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So the honeymoon is over? -
"Why the fuck should they have tried to get married when they would be freaking out?" - Neelesh Ramputh
Neelesh Ramputh
Dad's ashes up for sale on eBay -
"Stop torturing yourself by doing such an act. Be a wise man. Your father did not do the right thing. And what about you?" - Neelesh Ramputh
Neelesh Ramputh
10 Suicide Bridges People Are Most Likely to Jump Off -
"what Chen Si did is quite touching" - Neelesh Ramputh
Neelesh Ramputh
More BitTorrent Users Go Anonymous -
""Instead of stopping the pirates in their tracks the entertainment industry has simply inspired a new ‘industry’ worth millions of dollars." - Good bussiness" - Neelesh Ramputh
Neelesh Ramputh
BREAKING: Iran asks BBC reporter to leave -
""Iran has singled out Britain and the BBC in its widespread condemnation of what it calls meddling by foreign powers in its affairs." - The so said "affair" is not so noble that the BBC should leave Iran. There are so much of bloodshed" - Neelesh Ramputh
Neelesh Ramputh
In Iran, One Woman's Death May Have Many Consequences -
"Absolutely gross. May her soul rest in peace" - Neelesh Ramputh
Neelesh Ramputh
WARNING: Fake Twitter Invites Carry Malicious Worm -
"Popular services like twitter and facebook are always targetted. Must always be on guard" - Neelesh Ramputh
Neelesh Ramputh
You'll never be as cool as me! (PIC) -
"You must be totally pumped up for this." - Neelesh Ramputh
Neelesh Ramputh
Google Grabs 1 Million Phone Numbers for Google Voice -
"This will change the way we do things. Totally Googlely :D" - Neelesh Ramputh
Neelesh Ramputh
Giant Cowboys Stadium LED wall caught playing Xbox 360 -
"Totally awesome. W.A.N.T" - Neelesh Ramputh
Neelesh Ramputh
Falcon nest in Greenland is 2500yearsold -
"OMG a bird living for 600 years. And what are we doing? Living like 40 years only? :/" - Neelesh Ramputh
Neelesh Ramputh
Moby: The RIAA Needs to be Disbanded -
"The RIAA suck balls. Preventing people from listening to music and robbing artists from money they should have been getting and popularity" - Neelesh Ramputh
Neelesh Ramputh
10 Useful Firefox Extensions to Supercharge Firebug -
"the inline code finder helps greatly" - Neelesh Ramputh
Neelesh Ramputh
Woman Drugged 10 Different Men And Then Raped Them -
"Free sex, except the getting drugged part. You are not even part of the sinful act when it happens." - Neelesh Ramputh
Neelesh Ramputh
City to job applicants: Facebook, MySpace log-ins please -
"You will get yourself fucked up pretty well with this new procedure. No ethics?" - Neelesh Ramputh
Neelesh Ramputh
"I need your credit card. :P" - Neelesh Ramputh
Neelesh Ramputh
Using pot as a teen may affect thinking -
"You had pot when a teen?" - Neelesh Ramputh
Neelesh Ramputh
Elementary School Adds Skateboarding To Curriculum -
"I envy these little kids. Really lucky" - Neelesh Ramputh
Neelesh Ramputh
Google's DMCA takedowns leaving Blogger users high and dry -
"that sucks" - Neelesh Ramputh
Neelesh Ramputh
Why we've reached the end of the camera megapixel race -
"Megapixels does not makes the camera. We will need to consider other options while buying our next camera. What would it be for you? a dslr? or a compact?" - Neelesh Ramputh
Neelesh Ramputh
How to develop a Firefox extension - Robert&8217;s talk - Web development and Internet trends -
How to develop a Firefox extension - Robert&8217;s talk - Web development and Internet trends
Developping firefox extension - Neelesh Ramputh
Robert Scoble
Want a news tip? Amazon Kindle is sold out. Hint here: -
Want a news tip? Amazon Kindle is sold out. Hint here:
I just bought a version 1.0 machine. It's sold out. Will they make more? I doubt it. So, why are they still accepting orders? I just bought one and will let you know what shows up. I'm hearing that new version comes in next few months. is the link. - Robert Scoble from Bookmarklet
it must be orders for the new version? will they be same price? - Neelesh Ramputh
Actually direct link to page is here: - Robert Scoble
Availability Due to heavy customer demand, Kindle is sold out. Please ORDER KINDLE NOW to reserve your place in line. We prioritize orders on a first come, first served basis. Note that Kindles cannot currently be sold or shipped to customers living outside of the U.S. - Robert Scoble
Really waiting to see what improvements are made in the next version. Love that fact it doesn't need to be connected to a computer. I've worked on getting reading back into my life and I see a Kindle actually saving me money long term as well too. - Dean Clark
Neelesh: I bet that orders placed for current version will be fulfilled with new version. If I bet right I'll be among the first to get a new Kindle. If I bet wrong I'll have to return a unit. - Robert Scoble
Even during Kindle's busiest time, Christmas 07, the wait was only 5-6 weeks. I doubt demand or supply will cause that much of a delay now. Do we expect 1) amazon to have a new version ready on announcement, and 2) an announcement within the next 4-6 weeks, or 3) amazon to make customers wait potentially longer? Sans a hot inside scoop, I wouldn't bet $360 on a new rev. If v1 isn't doing it for you, what real cost is there until waiting for the official release of v2? - Christopher Galtenberg
