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RT @chrismessina: My @Lyft driver has Teslafied his Honda Accord. (Yes, he put a Samsung tablet in his dashboard). #Makers
RT @tim_brannigan: If only bananas had robust, natural, bio-degradable packaging of their own. Some sort of peelable skin, perhaps.
Conquer one thing. Might take longer than a day. Might not be the thing you're best at. But conquer it with extreme prejudice.
RT @CBSSports: This is still appropriate. (via @Rachel__Nichols)
RT @ChrisBurke_SI: When you realize there's still another quarter left in this game.
RT @StanfordBiz: A great team has two essential components: trust & a shared purpose with the organization
RT @alexSSN: If Twitter didn't exist, no one would still be watching the Packers-Bears. Instead, people are watching just to relay 140-character jokes.
RT @JohnFarmen: 1 out of 32 NFL defensive coordinators can't read.. Text "READ" to 487 to donate. Together we can stop illiteracy.
RT @C4NFL: BREAKING: The PA system at Lambeau is currently explaining who the Green Bay punter is. Crowd couldn't remember #CHIvsGB 0-42 #SNF
RT @BestGuyAround: I'm tweeting this after every win from now through the Super Bowl
RT @ESPNNFL: Aaron Rodgers in the 1st half: 18-24, 315 yds, 6 TDs. WOW!
RT @WMoon1: Great job, Seahawks. You're playing smart and tough football. Keep it up #12s
RT @ESPNNFL: Aaron Rodgers to Jordy Nelson is just unfair
RT @benparr: Welp, it’s time to root for the Chicago Blackhawks.
Wow. Jordy Nelson having a night.
RT @PeteCarroll: Really cool football game and fun time with the #12s today! Really loved the way we finished!! #GoHawks #Together
Made significant progress on my @meteorjs / @Plaid app tonight after being inspired by meteor day. Yay.
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