedia 5000 pages, fully printed : Rob Matthews - (via
Yes, we certainly would not want this to become the next thing being peddled by the door-to-door sales person in a bad economy (not to mention the ecological impact of reprinting something like this at scale) :) - Nate
The New Faces of Netbooks - PC World -
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