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tea status: imperial earl grey w/honey
RT @wirecutter: Deal: HTC is offering their newest tablet, the Nexus 9, at half-off for a limited time.
RT @LoganDobson: next up, a referendum to turn Scotland into SIX californias
RT @mattfrost: When you're your dad's age, the equivalent of him clicking on malware spam will be you stepping into an Uber car that harvests your organs.
Anyone in the market for a giant metal shark fin
First @SFGiants game for daughter today - great success
RT @brianwhite: Congrats to my friends Chris and Jason on the un-stealthing of their electric supercar startup, @renovomotors!
“How to Be Polite” by @ftrain
Grade your mobile site and get tips for improvements:
/Sadly unsubscribes from Bimbo's email list #RIPRobinWilliams
RT @chrisfaulkner: Americans Will Spend $330 Million On Pet Costumes This Halloween - Anyone think we spend too much on politics?
My hat is off to the individual(s) who are responsible for designing the Adidas Nations jerseys.
RT @voxdotcom: 40 charts that explain money in politics:
So it's come to this then, tweeps? Gonna force me to close my twitter feed because #Sharknado2
*looks at Giants score* ... ... *opens growler*
Chromebooks w/Free 4G FOR LIFE for $199.99 - $219.99 via @woot
Open House 2014 - NASA's Ames Research Center - First Open House in 17 years | NASA
RT @googlewmc: You can have Webmaster Tools messages sent directly to your email. Learn how: #WebmasterTips
RT @ericschmidt: Secretary Hilary Clinton at Google I hope you like the humor...
RT @mercnews: Mystery solved? Annoying hum in Monterey Bay may be toadfish's sex call
RT @FlemmingDave: Cardinals fans I checked the official rules - doing wave during most important AB of game may disqualify for 2014 title of best fans in MLB
RT @PatriotsOfMars: Real-time tracking of cyber-attacks | @danaditomaso @mdsimmonds
Jerek Deter
RT @laurenweinstein: Google+ Ends Its *Real Names* Policy! -
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