Christopher: the first ones to get it will get to make everyone jealous, just like with version 1. - Robert Scoble
And sold out could simply mean you're ahead of a deliberately-paced supply chain. This would be the 4th time, in my memory, that the unit has sold out and required a waiting list. Is this time especially special? - Christopher Galtenberg
Dude, Robert, I think I remember a red-faced video of you hating on v1 :) Man, if they mess up with v2 (or if Robert gets stiffed with a v1) stand back everyone :) - Christopher Galtenberg
Christopher Galtenberg: a new version has been rumored for "first quarter" of this year. So, I'm taking a risk. You're welcome to join me and take a gamble. Amazon does take things back if it turns out we're wrong. - Robert Scoble
Man, I am still stoked with my v1 (got a nice skin, so the unintentional clicks cease, feels good). Good luck tho! Excited to see that smooth v2, hope you get it! - Christopher Galtenberg
Get that v2. It will likely be the last. Google will trounce Amazon as soon as the settlement with the Authors Guild and Publishers is blessed by a judge. - AJ Kohn
Should there be a disclosure that this is a Scoble affiliate link? Is this Scoble's FriendFeed revenue strategy? :-) - Louis Gray
@Louis: Holy crap. I didn't see that but you're right, it is his affiliate link! Smart man that Scoble. - AJ Kohn
Louis: you caught me red handed! Actually @god told me to try this revenue model. (Seriously, he did, the guy who runs the @god account is very smart and it made sense). - Robert Scoble
@Robert: It's a shame Amazon runs such a scam on their affiliate program. You don't get credit unless the referred person buys in that *session*. Lots of referred sales that never wind up going back to the affiliate. - AJ Kohn
AJ: yeah, I figured that. Well, I bought by clicking on the link here. Will let you know how it works out. - Robert Scoble
@Robert: Don't get me wrong. You'll make some money, just not as much as you should IMO. Hoping you get a v2! [edit] By the way, I'd love to see you interview the Google Book Search team to see what they have to say about the prospect of enabling digital downloads of all their scanned material. - AJ Kohn
Your old Kindle is getting great use, Scoble, I use it all the time and will almost certainly buy a book immediately if there is a kindle link on amazon (even if there IS an affiliate lol /rolleyes, I can't believe that's actually an issue... shark jumping! yay!) - Eric Rice
I have 2-3 people a week look at my Kindle, as what it is and then say "I have to have one!" .. I foolishly waited for a while for the usual reasons "$400 for that" and regret it. If I needed another right now, I'd buy the old version despite knowing there is a new one coming. - Warren Whitlock
OMG I guess I'll have to wait for the 2.0 can you hook me up w/ a free one? I heard you got connections ;) - sofarsoShawn
The Kindle has sold out several times. They have serious supplier issues. I highly doubt you'll get the mythical v2 unit, but I'll be jealous if you do. I love my Kindle to death! And Amazon will catch you and bust you for buying through your own affiliate link. It's against the ToS, and they police it. Be careful. - Josh Bancroft
Neelesh Ramputh
InternetNews Realtime IT News - Latest Chrome a Step Closer to Linux, Mac -
InternetNews Realtime IT News - Latest Chrome a Step Closer to Linux, Mac
Some technologies move fast, while others blaze at lightning speed such as Google's latest Chrome browser, now at version The latest release includes a major new version of the WebKit rendering engine, new customization options, security and speed enhancements as well as a new HTTP (define) engine that could herald the introduction of Chrome for Linux and Mac. - Neelesh Ramputh
Neelesh Ramputh
Google Sponsored Links Are Spreading Harmful Malware -
"need a review in policy google." - Neelesh Ramputh
Neelesh Ramputh
BREIN Chases Another BitTorrent Tracker to Sweden -
"The people running bittorrent trackers are really great." - Neelesh Ramputh
Neelesh Ramputh
Shop Amazon For Free w/ Firefox Add-on Linking to Pirate Bay -
"Nice one. Here we pwn again" - Neelesh Ramputh
Neelesh Ramputh
iPhone Dev Team successfully boots Linux on iPhone -
"Another great addition to a great phone." - Neelesh Ramputh
Neelesh Ramputh
Study: Facial Scars Make Men More Attractive to Women -
"How can you compare a scar with accidents? are you out of your mind? Know the right balance when you are comparing." - Neelesh Ramputh
Neelesh Ramputh
Iraq cabinet backs US troops deal -
"US troops should leave the iraqi soil. Let their army become strong by themselves." - Neelesh Ramputh
Neelesh Ramputh
24 Beautiful Examples of HDR Photography -
"OMG really great master pieces. I love the way the artists present their work" - Neelesh Ramputh
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