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Meredith has an awesome husband and a great kid... life is good! :).
Meredith just slammed the tip of my finger in the back door of the car. Now I have a very tender & very purple finger tip. Should make typing at work next week rather fun! Ugh! :(.
Question about Toy Story (the first one)... If Buzz does not know that he is a toy, then how does he know to stop being 'alive' when people are around??
Meredith is getting hooked on True Blood.
Meredith is having a CRAZY hectic day... thank goodness it's Friday!!! :D.
Meredith little man did not make it all the way through the movie... but he really enjoyed the half he sat still through! :).
Meredith is excited about taking Nathan to his very first movie tonight! We're going to take him to Toy Story 3. He loves Woody & Buzz... just not quite sure if he will sit through an entire movie. Guess we'll find out! :).
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Happy to be home. Had a wonderful time in San Diego with my family... but not so much fun in the airport with the little dude! We made it home in one piece... but my sanity got lost somewhere in the San Diego airport! Next time I travel with the little man... Daddy is coming with us!!
Only in an airport gift shop can one bottle of water, one bag of sour watermelons, and one magazine run you $12! Sheesh!!!
Meredith misses her hubby :(.
The next time I think it is a good idea to fly alone w/a toddler... somebody commit me!
Meredith is up at 4am getting ready to get on a plane with the little dude. San Diego here we come! :D.
Meredith is SO proud of her big sister and can't wait to see her at her graduation this weekend!!! Way to go big sis! :D.
Meredith is trying not to stress about her trip this weekend. I am SUPER excited to see my family who I never get to see... but freaking out just a bit about traveling alone with a toddler. The plane itself shouldn't be so bad, but the hustle & bustle of an airport... just me, our luggage, and my little man... I'm anxious just thinking about it!...
Meredith this US Open traffic just continues to impede my life! Gonna be late for work! Ugh!
I shopped in Marina after work thinking if I killed some time maybe the traffic wouldn't be so bad. Nope. 8pm & the freeway is still a parking lot! :( I hate golf fans right now!
"And when I see you, I really see you upside down. But my brain knows better, it picks you up and turns you around."
Meredith is really not looking forward to the traffic she is going to have to sit in when she leaves work tonight... stupid US Open!
Meredith is crawling along the freeway at 5 mph feeling like she'll never get home... :(.
Dear people in town for the U.S. Open... Get out of my way! I just want to go home!
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Meredith the power just went out! Showered in the dark. Now I can't make a pot of coffee or dry & straighten my hair. Come on power, you need to come back on now! What is with this week!?!
Meredith just spent her ENTIRE evening turning our bedroom upside down trying to find Jeff's missing override card. Finally resorted to donning rubber gloves and rooting through nasty stinky garbage... and there it was!! How it got there I'll never know, but thank goodness it is found! What a day this has been!
Meredith would like to rewind this day and just start over! What a crappy day I am having!!
Meredith had a lot of fun at the beach this evening with my boys. Taught Nathan how to roast marshmallows. He had a blast playing in the sand. He came home with a belly full of s'mores and a diaper full of sand. :).
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