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Nathan Chase

Nathan Chase - Web Designer, Geek, Drummer, Gamer, Father, Social Media Junkie, Film Buff, Music Enthusiast, Dessert Devotee - Co-Founder, Flickchart
zampa on First Impressions of DK2 from a DK1 Owner -
"None so far! It also doesn't have a weird smell like the DK1 had, so that helps too. Granted, I haven't tried anything with lots of lateral or vertical movement for more than 5-10 minutes yet." - Nathan Chase
Montessori of Winter Garden Charter School uses nontraditional teaching methods to reach
Marvel LIVE! at San Diego Comic-Con 2014
ALAYA - Inside (Official Music Video - Basick Records)
zampa on Sniff at your DK2 for me. -
"My DK1 had an odd smell, so I placed the HMD into a gallon size Ziploc with about 6 dryer sheets overnight and sealed it as well as possible. Then I took it out and left it out in the open air for a day. The majority of the smell was gone by day 3." - Nathan Chase
Nine Inch Nails - Ilan Rubin Kit Walkthrough [Q + Zildjian]
zampa on [SHIPPING] Official post for July 24th --> All questions and memes in here -
"Day 1, first hour." - Nathan Chase
zampa on [SHIPPING] Official post for July 24th --> All questions and memes in here -
"Huzzah! I have my UPS tracking number!" - Nathan Chase
Sigourney Weaver and Alien cast talks old movie, new game
WHIPLASH - Official Trailer (2014) [HD] Miles Teller, J. K. Simmons
Robin Finck – Nine Inch Nails – 2014
A card game that teaches catcallers to stop being pigs
ROCKSMITH Audrey (10yrs old) Plays Guitar - War Ensemble - Slayer - 97% ロックスミス
China seals off 30,000 people after bubonic plague death
I’m sorry for coining the phrase “Manic Pixie Dream Girl”
Hey @PeterSHall, @jamesrocchi, @mrbeaks, @karawarner - think a 6-year old boy could handle GuardiansOTG? He's seen the orig Star Wars films.
I'm pretty sure "like a boss" is the only appropriate comment here.
RT @thepauses: #TBT to 1994! Full cover sets, movies, games, photobooths, & more on August 2nd at @willspub!
Original 'Alien' Cast Reunite for Alien Isolation DLC
$1200 worth of car repair is not what I was looking forward to on a Monday morning.
Brewski Me - The Beer Drinking App
I'm drinking an One World Brewing Hopsplosion IDA from One World Brewing Company
Brewski Me - The Beer Drinking App
a Catawba Brewery Co King Hooligan Scottish Al from @CatawbaValleyBC
Brewski Me - The Beer Drinking App
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