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RT @KauffmanFDN: Studies show there is no evidence that incubator firms perform better than non-incubator firms
RT @TheHeroCC: “@mikhaill: The science of raising a moral (and empathic) child.” Such an important article.
Stupid Yankees.
Go sox #BeatNY
"OMG he looks like both of you at the same time" /via @flash716 @ Carnitas Snack Shack
I thought Heartbleed was going to be a big thing… I've gotten hundreds of emails from service providers. Glad I don't watch the news.
I've succeeded in making email my slave, not the other way around. Inbox Pause FTW. (Scheduled delivery)
RT @leelefever: @voxdotcom Heres an animated explainer on encryption, SSL and EV Certification:
RT @ExperianMkt: 24% of smartphone owners browse the #mobile web rather than use apps. #knowyourDana #mobilemarketing
Apr 8th is the 2014 San Diego Microfinance Summit! Register quickly! Spread the word please!”
Tomorrow is the 2014 San Diego Microfinance Summit! Register quickly! Spread the word please!
So many things to build, so little time.
RT @10News: #Padres rally in 8th to down Dodgers 3-1 in season opener:
Happy opening day! Go Padres #beatLA @ Petco Park
Aftershock #quake of M3.4 just happened too.
RT @ChrisPirillo: Apparently, I follow a lot of people who live in California. They *all* tweeted about an earthquake in real-time.
RT @CAquake: Moderate 5.4 earthquake: 21:09:41 on 03/28. Loc: 1.2mi E of La Habra, CA. Depth: 1.2 mi
5.4 magnitude #quake east of La Habra, CA. Felt in San Diego.
Earthquake in San Diego. I was wondering when we'd feel another. Haven't gotten one in a while.
Programming flexibility and options costs more money. _Minimum_viable_product_! Stop designing for the future that may never come.
RT @newsycombinator: Klout acquired for $200 million by Lithium Technologies
Looks like I'll be at @marchmingle tonight. Would love to connect if you are going.
Importing 16MM records takes a little while
RT @benparr: Holy crap. Facebook acquires Oculus Rift for $2 BILLION.
Anyone know of other orgs like Valve's flat structure?
Anyone know of other pegs who model after Valve's flat structure?
Where did the startups go that believe in MVPs? Everyone talks it but doesn't actually believe in implementing it. Meh.
Wow, french and italian little kids speaking their own language are ridiculously cute.
That time, in that place where a local snobby person was served before you. Then you have to ask them for the wifi pw.
Argh. Why can't I hang up on current call and answer the incoming with iOS?
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